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Monday, August 17, 2015

Android Match

Android Match

Motorola Australia partners exclusively with Vodafone for Moto X Style and Moto X Play, available early September

Posted: 17 Aug 2015 03:03 PM PDT


Motorola Australia's gathering yesterday brought about more news than we were anticipating, with the announcement that their latest Moto X Style and Moto X Play handsets will exclusively hit Vodafone.

The new partnership with Vodafone marks the first time Motorola handsets have been available on a carrier in almost three years — that's a small lifetime in the tech world. Sure, Motorola has kept its presence known through retail channels in recent years, but a return to a major carrier should help elevate its presence with Aussie consumers even more so.

The latest flagship Moto X Style is the first Moto X to actually launch in Australia around the same time as other markets, not some months after as it ...

The post Motorola Australia partners exclusively with Vodafone for Moto X Style and Moto X Play, available early September appeared first on Android Australia.

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Motorola Moto G (2015) 2GB RAM model to launch early September for $369

Posted: 17 Aug 2015 02:48 PM PDT


Yesterday Motorola hosted a series of sessions to introduce the Moto G (2015) and Moto X Style and Play to the Aussie press and now that our embargo is lifted, we can share some details.

For this latest generation, Motorola Australia has decided to ditch the standard 8GB/1GB RAM option available in other markets, offering instead the higher 16GB/2GB RAM at a higher price-point than we've seen on previous generations at $369.

The idea is to have Motorola's range of four handsets covering each segment in a curated way, rather than flooding the market. Motorola Moto E (2015) is already available as an 8GB/1GB RAM handset and prior to the Moto G (2015) announcement, was priced rather close to the ...

The post Motorola Moto G (2015) 2GB RAM model to launch early September for $369 appeared first on Android Australia.

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A Stable Version Of Mozilla Webmaker For Android Is Now Available In The Play Store

Posted: 17 Aug 2015 02:44 PM PDT


Webmaker is Mozilla's effort to make it easy for new smartphone users to make content for the web. Instead of creating something using WordPress or Blogger, people can throw materials together using a more simplistic interface.  Webmaker has been available on the web since 2012, but now you can download an Android version directly from Google Play.

Webmaker1 Webmaker2 Webmaker3

Mozilla's service isn't just for websites. You can also produce videos, images, and basic apps.

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A Stable Version Of Mozilla Webmaker For Android Is Now Available In The Play Store was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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LG Nexus 5 (2015) Leaked

Posted: 17 Aug 2015 02:03 PM PDT


LG and Huawei are set to make the next Nexus phones for Google this year and it seems the LG Nexus may have been leaked.

A Google+ user has put up a photo of the back of the LG Nexus 5 (2015) showing what looks like the same laser autofocus tech from the G4, a dual LED flash and a raised camera module. Underneath the camera module is the new Nexus "Halo" fingerprint scanner which will also be featured on the Huawei Nexus.

It's too bad the leakster did not take shots of the front of the device but we all know for sure the phone will come with a 5.2-inch screen with dual speakers and USB Type C

The phones are expected to be released later this Fall alongside Android Marshmallow.


LG Nexus 5 (2015) Leaked is a post from: Android in Canada Blog

The post LG Nexus 5 (2015) Leaked appeared first on Android in Canada Blog.

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Project Ara pilot delayed until 2016, will be in US

Posted: 17 Aug 2015 02:03 PM PDT

Google's Project Ara is one of the company's more interesting creations. It's a push by Google to create a modular phone that can be customized by customers, allowing them to swap out nearly all of the components including the camera, display and more. Not only would it allow a customer to create their perfect phone, but it can also save money for customers by allowing them to simply replace one broken component rather than the entire device.

Project Ara was scheduled for a pilot in Puerto Rico beginning later this year. Those plans have now been tossed and the pilot will occur in 2016 and this time, it'll be within the US, though a specific location hasn't yet been announced. The delay is reportedly due to a lot more iterations than the team planned for, which has led to a slowdown in development. The team also noted that the news doesn't mean that Project Ara won't come to Puerto Rico in the future, it just won't be home to the pilot.

We'll keep you posted on further updates regarding Project Ara.

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Samsung unveils the G9198 flip phone with Android, a Snapdragon 808 processor and 16MP camera

Posted: 17 Aug 2015 01:57 PM PDT

While the "brick" style of smartphones has taken the world by storm as of late, there are still flip phones out there. And now Samsung is shoving some powerful specs into their latest model.

The new device is called the G9198 (you miss these phone names, right?) and it's a flip phone with a 3.9-inch AMOLED touch screen on the outside of the handset, as well as another similarly-sized screen on the inside, with the resolution of both being 1280×768. The camera on the back is of the 16-megapixel variety, and features an aperture of f/1.9, and there's a 5-megapixel front-facing camera for good measure.

Inside, the G9198 offers a Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor with 2GB of RAM, and the battery is measured in at 2020mAh. There's 16GB of built-in storage, with a microSD card slot for expandable storage, Android 5.1.1 Lollipop and 4G LTE connectivity.

It's probably not likely that we'll ever see the G9198 out of China, unfortunately.

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Download Samsung’s official Quad HD wallpapers from the Galaxy Note 5

Posted: 17 Aug 2015 01:38 PM PDT

Samsung's official Galaxy Note 5 wallpapers. Photo: GabriWant an early taste of the Galaxy Note 5 ahead of its U.S. debut on August 21? Download Samsung's official wallpapers now in full Quad HD resolution. There are six wallpapers included in the pack, and they were taken from an official Note 5 ROM by XDA Developers member Gabri. They range in size from 430KB to 4MB,

The post Download Samsung's official Quad HD wallpapers from the Galaxy Note 5 appeared first on Cult of Android.

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Top 5 most popular Android apps from last week: Dreamify, QKSMS

Posted: 17 Aug 2015 12:41 PM PDT

Every week we cover new Android apps with Fresh Meat on Wednesday, followed by Android Gaming on Thursday and Top 10 App Updates on Friday. When Monday rolls around, we look back to see which apps were the most appealing to our audience. Read on for the five most popular Android apps from last week. These apps are ones that are most likely new and haven't appeared in the top five list more than three times.

1. Landmarker


App info: Landmarker is an experimental compass that reveals key destinations around you. Click each result to locate it in Google Maps.


2. Dreamify


App info: Dreamify transforms your photos into otherworldly masterpieces. Using Google's Deep Dream, Dreamify puts you in control: select from a dozen presets, or toggle the algorithm parameters to innovate on your own.


3. Sniper Who Forgot To Open Eyes

Sniper Who Forgot To Open Eyes

App info:  If you are looking for a serious sniper game, then run and hide and never come back! …are you still here?! We would unlock an achievement for you but there is no such functionality implemented in Google Play! Get that achievement in the game!




App info: QKSMS brings a refreshingly beautiful and responsive Material Design touch to the stale state of text messaging. In a world with clunky SMS and MMS apps cluttered with bloat and ads, QKSMS is something to get excited about.


5. Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter

App info: Create a brighter future…underground! Select from a variety of modern-day rooms to turn an excavation beneath 2,000 feet of bedrock into the very picture of Vault Life.


Note:  To ensure that all apps receive a fair chance to make the list, we will retire any app that has made the list for three consecutive weeks.

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Last chance: Samsung 50-inch 4K TV & set-top box giveaway [Deal]

Posted: 17 Aug 2015 12:38 PM PDT

images_mediumFeelin' lucky? The ultimate entertainment room makeover is a sign-up away for one contestant, and the epic prize features Samsung's impressive, highly-praised 50-inch 4K LED TV! And that's not all! Deck out your brand new big screen with your choice of the Roku 3, Apple TV, or Amazon Fire to turn your Samsung 4K TV into

The post Last chance: Samsung 50-inch 4K TV & set-top box giveaway [Deal] appeared first on Cult of Android.

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Google announces Project Sunroof to help power the world with solar energy

Posted: 17 Aug 2015 11:33 AM PDT

Google has announced a new project today that aims to make it easy for residents of certain cities to make the switch to relying on solar energy instead of standard electricity. Project Sunroof is your one-stop shop for finding out how solar energy can work for you.

No, Google isn't installing solar energy panels on homes itself, rather it's guiding people through the process. Using Project Sunroof's tools, Google will give you information on where to install panels on your roof, how much it will cost, how much it could save you in energy usage and who to contact in taking the next steps. All of this is computed using Google's massive data bank and with things like 3D mapping data.

Google is initially giving residents in the San Francisco Bay Area, Fresno, CA and Greater Boston, MA a chance to see how solar energy could work for them. If you live in one of those areas, give it a shot and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Google releases final Android Marshmallow preview and 6.0 SDK

Posted: 17 Aug 2015 11:03 AM PDT

Android Marshmallow isn't set to be released until this fall, but along with announcing Android M's full name, Google has also announced the release of the final developer preview along with the final Android 6.0 SDK.

Releasing the final developer preview along with the final Android 6.0 SDK should enable developers to ensure that their apps will function flawlessly once Marshmallow drops. Though not much has changed in the final developer preview, there have been minor updates to the Fingerprint API and the user permissions interface.

For more information on the final Android Marshmallow preview and 6.0 SDK, visit the source link below.

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Android M is Android Marshmallow, 6.0

Posted: 17 Aug 2015 10:58 AM PDT

It's official people, Android M is Android Marshmallow.

Set to be launched this fall as Android 6.0 (!), Android Marshmallow will be the softest and fluffiest version of Android to date. While not quite as big an update or drastic a change as Lollipop, there's still plenty to get excited about. Marshmallow is going to include Android Pay, improvements to app permissions, some design tweaks, and visual voicemail among other big changes and improvements to Android.

Be on the lookout for a ton of Marshmallow related promo material to drop later today.

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HTC Account App Hits Google Play, Does Nothing Besides Help You Sign In To The Company's Other Apps

Posted: 17 Aug 2015 10:46 AM PDT

HTCAccountHTC ships its phones with a number of apps that you won't find anywhere else. There's HTC Backup, which lets you copy some of your data onto HTC servers for safe keeping. HTC Print Studio offers a way to turn smartphone pictures into physical prints. HTC Themes keeps your phone looking stylish and pretty.

You can sign into all of these services using your HTC account. A background process keeps you signed into all of these apps, and today, that behind-the-scenes piece of software has made its way to the Play Store.

Read More

HTC Account App Hits Google Play, Does Nothing Besides Help You Sign In To The Company's Other Apps was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Google’s erects Android Marshmallow statue outside its HQ

Posted: 17 Aug 2015 10:39 AM PDT

Android Marshmallow's brand new statue! Photo: Nicol├ís FischmanAndroid M is still a few months away from making its public debut, but Google today confirmed its sweet-based name with a brand new statue outside its Mountain View headquarters. Google has erected a statue for every Android update it has released to date, and each one is themed to match the update's name; last year's

The post Google's erects Android Marshmallow statue outside its HQ appeared first on Cult of Android.

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Develop a sweet spot for Marshmallow: Official Android 6.0 SDK & Final M Preview

Posted: 17 Aug 2015 10:35 AM PDT

By Jamal Eason, Product Manager, Android

Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Whether you like them straight out of the bag, roasted to a golden brown exterior with a molten center, or in fluff form, who doesn't like marshmallows? We definitely like them! Since the launch of the M Developer Preview at Google I/O in May, we've enjoyed all of your participation and feedback. Today with the final Developer Preview update, we're introducing the official Android 6.0 SDK and opening Google Play for publishing your apps that target the new API level 23 in Android Marshmallow.

Get your apps ready for Android Marshmallow

The final Android 6.0 SDK is now available to download via the SDK Manager in Android Studio. With the Android 6.0 SDK you have access to the final Android APIs and the latest build tools so that you can target API 23. Once you have downloaded the Android 6.0 SDK into Android Studio, update your app project compileSdkVersion to 23 and you are ready to test your app with the new platform. You can also update your app to targetSdkVersion to 23 test out API 23 specific features like auto-backup and app permissions.

Along with the Android 6.0 SDK, we also updated the Android Support Library to v23. The new Android Support library makes it easier to integrate many of the new platform APIs, such as permissions and fingerprint support, in a backwards-compatible manner. This release contains a number of new support libraries including: customtabs, percent, recommendation, preference-v7, preference-v14, and preference-leanback-v17.

Check your App Permissions

Along with the new platform features like fingerprint support and Doze power saving mode, Android Marshmallow features a new permissions model that streamlines the app install and update process. To give users this flexibility and to make sure your app behaves as expected when an Android Marshmallow user disables a specific permission, it's important that you update your app to target API 23, and test the app thoroughly with Android Marshmallow users.

How to Get the Update

The Android emulator system images and developer preview system images have been updated for supported Nexus devices (Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 9 & Nexus Player) to help with your testing. You can download the device system images from the developer preview site. Also, similar to the previous developer update, supported Nexus devices will receive an Over-the-Air (OTA) update over the next couple days.

Although the Android 6.0 SDK is final, the devices system images are still developer preview versions. The preview images are near final but they are not intended for consumer use. Remember that when Android 6.0 Marshmallow launches to the public later this fall, you'll need to manually re-flash your device to a factory image to continue to receive consumer OTA updates for your Nexus device.

What is New

Compared to the previous developer preview update, you will find this final API update fairly incremental. You can check out all the API differences here, but a few of the changes since the last developer update include:

  • Android Platform Change:
  • Final Permissions User Interface — we updated the permissions user interface and enhanced some of the permissions behavior.
  • API Change:
  • Updates to the Fingerprint API — which enables better error reporting, better fingerprint enrollment experience, plus enumeration support for greater reliability.

Upload your Android Marshmallow apps to Google Play

Google Play is now ready to accept your API 23 apps via the Google Play Developer Console on all release channels (Alpha, Beta & Production). At the consumer launch this fall, the Google Play store will also be updated so that the app install and update process supports the new permissions model for apps using API 23.

To make sure that your updated app runs well on Android Marshmallow and older versions, we recommend that you use Google Play's newly improved beta testing feature to get early feedback, then do a staged rollout as you release the new version to all users.

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Asus Has Released A New Premium Tablet – Meet The ZenPad S 8.0

Posted: 17 Aug 2015 10:34 AM PDT

ZenPad S 8.0

Asus has definitely captured the attention of many with their high-end, low-cost smartphone, the ZenFone 2, and they're hoping that they can find similar success with their new tablet, the ZenPad S 8.0.  Let's take a look at the specs:

  • 8″ QXGA (1536×2048) IPS Display
  • Intel Atom Z3560 or Z3580 Processor
  • 2GB or 4GB of RAM
  • 16GB / 32GB /64GB of Internal Storage
  • microSD Card Slot
  • 8MP Camera
  • 5MP Front Facing Camera
  • Dual Front Facing Speakers
  • 15.2 Wh Battery
  • USB Type-C Port
  • Android 5.0

Not too shabby right?  It's got pretty solid specs with some nice little extras including front facing speakers and a USB Type-C port.  The device also has Active Pen Support so you can doodle to your hearts content with Asus' Z Stylus.

At $400 for the 4GB/64GB model it isn't quite as competitive at price point when compared to the ZenFone 2 is but it's a pretty decent price nonetheless.  The device will be available in about a month as NewEgg.ca has the launch date set at September 25.


Asus Has Released A New Premium Tablet – Meet The ZenPad S 8.0 is a post from: Android in Canada Blog

The post Asus Has Released A New Premium Tablet – Meet The ZenPad S 8.0 appeared first on Android in Canada Blog.

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Motorola spills its second-generation Moto 360 on Twitter

Posted: 17 Aug 2015 10:09 AM PDT

The new Moto 360? Photo: MotorolaMotorola appears to have accidentally spilled its second-generation Moto 360 in a (now deleted) video uploaded to Twitter. The device's physical button has been repositioned, and it has larger lugs that will make swapping straps a whole lot easier. At first glance, the device looks identical to its predecessor, with the same shiny silver bezel

The post Motorola spills its second-generation Moto 360 on Twitter appeared first on Cult of Android.

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Verizon Nexus 7 update brings Android 5.1.1, Stagefright patch

Posted: 17 Aug 2015 10:02 AM PDT

After months of certification delays and other craziness, Verizon began selling an LTE Nexus 7 months after its initial debut. Now we've got some good news for the folks that ended up buying the Nexus 7 from VZW.

Verizon says that its LTE Nexus 7 is now getting an update to build LMY48L that includes a bump up to Android 5.1.1, complete with a material design UI, refreshed Recent Apps menu, app notification settings, and more. The update also includes "Android security patches," which is likely code for a Stagefright patch.

This update is rolling out over the air and can be grabbed by going into Settings > About tablet > System updates. And with goodies like Android 5.1.1 and a Stagefright patch, you VZW Nexus 7 users should probably install this new update as soon as possible.

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LG’s new Nexus leaks out with fingerprint scanner, laser autofocus

Posted: 17 Aug 2015 08:35 AM PDT

Meet LG's brand new Nexus. Photo: Marques BrownleeLG's new Nexus has been leaked for the first time ahead of its official debut in a hands-on photo that confirms a number of new features. The image also gives us a clear look at the handset's back panel, which is nothing like the last Nexus 5's. Some reports suggested that LG's new Nexus would like

The post LG's new Nexus leaks out with fingerprint scanner, laser autofocus appeared first on Cult of Android.

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LG Nexus 5 2015 may have posed for a photo

Posted: 16 Aug 2015 08:50 PM PDT

Many of the recent 2015 Nexus leaks have included renders or spec rumors, but that may finally be changing today.

Marques Brownlee, aka MKBHD, has shared a photo that may be the LG Nexus 5 2015. The photo shows a Nexus-branded phone that looks similar to the render that leaked out the other day, complete with a protruding camera, flash, laser auto focus, and a round fingerprint reader directly beneath the camera. Since the photo only shows the back of the device, though, we can't see the phone's alleged front-facing speakers or USB Type-C port.


This LG-made Nexus is said to include a 5.2-inch display and is reportedly the smaller of two Nexus phones that'll debut this year, with the larger one coming from Huawei. The Nexus 6 and its 5.96-inch display has turned some folks off, especially for those hoping for a new phone sized similarly to 2013's Nexus 5. If the new leaks turn out to be true, though, fans of the OG Nexus 5 could end up getting their follow-up this year.

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OPPO Australia launches elegant Mirror 5s handset at $269 price-point

Posted: 16 Aug 2015 08:20 PM PDT


OPPO are looking to make their mark a big one here in Australia and today it comes in the form of new handset, the Mirror 5s which looks to take on other mid-range heavyweights.At first glance, the Mirror 5s is almost identical in form to the recently launched OPPO R7 and in fact is equal in height and width at 143 x 71mm, but at around a millimetre-and-a-half thicker than the R7 at a respectable 7.7mm, it still manages to keep a sleek and streamlined form, along with a weight of 160 grams. The device has a reinforced bi-metallic frame, or so we're told and at a $269 price-point we expect there to be some plastic in there. A ...

The post OPPO Australia launches elegant Mirror 5s handset at $269 price-point appeared first on Android Australia.

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Badoo 4.9.1 APK

Posted: 16 Aug 2015 05:37 PM PDT

Badoo has released an update for its Badoo social app for Android in the Google Play Store, bumping it up to version 4.9.1 with bugs fixed and overall performance improved. As always, we provide you the latest APK file of the app. You can download Badoo 4.9.1 apk here.

Badoo APK latest version

Badoo is one of the best social apps for meeting new people that allow you find new people in your area, chat and make friends. Badoo mobile application is a powerful and sweet simple to use application. The app gives you the opportunity to relate with friends in your vicinity. You can look at other people in your local area as to distance and gender on the App, find people you've bumped into and start chatting with them.

Great app to chat with and meet many new people in your area. Especially when looking for love and friendship. Along with the usual bug fixes and performance updates, that makes for a pretty nice update makes it even better.

You can download the app on the Google Play Store or get the Badoo APK latest version from the link in the below and then install it manually on your Android smartphone and tablet. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Badoo 4.9.1 APK

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[Bonus Round] The Path To Luma, Cartoon Survivor, And Dinofour

Posted: 16 Aug 2015 04:55 PM PDT

nexusae0_bonusicon_thumbWelcome to the latest entry in our Bonus Round series, wherein we tell you all about the new Android games of the day that we couldn't get to during our regular news rounds. Consider this a quick update for the dedicated gamers who can't wait for our bi-weekly roundups, and don't want to wade through a whole day's worth of news just to get their pixelated fix. Today we've got a beautiful circular puzzler, an equally beautiful runner game, an old-school platformer, .

Read More

[Bonus Round] The Path To Luma, Cartoon Survivor, And Dinofour was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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