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Monday, May 4, 2015

Android Match

Android Match

Shuddle Arrives In The Play Store Toting A Hectic Group Of Kids From San Francisco

Posted: 04 May 2015 02:50 PM PDT

Shuddle-ThumbWhen you're hitting up the city and need to get from point A to point B, you turn to Uber. When you're looking to transport your kids, you turn to Shuddle. Fortunately, the service is now opening its doors to Android-using families.

Never heard of Shuddle? I understand. That's because it isn't available in your area (or mine either). In what should surprise no one, its drivers only navigate around the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Shuddle Arrives In The Play Store Toting A Hectic Group Of Kids From San Francisco was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Rounds Video Chat & Group Call

Posted: 04 May 2015 02:37 PM PDT

Rounds Video Chat - Menu

Rounds Video Chat & Group Call makes it fun & easy to connect with friends and family. Video call one or a group of friends at once- same with group text messaging. Rounds makes video chatting humorous with the addition of doodling, games and more. Let's delve more in this review! Price: Free Tested on: Samsung Galaxy S5,... View Article

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Samsung and Samsonite working on smart suitcases linked to your smartphone

Posted: 04 May 2015 02:17 PM PDT

With everything from wearables to kitchen appliances getting the smart treatment, it's only a matter of time before even more mundane things get some fancy technology put into them. And now it seems the next step is smart luggage. Samsung and Samsonite have teamed up to create smart luggage, which will connect with your phone so you can check on it.

The luggage will have a GPS chip so you can track it between the plane and the carousel and it can let you know when you've strayed too far from it (or it has been moved away from you). There is also much more in store, with plans of self check-in luggage and even robot luggage in the future. Someday, Samsonite luggage might follow you around at six inches behind you so you don't have to pull it along.

While the GPS-capable luggage is absolutely a possibility, the rest is set for the future. There are prototypes with motors to ride it around, but it takes up a third of the luggage space and weighs 20 kilograms alone. So we'll have to wait for tag-along luggage and wait longer for luggage that doesn't run into everything on its way. But it's coming, so be prepared when luggage takes over the world.

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Sony camera sensor demand exceeding supply

Posted: 04 May 2015 02:17 PM PDT

It's no secret that Sony camera sensors are sought after. Every major smartphone has one, whether it's the Galaxy S6, iPhone 6, or many others. Even the smaller companies are trying to get Sony sensors in all their devices. Unfortunately, it seems that Sony has too much demand on its hands.

It is said that the upcoming iPhone 6C is going to feature a Sony sensor, and Sony has reserved a lot of sensors for the device. This leaves a big deficit in sensors for smaller companies like Huawei, ZTE, and Oppo that want them. It also may be the reason HTC went with a Toshiba sensor in the One M9, either due to low stock or Sony's way of dealing with the situation.

This could go many ways. Sony could start churning out more sensors, or start charging more for the same sensors due to massive demand. Looks like it's time for a competitive sensor manufacturer to start pushing its way into the market. Maybe Samsung? Let us know about your anger over that last controversial statement in the comments.

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Play Store 5.5 Brings A Spiffy Circular Animation To Page Transitions And Popular Opinion Review Blurbs [APK Download]

Posted: 04 May 2015 01:48 PM PDT

GooglePlayStore-ThumbWith Android 5.0, Google said it's not enough to make everything flat and colorful. The company injected animations into certain apps, and it has been rolling out more ever since.

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Play Store 5.5 Brings A Spiffy Circular Animation To Page Transitions And Popular Opinion Review Blurbs [APK Download] was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Top 5 most popular Android apps from last week: Messenger, Meerkat

Posted: 04 May 2015 01:18 PM PDT

Every week we cover new Android apps with Fresh Meat on Wednesday, followed by Android Gaming on Thursday and Top 10 App Updates on Friday. When Monday rolls around, we look back to see which apps were the most appealing to our audience. Read on for the five most popular Android apps from last week. These apps are ones that are most likely new and haven't appeared in the top five list more than three times.

1. Meerkat


App info: Meerkat allows you to live stream video from your phone to all of your Twitter followers at once. Press 'Stream', and instantly your live video stream shows up in your follower's Twitter feeds.


2.  Project Fi by Google

Project Fi by Google

App info: Project Fi is a new wireless experience from Google designed to help you get the highest-quality connection, enable easy communication across networks and devices, and make the service experience as simple as possible.


3. Chrome Dev

Chrome DEV

App info: Welcome to Chrome Dev for Android! Live on the bleeding edge: Try out our latest features. (They'll be rough around the edges!) Give early feedback: Let us know what you think and help make Chrome for Android a better browser.


4. Kanvas Keyboard

Kanvas Keyboard

App info: Introducing Kanvas Keyboard, the most creative keyboard in the world and it's 100% free! Easily share animated gifs and stickers as responses in any conversation.


5. Messenger


App info:  Stay in touch with friends and family. Messenger from Google is a communications app that helps you send and receive SMS and MMS messages to any phone.


Note:  To ensure that all apps receive a fair chance to make the list, we will retire any app that has made the list for three consecutive weeks.

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Samsung to release Iron Man-themed Galaxy S6

Posted: 04 May 2015 01:02 PM PDT

Samsung's partnership with Marvel has been quite prominent in the past, but it's about to be taken to a whole new level. Samsung has announced that it will be releasing an Iron Man-themed Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge. And while the photo above is just a render, the device shouldn't look drastically different.

Some Samsung executives were treated to a viewing of the new Avengers movie, and the Iron Man editions were announced soon after. Lee Young-hee, head of marketing for the mobile division, announced that they will be released in an (obviously) red color, and said further details will be worked out with Marvel.

This new edition of the devices will be released around the end of May or the beginning of June, which isn't too far off. If you've been planning to pick one of these devices up, you might want to wait for this special edition.

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Humble Mobile Bundle 12 Is Now Available With Spaceteam, Monument Valley, Blek, And More

Posted: 04 May 2015 12:50 PM PDT

hbThere's a new Humble Mobile Bundle today, and that means it's time to get some cheap games and support charity at the same time. The selection right out of the gate is good, but there are more games on the way as usual. You can probably get the bundle a little cheaper if you jump on it now.

There are two tiers in this bundle. You can pay any amount and unlock The Last Express, Spaceteam, and Tilt to Live 2: Redonkulous.

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Humble Mobile Bundle 12 Is Now Available With Spaceteam, Monument Valley, Blek, And More was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Comcast Releases Xfinity Share, Offering A Way To Stream Live Video From Your Phone To A TV

Posted: 04 May 2015 12:28 PM PDT

xComcast has had a rough couple of weeks with the implosion of the Time Warner merger. Maybe releasing a new feature will help it move past the disappointment? Xfinity Share is a tool that lets you stream pictures and video to a cable box, either yours or someone else's. This is part of the Xfinity X1 platform, so both you and the owner of the target box need to be subscribers.

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Comcast Releases Xfinity Share, Offering A Way To Stream Live Video From Your Phone To A TV was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Google acquires iOS calendar app Timeful, begins assimilating features

Posted: 04 May 2015 12:17 PM PDT

Timeful is an iOS calendar app that tries to make creating your schedule easier. You can tell Timeful about things you need to do and it will move them around to build a schedule. It even supports repeat events, like if you tell it you need to exercise three times a week. It also allows you to drag events around depending on where you need them.

Google has just purchased the company behind Timeful, which means all of that technology will soon be put to good use. While Google's current apps like Gmail and Calendar are pretty smart, they're not automated by any means. And seeing the smart features of Timeful would be pretty great. Google says that these features will be integrated into many of Google's apps, like Calendar, Inbox, and more.

While we won't be seeing improvements for a little while, it's exciting to see what Google can do with such smart features. Are you interested in a smarter calendar/schedule app? Leave a comment!

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Deals: UE Mini Boom, Roku Streaming Stick and Fitbit Flex

Posted: 04 May 2015 11:29 AM PDT

We don't inundate you with deals daily, but here's a few solid offers out there today that caught our eye.

The UE Mini Boom is the biggest deal of the day. It's the consensus pick for a smaller portable bluetooth speaker and available today for $69.99, which is $30 off retail and $10-15 off the typical asking price on Amazon. With 10 hours of battery life, great sound for the size and superior Bluetooth connectivity, this is a great choice for wireless music on the go.

If you haven't bit on the Chromecast due to the lack of a remote, then the Roku Streaming Stick might be the answer for you. At $39 today, it is 20 percent off the normal price and shares the same fantastic interface as the universally-loved Roku 3, but in a much more convenient form factor.

Last up we've got the Fitbit Flex. It's not one of the newest wearables around, but I was a fan when I reviewed it last year, and considering the simplicity is meant to be one of the advantages with the Flex, there actually isn't a lot you are losing versus a simple fitness tracker. You can snag it today for $79.99 rather than the $90+ it typically commands.

Almost all of these deals represent all-time low prices for these products, so don't worry about them becoming cheaper in a week or two.

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Google+ Collections are live now

Posted: 04 May 2015 11:18 AM PDT

The signal to noise ratio is high on just about every social networking site under the sun. And everybody's always looking for a good way to fix that. Google's solution on Google+ is live now in the form of curated feeds known as Collections.

Google+ Collections are pretty straight forward. Collections are hand-curated feeds that are topically based. For example someone might create a "New York" Collection, and from there that person will add relevant posts about New York to that Collection. There are multiple ways to start a Collection  — by using a dropdown menu on posts or creating a custom Collection by visiting the Collections tab and entering in key words — but they all function the same. Once a Collection is created, the look can be customized to include pictures and different colors.

To view Collections others have started, just visit the Collections page on Google+. Of course the content and quality Collections are based solely on those curating the Collection, but Google+ has a wealth of passionate power users that are sure to provide noteworthy Collections for some time to come.

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Lynk wants to add another layer of security to your device using a simple keychain

Posted: 04 May 2015 10:47 AM PDT

Halfway funded with almost a month to go on Indiegogo, Toronto startup Lynk wants to add another layer of security to your Android device using a square-shaped, multi-function keychain that will run you just $39 if you get in before the company's crowdfunding effort comes to an end.

Using Bluetooth and NFC, Lynk connects to your Android device to create a secure 128bit AES encryption layer using a custom authentication process. According to Lynk's Indeigogo campaign page, users won't have to worry about having any information hijacked from their device while using open, public Wi-Fi networks after connecting with Lynk. Lynk can also store private information, serve as a device retrieval tool with remote wipe capabilities, and function as a standalone NFC payment token.

There are already functioning beta units of Lynk up and running on Android today, and the final retail product is expected to be delivered by this July. If Lynk sounds like something that might interest you, head on over to the source Lynk below (get it?).

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HTC ‘M9e’ leaks with a plastic body and 20MP camera

Posted: 04 May 2015 08:48 AM PDT

The One M9 is still relatively new, but HTC's One M9+ was only unveiled at the beginning of April with slightly different specifications and a launch area based entirely in China. While it's not likely that the One M9+ will ever leave China, there's a new device that could see the light of day outside that region at some point in the future.

According to the TENAA certification database in China, the "M9e" is a plastic variant of the M9+ and it could launch outside of China whenever HTC does officially announce the smartphone. While it has a plastic shell, the rest of the specifications bear a striking similarity to HTC's international flagship. That includes a 5.2-inch Quad HD display, the 2.2GHz octa-core processor under the hood with 3GB of RAM, and a 20MP camera on the back. There's an UltraPixel front-facing camera, along with a fingerprint reader and a microSD card slot for even more storage.

Unfortunately, the M9e is still just a rumor at this point, but if HTC does launch this device in more markets, it's likely to cost a bit less than the other flagships on offer from the company because of its plastic body.

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T-Mobile’s Galaxy Note Edge on deck to receive Android 5.0 update

Posted: 04 May 2015 07:48 AM PDT

For owners of Samsung's Galaxy Note Edge that have been trying to wait patiently for Android 5.0 Lollipop, T-Mobile has confirmed that the rollout for the new software will begin today, May 4. The magenta carrier says the update will begin today as a standard over the air (OTA) update, which means it might take some time to arrive on all of the active devices out there.

T-Mobile also confirmed that the update is Android 5.0.2, so no Android 5.1 happening here. With the update, Galaxy Note Edge owners will see new lock screen notifications, a huge change to the Material Design aesthetic, and the inclusion of new features like Smart Lock.

If you've already received the update on your Galaxy Note Edge, let us know what you think of the update.

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Microsoft Remote Desktop App Updated With New UI, Multiple Sessions, And Overall Improvements

Posted: 04 May 2015 07:20 AM PDT


Microsoft's commitment to Android keeps on impressing us with new app releases, frequent improvements to its existing portfolio, and decent overall adoption of Google's design guidelines. Case in point, Remote Desktop. This handy app that lets you remotely connect to any Windows computer has been available for a while on Android, but its design was outdated and its features were slightly limited. Well that's no more.

Remote Desktop is finally getting the updated design and multiple account support that have been in testing through the app's Beta channel for a few months now. As you can see from the screenshots, the interface is more in line with Lollipop and although the nit-picky amongst us can point out a few missteps here and there, it's still a significant improvement over the old UI (pictured at the end of the post).

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Microsoft Remote Desktop App Updated With New UI, Multiple Sessions, And Overall Improvements was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Shades of Violet

Posted: 04 May 2015 05:08 AM PDT

Shades of Violet

Shades of Violet – It's a game, it's a video. The first app ever where you can take control over an FPS GoPro action video! Wander, explore, interact with strangers, survive on the wasteland… This app has not been reviewed by AndroidTapp.com Shades of Violet is a post from: AndroidTapp

Shades of Violet is a post from: AndroidTapp

The post Shades of Violet appeared first on AndroidTapp.

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Google+ Collections Apparently Set To Launch Tomorrow, May 4th

Posted: 03 May 2015 06:21 PM PDT


Google is just about ready to introduce Collections to Google+ publicly, according to sources.

Evidently, Collections is expected to launch tomorrow, May 4th, in the morning (pacific time), with an announcement coming from the official Google+ page of ... Google+. After its announcement, the feature will activate for web and Android users on a rollout that's expected to last a day or so. There's no word yet on when Collections will come to iOS.

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Google+ Collections Apparently Set To Launch Tomorrow, May 4th was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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MARVEL Future Fight 1.1.1 APK

Posted: 03 May 2015 03:41 PM PDT

Netmarble has released MARVEL Future Fight for Android and iOS. Now you can assemble the greatest heroes from all corners of the Marvel Universe to thwart off supervillains in the epic battle. The game is out on the Google Play Store, and you can download directly MARVEL Future Fight APK (.apk) file here to install it on your Android phone and tablet. If you're a fan of Marvel game, then this new Android mobile game may just appeal to you.

MARVEL Future Fight

MARVEL Future Fight is an action RPG that features all of the characters we usually find in Marvel games like the Guardians of the Galaxy team, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and many more. The game let you create your squad from Avengers, and you must upgrade your weapons and master your skills to give your team the ultimate power-up using a deep RPG leveling system.

It's different from the linear based type games, but the best part is it allows you to immerse yourself and really get involved with upgrading, customizing, costumes, etc. Everything you expected from the Avengers and all your match up heroes pit together to fight the anomaly which is Ultron and the many mysteries. Overall game is fast, the action is wise consistently put your fingertips you take charge and lead your teams to victory.

MARVEL Future Fight for Android, which runs on Android 3.0 and above, is available for some time in select markets, but it's just now making its way to the Play Store for everyone to download. While the game is free to download and play, be aware that it also contains in-game purchases. See the source link below to download MARVEL Future Fight APK version 1.1.1.

Download APK
Requires Android: 3.0+
File: 31MB (MARVEL Future Fight APK)

MARVEL Future Fight APK

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