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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Android Match

Android Match

ZTE Grand S3 hands on and first impressions

Posted: 03 Mar 2015 03:13 PM PST

Google Contacts has gotten a big update and you can try it now

Posted: 03 Mar 2015 02:59 PM PST

Ever been using Google Contacts and thought to yourself that it was a pain? If so, Google head your thoughts and it's responded.

Google Contacts is receiving a massive update that includes a Material Design makeover and a few big changes. In addition to the card-style design and floating action button, users can now more easily merge duplicates, have their contacts updated automatically based on their friends' Google profile info, and see your recent emails and meetings with a contact when viewing his or her information.


Perhaps the best news about today's update is that you can try it out right now. You can visit http://ift.tt/1zFE2kb and begin using all of the new features, and after messing around with it a bit, the changes do seem pretty great. I had more than 100 duplicates in my Google Contacts and after merging a few manually, I clicked "Merge All" and everything was taken care of.

What do you think of this new-look Google Contacts?

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Apple Watch is ‘definitely lacking’ says Pebble founder

Posted: 03 Mar 2015 02:07 PM PST

Pebble is going to have its work cut out for it taking on the Apple Watch. Photo: Pebble Becoming the most funded Kickstarter in history is certainly enough to boost confidence — and if you're Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky it's enough to get you to take some potshots at giant-sized rival, Apple. With Cupertino's March 9 Apple Watch event just one week away, Migicovsky has thrown out a few barbed comments about Apple's

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Google previews new features for Contacts; brings new interface, easier management

Posted: 03 Mar 2015 02:07 PM PST

Google has announced today that it is overhauling the way we manage contacts through Gmail, making it easier to stay on top of changes in your contacts' information.

Released as a preview today, and rolling out to Gmail over the next few weeks, the new Google Contacts comes with a fresh new interface, along with a number of new ways to interact with and organize your contact information.

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Chrome v42 Will Be The Last Release For Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

Posted: 03 Mar 2015 01:49 PM PST

Chrome-thumb Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich was a sweet frozen treat when it came out in 2011, but now something else is freezing—Chrome for ICS. Google has announced that Chrome v42 will be the final build available on Android 4.0. It's a sad day for any remaining ICS users, well more sad than a regular day of being stuck on ICS already is.

Chrome debuted exclusively on Ice Cream Sandwich in early 2012.

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Chrome v42 Will Be The Last Release For Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Google Inbox updated; Adds minor UI tweaks and more functionality [APK Download]

Posted: 03 Mar 2015 01:48 PM PST


Google has updated their Inbox app and provides some nice UI changes along with a couple new features. First off, Android 5.0 Lollipop users will now see their status bar change to the color of their action bar. More importantly, different notification sounds can now be attached to different accounts in Inbox which enables you to decipher which account your notification came from. Other additions include shortcuts to features like composing a new message and now you can switch through your several accounts swiftly by swiping left or right.

An APK file is available for download after the break!

Download: Inbox 1.3

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Samsung taking a time-out on smartwatches so that it can focus on making a better one

Posted: 03 Mar 2015 01:12 PM PST

New Game of Thrones, Batman and DC Comics-based mobile games in the works

Posted: 03 Mar 2015 01:07 PM PST

Warner Bros. Interactive has at least five upcoming mobile games that are in development.

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Tinder Plus now available with undo swiping feature and an option to change location

Posted: 03 Mar 2015 12:47 PM PST

Huawei MediaPad X2 hands-on and first impressions

Posted: 03 Mar 2015 12:47 PM PST

YotaPhone 2 is happening this Spring

Posted: 03 Mar 2015 12:36 PM PST

YotaPhone 2 DSC07840

If you were one of the many who thought the dual-display YotaPhone was cool, you'll be happy to know that a sequel is, indeed, on the way. The company reportedly confirmed plans to bring a YotaPhone 2 to market starting this Spring in the United States.

The device will initially be offered through an IndieGoGo campaign there folks can pledge funds and stake their claim to one once they're ready to ship. There aren't many details available about the smartphone's features just yet, but they will reportedly introduce a high-end experience and the phone's cost will be in the $600 ballpark.

The original YotaPhone (pictured above) introduced a unique take on smartphones that included a traditional display on the front and a fully functional e-paper display on the rear. It allows folks to do basic tasks like checking messages and notifications without having to deal with the drawbacks of keeping a traditional OLED or LCD display powered on.

YotaPhone 2 is said to be coming with full support for LTE on both T-Mobile and AT&T, and the company is working on upgrading the existing firmware to Android 5.0 Lollipop to be ready in time for launch.

[via PhoneScoop]

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Google Play Books Is Crawling With Fake 'Guides' That Promise Cracked Android APKs, Provide Only Malware And Phishing Scams

Posted: 03 Mar 2015 12:35 PM PST

PlayStore-Thumb We are, at this point, familiar with fake apps in the Play Store—they pop up from time to time, but Google swiftly eliminates them. It seems like for all its efforts in cleaning up the Play Store, Google has a blind spot when it comes to books. There are multiple publisher accounts in Google Play Books that claim to offer cracked APKs for a dollar or two, and people are buying them.

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Google Play Books Is Crawling With Fake 'Guides' That Promise Cracked Android APKs, Provide Only Malware And Phishing Scams was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Android 5.0 Lollipop rolling out to Galaxy S5 owners on Bell

Posted: 03 Mar 2015 12:22 PM PST

If you're using a Galaxy S5 on Canada's Bell network, you're in for a sweet treat today. The carrier has announced that Android 5.0 Lollipop is rolling out for the device starting today.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge’s base model could start at 64GB in the UK

Posted: 03 Mar 2015 06:18 AM PST

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge DSC08490

An interesting revelation was made over at Samsung's site for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. While the company mentioned that 32GB, 64GB and 128GB options for the phones would be available, they're listing the Edge variant with just 64GB and 128GB options for the UK. That could suggest the Edge variant will come with 64GB as standard.

galaxy s6 edge variants

One plausible explanation could be that the S6 Edge will have a higher base cost than the normal edition so Samsung decided it would be best to give people more for their money. We've seen that pricing model in the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Samsung Galaxy Note Edge so it wouldn't be a shock to see it repeated here.

Of course, we could just be jumping way ahead of ourselves and this could all be a mistake. It's also worth remembering that this could specifically be for the UK and we might not see the same structuring for other markets. We'll do our darnedest to find out from Samsung themselves, though, and will update this post if we find out anything more.

[via SamMobile]

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AudioField: MP3 Voice Recorder – advanced sound recording app

Posted: 03 Mar 2015 05:37 AM PST

AudioField: MP3 Voice Recorder is an advanced sound recording application that produces high quality recordings and provides basic editing tools. It is designed for businessmen, reporters, students, tutors, sound engineers, and anyone else who needs to manage and share voice memos with simplicity. Powerful recording engine AudioField encodes "on the fly" while the audio is... View Article

AudioField: MP3 Voice Recorder – advanced sound recording app is a post from: AndroidTapp

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Pebble Time Steel hits Kickstarter today for $250, starts shipping in July

Posted: 03 Mar 2015 05:21 AM PST

The $299 Pebble Time Steel starts shipping in July and will be available in silver, black, and gold. Early birds can pre-order via Kickstarter today for $250.

Just a week ago, Pebble Time launched on Kickstarter and became the fastest growing crowd-funding project in history. Raising well over their $500,000 goal, massive interest has already been shown in the next-generation device from Pebble. Today at Mobile World Congress, Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky unveiled a second version of the device, the $299 Pebble Time Steel.

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In pictures: Galaxy S6 TouchWiz versus the previous generation

Posted: 03 Mar 2015 04:52 AM PST

Samsung hasn't just overhauled its smartphone hardware in the new Galaxy S6. The company's TouchWiz UI has also received some much-needed attention. It's much faster than before, with slicker animations and a clear Material Design influence. We've already seen some movement in this direction through the Galaxy S5's Lollipop update, but the differences between the two generations of Samsung UI are pretty striking, even when compared with a fully updated GS5.

We've been playing with the Galaxy S5 here at Mobile World Congress, and we've had a chance to see all the little changes Samsung's made to TouchWiz. Some are major, some are minor; you'll find the more notable ones in our photo essay after the break.

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Google Play is celebrating its third birthday with apps, music, and move sale

Posted: 03 Mar 2015 04:42 AM PST

These are Samsung's first Galaxy S6 and S6 edge accessories

Posted: 03 Mar 2015 04:21 AM PST

The Galaxy S6 and S6 edge are thin and covered in glass — that may make you want a case.

Samsung's no stranger to offering a variety of first-party cases for its devices while also partnering with known brands for more "fashionable" choices, and that's the case here with the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. Though Samsung hasn't yet listed all of its accessories for sale considering we're a month out from the phone's release, we've had a chance to see and use a few of the initial offerings.

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Lenovo's Pocket Projector is an affordable way to pump videos to your wall (or ceiling)

Posted: 03 Mar 2015 04:21 AM PST

Whether it's in the kids' play room or the boss' boardroom, the Lenovo Pocket Projector is a quick, easy and affordable way to up-size videos for group viewing.

It used to be the only folks who carried around those little pocket projectors were those who got paid to do it — road warriors who have to be able to give presentations whenever, wherever. And they were either big and clunky, or smallish and expensive. Lenovo's got the best of both worlds in its Pocket Projector, making its debut at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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Game of phones: 2014 was the year Apple dethroned Samsung

Posted: 03 Mar 2015 03:54 AM PST

2014 was the year Apple took the lead against Samsung. Photo: HBO/Cult of Android Of the smartphone stories which played out in 2014, two of the biggest were the triumph of Apple's iPhone 6, which sold a massive 10 million+ units in its opening weekend alone, and the faltering of Samsung, which fell from the dominant position it had enjoyed since 2011. Today, a new report from Gartner (paywall)

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Lenovo Vibe Shot hands-on: It's all about the camera

Posted: 03 Mar 2015 03:52 AM PST

Lenovo puts its focus on the camera with the 16-megapixel Vibe Shot. It's as much smartphone as it is camera, perhaps, but it's clear this one's intended to be the only shooter you need.

Lenovo's brought a couple of new phones to Mobile World Congress this year, and the Vibe Shot (as the name suggests) is bringing some serious tech to the back of the phone. This guy's got a 16-megpixel camera (using a Samsung sensor and f/2.2 lens) with optical image stabilization that Lenovo says could well serve as the only camera you need.

The Vive Shot has some interesting controls, starting with the hardware.

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Google’s got a slam dunk with their latest Android commercial

Posted: 03 Mar 2015 03:13 AM PST

Samsung is confident Galaxy S6 will be a sales hit

Posted: 03 Mar 2015 02:15 AM PST

Report: Galaxy S6 Edge could start from 64GB in the UK

Posted: 03 Mar 2015 01:55 AM PST

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