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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kik Messenger: the best alternative for WhatsApp

Admit it: since there WhatsApp the amount of sent SMS has definitely decreased. However, the famous messanging app is bound to our phone number and the contact of our section. But if we want to disclose the same time taking advantage of our many features of a messaging platform as WhatsApp? Well, in this case we could rely on Kik Messenger, and free cross-platform application that recently, thanks to continuous update, stands for speed and functions.
Kik requires registration, which only takes 2 minutes of your time as it requires the inclusion of email, username and password, then you have to give to others to communicate with the app. To do this, simply press the icon at the top right and then look for the desired contact or to add one using the appropriate button to start texting with any other user Kik.

Kik Messenger: the best alternative for WhatsApp
The operation is similar to that of the best known WhatsApp, so you can start group conversations, insert emoticons and photos but also use other app related to our new messaging software such as:
Kik also allows the sending of offline messages, provides a notification system snapshots that show when the message was sent, delivered and read (Sent, Delivered, Read) and uses the push.
In short, if you want a good alternative to WhatsApp will not find better than this, both functions that speed, and then allows you to communicate with devices using Android and iPhone OS or not fitted with SIM. As if that were not enough, surely offers one of the most graphically appealing of the class, much better than the messaging app that could do with updating.
If you want to download this app. use QR code or download it from play.google market.
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