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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Android Match

Android Match

Apps of the Week: Monument Valley, FIA WEC, Zombie Gunship and more!

Posted: 17 May 2014 02:57 PM PDT

Another busy week comes to a close here at Android Central, and to cap it off we're bringing you another grouping of app picks in our Apps of the Week column. Once a week each of the writers here at Android Central chimes in to put an app they've been using this week on display, and give us a small synopsis of why it's the choice this week.

We have another great roundup of apps to put on display today, including a couple awesome games and some other entertainment apps as well. Read along and see how this week's picks stack up with the rest.

Android Match

Aluminum Galaxy S5 Prime shown off in leaked photos

Posted: 17 May 2014 12:06 PM PDT


Today 3 photos of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime were leaked. The device, which is supposed to be released next month and will be a premium version of the Galaxy S5, will include a 1440 x 2560 display.

The Galaxy S5 Prime will also have other upgrades, such as a quad-core Snapdragon 805 processor, as well as an Adreno 420 GPU. It will also feature 3GB of RAM rather than the 2GB of RAM found on the Galaxy S5. Not only that, but the device is expected to have an aluminum body, which many were hoping would be shown on the standard Galaxy S5.

Source: PhoneArena

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Alleged photos of Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime show metallic frame and curvier body

Posted: 17 May 2014 11:55 AM PDT

What you see above is claimed to be the first real photo of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime. This high-powered variant of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is said to contain a 5.2-inch 2560x1440 QHD display (much like the LG G3) and a metal body. While previous reports of the metal body had assumed that the whole phone would be metal, what we're seeing here appears more along the lines of an aluminum frame with a plastic back that is a little thicker, though still dimpled, than the standard Galaxy S5.

Android Match

T-Mobile HTC One M8 gets update for Extreme Power Saving Mode

Posted: 17 May 2014 11:55 AM PDT

The T-Mobile version of the HTC One M8 has received an update to enable Extreme Power Saving Mode. The feature, which was announced at launch, had to be approved by carriers before it could be pushed out to the devices, and that's just what happened today with T-Mobile's One M8.

Android Match

Sense 6 now rolling out to T-Mobile HTC One M7 owners

Posted: 17 May 2014 11:51 AM PDT

If you're the owner of an original HTC One M7 and wondering when T-Mobile will be rolling out the Sense 6 update to your device, we have some good news. The rollout has already begun and if you've not seen the update arrive on your device as of yet, you should now be able to check for system updates and find v5.14.531.1 available.

Android Match

LG among the first to be part of Android Silver, handset could have 64-bit processor

Posted: 17 May 2014 11:36 AM PDT


News regarding Android Silver keeps heating up. On Friday, we learned that the Nexus program (for smartphones) is presumably gone with the addition of Android Silver. And earlier today we found out that the new initiative would be launched in February 2015. Now we have some information regarding one of Android Silver's initial devices. It will come from none other than Google's good friend LG.

On Twitter, @evleaks shed some light on the LG handset. Specifically, he said it is "running a Qualcomm MSM8994, to be among first Silver devices." Additionally, he noted that it is expected to be available through Sprint in the United States. What is that Sprint processor? It looks like that will be the upcoming Snapdragon 810. This is a 64-bit processor and it is not expected to be put into production until the first half of 2015. This would align perfectly with Android Silver's February 2015 launch date.

Source: @evleaks

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HTC One Remix leaked for Verizon with blue plastic filling

Posted: 17 May 2014 11:00 AM PDT

HTC One Remix Verizon Evleaks

@evleaks continued his leak blitz with another new device pictured on his social accounts. We heard talk of an alleged " HTC One Remix" coming around the bed, and now we may have gotten our first glimpse at the device. A "remixed" version of the HTC One Mini, we can see the familiar plastic filling but this time — it's bright blue.

Really, that's all we have to go on since the phone wasn't picture in its entirety, and seems to be covered by a case. According to Mr. Leaks, the phone will be headed to Verizon Wireless. We'll keep an eye out.


Android Match

Italy Investigates Google, Apple, Amazon, and Gameloft For Misleading 'Free To Play' Games

Posted: 17 May 2014 10:48 AM PDT

iapthumb You can't talk about mobile gaming without mentioning the elephant in the room: the free-to-play model. The bane of many a purist gamer and unwitting parent, an over-reliance on free downloads and hooks for in-app purchases has made mobile gaming a minefield of games based on upsell and addiction. Italy's had enough, and its antitrust authority is investigating app store owners Google, Apple, and Amazon, and game publisher Gameloft, for unfair commercial practices.

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Italy Investigates Google, Apple, Amazon, and Gameloft For Misleading 'Free To Play' Games was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

Android Match

Google releases Hangouts plugin for Microsoft Outlook

Posted: 17 May 2014 10:19 AM PDT


Google may not want to give Windows Phone access to Google Apps, but they do want Outlook users to take care of business. A Hangouts plugin has been released for Outlook. From Outlook's Mail or Calendar, users can have a Hangout without the need to switch over to another service.

This is a big win for Chrome OS devices. If business users were using Outlook, they would be out of luck. But now Hangouts is available as a plugin and the mess is gone. So video chatting is as seamless as ever for Outlook and Hangouts users alike.

Source: +Google Enterprise [Directions]

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Android Match

HTC One Remix leaks, looks like a One Mini 2 with blue plastic

Posted: 17 May 2014 09:20 AM PDT

We were wondering what would be different about the rumored HTC One Remix for Verizon than the HTC One Mini 2 it's reportedly based on. We can now tell you at least one thing: color. Notorious leaker @evleaks just outed what is said to be the first image of the One Remix (you can check it out after the break), and though it's in a case and has had the background poorly photoshopped out, what we see here is an HTC One Mini with a dark metal finish for the speaker grilles (it's close to the brushed gunmetal finish of our HTC One Mini 2 hands-on, but with bright blue plastic trim around the bottom instead of the black we're used to seeing.

Android Match

Make It Rain: Love of Money 1.3.1 APK

Posted: 17 May 2014 08:25 AM PDT

Make It Rain: Love of Money Android game update with fixed some investments making financial rate go down and fixed bug with cash blast amount. This game is available on iOS and Android which getting higher and higher on the top free games list this week. It's very addicting and well made just like Cookie Clicker. Obviously very similar to Cookie Clicker, but with money and investing instead. It's a fiendishly clever game, that's too simple and too easy and too hard and too fun.

Make It Rain: Love of Money is a simple wealth building simulation game that touches upon basic principles of money management and investing. Don't change anything but add ranks. So when you have rained a certain amount of money you will get a rank like Maker Rainer or Storm Bringer. Extremely satisfying and simple, just start swiping and watch the money pile up. Hundreds, then thousands, then millions, then billions, then kili-billies, mega-billies, and beyond. But to get that much you'll have to make some wise investments! Let's play and see how fast can you make it rain? good luck!

What's new in version 1.3.1:

- Can you beat the game? Get a crown each time you beat the game to show your riches!

- Global currencies! Your bills will now appear in your country's currency for 10 popular global currencies.

Requires Android: 2.3.3+

Download File: 19MB (Make It Rain: Love of Money 1.3.1 APK)

via Android Match

Original HTC One (M7) Developer Edition/unlocked models receiving update

Posted: 17 May 2014 08:14 AM PDT

HTC One m7 update

Good news for HTC One (M7) owners — you might have thought with the release of the M8, HTC forgot about you. But now we're receiving news that the developer edition and unlocked models of the phone are receiving a pretty large update (667 MB), including Sense 6.

However, because of the device's hardware limitations, motion gestures and the advanced DuoCamera effects like UFocus, Foregrounder, Seasons and Dimensions Plus are not included in the update. This was expected though, because the M7 only has a single camera on the back, and does not feature a depth sensor like the M8 currently does.

Let us know if you receive an update and how it goes.

Source: @Jetleigh

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Circix – Indie app of the day

Posted: 17 May 2014 06:12 AM PDT

Circix review

What is Circix?

Circix is a fun little brain puzzler that makes you connect circuits a certain number of times. For instance, if you see a node that says "2″ then two other nodes connect to that specific node. The challenge isn't necessarily apparent from the start, but eventually it gets much harder to determine which nodes go where.

Here's how you play the game. On each level there are the aforementioned nodes. You simply swipe between them to create a connection. You cannot delete connections so if you mess up you have to start over from scratch which sounds like a feature flaw but it's actually a part of the challenge. You have to get it perfect the first time or start entirely over.

There are three difficulties with the only difference between them being the side of the grid. The harder you go, the larger the grid gets. So if the basic size is too easy, just wait because it does get larger and harder. If you find yourself stuck, you can use a hint to help figure out what to do. You get 10 hints to start with and then you must buy more.

Aside from the game mechanics, Circix also features in app purchases. They include ad removal, a couple of hints packs in case you need a hint, more level packs, and tablet levels if you want them. If you don't intend on spending a dime, you'll still have about 200 levels to play with and the ads aren't all that intrusive.

That's pretty much it. Like we stated earlier this is a simple, but fun little puzzle game. If you're waiting for an appointment or taking a bathroom time out then it's a fun little game to have around to waste a few minutes. It has over 200 levels so it will take a while to beat and there are more levels if you want them for a nominal fee.

Circix review


  • You get 200 levels for free. That's way above average.

  • It's enjoyable to play as a time waster.

  • In app purchases are not in the way or offensive.

  • Colorful graphics and quirky sound effects for the win.

  • Levels crafted specifically for you tablet owners (as an in app purchase).


  • It will feel repetitive after a while.

  • No Google Play Games services.

  • Its simplicity is a strength and a weakness. Aside from the main objective, there's nothing else to do.


Overall, we'd recommend Circix. The game starts fast and easy enough to help you learn the mechanics and its gradual shift in difficulty like a more natural progression that you'd see in other puzzle games. The in app purchases aren't offensive as you can enjoy the game perfectly fine without them. If you're a casual Android gamer or just enjoy puzzle games, then this is a clean, fun app to try. Also, it's free in the Play Store. Check it out using the button below.

Check out the last indie app of the day: Monument Valley

Android Match

Samsung hasn't changed Terminal 5 signage and branding, says Heathrow, just being 'tongue-in-cheek'

Posted: 17 May 2014 05:57 AM PDT

Yesterday Samsung announced that they'd be kicking off a "revolutionary" campaign that would involve them "taking over signage, wayfinding, website, and every digital screen" at Heathrow's incredibly busy Terminal 5 and "rebranding" it as "Terminal Samsung Galaxy S5". But Mobile Nations has since been informed that Samsung's "take over" is actually a far more reasonable, more standard form of advertising. In response to my complaints over on iMore yesterday that, as described, the marketing could cause confusion and consternation for travelers, Heathrow sent along the following statement (emphasis mine):

Android Match

First Android 'Silver' phones tipped to replace Nexus line in early 2015

Posted: 17 May 2014 05:40 AM PDT

Current LG Nexus 5 could be the last Nexus-branded handset

Prolific phone leaker @evleaks has teased that Google is likely to launch the first so-called Android Silver handsets in February 2015. What's more, the company's Nexus program could be coming to an end earlier than expected, as an additional tweet claims that there'll be "no Nexus 6." The usually accurate leaker is the latest source to talk about the demise of the Nexus family, tying it into the launch of the rumored "Silver" line of premium smartphones early next year.

Android Match

Deal of the Day: Mobi Products Soft Shell Case for Samsung Galaxy S4

Posted: 17 May 2014 05:11 AM PDT

Made of a highly durable TPU material that feels great when gripped, the Mobi Products Soft Shell Case features anti-slip properties that gives your Samsung Galaxy S4 more grip on all types of surfaces. Plus, it has a special anti-dust coating and cut-outs for all features.

The Mobi Soft Shell Case is available for just $3.95, 74% off today only. Colors include blue, purple, pink, smoke and green.

Canada DoD: MYBAT VERGE Hybrid Cover for Samsung Galaxy S5

Android Match

Google Play Store 'freemium' apps being investigated by Italian regulator

Posted: 17 May 2014 04:40 AM PDT

Google, Apple and Amazon are being investigated by Italian regulators over freemium apps. It's no secret that the freemium model for financing apps on mobile app stores have taken off in recent years. Simply doing a quick search on popular mobile platforms today will yield hundreds of results for freemium games and apps, initially free-of-charge to download, but sporting in-app purchases. The issue is whether or not consumers are being misled.

Android Match

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