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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Android Match

Android Match

Let's talk about the Nexus 6

Posted: 18 Apr 2015 12:52 PM PDT

A big phone means there's a lot to love. Or hate.

It's high time we talk about the Nexus 6 some more. Major device releases have everyone talking about the Samsung Galaxy S6 or the HTC One M9 or even what's in store from LG with the G4, but we can't forget what many feel is the best Android ever. The S6 and the M9 (and probably the G4) are very nice phones all around — though nothing is perfect — but for many, they're just not a Nexus. That doesn't mean they aren't great. But this is going to be all about the Nexus 6 and the things we love about it. And the things we hate about it.

Android Match

T-Mobile HTC One M9 software update brings phone in line with international models

Posted: 18 Apr 2015 12:22 PM PDT

The T-Mobile version of the HTC One M9 is getting a small OTA that brings some camera improvements to the smartphone, among other things.

The update is just 88MB and the change notes on T-Mobile's support page show that it brings some camera, Blinkfeed and user experience improvements to the HTC One M9.

Android Match

[APK Teardown] Drive, Docs, Sheets, And Slides Will Soon Offer Templates, Presentations Via Hangouts, Contact Chips For Collaborators, And A Secret Next-Gen UI (Maybe...)

Posted: 18 Apr 2015 10:50 AM PDT


Update Wednesday hit like a ton of bricks, this week. It didn't help that it also happened to land on tax day in the United States. Not only were there new versions for about a dozen apps from Google, but a couple of new ones joined mix. Yet again, Drive and its associated document editing apps are gracing the Teardown stage with even more new improvements on the horizon. This time, we get to see that Drive is getting a chip-based interface for adding collaborators, Slides will allow for presentations over Hangouts, all of the editors are going to have stylized templates, and there might even be a Secret Next-Gen UI on the way (but probably not).

Read More

[APK Teardown] Drive, Docs, Sheets, And Slides Will Soon Offer Templates, Presentations Via Hangouts, Contact Chips For Collaborators, And A Secret Next-Gen UI (Maybe...) was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

Android Match

How to block app notifications from your Android Wear watch

Posted: 18 Apr 2015 10:07 AM PDT

Smartwatches can keep us more connected than ever, bringing notifications to our wrists, but that blessing can turn into a curse.

An intrusive or overbearing app can make your Android Wear experience a pestilence, whether it means to or not, but thankfully, there is something you can do about it. It's called the Block app notification list — but we just call it the blacklist — and you can use it to screen apps from your watch and make sure that when your wrist buzzes at you, it's something important, and not just a reminder that you're regenerated all of your lives in your game of the week.

Here's how to banish an app from your watch.

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5 Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week! – Android Apps Weekly

Posted: 18 Apr 2015 09:24 AM PDT

Hello Games lets Joe Danger drive and leap its way to Android

Posted: 18 Apr 2015 09:22 AM PDT

Joe Danger, the fun arcade driving-side scrolling game from developer Hello Games, has finally made its way to Android devices for the price of $2.86.

The game was first released way back in 2010 for the PlayStation 3 and has since been released for the Xbox 360, Windows, the PlayStation Vita and iOS platforms.

Android Match

The 7th Guest is revamped with new graphics and features for its Android debut

Posted: 18 Apr 2015 07:39 AM PDT

The 7th Guest, the classic supernatural adventure game, is making its Android debut in a "remastered" edition with lots of new features and improved graphics.

The game was first released by developer Trilobyte back in 1993 for the PC exclusively on CD-ROMs, and was a massive hit at the time. In fact, it helped to boost the use of CD-ROM drives (remember those?) overall in PCs.

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Galaxy S6 Edge vs Huawei P8 – hands on

Posted: 18 Apr 2015 07:14 AM PDT

Protect your HTC One M9 with this hybrid case with kickstand — only $4.95 today!

Posted: 18 Apr 2015 06:08 AM PDT

This hybrid case provides serious protection against drops and scratches while sporting a built-in kickstand that can be used for watching movies and more. The inner-most layer is made of a shock absorbing silicone that sits underneath a thick plastic exterior. Get an even closer look with our hands-on review of this cover.

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Inside themes in Sense 7 and the HTC One M9

Posted: 18 Apr 2015 06:08 AM PDT

HTC's new theming community is a powerful and relatively easy way to customize your phone.

One of the more exciting (yet imperfect) features on the HTC One M9 and a major part of the new Sense 7 is the use of themes. Back in the day it would take some pretty serious hackery to theme a phone. Then custom ROMs started to bake in theming. And finally the manufacturers have gotten into the game.

If you've never been into theming your phone, this is a good time to take a look.

So ... let's take a look.

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Groupon is holding a fantastic promotion on the Chromecast [Deal]

Posted: 18 Apr 2015 06:03 AM PDT

Chromecast_dongle (1)

If you haven't got your hands on a Chromecast yet, but have been meaning to do so, you may like to know that you can currently grab one for just $20 from Groupon. The company is also offering complimentary shipping and won't be charging any sales tax, making this an unmissable deal.

Hit the source link below to find out more.

Source: Groupon

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OnePlus To Announce Something On April 20th

Posted: 17 Apr 2015 09:49 PM PDT


OnePlus revealed today that they have plans to announce something worthy of an announcement on Monday, April 20th, while being as vague as possible.

It could either be some sort of new software feature or improvement added to the OnePlus One's build of CyanogenMod, or it could in fact be a new hardware option. But do remember that the CEO of the company has already stated the release of their next flagship smartphone to be in the 3rd quarter of this year.

He also hinted at the possibility of a cheaper version of the phone coming later this year as well, but an announcement of one or both devices earlier than release totally makes sense as it's been a year since the OnePlus One was unveiled in April. The specs of the next OnePlus One could include the following: 5.5-inch QHD display, Snapdragon 810 SoC, 3GB or 4GB of RAM, and even a fingerprint sensor.


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Google Play Service 7.3 update brings trusted places UI [APK Download]

Posted: 17 Apr 2015 09:34 PM PDT

Google_Play_Services_Splash_Banner Google has updated their Play Services app to version 7.3 with a few new features, notably one adding a user interface for trusted places.

This UI will let you select an area as "trusted" within a ring, which will disable security features in that zone. This would be useful if you wanted to remove your password on your lock screen at home but keep it on everywhere else.

Another new trick is the ability to dismiss Android Wear notifications. Prior to this update, a connected Android Wear device would put a permanent notification in your notification bar. This might not have bothered some people, but others like a clean notification shade, so being able to swipe it away is handy.

If you don't want to wait for the update to roll out to your device, you can grab the apk below.

source: Android Police

APK Download

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Android Match

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