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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Android Match

Android Match

Weekly Photo Contest: Dots

Posted: 23 Jul 2014 03:26 PM PDT

Circles, holes, dots, whatever you want to call them — they're all over the place, and they often come in patterns and designs that offer a cool opportunity for photos. This week's prompt is "dots," and we're looking for the best photos you can come up with this week that incorporate that idea.

We're picking out two pictures again this week to win prizes, and each winner will receive an iOttie Easy Flex Wireless Charging Car Mount for their phone.

Entering is easy. Just drop your entry in a forums post at the link below. Tell us what Android you used to get the picture, and any back story you want to add to it. We'll pick a winner Tuesday (July 29) night at 11:59 PM ET, and announce them on the blog with next Wednesday's contest.

Enter this week's photo contest

Android Match

HTC did not leak its own Android Wear smartwatch

Posted: 23 Jul 2014 03:23 PM PDT

Two days ago we posted an article asking if HTC had leaked its own Android Wear powered smartwatch in a design video posted to the company's YouTube account back on July 9. Well we now have an official statement from HTC on the matter that definitively answers that question.

No. HTC did not leak its own Android Wear smartwatch. It was definitely a smartwatch, but not a real one. Or at least not one that is going to go into production. From HTC:

HTC encourages our design team to explore and tinker with new ideas and even models, as is the case with the watch some viewers noticed in our recent HTC Design video. It in no way indicates an actual product HTC is planning to release. Keep an eye on this space for exciting new products from HTC when they are ready to be announced!HTCOn July 9 design video

So there you have it. HTC is still making an Android Wear watch, but they didn't acci-purposely leak it. At least that's what they are saying.

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[New App] Developer Of AIDE Releases Wear Browser For Android Wear, Because Why Not?

Posted: 23 Jul 2014 03:07 PM PDT

b When George Mallory was asked why he wanted to climb Mount Everest, he famously replied, "Because it's there." I imagine a similar disposition possessed the developer of Wear Browser (better known for AIDE) when he shrugged his shoulders and said, "Well, I guess I'll put a browser on that watch." I say this because I can't think of a good reason anyone would do this. Still, it exists.

Wear Browser comes with a companion app on the phone that can be used to feed web addresses to the watch, but you can also navigate with voice commands or with your bookmarks on the watch.

[New App] Developer Of AIDE Releases Wear Browser For Android Wear, Because Why Not? was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Details and images of Samsung Galaxy Alpha emerge

Posted: 23 Jul 2014 03:04 PM PDT

Details and images of Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Alpha device have finally made their way online today. Snagged by the reputable SamMobile, we now know how big the Galaxy Alpha will be, what it will be made of, and a few of the features the device will include.

According to SamMobile, the Samsung Galaxy Alpha will come with the "same display as the Galaxy S III" (though they admittedly don't know exactly what that means yet) at 4.7-inches and an aluminum band that wraps around the sides of the device. The back will be faux-leather plastic, but the device should still maintain a more premium feel. There will be at least 32GB of non-expandable storage, access to LTE-A in certain markets and a fingerprint scanner.

While we don't know the exact display resolution of the Galaxy Alpha or what kind of processor it's rocking, it's easy to see where something like the Alpha will fit in. SamMobile uses the term "iPhone killer" and as much as it makes us cringe to agree, it works. On paper it might look a little more middle of the road compared to something like the LG G3, but it's going to feel great in your hand and will more than likely be fast enough to not make a difference. And if rumors on both side of the fence pan out, it will be almost identical to the iPhone 6.

We're not sure when we'll see the Galaxy Alpha released but we have to imagine it won't be long now.

featured galaxy-alpha-6 galaxy-alpha-1 galaxy-alpha-2 galaxy-alpha-3 galaxy-alpha-4 galaxy-alpha-5 galaxy-alpha-7

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[New App] SecondScreen Lets Root Users Adjust A Device's Resolution For Better Chromecasting

Posted: 23 Jul 2014 11:09 AM PDT

unnamed (15) Let's get this out of the way first: SecondScreen is not an external extended monitor app for Android. (Though that would be extremely cool.) I think the developer does a bit of a disservice with that name. What it does is force your phone or tablet to use a different resolution in order to make it display correctly - or at least more correctly - when casting the screen to a television via Chromecast or simply using an HDMI cable.

[New App] SecondScreen Lets Root Users Adjust A Device's Resolution For Better Chromecasting was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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10 best music player apps for Android

Posted: 23 Jul 2014 10:42 AM PDT

music player for android

Music is what feelings sound like and because music inspires so many people, it's important to get a music player that works well for you. There are hundreds out there and finding the best ones can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Here are the ten best music player apps for Android. If you're looking for apps that stream music like Spotify or Pandora, check out our music streaming app comparison!

doubleTwist doubleTwist Music Player

[Price: Free with in app purchases]

Solid is as solid goes.


  • A capable music player with an up-to-date design.

  • Core app is free (no trial) with premium features being unlocked via in-app purchases.

  • Magic Radio is a subscription music radio service that isn't bad.

  • You can get an optional alarm clock app that integrates directly with doubleTwist.

  • If you subscribe to Magic Radio, you'll also unlock the premium version of the app. That's a win-win if you're into that sort of thing.


  • Some (not all) of the in app purchases really should've been just included in the core app.

  • Users have been posting some weird bugs. YMMV

  • Because doubleTwist tries to cater to all audiences, there is a certian blandness that comes with trying to make everyone happy.


doubleTwist is a solid music player with a long running pedigree of excellence. They manage to stay on top of trends like evolving design standards and features. There is even a radio station you can get for a monthly subscription and the in app purchases are simply extra features that other apps would charge a premium for anyway. It's solid and stable and even comes with an alarm clock add on!

Equalizer+ MP3 Player Equalizer + mp3 Player

[Price: Free / $4.90]

When in doubt, more equalizer!


  • If you dig equalizers then this is definitely an app to try.

  • The visualization is pretty colorful and enjoyable to watch. Perfect for tablets.

  • As a music player it functions well enough. You select tracks and then it plays tracks.

  • Vintage design is a step away from the norm and frankly, it's refreshing.

  • Allows you to earn points to unlock the full package instead of purchase. That was interesting.


  • How this app displays your artists and songs could be a little more organized.

  • If you're not into equalizers you're going to hate this app.

  • The developers are trying their best but there are some bugs that users are reporting.


Equalizer is an MP3 player application that keeps the equalizer prominently displayed at all times so you are always within a few swipes of altering the sound to match your tastes. It's unique because most music players don't display their equalizer this prominently. The core app is free but to get all the features you'll have to fork out $4.90 for the full version.


Google Play Music - Android apps Music Player Google Play Music

[Price: Free]

The official music player of Google.


  • Competent local music player with a constantly up-to-date design.

  • The real win here is being able to upload your music to Google Play Music and stream it from anywhere (must be done on your computer).

  • The subscription service is among the best music subscription services out there.

  • You can save your online music for offline play if need be.

  • Comes with an integrated music store to add more to your collection.


  • It focuses more on its online content than your offline content so if you're looking for something that's solely for offline content you'll want to look elsewhere.

  • Some people don't like the newer UI because it is quite busy.


Google Play Music is Google's music player. Along with being able to access your local content, you can also upload up to 20,000 songs to the Google Play Music website and have them available to stream at all times. The subscription service is also really good if you happen to be looking for a Pandora replacement or want everything all in one spot.

Google Play Music

jetAudio music player jetAudio Music Player

[Price: Free / $3.99 with in app purchases]

More features than you can shake a feature at.


  • Loads of features, including plugins to help improve audio and a 20-band equalizer.

  • The graphical design is a little dated but it still looks good.

  • There are a lot of features still available in the free version.

  • Pebble compatibility.


  • It's a paid app with in app purchases.


jetAudio is the first music player on this list that has a ton of features. More than any regular person will ever use but no one can deny that a big, long feature list always looks really good. You can try it before you buy it which is nice and the interface looks pretty good.

n7player music n7player Music Player

[Price: Free / $4.49]

Something a little bit different.


  • Unique user interface is easy to use and a refreshing change from stagnant boxes.

  • Functions well as a music player and has all the standard music features that you'd want.

  • Old school. Free and paid versions available.

  • High number of supported audio formats.


  • Music may stutter on mid range, low range, or older devices.

  • Okay so you have access to some features for a 10-day trial period, then those features get locked but the app is still free to use unless you buy the unlocker app or buy via in app purchase. Sound complicated? We thought so.


n7player is the first music player on this list that tries to think outside the box a little bit. The app's interface revolves around multi-sized artist or album names and it brings with it a very bold and different design. As a music player it functions as it should and you can use a free version of the app indefinitely. That's always a win.

neutron music apps Neutron Music Player

[Price: $5.99]

A solid offering even if it doesn't look that way.


  • The UI is easy to move around. You'll have no trouble figuring out how to work this one.

  • A metric ton of features, including a 32/64-bit audio processing and DLNA support.

  • It's high rating means most of its customers like that they bought this app.

  • Large number of audio formats supported.


  • UI is a bit outdated.

  • No trial version available.


Neutron is among the highest rated apps on our list in the Google Play Store and that means it's managed to please most of the people who use it. The UI is a bit outdated but the feature list is long and it's a very solid music app. You'll have to buy it outright though because there is no trial version available.


PlayerPro icon PlayerPro Music Player

[Price: Free trial / $3.95]

It's been a solid choice for a long time.


  • UI is simple and easy to use. It doesn't look bad either.

  • Pretty much all of the standard music player features including a large number of supported files.

  • Some out of the box thinking like gesture and shake support along with lock screen widgets and simple tag editing.

  • Trial version available so you can try it before you buy it.


  • Latest string of updates have broken some things for many people.

  • Interface is geared more toward tablets and phones.


PlayerPro is another very highly rated music app that a lot of people seem to enjoy. You can demo the features in the trial version before buying it and it comes with a standard, block-based interface with tabs for navigation. With a number of great features and some out-of-the-box stuff available, it's a solid choice.

PlayerPro screenshot

Poweramp music player Poweramp

[Price: Free trial / $3.99]

Among the elite.


  • All the standard features you'd expect in a music player.

  • Some out of the box stuff like OpenGL-based album art animation, tag editing, 10-band equalizer, and more.

  • There is a high level of customization and theming available, including skins downloadable from the Play Store.

  • Plays most of the popular audio codecs.


  • A lot of people are having problems with Bluetooth support (right now anyway).

  • If you use custom ROMs, some of the audio processing can be messed up.


Poweramp is among the elite in the music player genre. It's the one most people recommend and that's because it has been a solid music player with a lot of features for a very long time. Its 4.7 rating on the Google Play Store is the best on the list. People trust it and bloggers recommend it.

Rocket Player Rocket Music Player

[Price: Free / $3.99]

Modern features packed in a busy interface.


  • Lots of features and audio codecs support.

  • Chromecast support.

  • Integration with iSyncr lets you use some iTunes features.

  • Some unusual but helpful features like the ability to bookmark your progress in a track (works well for podcasts).

  • Integrated video player.


  • Even if you can theme it, the interface is still very busy with a lot of small text.

  • Not all features and widgets available for all devices.


Rocket Music Player is home to one of the busiest interfaces we've seen on this list but don't let that fool you. This app is packed with features, integrates with other apps, and seems to work fairly well. It's one of the ones our own readers have recommended to us in the comments below. See? We listen.

Rocket Player

Shuffle+ Shuffle+ Music Player

[Price: Free / $0.99]

Simple, yet functional.


  • Google style interface mimics Google Play Music, which was a good design.

  • Standard features like gapless playback, tag editing, and a 6-band equalizer.

  • Cheaper than most of the competition.

  • Folder whitelisting helps keep your music collection.

  • Developer tells people when features get broken. For instance, tag editing doesn't work on Android 4.4. Heard that from the dev. Transparency matters.


  • If you need something more loaded with features or theme support, this isn't for you.

  • Some resource-related bugs and force closes on some devices.


Last and certainly not least on our list is Shuffle+. This music player takes a more simplistic approach and has only the features needed to make it a good music player without any of that other stuff. That doesn't mean there aren't a lot of features, though!

Wrap up

As always, if we've missed a great music player, please leave us a comment to let us know!

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Foursquare shows off all new logo, completely redesigned app

Posted: 23 Jul 2014 10:37 AM PDT

Foursquare new logo

Foursquare threw everyone for a loop when they announced back in May that they'd be breaking off their social checkins feature of their app into a completely separate app called Swarm. We have to admit, it didn't make much sense to us. Apps that give users the ability to search through business listings all feature a check-in service in some form — so, just exactly what was Foursquare planning?

Today, Foursquare has given us a sneak peek at their all new identity, ushered in by their all new logo. In an attempt at further distancing themselves from rival services like Yelp (which can be seen as nothing more than the "yellow pages" on your phone) Foursquare wants to make search personal. By finding out exactly what you like and are interested in, Foursquare believes they can bring you a local search experience unlike any other, one that's custom tailored to you.

Foursquare new look

Because no two people are alike, for their upcoming app redesign, Foursquare is promising that no two people will have the exact same experience. How they plan on finding out this information is still a little foggy, although Foursquare did mention previous check-in history will play a role for returning customers, while newcomers can "add tastes, follow experts, or even just walk around for a few days." We're assuming rating businesses will also play a key role to receiving tailored local search results, but we'll have to wait and see.

No word on a specific launch date, only that — like winter — the all new Foursquare is indeed coming.

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The next version of Skype will make it easier to find the people you actually want to talk to

Posted: 23 Jul 2014 10:24 AM PDT

Microsoft has announced that an upcoming version of Skype for Android smartphones will allow its users to connect to their phone's address book for the first time.

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Verizon launching HTC One Remix for $99 tomorrow

Posted: 23 Jul 2014 10:22 AM PDT

Verizon has made the HTC One Remix official. The One Remix is, for all intents and purposes, the One Mini 2 with a re-brand. The HTC One Remix is launching tomorrow, July 24, for $99 on a two-year contract. As with most mini phones, the One Remix carries many design features of its larger relative, while trimming down a bit in size. So what are you getting for that $99 pricetag? Here's a rundown:

  • 4.5-inch 1280×720 display

  • 1.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor

  • 1GB RAM

  • 16GB storage with microSD card slot

  • 13-megapixel rear camera (not Ultrapixel)

  • 5-megapixel front-facing camera

  • BoomSound front-facing speakers

  • 2100mAh battery

  • Android 4.4.2 KitKat with Sense 6 overlay

All in all, not a bad device. You still get a similar design to the One (M8) and a decent mid-range phone. For that same $99 price, however, you can also get an LG G3 on contract, which is a substantially better phone. If you're really digging the smaller design, then go with the One Remix, but otherwise, there are better options. If you do pick one up, let us know how you're enjoying it!

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Duolingo Test Center Lets You Take A Proctored English Certification Course On Your Phone For $20

Posted: 23 Jul 2014 10:21 AM PDT

unnamed (8) Duolingo has proven to be a popular and surprisingly effective way to learn a new language thanks to its unique game-style lesson system. But the learning that the free app provides is unofficial - it's certainly useful for providing basic language and vocabulary, but claiming completion of a Duolingo course as linguistic fluency on a job or school application is probably a bad idea. Today the company is taking steps towards more traditional language certifications in a surprisingly user-friendly way.

Duolingo Test Center Lets You Take A Proctored English Certification Course On Your Phone For $20 was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Verizon launching the HTC One Remix on July 24, $99 with two-year contract

Posted: 23 Jul 2014 10:06 AM PDT


On July 24, Verizon will have yet another handset under its belt. The HTC One Remix will be available on the carrier's network for $99 when signing a new two-year contract. The handset, known as the HTC One Mini 2 everywhere else, is essentially a watered-down, smaller version of the HTC One (M8). Like many of Big Red's other devices, the HTC One Remix can utilize the new XLTE network speeds.

HTC has made a few changes to make this mid-range handset possible. The display has been downsized to 4.5 inches and the resolution is presumably 720p (as Verizon only calls it HD). The Duo Camera setup is gone and HTC placed a singular 13MP camera on the back. Up front is a 5MP camera. Inside running everything is believed to be the Snapdragon 400 and a 2100mAh battery is powering this little thing throughout the day. For storage, Verizon is direct by saying the 16GB of interal storage is not all available; however, there is a microSD card slot to raise the minimum to 128GB.

Source: Verizon

Come comment on this article: Verizon launching the HTC One Remix on July 24, $99 with two-year contract

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Samsung appears to be rolling out firmware update to improve Samsung Galaxy S 5 performance

Posted: 23 Jul 2014 10:05 AM PDT


According to reports, owners of the unlocked European version of the Samsung Galaxy S 5 are starting to receive a firmware update that promises general performance improvements. Sources indicate the update not only includes several "under-the-hood" improvements, it comes with a new kernel and baseband. The firmware version for this update is XXU1ANG2. No specific details are available, but at least one user has reported the amount of useable RAM was reduced after receiving the update. There is no word on when the update may roll out to devices in markets outside of Europe.

source: phoneArena

Come comment on this article: Samsung appears to be rolling out firmware update to improve Samsung Galaxy S 5 performance

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New specs leak for Sony Xperia Z3

Posted: 23 Jul 2014 09:51 AM PDT


We have already seen a few images of the Sony Xperia Z3 surface, including some that contrast it with a Samsung Galaxy Note, but details about the hardware have been scant. Tipster @evleaks has supposedly unearthed some details about the hardware. According to a new post, the Xperia Z3 will feature a Snapdragon 801 running at 2.4GHz and mated with an Adreno 330 GPU. This is not a major step up from the Xperia Z2 and if accurate would be a disappointment for those who were hoping to see the Snapdragon 805 used. Other specs are more in line with what has been suspected for the device, including 3GB of RAM, a 20.7MP camera, and a 5.15-inch screen running at a full 1080p. The Xperia Z3 appears to be slated to come with Android 4.4.4 preloaded.

source: @evleaks (official site)

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HTC One Mini 2 arrives to Verizon tomorrow, rebranded as One Remix

Posted: 23 Jul 2014 09:42 AM PDT


Back in May HTC unveiled the HTC One Mini 2, giving it probably one the silliest names in HTC history. At the time, the handset was revealed to be targeted at Europe, the Middle East and Asia fore release sometime in June but with no specific news related to a North American launch.

Not too long after this, rumors surfaced claiming the device would arrive in the United States on Verizon's network with a name-change to the HTC One Remix. Just days ago Evleaks unofficially confirmed that this was more than just a rumor and that the handset would arrive on June 24th. As it turns out, he was right on the money. Verizon has officially announced the device and is putting it on sale for $99.99 with a new contract, starting tomorrow.

Aside from Verizon's typically oversized branding, the One Remix is the exact same handset as the One Mini 2. While we won't get into the specifics, this means you get a Snapdragon 400-powered device with 1GB of RAM and a 4.5-inch 720p display. You can find more details about the handset here, or you can check out our full review to learn even more.

What do you think, anyone planning on picking this one up?

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Fleksy updates keyboard app to version 3.0 with new look and features

Posted: 23 Jul 2014 09:34 AM PDT


In the Android world, the third-party keyboard apps segment is a crowded one for app developers. That has not stopped developers from Fleksy from continuing to work on their version of a keyboard. The latest update that takes it up to version 3.0 introduces some new features and according to Fleksy, positions them to transition the keyboard to the iOS world when iOS 8 is released later this year.

As far as the Android version updates, Fleksy has introduced a new "surface design" that will let them sell new themes via in-app purchases. For this update, they also officially released 17 new languages that had been in beta. Fleksy indicates they have updated their dictionaries and fixed some issues with lag and emojis.

If you want to give Fleksy a try, you can grab it for free from Google Play using one of the links below.

fleksy_app_screen_07 fleksy_app_screen_03 fleksy_app_screen_02 fleksy_app_screen_01 fleksy_app_screen_04 fleksy_app_screen_09 fleksy_app_screen_08 fleksy_app_screen_06 fleksy_app_screen_05

qr code

Google Play Download Link

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GO SMS Pro 5.49 APK

Posted: 23 Jul 2014 09:23 AM PDT

The most popular messaging app on the Android market 'GO SMS Pro' update adds support for Android Wear and brings new copy or forward multi-text messages. GO SMS Pro is a highly customizable SMS/MMS app that lets you fall in love with texting in a way you have never experienced before. Its beastly-performing messaging app that does practically everything you could want in a texting app.

Like EvolveSMS, GO SMS Pro is a souped-up alternative to the boring stock SMS and MMS messaging app. It is a powerful texting replacement app that makes talking to your friends quick, fun and easy. The app is easier to use, more intuitive and faster. Loads of cool features like 200+ personalized themes, over 800 emoji including animated stickers for fun messaging, private Box to better protect your privacy, free sending message, SMS blocker to smartly block spam messages and much more..So far out of all the messaging apps, this is definitely best messaging app you must install on your android phone or tablet.

GO SMS Pro comes with plenty of beautiful skins and exciting features. This app is good because it allows people that have older phones use emojis if they don't have them. Also, it has good themes and graphics also there are pop - ups when you get a message so you will know when, who, and what that person texted you. Definitely worth downloading!

Download GO SMS Pro APK

- Requires: Android 2.3+

- File Name: 9MB (GO SMS Pro 5.49.apk)

via Android Match

Motorola makes its digital tattoos for unlocking the Moto X more official with promotional video

Posted: 23 Jul 2014 09:18 AM PDT


About a month ago we let you know that Motorola was working with a company called VivaInk to create digital tattoos that can be used to unlock the Moto X.

Now, Motorola has made the product more official by releasing a promotional video about the tattoos.

The tattoo (non-permanent) is an adhesive unit that can be applied to the skin and used much like the way NFC is used — by holding the tattoo near your device, it will unlock it automatically. The tattoos come in packs of 10 and sell for $10. Each tattoo has an expected lifetime of five days before falling off. (Of course any contact with water will decrease that lifetime significantly.)

They've been available for purchase through VivaInk for the past month, but Motorola just announced it now on its blog, along with a promotional video. Check out the video below.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Source: Motorola / VivaInk

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HTC One Remix announced for Verizon, don't call it the One Mini 2

Posted: 23 Jul 2014 08:43 AM PDT

The HTC One Mini 2 is coming to Verizon, but on Big Red it'll be known as the HTC One Remix. Long-rumored and often leaked, the One Remix brings the things that we liked about the HTC One Mini 2 to Verizon's network, and at a relatively reasonable price. The phone will be available starting on Thursday, July 24th for $99.99 with a two-year contract.

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Marvel celebrates Comic-Con with 99-cent access to 13,000 comics

Posted: 23 Jul 2014 08:26 AM PDT

Marvel Comics has announced that it is letting people access the over 13,000 digital comic book issues in its Marvel Unlimited online service for Android for just $0.99 in a special promotion deal.

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[New Game] ReactionLab 2 Is A Sandbox Game That Lets Your Inner Mad Scientist Out To play

Posted: 23 Jul 2014 08:22 AM PDT

r Get ready to let your mind run wild as you manufacture your own fun out of pixels in the new ReactionLab 2. On the surface this is a fairly typical "Falling Sand" style game, but it goes a bit deeper than that. There are 80 pixel elements to work with, which can be used to generate completely new substances with their own unique properties.

ReactionLab 2 gives you a canvas on which you can draw the pixels of your choice.

[New Game] ReactionLab 2 Is A Sandbox Game That Lets Your Inner Mad Scientist Out To play was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Marvel’s spectacular Comic-Con offer lets you read 15k comics for just $1

Posted: 23 Jul 2014 08:10 AM PDT

Screen-Shot-2013-03-07-at-11.41.47-AM If you're a fan of Marvel Comics (and, frankly, who isn't?) you'll likely be pleased as punch to hear of the comic publisher's latest fan-pleasing venture. To celebrate Comic-Con, Marvel is opening up its online archive — consisting of more than 15,000 books, dating back as far as the Golden and Silver Age — for

The post Marvel's spectacular Comic-Con offer lets you read 15k comics for just $1 appeared first on Cult of Android.

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Google Maps now show ad extensions in search results

Posted: 23 Jul 2014 08:06 AM PDT

Google maps ads

Not too long ago, Google Search started returning results for eligible ads whenever you searched things like hotels or restaurants. These results quickly show you nearby and relevant locations, which is great if you're trying to find somewhere to eat or go and need to see what's in the area. Starting today, those ad extensions are also going to start showing up in Google Maps, too.

Whenever you search for any type of location, the results you see in Maps will show ads for businesses or places if applicable. Searching for a restaurant will show places to eat near you, and you'll be able to quickly tap one and get directions to it. The implementation isn't intrusive, so it's a very welcome addition to make navigating and finding places much more convenient.

source: Google Plus

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Top app, device and accessory sales for July 23, 2014

Posted: 23 Jul 2014 07:54 AM PDT

Looking to gear up for the summer? We've got some new sales on Android devices, accessories, and apps that you may be interested in...

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Supposed Sony Xperia Z3 specs have a lot in common with the Z2

Posted: 23 Jul 2014 07:43 AM PDT

It's time for another set of leaks on the upcoming Sony Xperia Z3, this time it's specs. We've seen peaks at the Xperia Z3 before, which looks to have a lot visually in common with its predecessor, the Sony Xperia Z2. The newly-leaked specs, some of which we've seen before, are also quite similar.

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Speakle – Indie app of the day

Posted: 23 Jul 2014 07:43 AM PDT


What is Speakle?

Speakle is a new social media site that focuses entirely on anonymity. Here's how it works. You sign up for an account so you can keep track of your posts, comments, and likes. From there, you simply post whatever you want. There is no need to follow anyone because you can't even do that nor do you need others to follow you. You simply post anonymously to a bunch of other anonymous people and voila, you have Speakle.

The app itself is fairly well done even if it's a little bit old school. Across the bottom you have your navigation buttons that show you popular posts, recent posts, a place to let you post, your notifications, and then your profile page. On the profile page, you can find the settings button on the top right of the app. Navigation is very straightforward so we've no doubt that you won't get lost anytime soon. The settings let you check out some options in the app but it's mainly just a place to configure your notifications.

Signing up for the service is also pretty easy. It's your standard email and password followed by an activation link you must click from your email. You don't choose a username because you don't have one and you don't need to ready any profile pictures because you won't be uploading any.


Everyone can hear you but no one knows it's you.


  • A completely anonymous social network so you can what you want whenever you want and no one knows it's you.

  • App design and layout is straightforward and easy to learn.

  • No followers/friends to worry about or sections to navigate. Just post stuff and read stuff. That's it.


  • Obviously this social network won't be for everyone.

  • The app design is a bit dated and we have our reservations about the very gaudy orange/white layout.


That's really it with this application. It's very simple and very straight forward. There are no weird preferences to deal with it or friends/followers to worry about. Even if you can't or don't want to use this application yourself, we're sure you have some Facebook friends who could use a more appropriate spot to complain rather than on their Facebook profile. Speakle definitely fills that niche very well.

Check out the last indie app of the day: Wrath of Godjelly

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