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Monday, April 6, 2015

Android Match

Android Match

US Cellular has released Android 5.0.1 Lollipop for the Samsung Galaxy S5

Posted: 06 Apr 2015 03:34 PM PDT

Samsung Galaxy S5 back DSC05780

It hasn't been too long since we last saw a Lollipop update head out to the Samsung Galaxy S5. After Verizon pushed, pulled, and then last week re-pushed Lollipop out to the Galaxy S5, we're now seeing another carrier give the S5 some update love.

In what shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone, trailing behind once again is US Cellular. As revealed on their software updates page, US Cellular is now officially ready to push out Android 5.0.1 Lollipop to Galaxy S5 handsets on their network and with it, all the features and enhancements (for better or worse) that were introduced in Lollipop. Here's what you can expect from software version OG900R4VXU1BOC1:

  • Material Design – The new operating system has a new look and feel that is colorful and fresh. Your experience will include more fluid animations along with improved applications and personalization options like themes, colors and widgets.

  • Your device, your rules – For fewer worries and disruptions, adjust your settings so only certain people and notifications get through. When it's important, respond directly from your lock screen.

  • More ways to secure your device – Share your device securely with guest user mode. Or create multiple user accounts to enable friends to log in on your device. In either case, no one will be able to access any of your stuff. And you can use Android Smart Lock to secure your phone or tablet by pairing it with a trusted device like your wearable or even your car.

  • Pick up where you left off – The songs, photos, apps, and even recent searches from one of your Android devices can be immediately enjoyed across all of your Android devices.

One thing Lollipop for the S5 is missing? The lighter, more streamlined TouchWiz user interface as found on the Galaxy S6. We can't for the life of us figure out why Samsung wont bring this to their older devices, but if there was ever a time to do their customers a solid, it was during a major software update like Android 5.0. What a shame.

[US Cellular]

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Ginger Keyboard: Emoji, Themes

Posted: 06 Apr 2015 02:52 PM PDT

Ginger's Android Keyboard is available for free download in the Play Store, where it is one of the most popular apps in the productivity category. The app was recently updated to include a new feature called "Entertain" – allowing users to play games and read the latest headlines without leaving their messaging interaction. "Entertain" enables... View Article

Ginger Keyboard: Emoji, Themes is a post from: AndroidTapp

The post Ginger Keyboard: Emoji, Themes appeared first on AndroidTapp.

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The Big Android Meat and Greet in pictures

Posted: 06 Apr 2015 02:22 PM PDT

Developers, enthusiasts, friends, and the desire to see ideas come to life. Oh, and meat. So much meat.

There are hackathons, backyard get togethers, developer summits, and programming sessions for beginners all over the world, all the time. Some of them are fantastic, but none of them are all of these things at once. It's one of the things that has always made the annual Big Android BBQ event in Texas so special, and these new one-day events the IDEAA team has started over the past year exist as unique micro-scale versions of these events. This past weekend, Old Town Alexandria, Va played host to the first east coast version of these smaller events, the Big Android Meat and Greet.

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You can now pre-order the Razer Forge TV from Amazon for $150

Posted: 06 Apr 2015 02:22 PM PDT

Mailbox Goes Material Design In Version 2.0

Posted: 06 Apr 2015 02:20 PM PDT

Mailbox-Thumb Dropbox's Mailbox email client has always been relatively simple and stylish, but the latest version of the app pushes it further in both directions. For the big 2.0, Mailbox is going material.

The side navigation menu slides out over the action bar, and a floating action button hovers in the bottom right corner. Excess lines have been stripped from various areas of the app, leaving more whitespace and, well, lots of white in general.

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Mailbox Goes Material Design In Version 2.0 was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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US Cellular flips the switch on Samsung Galaxy S5 Lollipop update

Posted: 06 Apr 2015 01:53 PM PDT

Samsung Galaxy S5 users on US Cellular will be delighted to know that they are now pushing out the Lollipop update.

Lollipop has been rolling out for the Samsung Galaxy S5 across various carriers, and US Cellular is the latest to join in. Owners of the Galaxy S5 will begin seeing Android 5.0.1 hit their device through an over-the-air update.

Android Match

Snapchat shows your friendship status using emoji, Android update likely coming soon

Posted: 06 Apr 2015 01:47 PM PDT

Snapchat friend emoji explained

Snapchat is quietly rolling out an update to their popular messaging application. The app now shows you the status of your friendship using "Friend Emoji," these are little emoji that appear right along side your most frequently chatted contacts. You wont find any announcement post on their blog, with Snapchat revealing the news via the Discovery section in their app. Here's the full skinny according to TechCrunch :

Humble Mobile Bundle 11 now available with 80 Days, Riddick: The Merc Files and more

Posted: 06 Apr 2015 01:21 PM PDT

Playworld Superheroes Turns Your Pretend Cardboard Helmet Into A Full-Blown Superhero Costume, Complete With Powers, For $3.99

Posted: 06 Apr 2015 01:06 PM PDT

PlayworldSuperheroes-Thumb Playworld Superheroes serves as an example that a game aimed for kids doesn't have to be second rate.

This immersive title gives players a chance to create their own superhero, much the way many of us have done in our childhood years. You create an imaginary costume using whatever household supplies you have lying around―whether that be a cardboard box or some stickers—and apply crayons and glue. Then you watch as the game turns your haphazard creation into a full-blown, customized suit of armor.

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Playworld Superheroes Turns Your Pretend Cardboard Helmet Into A Full-Blown Superhero Costume, Complete With Powers, For $3.99 was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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A brief interview with Dr. Joe Cohen on patient data and mobile devices

Posted: 06 Apr 2015 01:06 PM PDT

Apparently it takes a Physician to develop Physician-focused software. Who knew.

Dr. Joe Cohen isn't exactly what you'd expect when someone says they're about to introduce you to a Pediatrician. As a father of three in the middle of an Android-focused geek event like the Big Android Meat and Greet, the snarky, grinning, friendly individual standing in front of me — with Google Glass on his face, a Moto 360 on his wrist, and a vape in his hand — was certainly not like any Pediatrician I had ever met. Dr. Joe was at this event to talk about a software platform he's been working on, and his team had created a series of software challenges to both participate in the hackathon aspect of the event and help demystify the nature of secure medical information on mobile devices.

It turns out that last part is incredibly important, and in carrying the torch for his own platform it would appear Dr. Joe is well on his way to advancing the state of digital medical record keeping for patients and doctors alike.

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Camera shootout: Galaxy S6 Edge, HTC One M9, iPhone 6 Plus and Xperia Z3

Posted: 06 Apr 2015 12:59 PM PDT

Kingdom Rush Origins, Bounden, Auro, more included in latest Humble Bundle

Posted: 06 Apr 2015 12:51 PM PDT

Looking to pick up some Android games on the cheap? You're in luck, as Humble Bundle is back with a fresh package of 6 titles.

Humble Mobile Bundle 11 brings a pack of 6 Android games for the low price of pay-waht-you-want.

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Is Google bringing Android and Chrome OS together?

Posted: 06 Apr 2015 12:49 PM PDT

Samsung’s crazy egg-shaped speaker delivers radiant sound to every seat

Posted: 06 Apr 2015 12:35 PM PDT


What looks like an egg, could be found on The Jetsons, and produces pretty decent sound? The Samsung Radiant 360 speaker. This thing might look a little weird, but it's actually a nifty device. Samsung unveiled the device back at CES and now they've announced it will go on sale later this month for $500.

The Radiant 360 has been designed to use Samsung's "Ring Radiator" technology. It can deliver balanced audio within a 360-degree radius. You can set it up anywhere and it will deliver sound to every corner of the room. You don't have to worry about where it sits or points. The odd shape of the speaker also helps even disperse the sound.

Since this is a Samsung product you can bet it works with tons of other Samsung devices. The Radiant 360 can integrate with other speakers, and with Samsung's audio app you can wirelessly control the music and rooms. This device would also be perfect as something like the Amazon Echo. A centralized hub that can answer questions and perform basic tasks. Samsung hasn't annonced anything like that, but we could see it in the future.

What do you thin of this crazy-looking device?

[via Digital Trends]

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Amazon is taking pre-orders for Razer Forge Android TV box for $150

Posted: 06 Apr 2015 12:07 PM PDT

Amazon has started taking pre-orders for the Razer Forge Android TV-based set-top box, combined with a game controller for $149.99.

Razer officially announced the Forge set-top box at CES 2015 in January but since then the company has been quiet about its specific launch plans for the device.

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The Humble Mobile Bundle 11 Arrives With Bounden, 80 Days, Kingdom Rush Origins, And More

Posted: 06 Apr 2015 12:05 PM PDT

hb The latest installment of the Humble Mobile Bundle is now available for purchase, and that means you should get your wallet ready. So far there are six awesome games, with more on the way. It can all be yours for a few bucks.

2015-04-06 13_30_42-Humble Mobile Bundle 11 (pay what you want and help charity)

The bundle so far offers Bounden, Auro, and Avernium: Escape from the Pit in the basic tier. You can get these paying any amount. Pay above the average and you'll get 80 Days, Kingdom Rush Origins, and Riddick: The Merc Files.

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The Humble Mobile Bundle 11 Arrives With Bounden, 80 Days, Kingdom Rush Origins, And More was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Razer's Forge TV Bundle Is Up For Pre-Order On Amazon, Release Date Set For May 1st

Posted: 06 Apr 2015 11:06 AM PDT

51zQ IYaEAL._SL1024_ Let's be honest here: the hasn't been much movement for Android TV since the Nexus Player was released way back in November. Though Sony has committed to using ATV in its upcoming smart TVs, the actual availability of Google's latest set-top box is depressingly low. But two gaming-centric Android TV units are on the horizon, and one of them is from veteran PC accessory vendor Razer. The Forge TV now has an unconfirmed release date (May 1st) and at least one pre-order retailer (Amazon).

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Razer's Forge TV Bundle Is Up For Pre-Order On Amazon, Release Date Set For May 1st was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Pixel OFF Turns Some Screen Pixels Black To Save Battery Power On Devices With AMOLED Screens

Posted: 06 Apr 2015 11:06 AM PDT

unnamed (2) Have you ever wondered why the blacks on your Samsung phone look so, well, black? Ask your nearest videophile, and he or she will tell you that it's because AMOLED screens emit no light from pixels when they're assigned to draw the "black" color. It's black because the pixel is almost literally turned off. By the same token, an AMOLED pixel displaying black will also draw almost no electrical power. So AMOLED phones with black wallpapers or black-themed apps can, at least theoretically, boost their battery life significantly.

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Pixel OFF Turns Some Screen Pixels Black To Save Battery Power On Devices With AMOLED Screens was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Moto 360 successor may have leaked again, render shows full 360-degree display (no flat tire) and new watch strap design

Posted: 06 Apr 2015 11:03 AM PDT

Moto 360 DSC06955

It was 3 weeks ago we got a sneak peek at what could have been a Moto 360 successor courtesy of a Lenovo exec showing off prototypes on the Chinese blogging site, Weibo. More recently, details of the device of what could be the Moto 360 2015 — codename Smelt — were uncovered by us, with the device boasting a 360×360 display.

Today, new alleged image of the watch is making the rounds and once again, comes to us from the Weibo. Now, it's unclear where this person obtained the image, or even if its legit, but it does show a render of a watch that looks extremely similar to what the Lenovo exec was showing off the other day.

Moto 360 2015 leak

The image shows a very similar disc/hockey puck-like design, with new watch straps that feature metal attachable arms. It's interesting because the previously leaked photos of the prototype device also had arms, but they were attached the smartwatch's metal frame. These are more like inserts.

Also worth pointing out is the physical button is smack dab in the center, like last year's model and not off towards the top as in the previous leak. You'll also notice the the "flat tire" bezel, which housed the watch's display drivers, is also not present in this render, which we admit looks great.

As is the case with most "leaks," take this with a huge grain of salt. It's been a little over a year since the original Moto 360 was officially announced, so we bet we'll be seeing more of this Moto 360 2015 in the coming weeks.


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ZTE launches the Blade S6 Plus globally on eBay

Posted: 06 Apr 2015 10:53 AM PDT

LG mocks Samsung for its BendGate problems

Posted: 06 Apr 2015 10:53 AM PDT

The Galaxy S6 will bend and break. Photo: SquareTrade The Samsung Galaxy S6 is a giant iPhone 6 ripoff. And like Apple's bigger-than-big devices, it also comes with some bending problems. Tests have found that the Galaxy S6 Edge is just as easy to bend as the iPhone 6 Plus, only its display is even more likely to crack. Samsung finally responded today, claiming

The post LG mocks Samsung for its BendGate problems appeared first on Cult of Android.

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More evidence Motorola improving resolution on next Moto 360 version

Posted: 06 Apr 2015 10:37 AM PDT


A new leak regarding the next generation Motorola Moto 360 indicates the company has plans to increase the resolution of the screen to 360 by 360. This is not the first time this screen resolution has surfaced in connection with the new Moto 360. Recently, a device named "Smelt" showed up on a developer's console with the same 360 x 360 resolution. This new resolution means the screen should look a little better and also hints that Motorola may have figured out a way to get rid of the lip on the screen.

Being able to take advantage of a full circle without a small blank space at the "bottom" of the screen would help Motorola address one of the annoyances they have dealt with regarding their round-faced smartwatch. A previous leak by Lenovo's CEO hinted that Motorola may have figured out a way around this issue. The fact that the new resolution is a full "square" versus the current generation's 320 x 290 "rectangular" resolution seems to support this theory that Motorola will be eliminating the blank space.

An image of a device on Weibo accompanying the claimed resolution spec, an image that one would assume is a rendering of the next Moto 360, shows the face taking up the full screen.

Thus far we have not seen any leaks concerning improvements to the rest of the hardware that make up Motorola's entry in the smartwatch market. Based on what Lenovo's CEO posted, the company does seem intent on making customization more accessible for the device. Such a move would be consistent with Motorola's other devices and their Moto Maker platform to help customers make their mobile devices somewhat unique.

source: Weibo

via: SlashGear

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Top 5 heavy duty cases for HTC One M9

Posted: 06 Apr 2015 10:21 AM PDT

Searching for a rugged HTC One M9 case that can take a beating? You've come to the right place.

Designed to mitigate damage better than anything else out there, these cases for HTC One M9 are packed with layer upon layer of solid protection, inside and out. While some are bulkier than your standard skin case or hard case, they serve their purpose in absorbing impacts so your HTC One M9 doesn't have to.

There are a number of cases for HTC One M9 already available, but we've selected the ones that stand out and above the rest. Jump past the break to get the full line-up.

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Google working on small wireless network project in overseas markets

Posted: 06 Apr 2015 10:18 AM PDT

The Google Shop

Sources have revealed that Google is engaged in talks with Hong Kong conglomerate Hutchison Whampoa, owner of U.K. wireless carrier Three, to establish a "small scale" mobile network. The network does not appear to be one that consumers could sign up for regular service, serving instead as a means for U.S. travelers to use their phones while traveling abroad without incurring expensive international charges. Ultimately the wireless service in overseas locations would be tied back to Google's attempt to create a U.S.-based mobile network to compete with the existing major carriers.

The ability to offer international calling and data support at no-cost or at a very low cost would put Google in a position to put some pressure on U.S. carriers. Sources suggest Google is interested in driving major carriers to reduce their pricing for services so the profit margin is more in line with overseas carriers. This makes sense for Google who would want access to be as cheap as possible so as to keep more customers online using Google services.

Besides the price pressure Google may eventually bring to bear, sources think Google's move may also put more pressure on carriers to create more extensive coverage with WiFi based hotspots. Consumers may also see more pressure on carriers to reduce or eliminate roaming charges. Three is already pushing for their elimination and it appears European regulators may be planning to address the issue as well.

source: The Telegraph

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Facebook begins testing WhatsApp integration

Posted: 06 Apr 2015 10:06 AM PDT

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