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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Android Match

Android Match

Frozen Free Fall v1.5.1 (Unlimited Hearts)

Posted: 10 Jun 2014 04:27 PM PDT


Frozen Free Fall v1.5.1 (Unlimited Hearts)

Requirements: 2.3 +

Overview: Join millions of people and play the newest match-3 craze! "I thought there was a lot to like about Frozen; I could probably talk about it for a long time." – Penny Arcade

Get ready for an epic puzzle matching adventure in the Kingdom of Arendelle, inspired by the newest Disney animated film, Frozen! Join Anna, Elsa, and more of your favorite characters on a journey to slide and match 195 icy puzzles for free!

EXCITING MATCH-3 GAMEPLAY – Slide beautiful and colorful ice crystals to match 3 or more, and test your matching skills with extra challenging objectives!

UNLOCK MORE CHARACTERS AS YOU GO – Start the journey as young Elsa and Anna, then unlock grown-up versions of the sisters as you progress through the land. Follow the story and play with even more characters like Olaf, Sven, Kristoff, Hans and Pabbie!

UNIQUE POWER-UPS SPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR EACH CHARACTER – Use Anna's torch to burn up an entire row of crystals, or Elsa's glacier power-up to make all of the same color crystals magically disappear! Try Hans' sword to slash right through the crystals, and explore many more cool power-ups!

Visit http://ift.tt/1azYD0J for cool game tips, news and more! Don't forget to check your local retailer for Frozen on Blu-ray and Digital HD! Frozen Free Fall is free to play but some in-game items may require payment.

Before you download this experience, please consider that this app contains social media links to connect with others, in-app purchases that cost real money, push notifications to let you know when we have exciting updates like new content, as well as advertising for The Walt Disney Family of Companies and some third parties. In App Purchases from $0.99-2.99

What's New

Free Fall fans, now you can use power-ups to wake up the trolls! Give it a try!

More Info:




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Your Chromebook will now automatically upload photos to Google+ when you import them

Posted: 10 Jun 2014 04:20 PM PDT

An update to the Google+ Photos app on Chrome OS enables the app to automatically backup your photos to Google+ when you import them, even when the app isn't actively running. Previously you had to manually launch the Google+ Photos app to initiate an import when you connected a phone, USB drive or SDcard, but now that can all happen in the background.

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[New App] NBC Universal Releases Official Universal Orlando App To Deliver Timely, Relevant Info To Park-Goers

Posted: 10 Jun 2014 04:19 PM PDT

unnamed (6)

In an effort to make your vacation to Universal Orlando Resort more pleasant and at least a little less chaotic, NBC Universal has released an official app to the Play Store that promises to "put everything you need to know about your vacation in the palm of your hand."

Essentially, the app gives users timely, contextual information about their visit, showing wait times for attractions and rides inside the parks, in-park notifications, and a map that will navigate you through the park to your chosen ride or destination.

[New App] NBC Universal Releases Official Universal Orlando App To Deliver Timely, Relevant Info To Park-Goers was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

Android Match

AirTycoon 3 v1.2.1 [Full]

Posted: 10 Jun 2014 04:15 PM PDT


AirTycoon 3 v1.2.1 [Full]

Requirements: 2.3.3+

Overview: Welcome to Air Tycoon 3! - Authentic turn based airline management simulation single player game based on 'Air Tycoon Online' which is being loved by world wide players.

Build and manage worldwide airline with detailed statistic management support!

Now, passengers in the world are ready to on board to your airline!

**When 24 turns passed from the beginning and if you want to play continuously,

you need to buy the formal version of this game.


- Customized turn based game

- Play and compete with max 24 AI players

- Various game setting

- Include 128 real airplane models and 450 airports world wide

- Diversified airport and route management

- Upgradable airplanes and airports

- Buy and sell used airplanes

- Detailed and various type of map

- Management of passenger and cargo routes

- Historical real time background

- No internet connection needed

[Game Tips for Beginners]

* Keep lower than 30% of lease planes.

* Open a new route at high business/tour level and less(or no) competitive cities.

* Keep maximize advertisement and service investment.

* Keep lower level of salary as they are satisfied.

* Keep the airplane operating at maximum.

* Make schedules as the same as 'Available schedule by Planes'.

* Adjust airfares always.

- Raise the fare when the occupancy is 100%.

- Down the fare when the occupancy is lower than 70%

* Do not be obsessed on your existing routes.

- Close the route resolutely which has many competitors and do not earn money.

- Find a new undeveloped golden route constantly.

* Minimize Cost

- Minimize office, counters

- Minimize unused slots

- Use fuel tank and buy fuel by wholesale

* Maximize profit

- Run a maintenance depot and lounge on your hub airports (not all airports).

You can save 30% of maintenance cost and increase the business and first class passengers

(An airport having many routes is a hub airport.)

What's New

v 1.2.1

Fixed crash problems in Save/Load View

More Info:




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LEGO® Hero Factory Invasion v2.0.0 [Mod Money]

Posted: 10 Jun 2014 04:15 PM PDT


LEGO® Hero Factory Invasion v2.0.0 [Mod Money]

Requirements: Android O/S : 2.3+

Overview: DWe are Hero Factory, protecting the galaxy from any and all threats. Join the team now!

Dispatch with the Alpha team and jump into the deep end with one of nine awesome Battle Machines to defeat the 'Invasion from Below'.

Defeat five gigantic beasts and their jumper swarms through nine city busting levels

Experience the story with action packed video content

Complete epic missions to upgrade over 45 levels of abilities and special moves

Build your Battle Machine and Power Up in a unique double scale environment

Pick your fight and match up in Battle Mode with 75 badges to collect and complete

What's New

•NEW! Encounter a deadly new boss in the exclusive Lava Pool arena by purchasing the Hydra Beast Battle Pack

•NEW! Compete as three epic new Battle Machines when you buy the Battle Machine Combi Pack

•NEW! Make a super saving with the Super Battle Pack - get both the Hydra Beast Battle Pack and Battle Machine Combi Pack as a one off purchase

•NEW! No more waiting around - unlock unlimited Story Mode plays when you buy any of the purchasable Packs

More Info:







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Road to Brazil 2014 v1.0.4 [Unlimited Coins/Gems]

Posted: 10 Jun 2014 04:14 PM PDT


Road to Brazil 2014 v1.0.4 [Unlimited Coins/Gems]

Requirements: 2.3 and up

Overview: Kick off the 2014 World Cup with a mad dash! Test your speed, endurance, and reflexes as you sprint and avoid nasty obstacles along the way in this exhilarating, action-packed running game! Can you successfully make it to the Brazil World Cup?

Dash through winding alleyways and chaotic city streets while kicking the ball around! Avoid obstacles by perfectly timing your leaps, slides, and turns! Unlock various soccer players, each with their own strengths and advantages. Collect coins to buy upgrades and unlock special equipment. Grab power-ups on the fly to help you reach your goal. Compare your score with friends or help each other out by sharing energy. Finally, push your wits, skills, and reflexes to the limit to reach the top of the leaderboards!


Tilt your device to steer left/right

Swipe up to jump

Swipe down to slide under obstacles

Swipe left or right to make a turn (timing is important!)

The roads ahead are fraught with challenges! Will you make it to the 2014 Brazil World Cup?


- Make a mad dash through over 20 levels set in the bustling streets of Brazil

- Pick up coins and upgrade your characters

- Look out for special power-ups that give you an extra edge

- Unlock soccer players from different countries, each with their own unique abilities

- Unlock unique equipment sets, each with their own boosts

- Compete with your friends—log on to Facebook to compare scores

- Help your friends by sharing Energy with them

- Get the highest score and reach the top of the leaderboards!

More Info:



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1Password app gets major update

Posted: 10 Jun 2014 04:04 PM PDT


If you are in need of a password manager that will work on your Android device, you may want to check out 1Password from AgileBits. The developers have released an updated version that received a major facelift compared with the old version. This new version is such a major change that anyone with the old version will not be able to update their app, they have to install this completely new version.

Like other password manager services, 1Password lets you store your passwords and other critical or sensitive information securely behind a single password needed to access the app. 1Password can be used to automatically fill in login information when visiting web sites or other services and will lock itself back up after use. Using Dropbox integration, 1Password will make your passwords available across your devices and multiple platforms.

According to the Play Store listing for 1Password, access to Premium features are available for everyone who installs the app through August 1st. However, it is not clear exactly which features are "Premium" nor is any pricing information provided should someone want to stick with Premium at the end of the trial version.

You can grab this new version of 1Password using the download links after the gallery.

1password_app_screen_01 1password_app_screen_02 1password_app_screen_03 1password_app_screen_04 1password_app_screen_05 1password_app_screen_06 1password_app_screen_07 1password_app_screen_08

qr code

Google Play Download Link

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Google acquires Skybox Imaging for $500 million to improve Google Maps, expand Project Loon

Posted: 10 Jun 2014 03:32 PM PDT


Google announced today that it would be acquiring Skybox Imaging, a satellite-imaging startup, for $500 million.

Google said the following about its most recent purchase:

"Skybox's satellites will help keep Google Maps accurate with up-to-date imagery. Over time, we also hope that Skybox's team and technology will be able to help improve Internet access and disaster relief — areas Google has long been interested in."

So from the above statement we can obviously deduce that Google Maps will be improved with the newly acquired technology/patents, and it will also help Google bring Internet access to previously unconnected regions. Expect Google to continue spending in this market, as the search/tech giant obviously believes in the continued growth of Project Loon.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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T-Mobile will proactively reach out to customers who were fraudulently charged premium SMS fees

Posted: 10 Jun 2014 03:32 PM PDT

Going a step further on its fight against fraudulent premium SMS charges, T-Mobile will now start proactively notifying customers when they detect unauthorized billing of premium SMS to their account. Although customers could previously request refunds for any unknown charge on their bill, this proactive approach of identifying premium SMS scams goes a step further to cut down on these charges.

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Meet the Devs – Catalina Group Ltd

Posted: 10 Jun 2014 02:51 PM PDT

Developer Interviews

Welcome back to our Meet the Devs segment! In this piece we take a little time to get to know the people who really make Android what it is today and that is the app developers. In this week's developer interviews, we are talking to Laura Martinez from Catalina Group Ltd.

Name: Laura Martinez

Developer Name: Catalina Group Ltd

Country: United States

Website: http://b1.org

Google + Profile/Page: B1.org Google+ Page

How many people on your team? 10

B1 File Manager icon for developer interviews


B1 Free Archiver

B1 File Manager

Tell us about your company

We have a great team of experienced developers, who have an extensive knowledge on programming and Android development skills.

What languages do you know? How and where did you learn them?

Actually every developer in our team has his unique set of skills and experiences and the question of where he got them has a different answer in every particular case. What everyone has in common, though, is the knowledge and experience in Java.

What's more interesting here is the technology that we use while developing B1 Project. We employed some ready open source technologies like 7z libraries for B1 Free Archiver across all platforms and OI File Manager libraries for B1 File Manager. As we are add new features to B1 File Manager we have also used Dropbox SDK, Google Drive SDK, Android FTP library.

What level of experience do you have with design

We have a great team of experienced designers who are responsible for every detail in our software – from logo to UI in general. But our designers' creative ideas do not often find their implementation in software due to technical limitations imposed by Android devices. Given the code and architecture within which we work, we cannot implement all design we want in the app.

What apps have you made?

Our work now is mainly focused on the development of B1 Free Archiver environment which consists of B1 Free Archiver for Android, Windows, Linux, Mac and B1 Online Archiver. We have recently launched another app for Android – it's B1 File Manager.

B1 Archiver for developer interviews

How do you monetize your apps

The times when developers began building their apps with a thought "How to monetize it" are far back in the past. The main difficulty now is to develop a high quality app that will useful and loved by the users. If you have that – you'll have all the rest. What we can tell for sure now is that we'll never use any ugly monetization schemes like push notifications or anything like that. Offending and losing users in such a way is the last thing you can do. However, we might introduce some light monetization in future – like premium, ads or smth.

Do you consider yourself successful?

Our feeling of success depends on the level of satisfaction of our users. Judging from the comments, reviews and feedback in general we can call ourselves successful.

How difficult is it to make money as a developer?

Well, money is the thing which is difficult to make in general. So it doesn't really matter who you are – if you are lazy and not passionate about what you do – the money will always be a problem.

What can Android do to improve?

We love developing for Android, really. But if we have a chance to have our say now – we won't miss it. For the time being we would be really happy if Android could fix/change/review its recently introduced SD card write restriction. For such utilities as our B1 Free Archiver and B1 File Manager it is critical. The second thing we'd like to change is the new rating system in Google Play which is absolutely not as transparent and clear as it used to be. If before the update we could know whether we are doing right or wrong just by reading and analyzing our users' reviews, now we are mostly guessing.

We'd also like to see tablet-specific interface and environment as the thing we are seeing now is just an adaption of Android for smartphones. This will improve controls and navigation.

B1 File Manager for developer interviews

Why did you choose Android? Do you develop for other platforms? What are the differences between them?

Why not? There are over 1 billion Android devices in the world. Due to multi-platform nature of our main product B1 Free Archiver, we develop for several platforms. The difference between Android on one hand and Windows, Linux, Mac and Web on the other hand is too obvious to go deep into it.

What are your thoughts on iOS and Windows 8?

iOS is a cool platform developed and supported on a high professional level. We think it's gonna thrive and continue to make users happier. We also plan to develop for iOS in a distant future. Unlike iOS, the future of Windows Phone 8 looks vague and unclear. Yes, Microsoft bought Nokia as a mobile manufacturer, but the share of Windows Phones on the market is really small. So basically the future of Windows 8 depends on Microsoft and on its vision. We think that Metro style is really cool – it's user friendly, works great with apps, it's gonna become better. We love the idea to unite Desktop and Mobile, it is becoming more actual. Its realization is not as cool as the idea itself, but we are sure it has a nice future. What Microsoft really needs to do is to reduce bureaucracy across the system. For example, guys from Android took pains to minimize the actions you need to perform to get to Google Play. If you want to submit your app to Windows Store be ready for quite a long and cumbersome process. Here you are the one who is to take pains.

What do you think of the Android design guidelines?

We love them! They are detailed, comprehensive and focus on important things. When a new designer joins our team, the first thing we ask him to do is to read Android design guidelines. After that designers become aware of both the overall visual sense and style of Android platform (like icons, color palette, etc) and of behavioral aspects of Android user experience. The guidelines are updated regularly and serve a great example of how such things should be done.

What are your favorite apps?

To answer this question we have asked all the members of our team, and we got these results:

What has been your experience been like working with Google?

We think the guys have done and continue to do an incredible job! Let's put it like that: Google is an enormous organization with a lot of employees. So the products they are developing are really large scale which brings all the scalability troubles along. Despite all that Google products work great. You can feel that Google cares a lot about the way users receive their products, they pay a lot of attention to user experience and to users being absolutely satisfied with Google. We also feel they think about developers too. That's why it is so nice to work with Google and Google Play in particular.

What does the future of development look like?

First, we are now seeing development becoming more niche-like with plenty specializations and differentiations that continue to appear. We see that demand for niche specialists continues to increase and will not seize in the nearest future. At the same time development itself is becoming even more agile. Unlike the waterfall development from the past, the development of today has no other choice than to be dynamic and flexible, otherwise you will always lag behind. So first you do, than you watch, than you do once again, than you watch once again and so on. Iterations are becoming smaller and they are becoming more. The more flexible you are the more chances you have to find your niche and become a leader there. The world is changing so fast that it gives us grounds to expect some qualitative jump towards super agile in the future.

B1 File Manager screenshot 2

Second, the cloud. Stand alone is dying away, if you are not connected you are doomed. Now all the users find themselves in one big information space. When you are trying to offer them something beyond that space they are surprised in a better case. In a worse case they just refuse to use your app as it stands out of the system they are used to. That's why the cloud as a place that unites – is the reality of both today and tomorrow.

Third, big data. We believe the most interesting stuff is to appear in the realm of big data. The reason is obvious – up to now there is so many of it and it can potentially tell so many things, that it would be a sin not to try to analyze it. Data analysis is really trendy, there is so much yet to be discovered and the pool of professionals working in the sphere of big data analysis impresses with a high level of expertise and the concentration of intellect per square inch.

What tips do you have for aspiring developers?

Developers do not receive tips, waiters do! OK, if we go serious – stop thinking about monetization or anything. It's like love or happiness – the more you think about it the less you have it. Just do something good, get the idea, feel passionate about it and have the guts to realize it no matter what! That's the only way you can succeed, seriously.

We want to thank Carlos for chatting with us! If you're a developer and this looks like something you'd like to do, check out our Meet the Devs form! We look forward to hearing from you.

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Tuesday’s Tweak: Popup Notifier

Posted: 10 Jun 2014 02:41 PM PDT

Android HQ For today's Tuesday Tweak, we're focusing our attention on Popup Notifier a very flexible and unique third-party notification service, which only launched for Android back in November, 2013. The app is only available to download on devices running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and above at present, but compatibility is expected to be enforced for older

The post Tuesday's Tweak: Popup Notifier appeared first on Cult of Android.

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HP's $179 Chromebox is now shipping, pricier models also available

Posted: 10 Jun 2014 02:27 PM PDT

Following an announcement back in February, HP's Chromebox desktop is now available for order from its online store for just $179. Falling in line with the same price and specs as its cousin the ASUS Chromebox, the HP Chromebox offers an Intel Celeron (2955U 1.4 GHz) processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, Wifi 802.11n, 10/100 ethernet, Bluetooth 4.0 and a solid assortment of ports including HDMI and USB 3.0.

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OnePlus One invite emails suggest the handset’s arrival will be delayed

Posted: 10 Jun 2014 01:44 PM PDT

oneplus one aa (33 of 34)

A year ago no one knew who or what OnePlus was, today it's one of the most talked about Chinese phone companies, at least among the techie-types. Not bad for a company that's spent almost nothing on marketing and has yet to get its product into the hands of consumers, aside from a very lucky few.

Of course, not all the talk centering around the OnePlus One has been favorable. While early reviews of the device have been fairly good, the problem lies with various PR mishaps that have happened along the way for the company. Most of the controversy has surrounded OnePlus' invite system and the company's inability to get the phone into the hands of folks who are actively interested in buying one.

If you are the type that is getting sick of the waiting game, you're not going to like today's news. Reportedly Oppo has sent out invites to select individuals but with a small catch: the invite allows you to buy the phone now, but with the revelation that the phone won't ship just yet. Instead, it will be shipped as soon as possible and OnePlus says it will keep the buyer updated on the progress of getting the phones out.


The reason for the delay? According to Cyanogenmod's ciwrl , the reason centers around new issues with openSSL that were made public on June 5th. He says they decided to "include the correction for those vulnerabilities, in the factory release of the One". Furthermore, a whole new firmware means the device needs to be re-certified.

Regardless of what happened, delays never make a company look good. It also seems a bit strange that OnePlus couldn't have shipped the handset and then simply released an OTA firmware upgrade shortly thereafter, since they'll have to do that for handsets that are already in the wild. It's currently unclear how long it will take before OnePlus ships out phones purchased through the invite system, though hopefully it's a short delay.

What do you think of OnePlus and the One? Still excited, losing interest or have you already turned your attention away from the OnePlus One almost entirely?

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LG's G-Watch rumored to land on wrists in July

Posted: 10 Jun 2014 01:23 PM PDT

LG's G-Watch is anticipated to undercut Samsung's Gear 2 Neo pricing when it lands on consumer's wrists. The G-Watch is reported to be debuting at a very competitive price in the UK on July 7th, roughly a week after Google's I/O conference in San Francisco, California this year.

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Full specs of the LG G Watch leak ahead of launch

Posted: 10 Jun 2014 01:13 PM PDT

LG G Watch Gold voice

Earlier today we heard that the LG G Watch will be given away at Google I/O as a reference device. That's just the most recent of a long list of things we've heard about this upcoming smartwatch. One thing that has evaded us is the actual specs of the device. Thankfully today we finally have some information on what makes up this wearable.

The G Watch has a 1.65-inch TFT LCD display, 4GB of storage, and weighs 61 grams. Sensors include ambient light, touchscreen, pedometer, and accelerometer. The big question many people have with these devices is how good the battery life will be. The G Watch boasts 36 hours of standby time with a 400mAh battery. Will that be enough to make most people happy? We will soon find out.

We imagine most of the first few Android Wear devices will boast similar specs. The G Watch and Moto 360 will be shown off at Google I/O, and there is a very real possibility of seeing more. Do these specs meet your approval? Are you interested in the G Watch or some other smartwatch?

[via @upleaks]

Thanks Mark!

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Lens Blur Live Wallpaper – Indie app of the day

Posted: 10 Jun 2014 12:58 PM PDT

What is Lens Blur Live Wallpaper

As you can imagine, Lens Blur Live Wallpaper is a live wallpaper and thus it does live wallpaper things. You set it as your wallpaper and it then populates your background with lens blur images that you took with Google Camera. It's not just an image-rotating wallpaper and it does come with some special effects.

Okay here is how it works. You take a bunch of lens blur photos with Google Camera. Lens Blur Live Wallpaper then uses those images as backgrounds for your devices. According to the app description, it gathers up the depth information on your blur photos and then uses that information to create a sort of 3D parallax effect. What this means is elements of the photo will move around depending on what angle you view your device. So it's a little bit of optical illusion magic that makes your backgrounds pop.

The only real prerequisite needed to use this app is to have photos on your device that were taken with Google Camera's lens blur effect. Unfortunately it doesn't work with other photos taken with other cameras. So if you have a nice collection of photos with some good bokeh, it won't work. It has to be photos taken with Google Camera.

lens blur live wallpaper review


  • It's free!

  • It produces a fun and unique effect that looks really cool.

  • Works with lens blur images taken with Google Camera.

  • Some options to customize the image such as focus and depth effect sliders.


  • There is a serious bug that causes crashes that should be fixed soon but it isn't fixed yet.

  • Only works with the Google Camera lens blur.

  • The UI could use some refining.


Overall this is a really cool app for Google Camera enthusiasts to try out. Granted, there are some pretty serious bugs that need fixed for some devices, but we imagine that once those get ironed out the app will be much better. It's unique and the effect does give devices a fun look. It's free in the Google Play Store if you want to check it out. Click the button below to get started.

Check out the last indie app of the day: addappt

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Amazon Kindle app for Android gets Audible integration

Posted: 10 Jun 2014 12:20 PM PDT


With everything Amazon is doing these days it's easy to forget that they got their start with books. Kindle e-book readers and apps are still their bread and butter. Today they updated their Kindle app for Android with an awesome new feature. Amazon is putting their ownership of Audible to good use by finally integrating it into the Kindle reading app. Users can now seamlessly switch between reading and listening to their favorite books.

Whispersync now works for voice as well, which means you can pick up an audio book right where you left off across devices. It also means your audio and text will always be in sync. Switching between the audio and text happens right inside the Kindle app. You can read while you're relaxing at home and listen while you're on the train. The only downside is not every book in Amazon's library has an audio version, but it's getting better every day. Do you use audio books more than actual books? How often do you read?

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Adobe AIR v14 Is Out With Support For x86 Chips And Using Your Device As A Gamepad For Web Games

Posted: 10 Jun 2014 12:17 PM PDT

a Yes, Adobe AIR is still a thing, and now Adobe has released v14 of the AIR runtime with updated support for the x86 architecture and gamepad support for web games. AIR didn't make the splash in developer circles Adobe was hoping for, but it's still inching along.


In case you've forgotten, AIR is a runtime that can be used to build apps that work across platforms and devices with fewer compatibility issues.

Adobe AIR v14 Is Out With Support For x86 Chips And Using Your Device As A Gamepad For Web Games was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Buy a Sonos speaker from Amazon, get a $50 credit

Posted: 10 Jun 2014 12:08 PM PDT

It's a good time to invest in a wireless speaker from Sonos. Today, Amazon announced that it will offer its customers a $50 credit in its online store for the purchase of select Sonos products.

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HTC One (M9) Prime to launch prior to One (M9) next year

Posted: 10 Jun 2014 11:50 AM PDT


With the One (M8) Prime reportedly kicked to the curb, HTC is setting its sights on its next project. It is expected that there will be an One (M9) Prime to compliment the One (M9), but interestingly the former could arrive first. The device is said to be arriving in the first quarter of 2015 and the Prime will lead the way. So it looks like we have got some times before we see HTC's next piece of hardware, unless it does release a smartwatch.

Source: @evleaks (Official site)

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LG G Watch to be given out at Google I/O

Posted: 10 Jun 2014 11:00 AM PDT

Details about Google I/O are always sparse, but what we do know is that attendees always walk away with some sweet loot. Google gives away all kinds of goodies, and according to rumors, this year the company will be giving away an LG G Watch.

The G Watch is meant to be somewhat of a reference device for Android Wear, much like the Nexus line was targeted towards developers and consumers alike. Reportedly bearing a low price tag, the G Watch may end up being the Nexus of Android Wear. Giving it away at the Google I/O Developer Conference will be a great way for the platform to gain support.

The conference will focus on Android Wear outside of the LG G Watch though, with Motorola set to show off the Moto 360. And there will be a third Android Wear manufacturer present, with rumors saying it may be ASUS. We're excited to see what Google has up its sleeve, because with the current state of smart watches, Google will need something seriously polished to win the hearts of the public.

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Google buying satellite firm Skybox Imagery for $500 million

Posted: 10 Jun 2014 10:58 AM PDT

Google is buying the satellite imagery company Skybox Imagery for half a billion dollars. Google has used imagery from Landsat satellites for much of their mapping images, though in recent years they've been replacing that with detailed orbital shots from a variety of sources. Adding a satellite imaging company to their portfolio will enable Google to more quickly and accurately update their satellite maps.

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‘WakeUp’ unlocks your Android phone when you pick it up

Posted: 10 Jun 2014 10:49 AM PDT

Nexus 5 Phandrizzle

Picking up your phone and turning the screen on can be a real pain in the #firstworldproblems. Who has the time for that? If you pick up your phone and hold it at a certain angle it should just know that you want the screen unlocked. Right? That is exactly what a new app called "WakeUp" does, and it doesn't require root access.

If you're not concerned about keeping strangers out of your phone, this is a simple way to automate unlocking your device. Simply install "WakeUp" from the Play Store, activate device administrator in the app, and then tap "Activate" and "Automatically Monitoring." When you pick up your phone and hold it at a certain angle it will be unlocked. The sensitivity of the angle can be adjusted in the settings. The app will also automatically lock your phone when you set it down.

Apps like these are what make Android so awesome. If this sounds like something you need you can download it below for free.

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Amazon releases Audible integration to Kindle app

Posted: 10 Jun 2014 10:34 AM PDT


Amazon is rolling out professional narration to its Kindle app through a new software update. The software allows users to switch between the text version of the book and an audiobook version for as low as $0.99.

According to Amazon, users can switch between text and audiobook without having to even leave the app. The technology that Amazon is using is called Whispersync for voice. Upgrading to the Audible version isn't free, however. Most titles will cost $0.99, but some bestsellers will set you back up to $3.99. Hit the break for the Play Store download link and the QR code!

qr code

Play Store Download Link

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OnePlus One delayed again, CyanogenMod issues to blame

Posted: 10 Jun 2014 10:20 AM PDT

The OnePlus One marketing strategy has been sort of a mess. The advertising was strong, building a lot of hype for the device. If it was released into the height of all this hype, I think it would have been very successful. Unfortunately, the device has been delayed again and again, along with employing a silly invite system that takes forever for people to actually be invited. And don't get me started on paying for invites.

However, it seems that the device has been delayed yet again. And apparently, many of these delays aren't fully the fault of OnePlus, rather also having to do with CyanogenMod. Since CM powers the device on the software side, the company is responsible for keeping the software stable. And stable it was not, displaying bugs that shouldn't be on production hardware.

As we previously mentioned, the software recently received a major update but we are still working on perfecting some final issues. For that reason, we can't yet confirm the exact date that the phone will ship. We are tirelessly working to make the One the phone you've been waiting for and so we're going to hold off until we know that everything runs smoothly before sending them off.

While we can't blame OnePlus for wanting to hold this phone off and not release a buggy product, people are quickly losing interest. The company built up so much hype, and is now letting it die off. It's sad, really. Are you still interested in the OnePlus One, or is it too late? Leave a comment!

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