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Monday, February 23, 2015

Android Match

Android Match

T-Mobile launches Software Updates page to help you keep track of device updates

Posted: 23 Feb 2015 03:34 PM PST

03/26/2014 T-Mobile Un-Leash Announcement

Keeping track of software updates is probably the biggest headache when it comes to Android devices. With so many incremental releases, you may feel overwhelmed trying to figure out when, or even if, a system update will be available for your device. T-Mobile is just one carrier looking to help take the guesswork out of things, with T-Mobile Product Manager Des Smith tweeting out a link to T-Mobile's all new Software Updates page.

Tmobile software updates page

It's here you'll be able to track — what else — but the progress of software updates for your T-Mobile devices. The page will give you the status of the update as it moves from manufacturer development, to T-Mobile testing, to an inevitable completed status. It's worth noting that the T-Mobile Software Updates page lists only devices that are currently scheduled to receive an update, which just so happen to be bigger name flagships. Here's the full list as it currently stands:

Save yourself the stress and sleepless nights that come along with Android updates and bookmark that page. Our tips inbox will be forever grateful.

[T-Mobile Software Updates]

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23 New And Notable Android Apps And Live Wallpapers From The Last 2 Weeks (2/10/15 - 2/23/15)

Posted: 23 Feb 2015 03:25 PM PST

roundup_icon_large Welcome to the roundup of the best new Android applications, games, and live wallpapers that went live in the Play Store or were spotted by us in the previous 2 weeks or so.

Please wait for this page to load in full in order to see the widgets, which include ratings and pricing info.

Looking for the previous roundup editions? Find them here.

Featured App

Power Button FlashLight /Torch

Power Button Flashlight is a neat little app that lets you toggle your phone's camera LED (which everyone and their dog uses as a flashlight) by quickly tapping the power button.

Read More

23 New And Notable Android Apps And Live Wallpapers From The Last 2 Weeks (2/10/15 - 2/23/15) was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Jump Rope Wear Counter Tracks Your Jumps, Integrates Sessions With Google Fit

Posted: 23 Feb 2015 02:32 PM PST

JumpRopeWearCounter-Thumb Android Wear devices come with accelerometers, gyroscopes, and heart rate monitors so that when wearers do active things, the devices can at least attempt to track what's going on. Jump Rope Wear Counter is an Android Wear app that tries to count your jumps while jumping rope, display how many calories you've burned, and sync the information to Google Fit. For the most part, it works.


There isn't really much to Jump Rope Wear Counter, but after trying it out for a bit, I can confirm that it's mostly accurate.

Read More

Jump Rope Wear Counter Tracks Your Jumps, Integrates Sessions With Google Fit was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Verizon rolls out minor bug-fixing update to the Droid Turbo

Posted: 23 Feb 2015 02:22 PM PST

Verizon is pushing out a small update to its Droid Turbo today. Unfortunately, there's no Android 5.0 Lollipop here; just some bug fixes for call volume, the email application, and the Droid Command Center widget.

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Nexus 6 now available from Amazon

Posted: 23 Feb 2015 02:07 PM PST

While your options for snagging an unlocked Nexus 6 have been limited mostly to Google Play and Motorola until now, you can go ahead an add Amazon to that list. The retailer is now selling the device directly, as opposed to previous listings from third-parties on the site.

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Second-gen Moto E rumored for Verizon LTE

Posted: 23 Feb 2015 02:07 PM PST

Motorola's next-generation version of its budget-priced Moto E smartphone may have been leaked. An image that allegedly shows the back side of the phone has found its way to the Internet, and it also has a Verizon Wireless logo.

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Spigen’s Galaxy S6 Edge cases now available for pre-order, renders show off front view

Posted: 23 Feb 2015 02:03 PM PST

Spigen Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge cases

Shortly after we got a good look at the side profile of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge courtesy of T-Mobile and AT&T, case maker Spigen is now ready to let the cat out of the bag. Taking to their Facebook page, they've announced that their Galaxy S6 cases are now available for pre-order, showing them off with new shiny renders.

While they do show off the front of their cases, we should note that the device within looks more like a Samsung Galaxy Note Edge than anything (notice the curved edge on only one side, while the Galaxy S6 Edge is rumored to have curves on both sides). In fact, most of the device renders on their actual Amazon product page cleverly hide the left side of the device. That should be your first clue that this isn't entirely accurate.

Looks like we're still looking toward Samsung's March 1st for our first real look at the device in all its glory. That is, if Samsung can continue keeping everything under wraps until then. If you already have your heart set on the Galaxy S6 Edge, you can pre-order (or browse) Spigen's new cases via the link below.


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Samsung Galaxy Core Prime headed to Verizon on February 26th

Posted: 23 Feb 2015 01:57 PM PST

Android Wear made partially compatible with iOS

Posted: 23 Feb 2015 01:24 PM PST

Android Wear is a fantastic system with some great features when used with an Android device. Of course right now, it can only be used with an Android device. While iOS support would be great, the combo of Android and Android Wear makes for some cool functionality that many other smart watches don't have. But what if you commonly switch between Android and iOS devices, what do you do with your Android Wear smart watch?

Thanks to developer Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh, using your Android Wear device with iOS might soon be possible. He has released a video of an iPhone getting a notification and a Moto 360 receiving it. He says that he sideloaded an original APK onto the Moto 360 to connect to the Apple Notification Center Service, which is similar to what the Pebble does.

This means that the Moto 360 and any other Android Wear device can be used with iOS devices without modification or sideloading of the iOS device. Unfortunately, this means that your smart watch becomes a simple notification viewer with no extra functionality, but it's better than nothing!

The APK has not yet been released, but we'll be sure to update you if it is. If you switch between devices, this can be useful. Unfortunately if you exclusively use iOS, this still may not be a good reason to buy a Moto 360.

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Aukey's official Quick Charger on sale for $15

Posted: 23 Feb 2015 01:22 PM PST

If you're looking for a spare quick-charger, go ahead and pull the trigger on this wall charger from Aukey, currently on sale at Amazon for just $15.

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Unlocked Nexus 6 (32 GB) in both Cloud White and Midnight Blue now available at Amazon

Posted: 23 Feb 2015 01:17 PM PST


The Nexus 6 might not be the most popular phone in the land, but it certainly is the toughest one to purchase. If you've been trying to get your hands on one, you can grab the 32 GB version at Amazon for $649.99, just $0.99 more than what you would pay Google through the Play Store. They have both Cloud White and Midnight Blue in stock, and it's on Prime so you can save the shipping costs and receive it in 2 days, assuming you're a Prime member.

Just hit the source link below and choose which color you want to get your order in.

source: Amazon

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CM12S and OxygenOS coming to OnePlus One in March

Posted: 23 Feb 2015 01:03 PM PST

OnePlus One owners will have to wait just a little bit longer before getting to (officially) savor the sweet taste of Lollipop. Announced by OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei via Twitter, CyanogenMod 12S and OxygenOS will be available an as OTA update in mid to late March.

OnePlus originally hoped to have the update ready within three months of Lollipop's release, so releasing in the next month is still admirable. The reason for OnePlus missing its original 90-day time frame is relatively simple. Apparently, "proprietary drivers, code, QA, certifications" are responsible for the slight delay.

An alpha Lollipop build has already been released, but the upcoming OTA should be more stable and ready for daily driver action. Once CM12S does hit your handset, enjoy it. It may be the last official CyanogenMod based update you see for the device.

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Watch this: Android 5.0 Lollipop UI animations shown off in stunning slow motion [VIDEO]

Posted: 23 Feb 2015 12:49 PM PST


Lollipop is more than just a new coat of paint. For Android 5.0, Google introduced their all new Material design guidelines which focused on minimalism and rich animations. Whether it's the new transition animation, or little icons spinning inside of apps, unlike previous versions of the OS, these animations breathe new life into Android in ways we never thought possible.

Since a good majority of you are still patiently waiting for X manufacturer on X carrier to push out the update to your device, we came across a video giving you a clear look at what you're missing when it comes to Lollipop's fun UI animations.

Chances are we all know the "trick" to access Android's hidden developer menu (Settings > About phone > tap build number 5 times). While we'd normally access the developer settings in order to speed up the animations in an effort to make our device feel faster, you can also slow these own up to 10x. That's exactly what the guys at The Nerd Herd did in their video, allowing you to see every Lollipop animation in gorgeous real-time slow motion. Check this out.

[via Reddit ]

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Google starts testing Inbox for Google Apps users

Posted: 23 Feb 2015 12:34 PM PST

inbox by gmail

After bringing Inbox to more browsers, Google is going to add another subset of folks who have yet to get in on the latest Gmail experience. The company has announced that they will begin testing Inbox for Google Apps users starting next month.

Unfortunately this won't be an invite-filled frenzy like the public Inbox beta. The administrator of your company's Google Apps account has to apply, and Google will select a very few lucky businesses to test Inbox out early on. This move was made to get better feedback and work more closely with users and organizations to learn their needs.

The program will be expanded over the coming weeks and months, of course, so if your company isn't lucky enough to be among the initial wave it might not be too long before you're let in. Those interested should be sure to let their administrators know that all they need to do to apply is send an email to inboxforwork@google.com (and remember, it has to be sent from the administrator's account).

[via Google]

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Nexus 6 now available through Amazon, free shipping included

Posted: 23 Feb 2015 12:13 PM PST

Google bringing Inbox to a select number of Google Apps users in March

Posted: 23 Feb 2015 12:13 PM PST

Incipio DualPRO Hard Shell Case with Silicone Core for the Droid Turbo

Posted: 23 Feb 2015 12:07 PM PST

No smartphone is invincible, even one rocking carbon fiber like the Droid Turbo.

Cases for your phone are one of those things you either go the bare minimum to keep things as thin as possible or you go all out to make sure your hardware can survive anything. For those interested in the latter for your Droid Turbo, Incipio's DualPRO line has you covered. It's a two-stage case, meaning a squishy silicone on the inside with a hard plastic shell on the outside. These pieces are put on one later at a time, with the end result being a shock absorbent squishy later combined with an impact repellent exterior.

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Supposed leaked HTC One M9 renders pop up, and something’s not adding up

Posted: 23 Feb 2015 11:34 AM PST


We were told not to expect the HTC One M8's design to be repeated in HTC's 2015 follow-up, but another new leak suggests we'll be getting treated to a familiar face. Cyberport — a dutch retailer — posted a listing for the HTC One M9 with supposed renders of the device, and it looked just like the prototypes we've leaked in the past.

Renowned leak machine Evan Blass (@evleaks) quieted the noise about those early prototypes with renders of a brand new design, and he suggested HTC was seeding out decoy shells to public testers in an attempt to cover up the real deal. It's odd, then, that this retailer would have official press renders of the original device depicted in a few different colors and angles.

htc-one-m9-2 htc-one-m9-5 htc-one-m9-7 htc-one-m9-6

The only plausible explanation we can think of is HTC's sending decoy placeholder images for careless retailers to use in case any of them happen to slip up ahead of the company's March 1st reveal date. Says Evan Blass on the latest leak:

If the Cyberport images were genuine, doesn't it seem likely that HTC would have had them pulled down by now?

He has a good point… and they have pulled them down as of the time of this writing. Whether that says these are decoy renders remains to be answered. The only sure thing we know is that we don't know anything for sure, and it's likely going to stay that way until HTC makes everything official.

[via MobileGeeks]

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Get the Power Vault 18,000mAh portable battery fro $30 at AndroidArea.com

Posted: 23 Feb 2015 11:34 AM PST


We've got another great deal on portable power thanks to AndroidArea.com, and we all know you can never have enough when it comes to backup batteries. This time its the Power Vault 18,000mAh portable battery pack, a real steal at $80 off the regular retail price.

Get the Power Vault 18,000mAh battery pack for $30 at AndroidArea.com

Light and compact while still providing over six full charges for the typical Android smartphone, the Power Vault features sleek aluminum construction. Two USB ports allow for simultaneous device charging from the packs 18,000mAh rechargeable battery.

Normally priced at $109, you can't get days worth of charging power without ever touching a power outlet for only $30 now at AndroidArea.com.

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Google acquires Softcard technology, Wallet to come preinstalled on additional phones

Posted: 23 Feb 2015 11:34 AM PST

Archos to offer tablets and Chromebooks to middle and high-school students in France

Posted: 23 Feb 2015 11:22 AM PST

Archos has decided to help a new education effort in France with a selection of Android tablets and Chromebooks that it will offer to schools in its native country at special prices. This new program is designed to be a part of France's "Grand Digital for Schools Project" which is aiming to give 50,000 tablets and notebooks to middle and high-school students in 2015 and over a million such devices to students in 2016.

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Google to expand Inbox to select Google Apps customers in March

Posted: 23 Feb 2015 10:37 AM PST

Google will soon roll out invites for their Inbox email app to some Google Apps customers. First launched in October 2014, Inbox is Google's new take on email management. The roll out begins in March, with Google choosing a select few companies for the early adopter program at first, wanting to work with each business closely.

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Pebble accidentally reveals color smartwatch, replaces it with image of an actual pebble

Posted: 23 Feb 2015 10:34 AM PST

pebble color 1

Pebble started counting down to a big announcement on Wednesday, and rumors immediately suggested they'd be coming out with a color-infused version of their popular smart watch. The company seems to have inadvertently confirmed that.

A photo of the device was found on their servers. Nothing looks out of the ordinary here. It's a stocky-looking smart watch that is sporting a color display. We're not sure what sort of display, mind you (mirasol, anyone?) but there is a color display.

The buttons on the side indicate this thing will still make use of buttons for navigation and control instead of touchscreen goodness. Beyond that there isn't much to know about Pebble's upcoming watch.

It'll have custom watch faces. It'll run apps. It'll show you notifications. It might even tell you the time. Oh, and just for laughs Pebble replaced the image file on the server with this:

real pebble

Nice to know some companies out there still have a fine sense of humor. Circle back Wednesday morning to see what all the hubbub is about.

[via 9to5 Mac]

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Google buys Softcard tech, Google Wallet to be preinstalled on more devices

Posted: 23 Feb 2015 10:06 AM PST

Google has just announced that it has acquired "technology and intellectual property" from the online payments company Softcard. It has also revealed that its Google Wallet app will soon be pre-installed on Android devices sold by AT&T, Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile. The specific financial terms of these deals were not disclosed. Rumors about the Softcard acquisition were first reported in January.

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New images of cover reveal more of the Huawei Ascend P8

Posted: 23 Feb 2015 09:48 AM PST


Over the weekend we saw some images that were supposedly of the Huawei Ascend P8 surface on the Internet. The device that was shown in those images was obscured by a case making it difficult to determine much detail or even verify that the device is the Ascend P8. A new set of leaked images has surfaced, this time for a case that is meant for the Ascend P8, and these images may provide us with a few more clues about what Huawei has planned for their forthcoming smartphone.

The images of the cover suggest the Ascend P8 will be very thin, consistent with previous information suggesting the device will only be 6 mm thick. On the right edge of the cover there are small holes consistent with volume and power buttons. More interesting is the back cover that includes a small hole in one corner and then a much larger opening centrally located in the back of the device. Sources suggest the dual openings could indicate Huawei is implementing a dual camera setup. Another alternative is that Huawei plans to include a fingerprint sensor located on the back of the device requiring an opening in any cases. The problem with that second option is that none of the previously leaked images of the device include anything like a biometric sensor on the back of the unit. Another alternative could be that Huawei just wants to leave an opening available for their branding to be shown to the world even when a case is on the smartphone.

Huawei appears to be planning to officially reveal the Ascend P8 on April 15th at an event in London.

huawei_ascend_p8_cover_leak_03 huawei_ascend_p8_cover_leak_02 huawei_ascend_p8_cover_leak_01

source: HDBlog.it

via: GSM Arena

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