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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Android Match

Android Match

T-Mobile announces The Underground, new site offering exclusive devices for the ‘true enthusiast’

Posted: 05 Jun 2014 03:35 PM PDT

T-Mobile Underground banner -

Amidst rumors of an incoming T-Mobile/Sprint merger, Magenta is dropping hints of some sort of new program they'll soon be offering dubbed "Underground." Details are sort of scarce at the moment, but from what T-Mobile is telling us, they'll soon be offering "performance-centric" devices in limited quantities — not found on their regular site.

Geared towards the "true enthusiast," T-Mobile mentions accessories will also be added to the mix, but exactly what they're planning is anyone's guess. Following the link they posted on Google+, it takes you to a landing page showcasing the limited edition Samsung Galaxy S5 in gold.

What other devices will be added? The OnePlus One? ZTE blah, blah? No one knows for sure. We expect more details to be revealed, at the latest, during their June 18th Uncarrier 5.0 event in Los Angeles.

[T-Mobile Underground]

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T-Mobile attempts to broker your next phone purchase through the Underground

Posted: 05 Jun 2014 02:55 PM PDT

It seems like T-Mobile is quietly launching a new service called the Underground that's geared at tech enthusiasts. As the name implies, the Underground isn't for the general public and is targeted at "true enthusiasts" with "limited-stock devices and accessories," the carrier said in a Google+ post.

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[Deal Alert] Shazam A Song And Get $1.29 In Amazon MP3 Credit, Good For One Free Song

Posted: 05 Jun 2014 02:37 PM PDT

Shazam-Thumb When a catchy song pops up on the radio, during a television commercial, or over the speakers of a general department store, and you don't know who is singing, it's time to whip out Shazam. Now if you live in the US and take the time to Shazam a song - allow your phone to listen to and figure out what is playing - it will reward you with $1.29 in Amazon MP3 credit.

[Deal Alert] Shazam A Song And Get $1.29 In Amazon MP3 Credit, Good For One Free Song was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Thursday App And Game Sales: Mobile Observatory, Samurai II: Vengeance, Bombcats: Special Edition, And More

Posted: 05 Jun 2014 02:36 PM PDT

thumbnail It's quite a dilemma when you want stuff, but you don't want to pay full price for it. Not much we can do to help you in real life, but there are plenty of sales on apps and games. In fact, we've got a whole list of such sales assembled down below.



SleepCloud Backup – $0.99 from $1.99

Lightning Launcher eXtreme – $1.49 from $2.99

Mobile Observatory – $2.27 from $5.27

ABBYY Lingvo Dictionaries – $0.99 from $5.99


GA2: Siege of the Necromancer – $1.99 from $5.99

Samurai II: Vengeance – $0.99 from $2.99


Thursday App And Game Sales: Mobile Observatory, Samurai II: Vengeance, Bombcats: Special Edition, And More was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Mad Catz M.O.J.O. adds support for OnLive

Posted: 05 Jun 2014 02:33 PM PDT

mad catz mojo

In case you haven't been paying attention to your calendar too closely, next week is the Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3, which means we will likely see a bunch of gaming related news over the next few days. The latest that might interest Android gamers involves the Mad Catz M.O.J.O. micro-console and OnLive, the online gaming service. The companies have announced the completion of a project to optimize the OnLive Android app so that it will run on the M.O.J.O. This will give users of the OnLive service access to over 250 AAA games via the PlayBack game service as well as their own library of games via the CloudLift service on the M.O.J.O.

Earlier this year OnLive announced a partnership with Steam, which is what led to the creation of the CloudLift service, giving users the ability to stream games they own to any supported device, like the M.O.J.O. Mad Catz announced in March that it was making OUYA content available on the M.O.J.O. console. The new partnership between Mad Catz and OnLive is a good expansion for both companies on top of their previous successes this year.

The full press release regarding the new offering is below:


New Enhanced OnLive Android App Delivers the Latest High-End Games on M.O.J.O.

Mountain View, California — June 4, 2014 — OnLive, the leader in cloud gaming, and Mad Catz Interactive, Inc. ("Mad Catz") (NYSE MKT/ TSX: MCZ), today announced completing joint development to optimize OnLive's Android™ app for the Mad Catz® M.O.J.O.™ micro-console for Android.

Using the updated OnLive Android app (available to download free from the Google Play store), the Mad Catz M.O.J.O. micro-console for Android can stream PC games from OnLive's high-end gaming optimized servers, enabling players on this small-but-powerful micro-console to have access to over 250 AAA games from OnLive's PlayPack™ game service bundle, as well as to their own game libraries using OnLive's new CloudLift™ service.

The OnLive Android app is fully customized for use with M.O.J.O. and the Mad Catz C.T.R.L.R™ Mobile Gamepad, both key products in the Mad Catz GameSmart™ range of mobile hardware. Bandwidth caps, previously fixed for use on mobile Android devices, are now user-defined and enable 720p60 resolution when connected to an HD TV or monitor.

"We designed M.O.J.O. to a high specification, as we conceived the platform to grow and evolve, encompassing new features and services over time" said Darren Richardson, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Mad Catz, "With the new generation of Cloud Gaming that OnLive heralds, gamers can now play AAA and PC Steam-purchased games in high-definition through their M.O.J.O. With our dedicated C.T.R.L.R, we can move the high-end gaming experience away from the desktop PC and into the living room."

"One of our best features is that OnLive brings big games to small devices," said Rick Sanchez, VP of Product and Marketing at OnLive. "We want to be everywhere the gamer wants to play their games, and M.O.J.O. from Mad Catz is a perfect fit in every respect. As a micro-console powered by Android, it's powerful beyond its size, and now by installing the optimized OnLive Android app, users have access to the latest AAA games from publishers like Codemasters, Deep Silver, Devolver Digital, Gaijin Entertainment, Kalypso, Paradox, and Warner Bros."

Details of the games available to play using CloudLift and the OnLive Game Service are available at http://ift.tt/1x9xPz3, including a free 7-day trial of CloudLift for new users. The new OnLive Android app can be downloaded free from the Google Play store.

For additional information about M.O.J.O., please visit: http://ift.tt/1eWLI8a

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Aereo brings broadcast television and cloud-based DVR to your Chromecast

Posted: 05 Jun 2014 02:32 PM PDT

Originally aiming for a May 29th launch, Aereo — a service that can stream live broadcast television to a variety of mobile devices — has finally updated their Android app with Chromecast support. This finally breaks Aereo free from the confines of your tiny smartphone or tablet display, and onto the biggest screen in your home.

Aereo Android

But streaming is only half of it. Aereo also allows users to record their favorite TV shows, giving users a cloud-based DVR. While you debate on signing up for Aereo service ($8 a month), the company is currently locked in a brutal Supreme Court legal battle with television broadcasters. Here's hoping everything works out.

Download on Google Play: Aereo

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A week later than originally planned, Aereo adds Chromecast support

Posted: 05 Jun 2014 02:31 PM PDT


Back in April we first learned that Aereo planned to bring Chromecast support to its TV streaming app on May 29th. Unfortunately, they ended up missing their original goal, but today a new update has pushed out bringing the ability to cast your shows over to Google's popular media streaming device.

The new feature is perfect for cordcutters that are in areas that have poor free over-the-air TV reception. For those unfamiliar, Aereo is only available in select U.S. markets right now but it basically pushes local TV stations over the web, giving you the ability to not only watch all your favorite local programming — you also get DVR functionality for saving your favorites and pausing and rewinding live TV as it happens.

The catch to Aereo? Aside from only having limited market support, the service also costs $8 a month and the company is currently caught up in a legal battle with TV networks to determine whether it will even be able to legally continue to offer its service to consumers.

To grab the latest version of the Aereo app, you'll want to head over to Google Play now. For those looking to learn more about the Aereo service, you can find more details on their website.

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Tinder introduces Snapchat-like photo messaging, pretends it’s no longer a dating app

Posted: 05 Jun 2014 02:09 PM PDT

Tinder screenshots

We first told you guys about Tinder — an app centered around creating matches with people you found interesting/attractive — when it first debuted on Android only almost a year ago. Since then, we've seen the app get a full visual makeover and in a new update rolling out now on Google Play, the app is attempting to break away from its previous stigma as being solely about dating/flirting with others.

All new is a feature Tinder is calling "Moments." Essentially, they're Snapchat-like temporary photos that can be sent to all your matches and expire after 24 hours. Pretty neat for dropping a simple hello in the form of a selfie (please, guys — no dick pics), these photos can be edited with filters or even drawn on just like on Snapchat. Your matches can then like or unlike your photos (just like in the main part of the app), after which you'll be able to see all the activity in a whole new tab.

Tinder Moments update

Because not everyone is comfortable with downloading a "dating" app, Tinder sees their new picture messaging as a great way to spark a conversation with matches and even hints at a future update that will help the service further move away from its dating roots. Yes, because I need an app to help me find new "friends" based solely on their looks. Right

Download on Google Play: Tinder

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Leaked Motorola codenames point to new entries in Droid family

Posted: 05 Jun 2014 01:58 PM PDT

At this point it's well established that most major phones are released in one year intervals. If Motorola follows the same path Samsung, HTC and Apple have, that means we're right around the corner from a Moto X and Droid family refresh. Today, we're getting our first look at a leak that might signal new Verizon Droid phones are in the works.

By digging through Motorola's Bug2Go software, Hello Moto HK has unearthed several Motorola device codenames for unreleased devices. There's Xplus1, xWatch, xClock, Titan, Quantum and Uline. Some of these are very obvious, while others take a bit more detective work to figure out.

In the listing for Xplus1, it's also tied to a ton of US carrier and regional names. So as if the incredibly obvious codename wasn't enough, this has to be for the Moto X+1. xWatch and xClock are also obvious. We assume they are two different Moto 360 variants. From there, things get more interesting. The name Titan has been leaked in the past with no details attached, and Quantum is completely new. They could be other entries into the Droid series, a new Moto G or something else entirely. Your speculation is as good as ours. Uline is a little less of a mystery because it's attached to the name Verizon and VoLTE. Which means there is a very good chance Uline is a new Droid device that will come with access to Verizon's Voice over LTE network.

There are unfortunately few details surrounding the codenames other than what's listed above, but nonetheless they are something to watch out for in the future.

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 4.42.15 PM

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Tinder adds Snapchat-style self-destructing picture sharing

Posted: 05 Jun 2014 01:55 PM PDT

The massively popular Tinder dating app has added Snapchat-style self-destructing image sharing between users. In addition to swiping Yay or Nay on eligible local bachelors and bachelorettes, you can now blast out pictures to those you've successfully been matched with. The catch is pictures go out to all matches you've made and the shot deletes itself after 24 hours. Those on the receiving end can like or pass on pictures just like they do user profiles, or leave a comment as a reply.

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Tech leaders unite on government data collection reform

Posted: 05 Jun 2014 01:25 PM PDT

After uniting over issues with net neutrality, tech leaders are once again coming together to protect the consumers. In an open letter penned to the United States government, AOL, Apple, Dropbox, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Twitter, and Yahoo are pleading with elected officials to put an end to data collection on the Internet in the age of Edward Snowden and the NSA.

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Sandisk 128GB microSDXC card is on sale for $100, shipping included

Posted: 05 Jun 2014 01:11 PM PDT


If you're the kind that likes to take your entire music collection and a few movies with you, you'll find that it's easy to eat through storage space. For those that want as much storage as possible, you might want to turn your attention to the SanDisk Class 10 Ultra 128GB microSD XC card, which is currently just $99.99 with free shipping.

This is at least $20 cheaper than you'll usually find a high-quality microSD card of this size, and SanDisk is one of the best known brands in the business. Keep in mind that you may have to pay sales taxes in most states, though this is still a heck of a deal for those looking to expand the memory on a compatible phone, tablet or even a computer.

128GB Sandisk MicroSD XC card for $100 on Amazon

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PSA: Aereo Chromecast Support Is Now Live

Posted: 05 Jun 2014 12:24 PM PDT


After impending Chromecast support for the service was announced around 2 months ago, TV streaming service of questionable legality Aereo has finally integrated casting into its Android client. The app, which is still officially in beta, was updated with the feature today, and the changelog notes that "this is a beta" and to report any issues with casting functionality to Aereo's feedback email.


Now you can get live over the air television on your television without a TV antenna, yay!

PSA: Aereo Chromecast Support Is Now Live was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Postmates Launches In Silicon Valley And Austin, $50 Free Delivery Credit For New Members

Posted: 05 Jun 2014 12:24 PM PDT


Postmates is an app-based courier service that's grown quite popular recently, and the company is expanding its reach to tech's two hottest hubs: Silicon Valley and Austin, TX. The Silicon Valley area includes Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Mountain View, and Atherton, if you're interested in the specifics.

Postmates is actually pretty neat, if kind of expensive. The company partners local with restaurants, stores, and other retailers to build a "menu" of items available for purchase, which you then select in the app, and a Postmate courier then accepts your order and delivers said items to your door.

Postmates Launches In Silicon Valley And Austin, $50 Free Delivery Credit For New Members was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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We sure hope this isn’t how the Nexus 8 will look

Posted: 05 Jun 2014 12:17 PM PDT

nexus 8 leak 1

Word has it the images you see above and below are that of the Nexus 8, the next (and possibly last) tablet in the storied Nexus line. It's said to be made by HTC, and if it turns out looking like anything like what we see in these images I'll definitely want to steer far clear of it.

nexus 8 leak 2

Can you say "holy bezel?" The idea of making 7-inch and 8-inch tablets is to make them more comfortable to carry around and hold, but when you put an 8-inch display into a 10-inch chassis that kind of defeats the purpose. That said, it's important to take a step back and ask ourselves a couple of things:

  • Is this even real? Could be that this isn't a Nexus 8 at all, and that someone's just trying to bamboozle us.

  • If it's real, is it possible that this is a pre-production prototype? Definitely possible, and if that turns out to be the case we'll be more than relieved.

Regardless, if HTC is, in fact, the manufacturer of the next Nexus Tablet then we're sure it's in pretty good hands (if we're judging by the HTC One M8′s beauty, anyway). Guess we'll have to wait for Google I/O later this month to find out for ourselves.

[via MyDrivers]

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New information ratchets down size of Samsung Galaxy Mega 2

Posted: 05 Jun 2014 12:04 PM PDT


Over the past month we've seen a couple rumors about a forthcoming device from Samsung that can be classified as either a really large smartphone or a small tablet. Both of these rumors focused on a device with a 7-inch screen. One suggested the device will be released in South Korea as the Samsung Galaxy W while another rumor indicated Samsung intended to classify the device as a smartphone even though it shared a screen size along the lines of a tablet device. Now some entries from the Zauba import tracking web site indicate Samsung is working on a 6.3-inch device that could possibly be coming to AT&T.

Samsung's original Galaxy Mega was produced with a 6.3-inch screen and while we know manufacturers keep working to make things bigger and better, increasing that screen size really starts to push the border into tablet device territory. That is part of what made the device believed to be a Samsung Galaxy W seem to be a little bit of suspicious candidate as a successor the Galaxy Mega.

This new entry in the Zauba database seems to indicate Samsung definitely has a 6.3-inch device in the works and we think this may be in addition to the 7-inch device also under development by Samsung. Where the previous line of thinking was that the Galaxy W and the Galaxy Mega 2 were the same device, it could be they are two separate devices. Previous Zauba entries also show a device with the same model number passing through with screen sizes listed as 5.1 and 6, the latter of which was consistent with some earlier specification rumors.

Also of note in the Zauba entries are references to AT&T, suggesting the device will make it to the U.S. The Galaxy W was thought to be an exclusive to South Korea's SK Telecom. If a version of a large format smartphone is headed to AT&T, it could be something other than the Galaxy W if the Galaxy W is truly going to be available only in South Korea.

With a Samsung tablet-oriented event scheduled for next week, it may be possible some of this constantly changing information will be cleared up.

source: Zauba

via: G for Games

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Aereo now works with Chromecast

Posted: 05 Jun 2014 11:39 AM PDT

Aereo has informed us that its app for Android now works with Chromecast. Chromecast support was originally scheduled for May 29th and now it looks like the updated app has hit the Google Play store.

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[New Game] Prime World: Defenders Mixes Tower Defense With Collectable Cards

Posted: 05 Jun 2014 11:36 AM PDT

t There's a new tower defense game on Android seeking your eyeballs and your money. It's called Prime World: Defenders and you can play it on Android and Facebook today with full gameplay sync. Yeah, you might hate Facebook, but not everyone does.

On the surface this is a traditional tower defense game – all the usual upgradable towers and waves of creeps are present and accounted for. In addition to all that, however, there's a collectable card element to Prime World: Defenders.

[New Game] Prime World: Defenders Mixes Tower Defense With Collectable Cards was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Look out for HTC “Eye” coming later this year

Posted: 05 Jun 2014 11:04 AM PDT


According to a new leak from @evleaks, HTC is working on a device for release later in 2014 that is codenamed "Eye" and will be designed for selfies. What exactly that would entail to make a smartphone more suited for selfies is unclear. Perhaps HTC is going to take a page from the LG playbook and look at moving buttons around. They could also look at incorporating their duo camera system onto the front of the device.

No pricing information or specs are even hinted at in the leaked information, although @evleaks does suggest the device may only launch on AT&T in the U.S.

We will keep an eye out for this one over the coming months and let you know if we spot anything. If you were going to make a smartphone that could capture the ultimate selfies, what would you do different compared to what is on the market already?

source: @evleaks (official site)

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Project Tango tablet outed by Google, powered by NVIDIA’s quad-core Tegra K1 processor

Posted: 05 Jun 2014 10:55 AM PDT

Earlier this year, Google introduced us to Project Tango, an Android-powered smartphone that contained multiple sensors for creating 3D maps. Today that project is expanding to include a 7-inch tablet.

Google today outed the Project Tango tablet, a developer device that can capture images of the environment around it and map that area out in 3D. It can also be used for gaming to create 3D areas that help to immerse players in the gaming experience.


Any developers who want to tinker with the Project Tango tablet can register their interest starting today. Google will then select devs and allow them to pre-order the device later this month for a cool $1,024. In exchange for that cash, devs will receive a device with the following specs:

  • 7-inch 1080p display

  • Quad-core NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor

  • Two rear cameras: 4-megapixel shooter with sensor that's super sensitive to light, second camera with 170-degree wide-angle lens

  • Depth sensor

  • Front camera with 120-degree wide-angle lens

  • 4GB of RAM

  • 128GB of storage

  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4G LTE

  • USB 3.0, micro-HDMI ports

We're likely still a ways off from seeing this Project Tango tech in consumer-ready products, but the potential that it has is still exciting. The tablet could be especially handy for folks, giving them a larger screen to read maps on and a big hunk of hardware to grip while they're using it.

What do you think of Project Tango? Are you looking forward to seeing what developers do with the 3D mapping technology?

Sources: Engadget, NVIDIA, Project Tango

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LG G3 Review

Posted: 05 Jun 2014 10:52 AM PDT

LG's new flagship heralds the era of 'Quad HD' smartphones. But do you really need more pixels than an HDTV in the palm of your hand?

"It turns out there's a magic number right around 300 pixels per inch," said Steve Jobs, introducing the world to the iPhone 4 in 2010, "that when you hold something around 10 to 12 inches away from your eyes, is the limit of the human retina to differentiate the pixels."

The years that followed saw Jobs' "magic number" became a target rival smartphones would strive towards, and eventually surpass. And as LG prepared to launch its flagship smartphone for 2014 with a whopping 538 pixels per inch, the Korean company chose to address this point head-on.

"Steve Jobs was wrong," LG's head of smartphone planning, Dr. Ramchan Woo, told us at the launch event in London, "We love Steve Jobs, but he was wrong." Woo uses the example of high-quality printing, and the distinction between lines per inch and pixels per inch to back up his assertion. High-quality art books are typically printed at up to 300 lines per inch, he tells us, and to accurately represent this much detail you need around double that number in pixels per inch.

That's where the LG G3 comes in. With a 5.5-inch display packed with more pixels than any mainstream phone, LG is hoping the G3's visual credentials will help set it apart in an increasingly crowded high-end smartphone market.

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Websites with faulty mobile redirects to be called out by Google Search

Posted: 05 Jun 2014 10:28 AM PDT


Start with English search results, websites that are not able to correctly redirect mobile viewers will soon be called out by Google Search. Many websites redirect smartphone browsers to the mobile homepage regardless of the page requested.

"Have you ever used Google Search on your smartphone and clicked on a promising-looking result, only to end up on the mobile site's homepage, with no idea why the page you were hoping to see vanished? This is such a common annoyance that we've even seen comics about it." - Google Webmaster Central Blog

Going forward, if the redirect is faulty then the primary link will be deactivated and the website will be displayed differently in mobile Google Search. Users then see a small gray "May open the site's homepage" option which appears below the faulty result. If the viewer wants to visit the site anyway, there will be an option to visit the site.


According to GigaOM:

Webmasters will start seeing messages from Google prompting them to adopt "responsive design," or to fix their redirect structure so that users are taken to the page they requested.

faulty redirects webmaster tools Google Blog

If a website's page continues to be redirecting smartphone users to their homepage, Google will send the site owners a message on Webmaster Tools in the 'Smartphone Crawl Errors' section.

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Here's your second change to win a registration invite for Google I/O!

Posted: 05 Jun 2014 09:56 AM PDT

OK, folks. It's time to give away some more registration invites for this year's Google I/O developer conference, June 25-26 in San Francisco.

To be clear, these codes will not get you into Google I/O for free. You'll still have to pony up the $900 general-admission fee, and find your own way to San Francisco. (See this page for complete details on that.) But for many, the financial and geographical hurdles are the easy part — actually being able to register was what's hard. So, we're happy to help Google help you.

For today's contest, just leave a post in this thread telling us your favorite announcement from a previous Google I/O. Maybe it's the Nexus Q. Or Google Glass. Or Google Play Services. Something. Anything. Let's hear it.

We'll leave this open through noon EDT Friday, then pick five winners at random. (Note that winners from Thursday's entries won't be eligible to win again, and you need only enter once here. We'll announce Thursday's winners soon.)

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Project Tango Tablet Development Kit available from Google later this year

Posted: 05 Jun 2014 09:56 AM PDT

Project Tango, a Google research project aimed at making gadgets aware of 3D space, has produced a new prototype that fits into a slim tablet form factor. Google intends to ship these out to developers later this year for $1,024, and have opened up a page where you can sign up for notifications. This bad boy packs some serious horsepower, including an NVIDIA K1 chip, a 1080p display, 4 GB of RAM, 128 GB of storage, USB 3.0, and, of course, running Android 4.4. The real party's in the back, though. There you'll find a 4 megapixel camera with a massive sensor, a dedicated motion sensing camera, and depth sensor.

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Incipio DualPro Shine case for Galaxy S5

Posted: 05 Jun 2014 09:56 AM PDT

If you want to take things seriously with protecting your Galaxy S5 from the elements, the Incipio DualPro Shine case may be the choice to go with. This durable two-piece case combines the protection and shock resistance of a rubber case with the hard outer shell of a plastic case, bringing the two together with some nice design to boot. This is the so-called Level 3 of 4 in terms of protection, according to Incipio, and once you toss this case onto your phone you'll know why.

While it takes some time to properly align the rubber and hard plastic pieces together, once you do your phone feels like it's built to take a beating. The added thickness and somewhat slippery hard plastic portion of the case make it slightly more difficult to handle the phone, but this is going to be the case with any high-protection case. The best part about this two-piece solution is that the rubber inside can protrude out, giving you some grip to work with around the exterior.

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