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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Top 10 Best Paid Android Apps

The Android Market offers thousands of free and paid Android apps to meet just about every need for your Google Android phone or Android based mobile device. While everyone loves to get free stuff, the extra features that come with such paid Android apps are usually well worth it. Android developers put a lot of time, costs, and energy into creating excellent paid apps for Android devices and the non-reoccurring one-time payment price for these apps are minimal (~$1). Moreover, many of these paid Android apps have lite/trial versions that are free to test prior to getting the paid versions of the apps. Below we’ve created a review list of our top 10 best paid Android apps currently available in the Android Market.

easy tether Best Paid Android Apps Available In The MarketEasyTether – This is without a doubt one of the best paid Android apps to grace the Android market. It allows you to tether your phone to your PC permitting you to share your phone’s internet connection with your Windows based computer (Win 7, XP, and Vista) via USB. Older Android apps that offered tethering capabilities required root access or you needed to have a special tethering service plan with your mobile carrier. This tethering app, however, removes such restrictions and it works on nearly all Google Android phones and Android 1.5+ devices such as the Nexus One, Motorola DROID, MyTouch, HTC Hero, HTC Dream, and the T-Mobile G1.

sms commander Best Paid Android Apps Available In The MarketSMS Commander – A must-have paid Android app that can really be a life saver if you ever lose your Android phone. Using this app you can send text message based commands to control your Google phone from afar. Such commands include the ability to change or retrieve the following: ring volume, the phone’s GPS location, remaining battery percentage, enable SMS forwarding, notifications of incoming and outgoing calls, contact information, and much more. Besides using this app to find your lost phone you may use it to contact or help you search for a loved one in an emergency situation as long as you know the app’s custom password. For instance, using this SMS based application you could override your spouse’s or friend’s current phone settings to have it ring loudly or send you their phone’s GPS location as long as this Android app was installed on their mobile phone and the phone was not powered off.

SMS to mail box pro Best Paid Android Apps Available In The MarketSMS To Mail Box Pro – Another one of the best paid Android apps because it permits you to forward any incoming and outgoing call logs, SMS, and MMS automatically to your email. Now when I login to Gmail I can see all the calls that were sent to and from my T-Mobile G1 Google phone as well as any text messages that were received and sent out. Having all those messages and data pushed and backed up to a central location (Gmail) makes it easy to search for stuff and I can quickly find what I’m looking for whether it be a text message, email, or phone number. This Android app even gives you the ability to reply from your computer’s email service via IMAP, forward camera photos, post call logs to your calendar, and attach location info to SMS messages. The numerous settings ensures that you can fully customize this powerful Android application to your exact needs.

documents to go full version Best Paid Android Apps Available In The MarketDocumentsToGo Full Version Key – Many Google Android phone and Android device users can’t open document types such as Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, MS PowerPoint, or Excel. Thankfully with the help of this paid Android app you can not only view documents but you can create and edit all these kinds of docs with ease. The application also permits you to save your documents to your Android device, share documents with friends, adjust the document’s formatting, and password-protect your docs.
pixelpipe pro Best Paid Android Apps Available In The MarketPixelpipe Pro – This is another top paid Android app well worth forking over a few bucks because it enables you to upload video, photos, and audio files to almost any popular online service (Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, Evernote, etc.). I personally use this Android application to free up my Google phone’s storage space on the flash card by pushing all images to my Flickr Pro account. The post feature can be used to update your blog and submit status updates to popular online services (Twitter, Facebook, Hi5, MySpace, etc.).

phoneplus callback Best Paid Android Apps Available In The MarketPhonePlus Callback – This application displays pop-up buttons on your Google phone’s screen when receiving and incoming call providing you the option to accept, reject, or deliver a predefined custom text message to the caller. Pushing the reject button will send the call directly to your voicemail whereas selecting the “Will Call Later” button will send the custom text message informing the caller that you’re busy at the moment but you’ll call them back as soon as possible. The app even initiates pop-up callback reminders that can be pushed elsewhere (SMS or email) after a defined amount of time passes. This paid Android app is perfect for screening callers and ensuring you don’t miss calls or forget to return phone calls that were initially received while you were unavailable (meetings, in a call, driving, etc.).
gentle alarm Best Paid Android Apps Available In The MarketGentle Alarm – The basic alarm clock that comes with most Google Android phones is acceptable but lacks the ability to utilize music or toggle the alarm volume. This paid Android app permits you to assign songs, playlists, and ringtones for your alarms and lets you create silent alarms for specific locations such as work or school. Extra features like volume ramping when the alarm is initiated, flip to snooze, night time display, dock support, flight mode, alarm profiles, and sleep-cycle settings make it well worth the small payment to upgrade your default alarm clock.

my backup pro Best Paid Android Apps Available In The MarketMyBackup Pro – If you’ve ever lost your contacts you know how devastating that can be, but can you imagine losing that plus all the music, playlists, bookmarks and settings that are on your phone? This handy paid Android application backs up nearly all your Android phone’s SD card content, applications, settings, and important files to a secure server to prevent such data loss. In the case of a destroyed or lost phone this application can fully restore all your phone’s content and information to your new or existing Android phone.
advanced task manager Best Paid Android Apps Available In The MarketAdvanced Task Manager – If you’re running multiple Android apps on your Android device you’ll quickly notice how they slow it down and diminish the phone’s battery life. To alleviate this you can painstakingly close applications that you aren’t using one by one or you can grab this fabulous little paid Android app for a buck and kill them all at once. Other great features for this Android application include viewing memory information and the ability to bulk select and/or exclude specific apps/services to terminate.

twidroid pro for twitter Best Paid Android Apps Available In The MarketTwidroid Pro for Twitter – Arguably one of the best paid Android apps for Twitter as well as the most popular Twitter application on the Google Android platform. This pro version includes extra features not included in the free version of Twidroid such as support for multiple Twitter accounts, themes, video postings, bit.ly support, desktop widgets, shake to refresh, buzz viewer, and Twitter lists. The Twidroid Pro version is essentially a full-featured mobile Twitter client that’s totally customizable to fit your needs and ensure that you can effortlessly tweet on the go.

by Kevin Eklund   

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