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Friday, June 17, 2011

HTC Desire II (Desire S) and Wildfire S headed to US Cellular

Since they were officially unveiled in Barcelona back in February, HTC’s Desire S and Wildfire S have made their way to many carriers in many countries, however we don’t often talk about these phones in a US context.
Today we found out, courtesy of Android Central, that both of the aforementioned HTC smartphones are going to be launched by US Cellular at some point (the Desire S being called Desire II, though). Here’s a close-up of a screengrab of an internal US Cellular system that shows just that:

Now, if you feel like you’ve seen that image before, then, first of all, you’d be right, and second, well… you’re probably a huge mobile geek if you have. I mean, it’s one thing to remember each phone, but a screengrab…
Anyway, if that looks familiar it’s because it seems almost identical to a screengrab that was supposedly showing the exact same two devices (the HTC Desire S, called Desire II, and the HTC Wildfire S) headed to Cellular South. Even the SKU codes are the same. That is odd.
However, today we have another image, one that clearly shows this is US Cellular-related.

Strange. Maybe US Cellular and Cellular South have roughly the same inventory system. I don’t know.
Either way, it looks like those of you who are US Cellular customers are going to get two very interesting Android smartphones to choose from in the very near future – one that’s now at the upper midrange (the Desire II), and one that’s lower midrange – the Wildfire S. Both very capable devices, and both phones that, had they been released a year ago, they would have been higher in the hierarchy (the Desire II would have been high-end, and the Wildfire S upper-midrange). That just shows you, yet again, what amazing pace this mobile world is moving at.

Vlad Bobleanta  By Vlad Bobleanta

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