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Friday, June 27, 2014

Android Match

Android Match

How to take a screenshot on a Chromebook

Posted: 27 Jun 2014 03:41 PM PDT

Whether you're giving someone a tutorial or just need to send off a quick picture, Chrome OS makes taking screenshots simple.

There are plenty of reasons why you'd need to take a screenshot on any operating system, and Chrome OS is no different. Luckily Google has included comprehensive support for the function in Chrome OS, and with just a few easy keystrokes you can take and manage screenshots on your Chromebook.

Your Chromebook offers full-screen and limited selection screenshots, as well as quick and easy access to the files including the ability to copy screenshots directly to your clipboard. Read along and learn a few quick tips on how to take and manage screenshots on your Chromebook.

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Sundar Pichai on Android, Chrome, unification and the future

Posted: 27 Jun 2014 03:35 PM PDT

Sundar Pichai

Google IO concludes as one of the most successful conferences the Search Giant has hosted. Announcements were not scarce and we have yet to see all the new products, services and features reach our hands. What can we expect from Google in the coming months and years?

Sundar Pichai, the man in charge of the Android and Chrome divisions, sat down with WIRED after the eventful couple days. We now have access to one of the most interesting and insightful Google-related interviews we have seen in a long time. Sundar has become iconic to Google's fans, setting up Chrome and Android, two of our favorite technologies, in a path to success.

Pichai speaks on multiple subjects revolving this week's announcements. Google IO 2014 will stand as a historic event – it is when Google decides to go full steam on its ventures to catch every market out there and unify it.

Unifying Google's products and services

Pichai clearly specifies that Google aims to bring Chrome and Android to every screen available. The market is growing into a multi-screen ecosystem, in which we are surrounded by smart devices. Pichai wants to unify it via these two major platforms, putting your smartphone at the very center of everything.


This does come with its downsides, though, something that is pointed out in this interview. Unifying all screens also means locking into a certain ecosystem. Pichai reassures us that Google wants to approach connectivity in an open manner, hoping all devices will work together. But of course, in some cases there will be limitations that will push you towards buying into a certain ecosystem.

Platforms like Android TV, Android Wear and Android Auto will aim to work with other devices as well. Especially important platforms like iOS, but we know Google has very little interest working with Microsoft. This implies this "openness" may have its limits.

Android without Google

It's hard to grasp the idea of Android without Google, as one is made by the other, but there is such a thing. More specifically, it's possible to run Android without using Google Play and Google's apps. We can take Amazon's Kindle Fire devices as the perfect example, as well as certain Chinese devices.

amazon kindle fire hdx 7 aa (20)

While Android is free and Google tends to support the "rebels", Pichai does state he doesn't quite see these non-Google-supported devices in the same category.

"From a user experience standpoint, I don't view those as Android devices." -Sundar Pichai

As for China, Pichai states they still have hopes they can work better with the Asian market. They may have their issues with China, but the demand and interest are said to be very present.

Samsung and Google

One of the biggest questions is whether Samsung and Google are to be friends or foes. Samsung seems to be aiming towards separation with its own OS, but Google promises Samsung is here to stay for a long time. Their relationship is very tight in both Android and Chrome, making them natural partners.

samsung gear live first look (7 of 19)

Where is the hardware?

Google has been much more focused in developers the past couple years. The idea is the consumer wins more from good support than they do with exciting new products. We got many announcements and some devices this year, but ultimately Google wants hardware to come through other announcements and events.


Sundar also clarifies that the hardware department hasn't been handed over to NEST. They are running separately and Android will not interfere until it's time to see deeper integration.

"We are deeply committed to supporting a smarter connected home from an Android standpoint. And we'll do it thoughtfully with Nest. We'll have a lot more to say about it later this year." -Sundar Pichai


These are but the main points Pichai covers, but we can tell Google has some solid plans to keep its services, devices and platforms well organized and integrated. The interview is a great read, so we advice you check it out if you want to learn more about Sundar's views. He also goes into the Google IO protests and the possibility of becoming Google's CEO.

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Google survey asks what Android apps you’d like to see on Chrome OS

Posted: 27 Jun 2014 02:55 PM PDT


During the Google I/O keynote, it was revealed that Chrome OS will soon have the ability to run select Android apps. During the keynote Google showed off Evernote, Vine and Flipboard but this is only the beginning. While the entire Google Play store isn't likely to show up on Chrome OS anytime soon, Google is interested in bringing more apps to Chrome OS in the future. Even better, they want our input as to which apps they should target.

Right now Google has a survey page up that allows you to enter the Google Play app URL. The purpose is to better gauge what apps Chrome OS users are most interested in. Google also seems to be gauging developer interest as well, as it asks you if you are the developer of the app you suggested. If so, the survey asks for your developer email address.

Anyhow, if you're at all interested in helping shape the future of Android apps on Chrome, you'll want to head over to Google's survey page and submit the app you'd most like to see on Chrome OS.

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Friday Freebie: Win one of two Draco Design aluminum bumpers for the Galaxy S5!

Posted: 27 Jun 2014 02:28 PM PDT

The Draco Design Supernova aluminum bumper for the Galaxy S5 is certainly a sight to see and feel in person if you get the chance. It's one of those cases you just don't see every day, so we wanted to give you a chance to win one. We have a black and red model available, and will choose at random to send them out to two commenters on this post. All you have to do to win is drop a single comment below this post, and keep an eye on your email inbox for a message from us indicating that you've won. It's that simple.

First, a few quick rules:

  • One comment entry per user, let's cut down on the spam.

  • This particular giveaway is restricted to the U.S. and Canada only (sorry int'l folks, we have plenty of contests coming for you, too!)

  • We'll be closing off this contest tomorrow, June 28th, at 11:59pm ET and picking a winner at random.

  • Keep an eye on your email inbox, as we'll contact you immediately to confirm you won.

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Video Hangouts No Longer Require A Plugin On Desktop - If You're Running Chrome Dev Or Canary Channel

Posted: 27 Jun 2014 02:05 PM PDT


If you're a regular user of Google's video Hangouts service, you'll be glad to know that the experience on desktop for this service is about to get a little more stable (we hope). Google has officially deprecated the Hangouts plugin for Chrome on the developer and Canary channels of the Chrome browser, meaning Hangouts video functionality is now completely built in with the browser. The new UI for this implementation is shown below.

Video Hangouts No Longer Require A Plugin On Desktop - If You're Running Chrome Dev Or Canary Channel was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Friday’s Pro Tip: Here’s how to restore your handset back to factory settings

Posted: 27 Jun 2014 01:55 PM PDT

Nexus-5-Android-4-4-1 Ditching a smartphone or tablet? Need to wipe everything off it? Before the Android 4.4 KitKat upgrade this was a relatively easy task to perform, but for anyone running the latest version of the open source operating system it's a little different. It's not hard by any means; it's quite simple, in fact, but you

The post Friday's Pro Tip: Here's how to restore your handset back to factory settings appeared first on Cult of Android.

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Dungeon Hunter 4 update adds guilds and new chat system

Posted: 27 Jun 2014 01:28 PM PDT

A recent update to Dungeon Hunter 4 has added a rich guild system so you can team up with buddies, hack and slash your way co-operatively through fantastic quests, earn exclusive rewards, and a revamped chat system for coordinating. There's also a new gambling section called the Wheel of Fate, if you want to try your luck.

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Google Hangouts video calls in Chrome won't require plugin anymore

Posted: 27 Jun 2014 01:28 PM PDT

All Chrome web browser users will be able to access video chats in Google Hangouts without the need to download a plugin, although it will take a little while for this feature to be fully implemented.

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Reminder: No podcast today, but check out our Google I/O special-edition episode!

Posted: 27 Jun 2014 01:10 PM PDT

We're home from Google I/O and are resting our weary bones, so no live podcast this afternoon. But you won't be left empty handed, for we recorded a podcast live from San Francisco this week, just after the Android onslaught that was the keynote address.

We cover the Android L developer preview. Android Wear and the Samsung Galaxy Live and LG G Watch. (And you can check out our hands-on with the Moto 360 here.) Plus Android One. Android Auto. Updates to Google Play Services. All the hot stuff that made Google I/O so much fun and will make the next year even better.

So give our Google I/O 2014 special-edition podcast a listen. You'll be glad you did.

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Google ATAP designed Digital Tattoo arrives, easily unlocks the Moto X

Posted: 27 Jun 2014 01:02 PM PDT


A little over a year ago now, the then-Motorola-controlled Advanced Technologies Group took to the stage at the D11 Conference, revealing a few interesting projects including a smart pill and a tattoo, both of which were designed to make authenticating your phone a breeze — without the need for passwords and pins.

While the smart pill is probably still a ways off, the latter of these projects has now reached commercial availability! The new "Digital Tattoo" is produced by VivaLnk, a Silicion Valley tech company that it developed with the cooperation of Google's ATAP group. Just like what was shown off last year, the tattoo lasts for 5 days before needing changed out and uses NFC technology to unlock your phone quickly. For those wondering, the tattoo is completely water proof as well, so need to worry about that.

the digital tattoo lasts for 5 days before needing changed out and uses NFC technology to unlock your phone quickly

At the moment, Digital Tattoo is exclusively available for the Moto X, but the company is planning to eventually bring support to other devices as well. As for the costs, the VivLnk Digital Tattoo is sold in packs of ten at a price of $9.99. That means a pack should last you 50 days, providing the last as well as promised. It's certainly debatable whether or not it's worth buying multiple packs of digital tattoos each year just to authenticate your phone, but this is still admittedly a pretty cool idea.

To order a pack for your Moto X, you'll want to head over to their website. For those interested but without a Moto X, VivaLnk has a webpage where you can express your interest and let them know what phone you are rocking, so they can decide whether or not there's enough interest to bring the tech to other devices.

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Front of the Samsung Galaxy F in gold leaks

Posted: 27 Jun 2014 12:49 PM PDT


We are all still waiting to see what the Galaxy F is all about. Samsung has already announced a Galaxy S 5 variant that boasts a QHD display and an updated processor, so the differentiation with the Galaxy F is up in the air. For now, we have another image of the handset. This is the front of the gold version. It seems like this could be Samsung's entrance into the metal space with a smartphone, but we will have to just wait and see if that is actually the case.

Source: @evleaks (Official site)

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Sundar Pichai discusses why Google I/O announcements were huge

Posted: 27 Jun 2014 12:42 PM PDT

To say this week was huge for Google would be a bit of an understatement. It was a massive week for Google, Android and everyone attending Google I/O. To get a better grasp of how huge it was exactly, the folks over at Wired sat down with Google's very own Head of Android, Sundar Pichai for an interview that's well worth a read.

In the interview, Sundar addresses questions about the latest Android developments, the strategy for Android, the integration of Nest into Google, and how Google is working with Samsung as well as his thoughts on whether or not the Amazon Fire phone is an 'Android device'.

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Android L Preview now has root

Posted: 27 Jun 2014 12:34 PM PDT


If you own a Nexus 5 or a Nexus 7 (2013 WiFi), then you might have already taken the plunge and flashed the Android L Preview factory images. If you have, you might be happy to know that root has been achieved thanks to XDA developer savoca.

It doesn't appear to be all that hard. Let's put it this way….If you can flash the factory images, then you can probably root your device with this method. You will need a custom recovery installed, then flash Chainfire's SuperSU. Finally, fastboot flash the appropriate boot.img. Not all that hard is it?

One thing to note is that root access with the L Preview is a little different regarding system write access, most likely due to the report from Chainfire. So you will find that certain apps can write to /system, while others cannot.

source: XDA

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Android Studio enters beta with Wear, Android L, and TV support for devs

Posted: 27 Jun 2014 12:12 PM PDT

Android Studio is a development environment that's been in testing since last year, and has just recently emerged from alpha status and is moving into beta. A bit part of the update is to support the Android L preview that was released at Google I/O, but Studio also has early support for Android Wear and Android TV as well. This includes templates, layout rendering, and everything else you need to get cooking.

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Facebook Home's original team disbanded but app still lives

Posted: 27 Jun 2014 12:12 PM PDT

The New York Times is reporting that the original development team at Facebook responsible for the Facebook Home Android skin has been disbanded, but the company has since sent out a statement claiming that development of Home will continue.

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Google Keyboard 3.1 From Android L Developer Preview Ported To All 4.0+ Devices [APK Download]

Posted: 27 Jun 2014 11:50 AM PDT

3.1k The new Google keyboard in Android L brings the Material Design aesthetic to text input, but the APK pulled from L doesn't work quite right on other Android builds. It actually breaks the keyboard for most devices. No worries, though. An XDA user has tweaked it to work correctly on (probably) all Android 4.0 and higher devices. There is one method that requires root (it's actually a ZIP file) and one that might not work on all devices that's an APK.

Google Keyboard 3.1 From Android L Developer Preview Ported To All 4.0+ Devices [APK Download] was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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What impressed you the most about Google I/O 2014? Any disappointments?

Posted: 27 Jun 2014 11:05 AM PDT

google io 2014 keynote (2 of 41)

It's been a crazy week for Android. Not only was Android L announced and released as developer preview, Google also formally unveiled its plans for Android Wear, Android Auto and Android TV. Not to mention the developer sessions which gave us a closer look at what Google ATAP is doing, and so much more.

Honestly, there's a lot to take in, and plenty to be excited about. For this week's Friday Debate we discuss what announcements excited and impressed us the most. Conversely, we also discuss what, if anything, disappointed us about this year's developer conference.

As always, be sure to join in the discussion below and answer in our poll!

Joseph Hindy

I am extremely excited about two things and that's Android TV and Material Design. I never hated Holo but it seemed utilitarian and functional and not beautiful. I think Material Design is beautiful and I can't wait to see it implemented more in applications. With Android TV, well, I just hate using my Xbox 360 for Netflix, Hulu, and NHL Gamecenter. I'd like a more dedicated TV interface and Google TV was nice until they stopped supporting it.

I was disappointed in one thing and that's PC/Mac integration in that there was none. You look at Android and you see a mobile operating system that has a billion active users. The only other operating system that comes even close to that is Windows. As a long time Windows-Android user, it would be nice to see some legitimate integration between the two operating systems. I'm not buying a $300 Chromebook just so I can answer texts and phone calls on an OS level without third party support. That functionality is obnoxious not to have but it's not something I'm willing spend that much money (and desk space) to achieve. I've had people tell me to use Bluestacks and AirDroid and they are fairly functional but it's not the same as having it done by Google. It's disappointing that I have to use a third party apps (many of which are in a permanent state of beta) to get what iOS and Apple users will get.

I'm also disappointed that they did literally nothing to address the pitfalls of Chrome OS. Yes the majority of people browse the web a majority of the time but for people like me who spent a year eating Ramen Noodles so I could buy a $600 copy of Adobe's software suite, I want more than just a web browser in a box with a keyboard. I've been waiting for a couple of years now for Google to announce something that actually makes Chrome OS functional enough for me to use and this year came and went without any such announcement. I can't edit videos in Premiere Pro on a Chromebook without forking out way too much money to use Creative Cloud every month. Cloud monthly subscriptions may work for storage but they sure as hell don't work for complex video editing solutions especially after a poor (not figuratively poor like "aww poor guy"…literally poor like "I rob the take-a-penny dish) person like me shovels out the down payment on a used car to get software so I don't have to pay every month.

TL;DR – Yay for Material Design and Android TV. Boo ChromeOS, you're a disappointment.

Jonathan Feist

I am going to share my insights in the most boring way possible: I took notes of the keynote presentation – yes, the entire presentation, start to finish. Every time I had an excited reaction to something, I punctuated it with an "!" Here is what I !'d:

Android L is exclusively ART!

With 64 bit support!

Sure, I am excited about Android L, but really, who isn't?!? I won't even bother rambling on, gushing like a school-girl over it. It is announced, it rocks, I can't wait to use it. But what new Nexus device will I get to run it on?

  • Android Wear full SDK available!

  • LG G Watch available today! (Well, Wednesday, obviously.)

  • Moto 360 later this summer (crowd groans, boo!)

We can get into how much we all love or hate the current round of smartwatches later, for now, let me just say that I am absolutely stoked that devs can now put Android Wear to use to create new things.

  • Android Auto!

I got caught up in the hype – remind what Google Auto does that a well docked tablet cannot? My Nexus 7 slides in, connects to my audio system…. Sure, having your phone 'cast' to the in-dash screen is super cool, and the interface provided is very concise and safe(?) but I think they could have better supported existing hardware. I have measured, my Nexus 7 2012 is the exact same size as the face of my car stereo, hint, hint.

  • Chromecast can cast from different networks!

  • New standby mode called Backdrop!


Seriously, that's what I wrote. This is the clear winner for me for the entire conference, I had given up on device mirroring with Chromecast, and boom, here it is. Now to see it in action.

  • Android for work!

I will be honest, I must go back and re-watch this entire segment, but I am very interested in the idea of work vs home usage experience. We all have multiple accounts and/or separate devices running to accomplish this, what if just one account on one device could instantly swap between the profiles? I'm all for that.

  • Cardboard?!?

OK, that was more a WTF than it was an "!", but it had to be included. Obviously, Google's goal was to surprise us. Mission accomplished. Cheap VR gear, very cool! One word of advice folks, the Cardboard app is really hard on the eyes without the actual cardboard and lenses. Or so I'm told. [cough]

Robert Triggs

I was really pleasantly surprised by Android TV, the Google integrations look spot on, as does the layout and functionality, and the same goes for the content too. Pairing it up with other Android devices, both as a remote and to cast content, seems like a no-brainer, but I'm so glad that they included it.

Android TV gaming was a nice surprise too. As someone who's been playing on a PC for years, even I'm excited about the prospect of getting back to multiplayer gaming on the big screen, so long as quality games actually come along to make this a reality. This will be a really interesting area to watch, especially with the new CPU and GPU hardware heading our way over the next year.

As for Android L, unifying the look and content across a range of products is certainly one of Android L's greatest attributes. Not only will this ensure that more of our devices play nice together, but it should help developers reach the widest possible audience with their apps. Google was clearly paying a lot of attention to developers later on in the keynote, which is something we'll be thankful for later on I'm sure. Then there's 64-bit, support for new graphics APIs, software tweaks and the like, which are great additions too.

I'm pretty pleased with what we've seen of Android L, feature wise. However, I just can't shake the feeling that the new UI might be a bit horrible on the eyes after a while. The flashy animations look cool in demos, but I don't really want to see them every time I click something, and the color pallet seems totally off to me. Honestly, I prefer the look of Holo, but I guess that's nit-picking. I'll reserve judgement until I see it in person.

One software feature that I thought was particularly neat was the way that partner apps are installed for Android Wear devices. You just install the main app on your phone, and the wearable version is sent to your smartwatch. It's a little touch, but a really helpful one, and sums up how seamless Google is trying to make the Wear platform. Overall, Android Wear looks sleek and highly optimised, which is great, but my biggest complaint with the whole market is that it doesn't seem to be moving away from dependency on a smartphone any time soon.

On the whole, Google I/O has left us with a lot to look forward to.

Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post's poll.

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5 Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week! – Google Play Weekly

Posted: 27 Jun 2014 09:37 AM PDT

It's Google I/O 2014 but there were some awesome things that happened outside of the most important event of the year for fans of Google. To start out, Google announced Google Fit which is a new set of APIs that have to do with fitness. They also released Google Play Services 5.0 which had a bunch of awesome features. Around the app world, Jolla Launcher has announced their first alpha which you can grab if you have a Nexus 4 or Nexus 5. Google also announced the new Material Design standard which will be invading the Google Play Store soon. Google Search got an update to add "Okay, Google" to any screen. Finally Civilization Revolution 2 has been announced and it's coming to Android! Now here are five Android apps you shouldn't miss this week.

Google Cast Receiver android appsGoogle Cast Receiver

[Price: Free]

First up this week is the Google Cast Receiver. If you own a Chromecast or you're someone who wants to cast to someone else's Chromecast then you'll need this app. Like I just said, this allows you to cast your phone to a Chromecast without being on the same WiFi network as that Chromecast. It's free, so check it out!

Get it on Google Play

Google Cast Receiver android apps

Android TV Remote android appsAndroid TV Remote Control

[Price: Free]

Next up is another app from Google I/O and this time it's the Android TV Remote app. Now this is fairly useless for now until Android TV becomes a thing that regular consumers can buy. However, if you do plan on getting an Android TV or TV set top box, you'll probably want this app to turn your smartphone or tablet into a remote. Oh and it's also free.

Get it on Google Play

Android TV android apps

Google Slides Android appsGoogle Slides

[Price: Free]

Hey it's about time Google Slides finally came out. With this the entire suite of Google-powered office apps is now available. If you use Google Drive to any extent you should probably have this around. It's not a large download but you will need it to view presentations in Drive. I've never been a big fan of turning one app that does everything into four apps but at least the process is complete.

Get it on Google Play

google slides screenshot android apps

everythingme launcher android appsEverythingMe Launcher

[Price: Free]

We reviewed EverythingMe Launcher a while back and concluded it to be a competent and fun launcher. Not only has it received a recent update for things like stability improvements and event stuff for the World Cup but it's also now available worldwide. If you live outside of the United States, you can now get your hands on this free launcher.

Get it on Google Play

yahoo aviate launcher android appsYahoo Aviate Launcher

[Price: Free]

Speaking of launchers, Aviate has finally left beta and it's been given a new branding as the Yahoo Aviate Launcher. You no longer need an invite code to use the launcher and it's also been updated with some calendar add ons, a new Favorite People feature, and another new feature called Daily Delight which is a sort of sleep tracker. It's free and it's finally available to all. Check it out!

Get it on Google Play

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Sony kernel source released on GitHub

Posted: 27 Jun 2014 09:28 AM PDT

Tinkerers and ROM creators will be interested to hear that Sony has moved the kernel source code from their Developer World portal to GitHub. Pop by the repositories and you'll find kernels for many of the major Xperia devices, like the Z Ultra and Z1, with more to come.

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Classic Monty Python sketch is now an Android game

Posted: 27 Jun 2014 08:57 AM PDT

Classic Monty Python sketch, The Ministry of Silly Walks, is now a brand new game for your Android phones and tablets. Available now from the Google Play Store, Ministry of Silly Walks is basically an endless runner styled in the unique fashion of Monty Python. If you're a fan of the show, you're going to love it.

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US Cellular stores start selling Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1

Posted: 27 Jun 2014 08:57 AM PDT

U.S. Cellular has announced it has begun sales of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 tablet in its retail stores, in both black and white versions, and qualified customers can add it to their Shared Connect plan for no money down and just $10 a month for 24 months.

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Amazon hosting two day promotion full of free apps

Posted: 27 Jun 2014 08:34 AM PDT


One of the major driving forces of the Amazon Appstore — when it was first released — was the free app of the day. In the beginning, Amazon sported useful apps that if you were on the ball, saved you hundreds of dollars in purchases. However as time progress, the quality of free apps per day as since declined. However every so often, Amazon has promotions that brings back the chance of getting those useful apps for free. Starting today, Amazon is holding a promotion, through tomorrow, offering about a $100/£100 worth of apps for free.

Some notable apps include Plex, Accuweather Premium, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, and Splashtop Remote Desktop. Depending on whether you're in the UK or the US, you have a few different apps to pick from, but for the most part they're consistent. Hit the source to get to your respective deals.

source: Amazon (US), Amazon (UK)

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Google Maps and Google Keep updated for Android Wear

Posted: 27 Jun 2014 08:22 AM PDT

moto 360 first look (1 of 12)

Now that Android Wear is official and the first fruits of the effort are available for order on the Play Store, it is only a matter of time before we see a flood of app updates that introduce AW support. So far this has included 3rd party apps like Runtastic and Paypal, but now it's Google's turn.

It seems Google is rolling out new app updates for both Google Maps and Google Keep, with Android Wear support being the most significant change. In addition to this, you can expect a bevy of bug fixes, but that's about it for both apps.

This is likely just the beginning, as Google will be working hard to bring official Android Wear support all of its most important apps in the days to come. While the Google Maps update appears to be available for most users from Google Play, the Keep update is still rolling out in stages — so don't be surprised if it takes a few days (or more) to reach your device.

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Sony microSD memory cards are ridiculously cheap right now

Posted: 27 Jun 2014 08:13 AM PDT

Amazon is having a pretty massive sale on microSD memory cards from Sony. We're tralking $32.99 for the 64 GB card, which normally goes for $114.99. (That's 71% off, for those who don't feel like doing the math.) Unfortunately, Sony's line doesn't extend up to the 128 GB denomination we've seen elsewhere, but you will find every other size under the sun, and even some solid prices on the full-sized SD cards.

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Android L includes new display modes for color blind users

Posted: 27 Jun 2014 08:13 AM PDT

The colors used in a gadget UI often seem like an aesthetic choice alone. But for those with color blindness, it can mean the difference between being able to operate a device normally and having a frustrating time using a phone or tablet. Fortunately the next version of Android after KitKat, currently known as Android L, includes new display modes to help users with color vision deficiency to see things more clearly.

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