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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Android Match

Android Match

A quick look at ebook stores for Android

Posted: 25 Mar 2015 02:38 PM PDT

Choosing an ebook retailer can be as simple as choosing what is right in front of you or checking the prices and content selection across the ecosystem. It's up to you.

One of the amazing things about ebooks right now is the wealth of options available to users. Massive ebook libraries now exist from multiple sources, and these books range wildly from top-shelf best sellers to indie short stories written by folks in their free time. Impressively, each of these digital bookstores offer something significant that separates them from one another in a way that makes it so none of these services are going anywhere anytime soon.

If you've already settled into a preferred ebook retailer, you may be missing out on the features that make the competition special. With that in mind, lets take a quick look at the more popular apps in this space and see what service works best for you.

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Best Buy to carry Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition starting March 27

Posted: 25 Mar 2015 02:38 PM PDT

Best Buy will begin carrying the Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition at select locations through-out the US on Friday, March 27.

As part of a push to put their virtual reality headset in the hands of more people, Samsung, Oculus, and Best Buy have teamed up to bring the Innovator Edition for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to select stores. On March 27, 100 Best Buy locations will have the Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition in-store priced at $199, with more stores added throughout the year.

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Google Keep update finally adds labels, reoccurring reminders, and floating action button [DOWNLOAD]

Posted: 25 Mar 2015 02:33 PM PDT

Google Keep DSC09107

Google Keep 3.1 is now hitting the Play Store for some folks. Arriving today in a staged rollout, the update is huge (at least for us) finally introduces a few much needed functionality to the previously bare bones note taking app.

First up is the new floating action button. It's a small Material design tweak, and allows users to quickly add a new recording, photo, list, or just a general note with 2 taps.

Google Keep 3.1 update

Google has also added the ability to add reoccurring reminders, this way you can dismiss the notification for now, but will be reminded either daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. There's also the custom option if you'd like to fine tune the reminder to every few days, until a date, or for a number of events. We can't stress how insanely helpful this is.

Lastly, labels have finally made their way into Keep. It's basically the folder system we've been asking since the app's inception, with the ability to move notes into a label and organize your digital mess of a life. Set up a label for work, video games, or just whatever the heck it is you're into (sexy Instagram ladies?). We have a feeling many of you who were holding out on Keep will return solely for this feature alone.

This is a huge update and if it hasn't hit your device just yet, you can download and install it from us right here . Enjoy.

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Google Keep gets labels for easy organizing and recurring reminders

Posted: 25 Mar 2015 02:22 PM PDT

One of our favorite Gmail features — labels — has at long last arrived for Google Keep.

The addition of labels means that you can now tack any number of labels you want onto a task in Google Keep, grouping tasks by whatever grouping you desire. Priority tasks, project tasks, daily to-dos, the honey do list, and so forth.

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20 colorful wallpapers for your Quad HD smartphone

Posted: 25 Mar 2015 02:21 PM PDT

A colorful Quad HD wallpaper on the Galaxy Note 4. Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Android Finding wallpapers that looks crisp on a Quad HD display isn't easy, so we've done the hard work for you. Here are 20 brightly-colored wallpapers with a super-sharp 1440×2560 resolution that look terrific on Quad HD smartphones like the LG G3 and the Galaxy Note 4. All of the wallpapers we've selected are in portrait

The post 20 colorful wallpapers for your Quad HD smartphone appeared first on Cult of Android.

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The Fitbit mobile app now lets you sync multiple trackers to your account

Posted: 25 Mar 2015 02:08 PM PDT

File this one under first-world problems but if you are like us and own multiple Fitbit trackers (collect them all!) you no longer have to decide which to wear. In a backend update, Fitbit has thrown the switch to let users synchronize multiple Fitbit Trackers to their account through the mobile app.

Previously, if you owned the more rugged and full-featured Surge and the leaner Charge HR, you would have to pair only one to your account. The other device would essentially be kicked out from tracking until you repaired it.

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Facebook Turns Messenger Into A Platform, Because Placing Apps Inside Of Apps Means More Apps For You

Posted: 25 Mar 2015 01:50 PM PDT

Messenger-Thumb Facebook desperately wants to make itself an indispensable part of your mobile life. Selling phones didn't work, nor did replacing your homescreen. The company has had its share of misses, but Messenger has been an unambiguous win. The client has been adopted by hundreds of millions of users.

At this year's F8 (Facebook's annual developers' conference), the company fleshed out ways in which it intends to turn Messenger into a platform of its own.

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Facebook Turns Messenger Into A Platform, Because Placing Apps Inside Of Apps Means More Apps For You was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Facebook Messenger wants to be your chatty pipeline to the world

Posted: 25 Mar 2015 01:49 PM PDT

screen-shot-2015-03-25-at-10-52-44-am Today Facebook unveiled the future of Messenger, and it's actually quite ambitious. It's clear that the social giant wants Messenger to be the one-stop for not just messaging, but all sorts of app interactions. Businesses will also be able to chat directly with customers through Messenger, which opens the door for communicating directly with brands

The post Facebook Messenger wants to be your chatty pipeline to the world appeared first on Cult of Android.

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Will fingerprint security be worth using on the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge?

Posted: 25 Mar 2015 01:37 PM PDT

Samsung's new fingerprint tech is only really new to the platform, so there's some things you should know.

One of the best bits of news to come from Samsung announcing the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge was the new fingerprint sensor. The days of swiping your finger across the pad and hoping things worked out are gone, and in its place we find a single press scanner that promises to be both easier to use and generally more secure. This new tech raises some interesting questions, and our forums have had a lot to say about what is expected with this new tech. Whenever we get to talking about security here at Android Central, we have to make it clear that there's an ocean of difference between totally secure and relatively secure.

While Android 5.0 and the new Galaxy S6 tech work together to make you a great deal more secure, we're still basically talking about being relatively secure, and a lot of that has to do with how you choose to use your phone.

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CM12S OTA update is coming to OnePlus One users in India

Posted: 25 Mar 2015 01:31 PM PDT

Drupe Gives Boring Phone Contacts A Contextual Gesture-Based Makeover

Posted: 25 Mar 2015 12:50 PM PDT

unnamed (5) Drupe would like you to think that contacts on Android, and on mobile in general, are broken. They're not - phone makers and developers have been doing this for a while, after all - but that doesn't mean that they can't be improved upon. Drupe is a "floating" app that puts contacts, and the means to do all sorts of interesting things with them, in a unique overlay accessible from any other app.

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Drupe Gives Boring Phone Contacts A Contextual Gesture-Based Makeover was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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TiVo Android App Gets Complete Redesign And OnePass In Version 3.0

Posted: 25 Mar 2015 12:50 PM PDT

TiVo-Thumb You don't have to know what DVR is to recognize the name TiVo, the company that became synonymous with the word. The company's products have allowed users to return to previous shows and watch them on their own schedule since long before Netflix and Hulu came around to help people cut the cord.

The TiVo Android app has grown a little dated over the years, but the company has invested some time rebuilding the software from the ground up.

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TiVo Android App Gets Complete Redesign And OnePass In Version 3.0 was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Facebook Messenger will become its own platform for apps and businesses

Posted: 25 Mar 2015 12:49 PM PDT

facebook messenger

Facebook has always talked about some grand plan for the future they have for Messenger. Most people chalked it up to a bologna excuse for separating Messenger from the main Facebook app, but the company is actually making some interesting moves to back their claim up.

The social network giant held the keynote for today's F8 conference in San Francisco this morning, and the biggest topic (outside of how easy they were going to make it for developers to make more money, of course) was Messenger. It's becoming its own platform for developers to make and integrate apps with.

facebook messenger apps platform 3

It's a natural extension of some of the stuff Facebook has already done on their own in Stickers. The idea is that developers can create apps for the sole purpose of helping people enhance their conversations.

From something as simple as a database of images to send back and forth to personalized GIFs and text to liven up your responses and convey emotion, developers can enable users to communicate with each other in new unique ways without making it a chore. It solves a lot of the issues present today, such as the need to switch between apps, incompatibility issues and dealing with other pitfalls that come with a communication line that has too many moving pieces.

facebook messenger apps platform 2

Facebook is also thinking about businesses, stating that they want to bring the personalized face-to-face feeling to eCommerce even if it's physically impossible to do so. You won't be able to hook up with a customer service rep over video chat every time your PlayStation overheats, naturally, but they've created a platform where doing business online can be more than just a series of clicks and confirmation emails.

facebook messenger business 3

A business can send you a message on Messenger to let you know an order was successfully placed, your items have shipped and your items have been delivered. And if you have a question about that item you can simply send them a message as if you were messaging a friend. It's glorified online customer service chat that most businesses already offer, really, but it's a sensible and much nicer solution, and for those on the go it makes the experience of customer service far less painful than it currently is.

Other changes coming to Messenger is the ability to share from other apps to not just your main Facebook timeline, but directly within a Messenger or Group message. This is much-needed functionality for anyone who found it annoying that there were two different ways to share content to your friends and family on Facebook depending on where (and how) you wanted it to show up.

facebook messenger apps platform 4

Messenger apps and the new Messenger sharing features will be along as soon as today, while the new business platform will launch in the weeks to come with partners like Everlane being the first out of the starting gate with Messenger for Business support. Stay tuned as more goodies are bound to spill out from the San Francisco venue today and tomorrow!

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Xiaomi could launch the Mi Pad 2 tablet on March 31

Posted: 25 Mar 2015 12:48 PM PDT


Xiaomi is celebrating its fifth year anniversary on the 31st of March. Leaks have suggested that the company expects to unveil some new smartphones and other devices as part of its celebrations.

A new revelation now claims that Xiaomi might even unveil the second gen Mi Pad tablet, dubbed the Mi Pad 2. A leak back in December last year gave us our very first look of the Mi Pad 2, with a significantly different design while maintaining the same 7.9 inch display.

The tablet is also expected to be packing a 1.8 GHz Intel processor (in favor of the NVIDIA chip from the predecessor), 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage and possibly Android 5.0 Lollipop with a new iteration of MIUI.

Going by all the hints dropped by the company, it seems like we'll see the company's next gen tablet arrive on Tuesday. What do you expect from the latest Xiaomi tablet?

Via: Gizmo China

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Xiaomi expecting to sell 100 million smartphones in 2015

Posted: 25 Mar 2015 12:48 PM PDT


Xiaomi has been on the path towards a very successful 2015 with the announcement of devices like the Mi Note and the Mi Note Pro.

The CEO of the company Lei Jun now claims that they expect to ship over 100 million smartphones this year. The expectations of the company is so high that they have even asked the supply chain to amp up production to keep up with the expected demand. He gave out the information during Xiaomi's Global Supplier Conference which was held today.

It is said that the company will see a sales growth of 23-54% this year, which is incredible given the kind of competition they face in the mobile industry, primarily from fellow Chinese manufacturers like Huawei, Lenovo, Meizu and several others.

On the eve of Xiaomi's fifth anniversary, the company is expected to launch a couple of new devices, including a Ferrari branded smartphone.

Source: Weibo

Via: Gizmo China

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Google will now let any app use its malware-blocking tools

Posted: 25 Mar 2015 12:40 PM PDT

We have your first look at Tivo's massive, amazing Android update

Posted: 25 Mar 2015 12:37 PM PDT

The folks at Tivo are making software a priority, which is great for everyone.

As a longtime Tivo user, the experience had with the Android app to date has been just shy of absolutely miserable. The first release was little more than an iOS port that didn't scale correctly when using larger screens or devices with higher than what was considered normal resolutions at the time, and when the app did finally improve enough that it was usable on all devices the UI was outdated and sluggish. It didn't matter what device you used the Tivo app on, scrolling through the Guide with a finger flick was inviting pain.

That was then. This is now. This is the new Tivo for Android.

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Deal: Last chance to enter the 50″ LG TV + Sound Bar giveaway

Posted: 25 Mar 2015 12:09 PM PDT

How to use multiple accounts on your Chromebook

Posted: 25 Mar 2015 12:07 PM PDT

The little slogan for a Google Account is 'One Account, All of Google', but sometimes one account isn't enough to get you by.

Some of us need personal accounts, joint accounts, professional accounts, work-controlled accounts... really, it's enough to make your head spin. And while Chrome OS using your Google Account login is blissfully simple, it leaves many users confused as to how they use all of their Google Accounts on one machine, preferably at the same time.

Well, let's clear some things up: you can absolutely log into more than one Google Account at a time. Here's how.

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Get your Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge on T-Mobile and get an entire year of Netflix free

Posted: 25 Mar 2015 11:38 AM PDT

5JqcLpV5 If you're planning to pick up a Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge in the coming months, you might consider getting it on T-Mobile if you watch a lot of movies and TV shows. The carrier is giving those who purchase either of Samsung's latest flagships an entire year of Netflix absolutely free. The deal is

The post Get your Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge on T-Mobile and get an entire year of Netflix free appeared first on Cult of Android.

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YouTube Live will be Google’s answer to Twitch’s video game streaming

Posted: 25 Mar 2015 11:34 AM PDT

YouTube app Chromecast listing

Google's supposed attempt to buy Twitch for close to $1 billion was dashed when Amazon came in and offered them a similar check, but that won't keep Google from trying to cash in on the video game live-streaming boom. The company is reportedly preparing to launch YouTube Live, a Twitch-like video streaming service that will primarily service gamers (and, by extension, eSports organizations).

We've always believed this sort of streaming service was a natural progression for Google and YouTube considering they already have a strong infrastructure, the money, and engineers and the experience necessary to be successful.

Google has prime opportunity to make noise in this space. While Twitch may be the sole owner of first place in games streaming by a large mile, there are still a lot of pain points users have to deal with.

The biggest pain point is a recent change in archived broadcast policies that now limit how long you can store your past broadcasts. The change meant Twitch streamers could no longer maintain a library of content for their fans to check out, and many of them have had no choice but to continue using YouTube to upload their best moments.

If Google can tackle that issue and provide a happy medium between a strong live streaming platform and an archive that lasts forever, they've already got themselves a huge one-up on the competition.

They'd also do well to lax the requirements for becoming a streaming partner, give all users (not just those who are partnered) the server backbone needed to stream live video at multiple resolutions, and be a more stable platform overall. Check all those boxes off, and Twitch could suddenly find themselves with a mass exodus on their hands. The Daily Dot says Google is looking to make a reveal right around gaming's big annual trade show, E3, in June.

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Fotonica is a unique endless runner that lets you travel through an abstract world

Posted: 25 Mar 2015 11:28 AM PDT

(Update: Kickstarter now live, hurry!) Jide Ultra Remix Surface tablet could be yours for just $39

Posted: 25 Mar 2015 11:28 AM PDT

Messenger Platform lets developers hook their apps into Facebook Messenger

Posted: 25 Mar 2015 11:22 AM PDT

Facebook has announced Messenger Platform for developers at their F8 developers conference. The platform allows developers to tie their apps into Facebook Messenger.

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Google I/O 2015 rejection emails are going out

Posted: 25 Mar 2015 11:07 AM PDT

Alas, the Google I/O invite selection process can seem a cruel and uncaring beast. The insane demand for I/O tickets, combined with the random lottery for successful applicants, means that not everyone who wants a ticket will be able to go. A few days ago emails started going out to the lucky few who were invited to purchase a ticket, and today Google's contacting the rest of us to let us know we've been unsuccessful.

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