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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Android Match

Android Match

Twitter adds native support for animated GIFs

Posted: 18 Jun 2014 10:40 AM PDT

Twitter announced today via their support account that animated GIFs are now officially supported on Twitter.com, Android and iPhone. Previously, users needed to upload GIFs via a third-party service, but now they can be uploaded and viewed directly to Twitter.

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Google reportedly revealing CarPlay rival next week

Posted: 18 Jun 2014 10:40 AM PDT

A new report is saying that Google is gearing up to introduce a CarPlay rival at their I/O conference next week. The in-car solution will sport features similar to those of Apple's CarPlay, allowing users to navigate the software using their vehicle's own built-in controls. The system would differ from the standard infotainment devices and instead project data from a connected Android phone onto the vehicle's dashboard screen.

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GIF support finally arrives on Twitter for Android, iOS, and the web

Posted: 18 Jun 2014 10:38 AM PDT

Twitter Announces Plan To Float On Stock Market

No matter how you want to pronounce it (it's s hard "G," by the way), I think we can all agree that GIFs general make our social networks a little more fun. We're not sure what took so long, but in a back-end update to Twitter on both the web and its mobile apps, the microblogging network now officially supports GIFs.

This means you can upload these moving pictures using the native Twitter client and watch as they animate in the app. To be clear, GIFs wont load while in the timeline view (in an effort to not eat up all your data), only when clicking on a tweet to view it's media will you be presented with the moving GIF. And move, they shall.

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Oyster e-book subscription service opens the cover on Android app

Posted: 18 Jun 2014 10:23 AM PDT


Oyster, the e-book subscription service, has launched an Android version of their app after several months of being an iOS only app. Oyster's business model is patterned after services like Netflix in giving users access to their entire library for a flat monthly fee. Oyster currently charges $9.95 per month which gives users unlimited access to their library of over 500,000 titles. Titles includes New York Times bestsellers, Oprah picks and Pulitzer Prize winning titles among others.

Much like what Netflix does for movies and TV shows, Oyster will provide personalized recommendations to help users find titles that may be of interest. Oyster also includes features to share activity with friends on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

You can check out some screen shots below. If you decide to give Oyster a try, hit one of the download links. They are currently offering the first 30 days free as a trial period.

oyster_app_screen_06 oyster_app_screen_05 oyster_app_screen_04 oyster_app_screen_03 oyster_app_screen_02 oyster_app_screen_01

qr code

Google Play Download Link

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Nike+ Fuelband app finally available for Android

Posted: 18 Jun 2014 10:13 AM PDT

nike-fuelband-650x464 Nike has finally given tons of FuelBand owners what they've been waiting more than two years for: a companion app for Android. The app was exclusive to iOS up to this point, something which we thought was thanks to Nike and Apple's tight relationship. But it seems Nike has finally stopped making excuses as the official FuelBand app is sitting in the Google Play Store. Unfortunately you will need the latest FuelBand SE fitness band in order to use it, and it does appear you'll need at least Android 4.3 or higher. The app is also only "optimized" for the following devices:

Short roster, that. So while it's what we've been waiting for, it's not quite in the capacity that we expected. Let's hope Nike eventually loosens these restrictions and requirements in the weeks or months to come. Should you be lucky enough to satiate all those needs then you can find the app for download at the link ahead.

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Sunrise Calendar adds hooks to additional platforms like Evernote, Tripit and Songkick

Posted: 18 Jun 2014 10:06 AM PDT


Although Sunrise Calendar just released the Android version of their app a few weeks ago, they are already releasing an update that hooks the calendar with several popular apps and services. The new connections are possible with Evernote, Songkick, Tripit, Github and Asana. These new connections are in addition to existing integrations like Facebook event syncing, Google Maps integration and iCloud calendar support.

With Songkick, concert schedules can be viewed directly in the calendar and users can search for nearby events. Evernote users will be able to view their reminders in Sunrise and can even edit them in Sunrise with full synchronization back to Evernote. Similarly, users can fully sync tasks and reminders between Github or Asana and Sunrise while Tripit users can access their itineraries in the calendar app.

Sunrise is free to use and can be downloaded using the links below.

qr code

Google Play Download Link

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Fleksy Messenger lets you chat from your Gear 2 smartwatch

Posted: 18 Jun 2014 09:39 AM PDT

Fleksy-Messenger-02 Your Samsung Gear 2 tells you when you get incoming messages and lets you read them on your wrist — and thanks to Fleksy, you can now reply to them without pulling out your smartphone. The company has integrated its award-winning virtual keyboard into a new messaging app designed specifically for the smartwatch. I know

The post Fleksy Messenger lets you chat from your Gear 2 smartwatch appeared first on Cult of Android.

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Samsung Gear 2 now has a predictive messaging app, courtesy of Flesky app

Posted: 18 Jun 2014 09:21 AM PDT


Back in January Flesky showed off its small predictive keyboard on the Galaxy Gear, though the Omate TrueSmart was actually the first smartwatch to show off the app. If you're the type that finds the idea of a keyboard on such a small space to be useful, Flesky is certainly delivers. One problem for Gear fans, though: it's an Android app.

With the Gear 2 family running Tizen and even the original Galaxy Gear now switched to Samsung's own mobile OS, those looking for a keyboard were left in the dark — until today.

Flesky's new Tizen-friendly app is much more than just a predictive keyboard this time around, it's actually a full featured messaging app. This means you can now send and receive messages without ever having to whip out your phone to do it. The new app is available directly through Samsung Apps, though it currently only supports the Gear 2 family.

Why would you even want a keyboard or messaging app on a smartwatch? That's a good question, especially considering you will generally always have a bigger keyboard and better apps nearby thanks to your paired phone. Still, if you like the idea of communicating without pulling out your phone, Flesky looks to be a pretty solid choice.

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Fleksy Messenger aims to give you the gift of replying to texts on Gear 2 [VIDEO]

Posted: 18 Jun 2014 09:19 AM PDT

One huge problem with smart watches? You can't type on them. Well, you're not supposed to anyway — a 1.8-inch or smaller display makes that task quite hard. Fleksy is looking to eradicate that, though, with their latest app for the Samsung Gear 2.

Fleksy Messenger allows you to reply to text messages you receive using nothing but the smart watch (whereas before you were only able to view text messages). Fleksy's impressive text prediction algorithm is put to work here, translating literal gibberish into clean English. The app makes keen use of gestures for the purpose of typing symbols and inserting spaces, leaving room for nothing but the bare QWERTY layout to take advantage of as much screen real estate as possible.

fleksy gear 2

I honestly wouldn't forego the ease of just whipping out my smartphone and comfortably typing the text out. Thirty seconds to type out a 5 word message seems pretty long. Still, should you find yourself in a situation where getting to your phone is impossible then this should be a very nice app to have handy. Find it demoed in the video above. You should be able to find the app in the Samsung Apps Store later today.

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Fleksy Releases Messenger Keyboard For The Gear 2, So You Can Type Your SMS On Your Tiny Screen On Your Tiny Wrist With Your Tiny Hands

Posted: 18 Jun 2014 09:06 AM PDT

Fleksy-Messenger-SpecSheet Come on, you can't be serious. This has to be a joke, right? No? Fleksy is actually making a tiny software keyboard for the Gear 2? Okay then.

Fleksy claims that its Messenger keyboard is the first one to be featured on the Gear 2, and we're not going to argue. Touching on the inevitable difficulty of typing on a screen 1.6 inches across, the press release says that "Fleksy's sleek design and unparalleled prediction engine makes it virtually effortless." If you say so.

Fleksy Releases Messenger Keyboard For The Gear 2, So You Can Type Your SMS On Your Tiny Screen On Your Tiny Wrist With Your Tiny Hands was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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eTools Private Search – indie app of the day

Posted: 18 Jun 2014 08:43 AM PDT

eTools Private Search review

What is eTools Private Search?

As we all know, search engines keep an eye on what we search on. Generally it's for things like targeted advertising but that doesn't really make anyone feel any better about it. It also probably hurts their case that some people search for things they'd rather not let anyone know about. eTools Private Search lets you search major engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc privately.

This can be a really nifty application. There are search engines out there that focus on things like privacy. However, let's face facts. The word "Google" didn't become a verb because it's pretty. It happened because Google Search rocks. eTools Private Search lets you use it without Google knowing who you are. This occurs because all searches go through the app's server which is located in Switzerland and the results run back through there and are displayed to you.

It is also a very simple application to use. You simply open it and search for anything. When you find what you want, use your own browser to open the links and that's that. Think of it like the Google Search app before it became Google Now. Just open and search then close and forget. The only real knock against eTools is the interface. It's quite bland and it won't be winning any design awards.

The only other thing worth mentioning are the search settings. Aside from searching a number of engines, you can also change your country of origin, language, safe search filter, and others in the settings. There isn't anything overly powerful there but if you need to filter out potentially offensive content or you want to search from a different country then you have that option.

eTools Private Search review

It works way better than it looks.


  • Search Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc without leaving a trace.

  • App is free to download with no in app purchases.

  • The app has search configurations such as changing your country or language.

  • Seems to be pretty stable. There are likely bugs but none that current users felt the need to complain about.

  • Great for privacy minded individuals.


  • The interface is very bland. It's not good or bad, just bland.

  • It may lack some more rich features of other search engines.


Even though it's a very simple application, it can still be quite the useful tool in your app drawer. Especially if you're a privacy minded person who still wants to use sites like Google without leaving any traces. It's free in the Google Play Store using the button below.

Check out the last indie app of the day: ReactionLab

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iFixIt teardown shows that the OnePlus One is built quite well

Posted: 18 Jun 2014 08:03 AM PDT

oneplus one teardown

One thing I fear with small, startup manufacturers is that their manufacturing and assembly isn't quite up to par. I was especially worried by the OnePlus One because the $300 starting price for all the goodness you get makes it hard to believe that some corners weren't cut.

So what better way to put those fears to rest than with a timely teardown? iFixIt has come to the rescue with that very thing, giving us a look at the device's innards and scoring the OnePlus One on how easy it is to repair.

The device doesn't look bad at first glance. In fact, it looks quite well under the hood. It doesn't seem to have quite the same clean assembly you'd expect from the likes of Samsung, HTC or LG, but if I were an engineer I would not feel bad about the job I've done on the OnePlus One.

When it comes down to the repair side of thing, iFixIt scores it a 5/10 where 10 is the easiest to repair. Standard, non-proprietary screws and modular components make it fairly easy to get inside, but tricky battery and display replacement sets it back a few notches. Whether that bit of information will be relevant to you down the line remains to be determined, but there it is anyway. You can head to iFixIt's site for the full teardown.

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The top app, device and accessory sales for June 18, 2014

Posted: 18 Jun 2014 07:56 AM PDT

We're half way through the week and for some that means we're already looking forward to the weekend. But how about some deals first? Why not, let's take a look at some of today's best.

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Warhammer 40,000: Carnage finally hits Android, bringing total annihilation in tow

Posted: 18 Jun 2014 07:56 AM PDT

Warhammer is a popular franchise when it comes to the gaming world, be it with the creation of painted figurines and battlements or classic video games. Warhammer 40,000: Carnage is the latest hit in the series of games we've seen launch on Android, which arrived on iOS last month.

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Qualcomm Toq updated with stopwatch applet and other enhancements

Posted: 18 Jun 2014 07:56 AM PDT

The Qualcomm Toq got a small update overnight, adding in a new stopwatch feature along with come conversation history enhancements. The stopwatch applet is a welcome feature for many, and arguably something that should have been including from the start. Qualcomm has been good about getting consistent updates to their smartwatch and brining along requested features for the ride.

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Amazon Appstore expanding to Blackberry in the fall

Posted: 18 Jun 2014 07:53 AM PDT

Let's start this article off by admitting that yes, we were surprised to find out that BlackBerry has not gone the way of the dodo yet. In fact, it just signed a deal with Amazon to expand the Amazon Appstore to BlackBerry this fall. The Amazon Appstore brings over 240,000 apps to BlackBerry and should be a major boost to the BlackBerry app ecosystem, which has been a sore spot for the OS for, well, ever.

Android apps have been able to work with BlackBerry 10, but very few have ported over, forcing users to manually get them onto their devices. The inclusion of the Amazon Appstore should drastically increase the app scene for BlackBerry, even if the Amazon Appstore doesn't hold a candle to Google Play. The move should be good for both casual and enterprise Blackberry users, as this allows Blackberry to get its focus back onto security and enterprise apps, the two things it excels at. The full press release can be found below if you're interested.

Do you think that anything can save BlackBerry?

Show Press Release
Waterloo, ON – BlackBerry Limited (NASDAQ: BBRY; TSX: BB), a world leader in mobile communications, today announced that the Amazon Appstore will be available with the launch of the BlackBerry 10.3 operating system this fall, greatly expanding access to thousands of the most popular apps and games to BlackBerry customers.

With more than 240,000 Android applications in the Amazon Appstore worldwide, BlackBerry 10 device customers will gain access to popular apps such as Groupon, Netflix, Pinterest, Candy Crush Saga and Minecraft.

The strategic move also enables BlackBerry to align its developer program with its renewed focus on delivering the most secure, end-to-end mobile enterprise solutions, by placing more emphasis on the development of vital enterprise and productivity applications.

"Making the Amazon Appstore available on BlackBerry 10 devices will help BlackBerry continue to meet two essential needs: greater app availability for our smartphone users and enhanced productivity solutions for enterprises," said BlackBerry Executive Chairman and CEO John Chen. "We've listened to our customers and have taken this important step to deliver on their needs, while executing on our strategy."

BlackBerry and Amazon will be working with the BlackBerry application developer community to help them migrate their apps to the Amazon Appstore in preparation for the 10.3 launch, where they will benefit from the store's powerful promotional tools that enable maximum discoverability and profitability. This will include Appstore Developer Select, which provides enhanced merchandising, as well as Amazon Coins incentives, the Developer Promotions Console, which enables real-time pricing adjustments and specials, and the popular Free App of the Day program.

BlackBerry will unveil a new enterprise application partner program for corporate developers, ISVs and systems integrators, designed to expand the number of enterprise applications that leverage BlackBerry 10 to deliver business-class functionality and enhance users' productivity, communication and collaboration.

For more information about BlackBerry 10, visit http://ift.tt/16t6MVb.

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Sicher from the IM+ team promises to keep your messages 'super-safe'

Posted: 18 Jun 2014 07:42 AM PDT

Sicher, a new "super-safe" messenger has arrived today on Windows Phone, iPhone and Android devices. Sicher (pronounced "Zee-her") comes from the team behind IM+ and brings free, encrypted chats and file transfers to users. Using the app, you'll be able to chat, send files, photos and voice messages to other users. Sicher goes so far as to not show incoming messages on your lock screen (only an alert) so you have to open the app to get the full message. Sicher features secure end-to-end encryption of messages, files and group chats, anonymous push notifications and self-destruction message settings.

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We're live in Seattle with Amazon, 10:30 a.m. Pacific, 1:30 p.m. Eastern!

Posted: 18 Jun 2014 07:42 AM PDT

Join us as we see if Amazon is actually about to launch its first smartphone

So, here we are. Today we're live in Seattle, Amazon's HQ, for a live device launch. We've seen Amazon device launches before but none, possibly, like this one. If the rumors play out, we might be about to see Amazon's very first smartphone. Or maybe new Kindle Fires. Or both. We really don't know.

We're on the ground at the event to bring you the very best of it all and we've fired up the old liveblog machine to help. It's all going down at 10:30 a.m. Pacific which translates to 1:30 p.m. Eastern and 6:30 p.m. in London. So, join us, and head on past the break for the liveblog.

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European OnePlus One orders delayed by up to two weeks

Posted: 18 Jun 2014 07:38 AM PDT

The OnePlus One's CE marking isn't thick enough. OnePlus has confirmed that One handsets on their way to Europe have been delayed by up to two weeks. Those lucky enough to get an invite expected to receive their devices this week, but a problem with the handset's CE marking means a whole batch has been blocked by customs officials in Germany. "Unfortunately, some

The post European OnePlus One orders delayed by up to two weeks appeared first on Cult of Android.

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Samsung announces more powerful Galaxy S5 LTE-A with QHD display

Posted: 18 Jun 2014 07:11 AM PDT

Once again, the rumor mill produced a bit of truth. Samsung has now announced a new model of the Galaxy S5 for Korea that features some improved specs over the original model. The new model is dubbed the Galaxy S5 LTE-A, and as you might suspect, it supports LTE-A connectivity. Some of the boosted specs include a 5.1-inch QHD (2560×1440) Super AMOLED display at 577 PPI, 2.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon 805 CPU, Adreno 420 GPU and 3GB RAM.

The Galaxy S5 LTE-A is certainly an improvement over the standard Galaxy S5. One aspect that didn't improve was the battery, which remains at 2,800mAh. We're curious to see how long the LTE-A GS5 can last with the improved and obviously more power-hungry specs. The Galaxy S5 LTE-A is set to go on sale this week exclusively on South Korea. The device will be sold on SK Telecom with a US equivalent price of $919. Six colors will be available including, black, white, blue, gold, pink, and red–all with some fancier name.

If this device was available globally, would you purchase one?

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Fleksy Messenger for the Gear 2 lets you reply to SMS messages right from your watch

Posted: 18 Jun 2014 07:09 AM PDT

The popular Android keyboard Fleksy has arrived today on the Samsung Gear 2 in the form of Fleksy Messenger — a new app that will allow Gear 2 users to reply to SMS messages directly on their watch. Fleksy is already available as an add-on keyboard for Android devices, including the Omate TrueSmart watch, so it should be familiar to many users.

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The best streaming music apps for Android

Posted: 18 Jun 2014 07:09 AM PDT

Streaming may be increasing in popularity, but which Android apps should you use?

We know there are plenty of streaming apps out there for Android. Each one comes with pros and cons (as everything else in life does). And the streaming app that best suits your needs might vary from one moment to the next. Say you want to listen to local stations for local news and weather information one moment. You may just want to have some music playing in your office that will be uninterrupted by commercials the next moment. Different apps will better fulfill those different needs.

Join us for an overview of some of the best streaming apps out there.

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Traffic Racer 1.86 APK

Posted: 18 Jun 2014 06:59 AM PDT

Traffic Racer

Traffic Racer android game updated to v1.86 with added immersive mode support for Android 4.4, added Language Support, updated icons and more. Unlike most games out there, Traffic Racer gives you unlimited play without having to wait hours for fuel fill ups or whatever. You can basically play all day if you want. Also, it doesn't cost much to upgrade and so forth, so you can upgrade your cars a lot quicker.

This game is really addicting, and you have to drive your car through highway traffic, earn cash, upgrade your car and buy new ones. Traffic Racer is fun and competitive with friends. Try to be one of the fastest drivers in the global leaderboards. Comes with stunning 3D graphics and realistic car handling makes the game amazingly fun to play. Also easy to controls, you can play it the whole day cause no waitings for 10-15 minutes to fuel the cars.

Traffic Racer is a really fun game just to mess around with. If you're looking for a really high graphic game, this isn't the right one, but it's entertaining none the less. The game also features with excellent cars that you can control by moving your tablet or phone Tuesday left or right, and you can do your cars up. If you are speed lovers, this game is for you. To start playing Traffic Racer, you must Tilt or Touch to steer, Touch gas button to accelerate and touch brake button to slow down.

Previous versions:

Requires Android: 2.3.3+

Download File: 42MB (Traffic Racer APK)

via Android Match

YouTube live events now supported by Chromecast via mobile device

Posted: 18 Jun 2014 06:51 AM PDT


If you were watching a live YouTube broadcast via your computer in the past, you've had the ability to push it straight to your Chromecast if you wanted to. But if you wanted to do the same from your mobile device, you were not able to.

But today, Google has updated the feature, now letting you push live events on YouTube straight to the TV screen via Chromecast on your mobile device.

While the feature apparently has been out "a little while ago," Google hasn't mentioned it until a post on Google+ today.

Source: +Google Chrome

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Deal of the Day: LLOYD Flex Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Posted: 18 Jun 2014 06:41 AM PDT

Made from shock absorbent and scratch resistant TPU, these flexible cases provide great protection for the Galaxy Note 2 from day to day use and accidental drops. The back of each case features a large portrait of Lloyd surrounded by a glossy, easy to grip exterior.

The LLOYD Flex Case is available for just $3.95, 80% off today only. Grab yours today, help support your favorite Android community and save money while doing it!

Check out other great deals on Samsung Galaxy Note 2 accessories at ShopAndroid.com

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