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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Android Match

Android Match

'BadUSB' malware highlights the danger of plugging random mystery drives into your computer

Posted: 31 Jul 2014 02:26 PM PDT

Another day, another apocalyptic prognostication of computer security doom, this time focusing on the omnipresent USB connection. It's called 'BadUSB', and it's a malware proof-of-concept created by security researchers Karsten Nohl and Jakob Lell that exploits a flaw in and resides in the firmware that controls the basic function of USB devices. The researchers claim that it's not a problem that can be patched, saying that they're "exploiting the very way that USB is designed," but in the end all they've done is highlight that you shouldn't go around plugging USB drives, devices, or whatnot that you don't trust into your computer.

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French telecom company Iliad challenges Sprint, bids for T-Mobile

Posted: 31 Jul 2014 01:55 PM PDT

T-Mobile is apparently a hot commodity. Way before the Uncarrier push, AT&T tried to buy out the company, which ended up failing. Now Sprint is trying come up with a deal to buy T-Mobile, though with the carrier now in a far better position, it has some leverage in such dealings. But now, it looks like there is another company trying to buy the magenta carrier.

French telecom company Iliad has now put out a bid of $15 billion for T-Mobile US, which would effectively give the company a 56.6% stake. This would prevent a merger of two US carriers, which would lower the number of US carrier choices to three. It would also provide extra funding for T-Mobile, something the company needs to provide serious competition to the bigger carriers.

Maybe an international buyer is exactly what T-Mobile needs. We don't know, but we'll keep a close eye on the bidding for T-Mobile. Whoever wins, we just hope T-Mo will continue working towards providing a better cell service to its customers.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE-A coming to Europe without the WQHD display

Posted: 31 Jul 2014 01:55 PM PDT

The Samsung Galaxy S5 was released with the specs everyone has come to expect from the flagship phones of this generation. A 1080p display, a Snapdragon 801 processor, and nothing too extreme. It's true that specs are no longer much of a selling point, while design and software are now the main differentiating factors.

However, the Galaxy S5 LTE-A released exclusively in the South Korean market changed that. It featured the latest Snapdragon 805 processor and a 5.1-inch 2560×1440 high resolution Super AMOLED display, something we were hoping to see in the standard Galaxy S5. Unfortunately, we were well aware that we may never get this device anywhere outside of Korea.

But according to some leaks, Europe is getting some form of Galaxy S5 LTE-A. And thanks to benchmarks, we now know that it isn't as good as the Korean variant. Instead of featuring the WQHD resolution, it's at the standard 1080p resolution we've all gotten so used to. Fortunately, the Snapdragon 805 is still present.

We know it's a bit disappointing to get a worse model of the Galaxy S5 LTE-A than South Korea. It also makes no sense to create yet another model instead of just releasing the original model everywhere else. But it's Samsung, so a new variant is expected.

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Alleged Sony Xperia Z3 Compact leaks again, could come with a 4.6-inch 1080p display, Snapdragon 801, and 3GB RAM

Posted: 31 Jul 2014 01:39 PM PDT


We've been foaming at the mouth for any info on the rumored Sony Xperia Z3 Compact. Last month, we got a look at an alleged front panel of the device as it was compared against its bigger sibling, the full sized Xperia Z3. Shortly after, an alleged screenshot was posted, listing off what could have been a few of the device's specs. Needless to say, we were an intrigued at the prospect of a fully capable, high-end Android device that could be easily wielded with a single hand.

Fast forward to today where a brand new batch of images have been leaked onto the web. Discovered by XperiaBlog , the images show a Sony device that appears to be — what else — but a smaller version of the recently leaked Sony Xperia Z3. The phone is pictured with both a matte screen protector and clear plastic case. Some eagle eyed readers are sure to point out a few small difference between this and the front panels that leaked out a few weeks back, namely the placement of the front facing camera. We don't think that discredits this leak in any way, as design revisions are expected as a device moves from prototype to a consumer release.

Sony Xperia Z3 Compact leaks

When it comes to specs, the leaker had a few new details to share as well. Apparently, the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact may come with a 4.6-inch 1080p display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, 3GB RAM, 20.7MP Exmor RS camera and stereo front-facing speakers. Excuse me while I change my underpants.

If this leak holds up, we could be looking at the single most powerful Android device with a sub 5-inch display since, well, ever. Of course, exactly where the device could be headed is anyone's guess. Sony doesn't put much focus on the US market, but if they chose someone like T-Mobile to launch the device, they wouldn't have to supply as much volume. We'll keep dreaming. In the meantime, IFA 2014 is just around the corner and it's there Sony — as well as other manufacturers — are planning to show their latest wares. Let's hope Sony has a strong showing with their new Z3 lineup for 2014.

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T-Mobile is a roller coaster, and sometime it has to reach the top

Posted: 31 Jul 2014 01:34 PM PDT

Hearken back to a simpler time of three years ago, when T-Mobile was struggling and AT&T stepped up to the plate and offered to purchase T-Mobile. Within months, the deal fell through and T-Mobile was again left in a valley. Nigh on a year later, Deutsche Telekom brought John Legere on as CEO in an attempt to save the floundering company. Two years later, we're looking at a radically changed company that defies the norms and does what it wants.

Earlier this morning, as we all awoke, bleary-eyed and drowsy, T-Mobile announced its results from Q2 2014. Revenue is up, subscribers are up, customer service is up, and network enhancements are well ahead of schedule. All of this comes as a result of two years' effort by John Legere and the rest of the T-Mobile team to revitalize the company and turn it into something that consumers had never before seen.

In 2013, T-Mobile announced its Uncarrier initiative, a program designed to turn the company away from the big, bad carrier stigma and towards a fresh, vibrant future where T-Mobile worked solely for the betterment of the consumer. While some points of that could be contested, there's no doubt that T-Mobile has done a 180° turn. The once-struggling corporate giant has become a scrappy, youthful company that behaves more like a startup than the massive corporation that it is.

We are either going to take over this whole industry, or these bastards are going to change, and the whole industry is going to shift. I don't give a goddamn which. I can't wait to watch the peckers scream and cry.John Legere, CEOT-Mobile

See, T-Mobile's gone against tradition. Rather than adopting what other carriers have grown used to, T-Mobile has rejected them and turned the American wireless system on its head. Gone are the contracts, roping customers in. No longer are you tied down to a particular carrier, with stiff penalty fees holding you in. T-Mobile has even gone as far as to break people out of those contracts by paying their penalty fees. Having experienced this firsthand, I can vouch for the liberating feeling of getting out of a contract.

A year and a half ago, unlimited data had become extinct among AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile. With the Uncarrier initiative, T-Mobile broke that boundary. Unlimited data returned, stopping many in their tracks and making them look again at the smallest of the four major carriers. T-Mobile once again proved that it was willing to think outside the box and make changes that no other carrier dared to.

T-Mobile Uncarrier

As the flow of Uncarrier changes has continued, other carriers have begun to take notice. Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon have all made changes in order to try and have the same sort of appeal as T-Mobile. Sprint has even gone as far as reportedly offering to purchase T-Mobile and merge the two companies. While some could argue that these companies are simply trying to keep up with the market, it's really T-Mobile who has spurred them on to try different things.

But for every mountain, there must be a valley. For a year and a half now, T-Mobile has been climbing without any sign of stopping. The climb can only go so far before dropping, though. As T-Mobile continues to send out quarterly results showing rapid growth and expansion, they get nearer and nearer to the top. As it becomes more and more of the Uncarrier, the cart comes closer to the peak of the hill. The only question remaining is, when? When will T-Mobile finally crest, before coming back down, gaining speed all the way, until the valley floor once again reaches up to greet it?

The ride up is the exciting part. This is the moment where we all get on board, sit back, and enjoy the show. But we know that it can't last forever, and someday, the ride will stop and we'll all get out, brush ourselves off, and move on.

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Hulu finally adds some free viewing options to Android app

Posted: 31 Jul 2014 12:57 PM PDT

Hulu Plus has been updated for Android users so that you don't need a Plus subscription to stream select video content. Previously, the Android app requires that users pay for the $7.99 monthly subscription to access video content, but now it looks like Hulu is freeing up some of that content to non-subscribers.

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Oculus Rift 2 Dev Kit 2 uses Galaxy Note 3 display, bezel and all

Posted: 31 Jul 2014 12:52 PM PDT

Samsung has been working hard on the Gear VR, using its partnership with Oculus Rift to create the hardware. But instead of providing a display, the Gear VR will need your phone for the display and sensors. It's a cool concept, but very different from the Oculus. Or is it?

Now that the Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 has gone out to those who ordered one, iFixit has decided to go to town on the thing with their screwdrivers and plastic spudgers, seeing what makes the Oculus tick. Inside is a relatively boring well built product, but they did find one big surprise. The display is actually the same panel from the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, showing how Oculus benefited from its relationship with Samsung.

Oculus Rift display 2

Hilariously, it's not just the panel that's in there. Everything is included, like the front glass, "brushed look" bezels with cutouts for the speaker and home button, and even a touchsceeen controller still intact! These are just the front ends of the Galaxy Note 3 pulled off of the assembly line and sent off to Oculus.

Obviously, the panel suits the device very well. The 1080p resolution is ideal for the device, and the AMOLED blacks are the perfect fit for goggles. Oculus also overclocked the panel from 60 Hz to 75 Hz to make things smoother. Not only is this funny, it's plain awesome.

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[New Game] RE-VOLT 2: Multiplayer Takes The Pint-Sized Racer Online And Into Free-To-Play Territory

Posted: 31 Jul 2014 12:25 PM PDT

unnamed (5) Many fans of the original PS1-era RE-VOLT were thrilled when a port was released on Android last year. The portable version included all of the goofy kart-style racing that made the original a sleeper hit... with one exception. Both the remastered version and the free-to-play edition lacked online multiplayer, which was a crucial part of the old game. Well, except for the online part. That's been addressed in RE-VOLT 2: Multiplayer, available now as a free download.

[New Game] RE-VOLT 2: Multiplayer Takes The Pint-Sized Racer Online And Into Free-To-Play Territory was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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[Update: It's Back] [New Game] Super Crossfire Is Like Space Invaders Meets Tron, But Faster And With More Shooting

Posted: 31 Jul 2014 12:25 PM PDT

w Update: Trademark issues with the name caused the game to be pulled a while back, but now it's available again as "Super Crossfighter." Same game, new name and listing. Radiangames is also discounting its catalog to celebrate, so check that out. The original post below should still be accurate other than the name.

Video games make a lot of assumptions about aliens, mainly that they're going to be two-dimensional and prone to shooting at stuff.

[Update: It's Back] [New Game] Super Crossfire Is Like Space Invaders Meets Tron, But Faster And With More Shooting was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Verizon Galaxy S5 getting OTA with myriad of interface and app fixes

Posted: 31 Jul 2014 12:14 PM PDT

T-Mobile's Galaxy S5 isn't the only variant getting an update today, as GS5 owners on Verizon are getting a more sizable update with a proper changelog from the carrier. After pulling down the OTA you'll be on software version KOT49H.G900VVRU1ANE9, which updates a few of Verizon's applications and makes a whole bunch of small tweaks.

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HTC’s latest J Butterfly is basically a waterproof One M8 with a potentially better camera

Posted: 31 Jul 2014 11:42 AM PDT


When we first learned that HTC would be releasing a plastic variant of its One M8, it was largely believed that this device would end up replacing the J Butterfly series, unifying two flagship brands under one moniker. Apparently this wasn't the case after all, as the latest version of the J Butterfly has now touched down as an exclusive to KDDI in Japan.

Reading over the spec list and looking at the device's build material, this handset is pretty much a step in between the E8 and M8, keeping the M8's Duo Camera approach but ditching the UltraPixel sensor in favor of a 13MP shooter. The secondary 2MP rear cam is said to deliver a "Duo Effect" by giving depth-of-field adjustments and other features. Like the E8, the J Butterfly is plastic, though it also happens to have IPX5/IPX7 water and dust resistance. Other specs include a Snapdragon 801 CPU, 2GB RAM, 32GB storage, microSD, Bluetooth 4.0 and Android 4.4 with Sense.

Bottom-line, if you love the idea of a waterproof HTC One and liked the Duo approach but weren't sold on Ultrapixels, this could be the perfect device for you. Unfortunately, it's pretty likely this handset will remain an exclusive to Asia, at least for the time being. That said, it's not unheard of for the device to cross over to Europe or even the United States, as the last J Butterfly model to make it stateside was the rebranded Verizon HTC Droid DNA.

What do you think of the latest J Butterfly? Based on specs and looks, how do you feel it compares to the One M8 and E8?

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Updated Qi wireless charging means your phones won't have to be directly touching the charger

Posted: 31 Jul 2014 11:40 AM PDT

The new Qi v1.2 specification will enable wireless charging through even greater spans than before. The current Qi standard is capable of blasting power wirelessly through up to 7mm of space, but the new standard amps that up to 45mm (1.77 inches). This will make it much easier to embed Qi chargers inside of things (like desks, tables, cars, blocks of cheese, etc).

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Top 8 LG G3 camera tips and tricks

Posted: 31 Jul 2014 11:23 AM PDT

The G3 has a pretty great camera, but here are a few tips to make the most of it

The LG G3 has received plenty of credit for its fantastic camera. From general image quality to laser focusing and UHD video, this phone can do just about anything you want it to in the imaging department. When you first launch the camera not every feature will be immediately apparent to you, though — we're here to help with that.

Read along and see the top eight tips and tricks for making the most of your LG G3's camera.

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Guardians of the Galaxy table now available for Zen Pinball HD

Posted: 31 Jul 2014 11:23 AM PDT

Just ahead of the movie's release in theaters tonight, Zen Studios has added a Guardians of the Galaxy table to its library of in-game purchases for its free Zen Pinball HD game for Android via Google Play.

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Man armed with sickle gets shot, saved by Samsung phablet

Posted: 31 Jul 2014 10:38 AM PDT

galaxy-mega-bullet Apple Daily

If you find yourself in a precarious situation where you might have to defend yourself, it's nice to come prepared. In some cases that means having some sort of weapon, but it is equally nice if you have some kind of armor. For a Taiwanese man by the name of Han, the weapon of choice was a sickle, with his Galaxy Mega 6.3 filling in as body armor.

Apparently the situation went a little like this: the victim saw a wallet laying around and grabbed it, jokingly saying that the person who left it will be able to "treat everyone to beers". When the owner, a man named Xu, saw that Han had grabbed the wallet, some angry words were said and soon they were stepping outside to fight. And not just a fist fight, it seems that Xu had brought a modified (Read: not all that powerful) gun, while Han simply had a sickle. Not sure why Han had a sickle at a restaurant, but that's beside the point.

Han put up his arm and the bullet passed cleanly through before hitting the Galaxy Mega in his pocket

As you can imagine, the man with the gun won the fight, shooting Han in the chest from close range before fleeing the scene. Instinctively, Han put up his arm and the bullet passed cleanly through before hitting the Galaxy Mega in his pocket. Between the arm and the Mega, the bullet was slowed down enough that it didn't go any further. While obviously being treated due to the injury sustained to his arm, the bullet reportedly didn't damage any bones and so Han should make a full recovery. For those wondering, Xu eventually surrendered himself to the police.

So the moral of the story? Make love, not war. But when you do find yourself in a situation where you might be in danger, don't forget to strategically place your mobile device in a living saving position. Of course, it doesn't have to be a massive-screened Samsung phone, as we've seen similar scenarios play out with plenty of other mobile devices over the years including the HTC Evo 3D.

Via: Yahoo;

Source: Apple Daily;

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[New Game] PC Favorite Blood Bowl Brings New Meaning To The Term 'Fantasy Football'

Posted: 31 Jul 2014 10:35 AM PDT

unnamed I'm so glad the fervor surrounding the World Cup has died down, and now we can get ready for some real football. And by "real football," I mean American Football played by orcs, dwarves, elves, and other things that are probably more comfortable in a Tolkien tome. Blood Bowl is an Android port of a PC game based on a series of pen-and-paper RPGs, themselves based on the Warhammer universe. The computer game presents itself as a sports title, but its mechanics are more like a turn-based strategy RPG.

[New Game] PC Favorite Blood Bowl Brings New Meaning To The Term 'Fantasy Football' was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Oculus Rift teardown reveals a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 display stuffed inside

Posted: 31 Jul 2014 10:23 AM PDT

oculus rift teardown 2

Well, isn't that interesting. The last thing we expected to see as we made our way through iFixIt's Oculus Rift teardown was a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 display panels stuffed inside. Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headset that allows folks to experience video games and other applications in a different dimension. It can make you feel as if you're in the game yourself. Just check out this hilarious video below of a guy on a virtual rollercoaster being taken aback by the realism.

oculus rift teardown

We knew the Oculus Rift would be using a 1080p panel, but to see that it's the exact panel used in one of Samsung's flagship smartphones is quite interesting. Let's not even mention the fact that the device even uses the very same front panel, holes for cameras, sensors and the home button, and all. It's unorthodox for sure, but considering how beautiful the Galaxy Note 3′s display is (as we attested to in our review) we're not sure we'd prefer any other option. The full teardown is right here if you want to check it out yourself.

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Wunderlist 3 adds public list sharing and real-time sync

Posted: 31 Jul 2014 10:14 AM PDT

The popular to-do app Wunderlist received a nice update today, bringing along some features that will certainly keep it at the top of its game. Thanks to a redesign and some backend changes, Wunderlist 3 now offers public lists and real-time sync — allowing users to immediately see changes rather than waiting for a 15 minute refresh. Making lists public also moves Wunderlist 3 away from a personal to-do app, into a better, full-on list app with even more uses.

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T-Mobile boasts momentous growth for fifth consecutive quarter

Posted: 31 Jul 2014 10:14 AM PDT

John Legere

There are many reasons for John Legere to smile and the earnings report issued today can only make that smile bigger. The self-proclaimed fastest growing wireless company in the United States is boasting "some pretty amazing results" for the second quarter of 2014. With another outstanding quarter in the books, T-Mobile has experienced momentous growth for five straight quarters.

The carrier brought in nearly two million new customers in the second quarter alone and this totals 7.6 million over the past fifteen months. For the postpaid market, T-Mobile has trumped Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint combined. And the 8% growth compared to last year also tops each of those carriers.

T-Mobile did not waste a chance to talk about the prepaid market. The other aforementioned big carriers all went through a loss in prepaid customers. T-Mobile, though, gained customers through MetroPCS and now has more than ten million customers there. MetroPCS' presence reaches 10,000 outlets in forty-five metropolitan areas in the United States. It looks like T-Mobile's acquisition is really paying off.

The 4G LTE network that launched in 2013 for T-Mobile has a reach over 325 metropolitan areas and covers 233 million people in the country. And despite planning to have nationwide VoLTE running by the end of this year, Legere applauds his team for launching in just two months.

Source: T-Mobile

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Alleged Huawei Ascend Mate 3 specs confirmed via AnTuTu

Posted: 31 Jul 2014 09:55 AM PDT

big Surprise, surprise! Another leak of Huawei's Ascend Mate 3 has materialized online. Last Monday we saw its back panel in a production image, on Tuesday a specification sheet surfaced and today a benchmarking screenshot from AnTuTu has emerged on the web, confirming everything we've heard about the handset so far. Rumors still point towards the

The post Alleged Huawei Ascend Mate 3 specs confirmed via AnTuTu appeared first on Cult of Android.

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French telecom Iliad making a surprise bid for T-Mobile US

Posted: 31 Jul 2014 09:44 AM PDT

In a bid that's come way out of left field, French telecommunications firm Iliad SA is also offering to buy T-Mobile US. T-Mobile, itself a subsidiary of T-Mobile Germany, has been engaged in long-running negotiations with US rival Sprint. The bid from Iliad comes as a surprise, not just for their previously unexpressed interest, but that Iliad is a smaller company that T-Mobile in both terms of subscribers and value.

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Small update for T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S5 provides 'improvements'

Posted: 31 Jul 2014 09:44 AM PDT

Owners of the Samsung Galaxy S5 on T-Mobile's network should be on the lookout for a new but small software update, which should offer some performance improvements.

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LG G Vista now available on Verizon

Posted: 31 Jul 2014 09:21 AM PDT


As expected, Verizon has added the LG G Vista to their portfolio and it is now available to order. The LG G Vista is a relatively downscaled version of the LG G3 with one exception – the screen is actually larger at 5.7-inches. However, the resolution is only 940 x 560 which is rather low for such a large screen. The G Vista also comes with a 1.2 GHz processor, 1.5 GB of RAM, 8 GB of internal storage, an 8MP camera, a 3200mAh battery and Android 4.4.2 pre-loaded. Considering the size of the battery and the hardware being driven, users should be able to get some excellent battery life out of the device.

Like the LG G3, the G Vista comes with buttons located on the back of the device. LG has also equipped the phone with features like their KnockCode, Dual Window capability, QuickMemo and QSlide.

Verizon is offering the LG G Vista for $99 with a two year contract or $19.99 per month on Verizon EDGE. The full retail price is $400. It appears black is the only color available, at least at the moment. If you are interested in ordering an LG G Vista on Verizon, just hit the source link below.


source: Verizon

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Amazon Appstore offering 30 paid apps for free today and tomorrow

Posted: 31 Jul 2014 09:21 AM PDT


If you've got the Amazon Appstore loaded up on your device, you'll find that Amazon is offering 30 paid apps for free through the store. The deal ends after tomorrow, and the 30 free apps normally would represent over a $100 value.

Hit the break for a full list of the apps.

  • My Alarm Clock ($1.99)

  • Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing ($1.99)

  • To-Fu Fury ($1.99)

  • Photo Editor+ ($0.99)

  • Drawing Pad ($1.99)

  • Daily Workouts ($3.99)

  • Weather Live ($2.99)

  • WiFi File Explorer PRO ($0.99)

  • PDF Max ($7.99)

  • White Noise ($1.99)

  • CalenGoo ($5.99)

  • Carcassonne ($4.99)

  • Docs To Go Premium Key ($9.99)

  • Allrecipes Dinner Spinner Pro ($2.99)

  • Fraction Calculator Plus ($0.99)

  • Flightradar24 Pro ($2.99)

  • KAYAK PRO ($0.99)

  • Home Budget Manager ($2.99)

  • Convertor Pro ($0.99)

  • KeepTrack Pro ($1.99)

  • Bills Reminder ($3.99)

  • Ultimate Guitar Tabs and Tools ($7.99)

  • Food Diary and Calorie Tracker PRO ($3.99)

  • List Master Pro ($1.99)

  • Little Piano (Pro) ($5.99)

  • Instapaper ($2.99)

  • Essential Anatomy 3 ($24)

  • Language Coach ($9.99)

  • Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, 8th edition ($29.99)

  • MathsApp Graphing Calculator ($4.99)

Source: Amazon

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Kyocera Brigadier brings affordable ruggedness and a sapphire display to Verizon

Posted: 31 Jul 2014 09:10 AM PDT

For Verizon users that need a truly rugged phone on the go, the Kyocera Brigadier is now ready to roll. Available for $99 on a two-year contract, $19.99 a month on Next, or just $399 outright, the Brigadier features a 4.5–inch "Sapphire Shield" display and is completely dust proof, shock proof and waterproof. It's IP68 certification will keep it safe and sound, and you can even type on it while wearing gloves thanks to the Glove and Wet Touchscreen Operation feature.

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