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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

5 Tips to Improve Battery Life on your HTC Wildfire

If you own any Android phone, be it the great old G1, Nexus One, Droid or even HTC Wildfire the only thing constraining you from getting the most out of your smartphone is the battery life. Smartphones are hungry devices which crave for more and more owing to use of constant cloud sync, email, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and and yes talk-time too. Apple iPhone lasts long enough for advanced users to get all their work done, listen to music and at the end of the day to reach to your charging point.
A number of factors impact the short battery life of your Android smartphone. Thinner designs, crisp displays, faster processors, power hungry chips and moving from 2G to 3G networks all share the responsibility.
Here we have outlined some simple yet very effective tips following which you can effectively regulate the flow of battery juice in your Android phone:
  1. Set display brightness to adjust automatically
    Letting your mobile OS decide when to increase the brightness of display and when to dim is the best automated option, rather than doing that yourself everytime.
  2. Reduce the polling frequency of Email, Twitter and Facebook
    Your Email app and the official apps from Twitter and Facebook let you specify the time duration between polling for updates. You do not have to be a social networking maniac and can easily adjust with getting that Email or Tweet or Facebook update after 15 minutes or half and hour. For the crunch situations even manually polling works.
  3. Kill the useless background tasks
    Android system has been improving at a steady pace in terms of automatic task management. But as I witnessed with my HTC Wildfire on Eclair (Android 2.1), letting OS kill useless tasks for you doesn’t work in most of the situations. To help yourself grab some Task Manager app from Android Marketplace like Advanced Task Killer, set the auto-kill options (beware not to include system processes) and your phone memory should be cleaned when the screen goes off.
  4. Turn unnecessary hardware features OFF
    It’s uber cool that your Android phone comes with features like 3G, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. But do you really need to keep those features ON 24 hours a day? Most probably not. So simply, Turn OFF 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth when not in use.
  5. Reduce RSS feed update frequency
    It’s obvious for power users to use a RSS app to stay current with news. But you can save a significant amount of battery life by setting RSS updates to manual or between a couple of hours.
(via pcmag)


  1. Thanks for sharing this info. However, on the 3rd Advanced Task Killer: is it free app or paid...

  2. Advanced Task Killer is free app but Advanced Task Killer pro is paid $ 4.99