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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Android Match

Android Match

Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge already receive record pre-orders

Posted: 08 Mar 2015 04:39 PM PDT

[Deal] New subscribers can get 3-months of Play Music All Access for $3

Posted: 08 Mar 2015 04:18 PM PDT


If you're still in the market for a subscription based music service then you may want to pay attention. Currently, Google is offering a brand new deal that allows new subscribers three months of All Access (and YouTube Music Key) for just $3. That's right, for what you'll pay for a cup of fancy coffee, you'll get yourself access to Google's powerhouse of a service. Of course, once the three months end, you'll have to pay $9.99 a month, but that's par for the course.

If you sign up you'll get unlimited access to Google's growing catalog of music, plus no advertising on streaming music videos in YouTube, curated radio stations and the benefit of being able to store 50,000 songs (though that's part of using Google Play Music free of charge, too). All you have to do is sign up here. Enjoy!

source: Slick Deals

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Android Match

HTC has a plan to get you to purchase a One M9 over the iPhone

Posted: 08 Mar 2015 04:18 PM PDT


It looks like HTC has a plan to tackle the high-end smartphone market. As we all know, HTC has been working hard at building a gorgeous phone over the last few years and with general success at doing so. Even so, HTC hasn't been able to chip into the Apple/Samsung dominated smartphone market and as such HTC must show how the One M9 differentiates itself from both Android phones and the iPhone 6. Well, HTC Americas president Jason Mackenzie seems to to know this and has hinted that HTC has a plan in place to do so.

In a Business Insider interview at MWC this year, Mackenzie teased an upcoming announcement that will come in ahead of the M9 launch later this spring that will help HTC push the One M9. It's an announcement that we'll get later this month. Here's what he said.

"When I look at the flagship [the M9], I see we're building the most premium device," Mackenzie said. "But I can't stop there. We have a huge announcement in middle to late march around extreme differentiation between Samsung and the iPhone. It solves key pain points."

We're not sure what it is as it could mean a whole number of things and given that Mackenzie was mum about what those plans were, we're a few weeks away from finding out. As always, we'll update you when we know more.

source: Business Insider

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Android Match

Weekly poll results: Does the microSD slot still matter?

Posted: 08 Mar 2015 03:22 PM PDT

The microSD slot may not be as necessary as before, but to some users, it's still very much a dealbreaker.

Samsung's announcement in Barcelona that the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are not going to have a a microSD card slot or a removable battery was a bit of a surprise to some of us — or maybe just me. We knew that this would break the hearts of many a faithful Samsung user would break at this news, and so this week's poll was set.

Android Match

[App Roundup] Our Top Seven Picks For The Best New Apps Of February 2015

Posted: 08 Mar 2015 01:51 PM PDT

nexusae0_ic_thumb_thumbFebruary saw some considerable new apps, both in terms of new services like YouTube Kids and Sling TV, and in expanded tools like PhotoMath and Microsoft's first custom keyboard for Android. If you find it hard to see the tiny type on your new ultra-high-res phone, check out BIG Notifications. Below are our top seven picks from last month, along with some honorable mentions.


YouTube Kids

Android Police coverage: [APK Download] YouTube Kids Is Official, Adorable, And Now Available On Google Play [Hands-On]

YouTube is great.

Read More

[App Roundup] Our Top Seven Picks For The Best New Apps Of February 2015 was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

Android Match

[Game Roundup] Our Top Seven Picks For The Best New Games Of February 2015

Posted: 08 Mar 2015 01:51 PM PDT

nexusae0_icon_thumb1_thumbDear readers: I have a confession to make. I completely forgot about our monthly best-of games series, because when the event came up on the calendar I was busy drooling over the new SHIELD set-top box and other Game Developers Conference-related stuff in San Francisco. Here, belated but hopefully still appreciated, are my picks for the top seven Android games of last month and a few honorable mentions.



Android Police coverage: Creepy Platformer And Steam Favorite LIMBO Crawls Into The Play Store For $5

LIMBO is a platformer and puzzler favorite among the Steam and console download crowd.

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[Game Roundup] Our Top Seven Picks For The Best New Games Of February 2015 was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

Android Match

AC editors' apps of the week: Evoland, Autowear, Yahoo Weather and more

Posted: 08 Mar 2015 01:21 PM PDT

Our weekly app picks

It's Appday Sunday and that means we're back with more of our favorites to share. Every week we bring a handful of great apps to the table and share them with everyone. Sometimes they are new apps, sometimes old standards, but every time they are apps we love to use.

Give these a look and then take a minute to tell us all about the apps you are using and love so we can give them a try. We all find some of our favorites right in the comments on these posts!

Android Match

10 Android photography tips for beginners

Posted: 08 Mar 2015 10:22 AM PDT

Make the most out of the camera you have with you

There's an old saying about there being no such thing as a bad camera, only a bad photographer. While we aren't going to go that far, we can say that most any Android phone has a camera that can take great pictures — once you learn how things work and take a little time to do them.

Getting a good action-shot as it happens is an art to itself, but for those times when you want to take a few minutes and get the best picture possible we've got a handful of tips that can help.

Android Match

From the Editor's Desk: Wish you were here ...

Posted: 08 Mar 2015 08:07 AM PDT

A week ago today we were running all over Barcelona in one of the more insane days of coverage in recent memory. So many devices, companies and events. So how'd we do?

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Save 20% today on these Nexus 6 skin cases

Posted: 08 Mar 2015 07:52 AM PDT

Made from multiple thermoacrylics, this Nexus 6 skin case is highly elastic and resistant to oils. Say goodbye to annoying fingerprints! The back features a matte finish with a glossy edging that enhances the grip around your device. Available in black or white today for only $7.95!

Android Match

The Huawei Watch is michievously priced at €999/$1083 on Amazon.de pre-order page

Posted: 08 Mar 2015 07:32 AM PDT

Huawei Watch silver Amazon.de Electronics A few days ago, we ran a story refuting the rumour that the Huawei Watch might be retailing for $1000. However, Amazon.de now has the Huawei Watch available to pre-order for €999 ($1083), which is an eye-watering amount to spend for an Android Wear smartwatch. As you can probably tell though, all is not as it seems.

Unsurprisingly, this (€999/$1083) pre-order price is just a placeholder, as alluded to by the Important Note from Amazon on the listing page:

"There is no suggested retail price of pages of the manufacturer. The Amazon selling price can therefore change."

It's something that Amazon often do with pre-order items, placing wildly unrealistic price tags on items with no official retail value so that the online retailer isn't out of pocket when the actual price is revealed. It's just a matter of waiting for Huawei to announce an official price for the smartwatch. Whatever the official price for the Huawei Watch turns out to be, it's extremely doubtful that it will be priced anywhere near the $1000 figure. Even the gold variant with its 3 ounces of 24-karat gold will be much, much cheaper than that.

Source: Amazon.de

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HTC Sense 7.0 - Wallpapers

Posted: 08 Mar 2015 06:49 AM PDT

Earlier today you had a chance to read more details about HTC Sense 7.0 custom navigation bar. You are already familiar with the new HTC Sense Themes too, and now we want to show you brand new HTC wallpapers you can find in the newest Sense UI. Of course it's nothing really major, but I enjoy exploring new HTC Sense 7.0 features and sharing it with you!

At the end of this article you can find a download link with all presented wallpapers.

Do you have any questions or comments? Feel free to share! Also, if you like this article, please use media sharing buttons (Twitter, G+, Facebook) below this post!

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Android Match

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge international giveaway!

Posted: 08 Mar 2015 03:25 AM PDT

HTC: T-Mobile One M7′s Lollipop update coming March 10

Posted: 07 Mar 2015 08:30 PM PST

If you're still rocking an HTC One M7 on T-Mobile, the next week is going to be an exciting one for you.

HTC's Mo Versi has revealed that the T-Mobile One M7's update to Android 5.0 has received technical approval and that the update will begin rolling out on Tuesday, March 10. If other recent HTC Lollipop updates are any indication, the T-Mo One M7's update will include goodies like Android 5.0-style notifications, a refreshed Recent Apps page, and the ability to search in the Settings app.

HTC may have missed its self-imposed 90-day Lollipop update goal for its One devices, but the company has been on a bit of a roll with the Android 5.0 updates recently. Now T-Mobile's One M7 is next in line to get Lollipop, an update that ought to take owners' minds off the new One M9 for at least a little bit.

Android Match

Market share numbers for January show almost no changes from last year

Posted: 07 Mar 2015 07:47 PM PST

market share ComScore has reported their numbers for the US smartphone market share for November 2014 through January 2015. The numbers are almost identical to how things looked three months ago, with Apple claiming the top spot, Samsung close at #2, and LG, Motorola, and HTC pulling up the next three places.

In total market share, Apple still held the crown, but their numbers dipped by roughly half a percent. Samsung's market share sat at 29.3%, which was exactly the same in October of 2014, and Motorola's market didn't grow or shrink either. LG showed some improvement, but HTC took a slight dip.

As far as operating systems go, Android is still the top dog with over half of the market, but that's split up among several manufacturers. These numbers look a little different globally, but in the US, Apple still holds an edge over Android OEMs.

source: ComScore

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