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Monday, July 25, 2011

Wildfire 2.2 root tutorial for htc Wildfire

So after a full day of hardwork, I finally rooted my HTC Wildfire (2.2). Here is an idiot-proof step by step tutorial for you. Make it YOUR phone again in less than 30 minutes.

S-OFF using AlphaRevX
1. Go to http://alpharev.nl/x/beta/ & download the windows version
2. When it asks you for the serial, enter your phone's serial number. Go to Settings > About phone & enter your serial. Copy the code given into notepad
3. Make sure you turn on USB debugging in Settings > Application > Development
4. Install the HTC Driver. Mine is in the memory card that came with the phone
5. Extract & run alpharevx.exe. Use the code given earlier. Then connect your phone. It should detect & your phone should display USB debugging mode
6. Wait for it to complete. Once it is completed, you can remove your phone.
7. To check turn off your phone. Then press volume down & power. On top it should display alpharevx & s-off

Clockwork recovery
1. This is to enable you to install a custom rom, and also for backup
2. Get the fastboot tool for windows
3. Copy the fastboot file you downloaded to the alpharevx folder you extracted earlier. Copy the folder to drive C so it is easier to run command prompt. Rename the folder to wildfire
4. Download the recovery for Wildfire. Extract & rename it to wildfire.img
5. Open command prompt. Type cd c:/wildfire & fastboot flash recovery wildfire.img
6. Download & install HBOOT driver from unrevoked. Go into bootloader (volume down & power), select fastboot. Connect your phone & it will display fasboot usb cable
7. Done. To check go to bootloader & select recovery

Rooting your phone
1. Download this file & put it in you SD card. Don't extract it 
2. Go to clockword recovery & select Install From SD Card > Choose From SD Card
3. Select su- & choose yes
4. After completed, go back & reboot
5. You should have Super User
6. An alternative way to root is to use Gingerbreak
7. Open it using any file manager, I used Astro. Install it
8. Open the app & select root. Remember to turn on USB debugging & insert SD card
9. I waited 15 minutes, go frustrated & pressed back. It says the phone is rooted but cannot reboot.
10. After I rebooted, I have Super User

Rom manager & cyanogen mod
1. Install ROM manager from the market
2. Flash to latest recovery
3. Download rom > Cyanogenmod. Remember to install Google addons
4. Install the ROM
5. You can also manually download cyanogenmod7 & transfer the .zip into your SD card.
6. Open ROM manager & select install from SD
 source: http://joel5121.blogspot.com/2011/06/wildfire-22-root-tutorial.html

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