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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Android Match

Android Match

Blackberry teases more PRIV specs

Posted: 14 Oct 2015 02:39 PM PDT

The BlackBerry PRIV might not be the most exciting device of the year, but it's definitely intriguing. I'm personally very interested in it, as I'm one of those that dearly misses physical keyboards on phones.

BlackBerry has decided to tease a few more specs to get people interested in the device. The battery is going to be 3,410mAh, which is pretty good. The display will be 5.4 inches and curved on both sides, the camera will be certified by Schneider-Kreuznach, the device will feature DTEK by BlackBerry as a privacy warning system, and the sliding mechanism is called SmartSlide.

It isn't much information, but the device looks like it's going to be solid. I can't help but like it. What do you think of the device? Will people flock to buy an Android smartphone with a BlackBerry keyboard, or will it be the companies final flop?

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Google I/O 2015 App's Source Code Hits GitHub To Inspire And Educate Android Developers

Posted: 14 Oct 2015 02:14 PM PDT


Google releases an Android app each year providing Google I/O attendees with the schedule for the upcoming conference, and it uses the opportunity to show off how an Android app is supposed to feel. Then a couple months later it releases the source code, providing developers with a look at best practices. The source code for 2015's app has taken longer to arrive than last year's, but alas, it's here.

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Google I/O 2015 App's Source Code Hits GitHub To Inspire And Educate Android Developers was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Verizon and Motorola teaming up for event on October 27 to announce ‘the newest DROIDs’

Posted: 14 Oct 2015 01:36 PM PDT

With October nearing its midpoint, there's even more to look forward to in the coming days. For fans of the DROID-branded handsets from Motorola and Verizon, especially so, as the companies have just announced a date to circle on the calendar in preparation for new devices.

Motorola and Verizon are hosting an event on October 27 that will see the companies unveil "the newest DROIDs." There's a tagline on the invitation as well, which reads: "Everything you expect from a phone will change." The event will kick off in New York City beginning at 11:00 AM ET, or 8:00 AM PT. It's certainly curious to see the invitation use DROIDs, doing a pretty obvious job of suggesting that we'll see more than one device at the event.

Then again, with rumors swirling that there is a DROID Maxx 2 and DROID Turbo 2 out there in the world, Motorola and Verizon's wording starts to make sense.

Are you excited to see some new DROID-branded devices?

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Fresh Meat: 10 new Android apps worth checking out

Posted: 14 Oct 2015 01:16 PM PDT

New apps need lovin' too, right? Every day there are thousands of additions to the Google Play store, but many go unnoticed and never receive the attention they deserve. We've shown in the past that this community can discover great apps and propel them to new heights. Our weekly Fresh Meat column highlights new apps with fewer than 100,000 installs. Browse our new Android app picks below and let us know which ones you enjoy.



Description: Betternet gives you access to the entire blocked websites and applications in your country, at school or at work. You can unblock facebook or unblock Youtube, Snapchat and other social networks at work and school and bypass the government censorship.


 SwiftKey Neural Alpha

SwiftKey Neural Alpha

DescriptionSwiftKey Neural Alpha is an experimental keyboard app that uses artificial neural networks to predict and correct your typing.


VideoPocket BETA

VideoPocket BETA

DescriptionVideoPocket is your go to app for downloading videos from a bunch of different providers! Just share the video to VideoPocket or paste the URL into the app and click download. It is as simple as that!


Halloween Watch Face

Halloween Watch Face

DescriptionThis halloween watch shows the basics of what a watch should display : hour & day. Choose your pumpkin! Freaky, happy, scary, joker… make it match your mood!




DescriptionIntroducing Shedd – a fashion marketplace for regular people, stylish fashionistas, designers, and small businesses to post and discover unique, original, desirable, interesting and obscure fashion items and accessories.


Comic Chameleon

Comic Chameleon

DescriptionOnly Comic Chameleon lets you tap to navigate every single webcomic strip or page from PANEL TO PANEL, with each tap gliding to the next panel cleanly cropped and zoomed for maximum readability. 


Game Tuner

Game Tuner

DescriptionGame Tuner is an app to keep your phone cool and save battery life by tuning resolution and frame rate of games.




DescriptionNewsbrewer is our effort to make the news app you need, to create an intuitive, comprehensive, effortless and fun news reading experience!


Ringtone Maker

Ringtone Maker

DescriptionCreate new ringtones from your existing music. Assign ringtones to your contacts. Create custom alarms, music, notifications and ringtones. Search for Ringtones or Contacts.




DescriptionCybrary is a free cyber security learning platform providing free online training courses on subjects such as Computer Hacking and Forensics, Advanced Penetration Testing, CompTIA Security+, CISSP and many more!


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French carrier Orange launches an HTC One A9 product page ahead of official unveiling

Posted: 14 Oct 2015 01:16 PM PDT

The HTC One A9 isn't official yet — that should happen on October 20 — but that hasn't stopped the French carrier Orange from unveiling the device on their own site.

Orange has recently launched a dedicated landing page for the upcoming, but still unofficial, One A9 from HTC, showcasing the device in a variety of angles and its two color options. It's listed at €599.90, which is about $688, but there's no telling just yet how much HTC plans on charging for the device in the United States when they get around to announcing it later this month.


The landing page does a nice job of summing up the One A9′s features, too. That includes a 5-inch display with a resolution of 1920×1080, and there's a 13-megapixel camera on the back, with a 4-megapixel front-facing camera on the other side. It will apparently be running Android 6.0 Marshmallow under the hood, and HTC's proprietary user interface Sense will be on board, too.

Rumors round out the rest of the features, which aren't present on the landing page: 2GB of RAM, 16GB of built-in storage, and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 processor. The battery is said to be measured in at 2150mAh.

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NBA 2K16 Is Now Available In The Play Store For Eight Bucks, With In-App Purchases And Weird Compatibility

Posted: 14 Oct 2015 12:33 PM PDT

imageAs a die-hard and stubborn football fan, I know nothing about basketball except that you have to bounce the round thing on the floor at regular intervals. But I do know quite a bit about Android gaming, like the fact that a $7.99 game that includes up to twenty bucks in in-app currency purchases will be dismissed out of hand by both frugal free-to-play gamers and traditionalists who prefer to pay once for the full experience.

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NBA 2K16 Is Now Available In The Play Store For Eight Bucks, With In-App Purchases And Weird Compatibility was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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PSA: Hangouts v4.0 And Higher Will Automatically Switch Voicemail Playback Between The Speaker And Earpiece

Posted: 14 Oct 2015 12:15 PM PDT

Hangouts-ThumbGoogle has been updating Hangouts a lot lately in an attempt to make it less terrible. It's definitely improving, but still has a way to go. With all the updating we've missed a few little changes along the way, and this is a particularly useful one—Hangouts will switch between the speaker and earpiece for voicemail depending on whether or not you've got the phone to your ear.

This appears to have been added in v4.0 as the v3.3 builds Google was on before didn't have the feature—that version played via the earpiece only.

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PSA: Hangouts v4.0 And Higher Will Automatically Switch Voicemail Playback Between The Speaker And Earpiece was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Hackers can silently access Siri and Google Now on your phone

Posted: 14 Oct 2015 10:45 AM PDT

Xperia Sirius 60fps VideoSiri can be silently put to work against you, thanks to a new hack discovered by French security researchers that allows attackers to transmit orders to the digital assistant via a radio. The hack also works on Google Now and utilizes the headphone cord as an antenna to convert electromagnetic waves into signals that register

The post Hackers can silently access Siri and Google Now on your phone appeared first on Cult of Android.

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How to disable TouchWiz icon badges on your Samsung Galaxy

Posted: 14 Oct 2015 09:55 AM PDT

TouchWiz icon badges be gone! Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of AndroidIf you don't mind using Samsung's own TouchWiz launcher, but you hate the icon badges that leave your home screen looking messy, you'll be pleased to know you can disable them. Samsung doesn't make it easy, but it is possible in just a few steps. Here's how. You won't find an option to disable icon

The post How to disable TouchWiz icon badges on your Samsung Galaxy appeared first on Cult of Android.

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Why buy a ZTE phone when you can lease one?

Posted: 14 Oct 2015 09:37 AM PDT

Still not sure if a new ZTE phone is as good of those offered by the competition? ZTE wants to give you the opportunity to get some hands-on time with its smartphones without having to shell out the full price of the phone. ZTE is launching a new lease-to-own program in the US, allowing you to split the cost of the phone over 6 to 24 monthly payments. If you have a ZTE phone for 3 months but don't really like it, simply cancel your lease, return it to ZTE and you're done. Yes, you'll have paid a bit for the 3 months you had with the phone, but at least you didn't pay full price for it.

If you want to keep the phone and upgrade to a new ZTE phone, you can pay off the remaining balance on your lease and start a new lease-to-own agreement with ZTE for another device. ZTE's leasing program isn't much different than the different options currently available from the major service providers. The difference is that you can get any of ZTE's US smartphones and take them between service providers without having to worry about paying the phone off before making the switch.

Be sure to check out the full press release below to get all the details on ZTE's new lease-to-own program.

Show Press Release

ZTE Introduces New Lease-to-Own Option for Smartphones and Mobile Devices
ZTE customers can now get a mobile device and pay for it over time

Richardson, Texas – October 14, 2015 – ZTE USA, the fourth largest smartphone supplier in the U.S. and second largest in the no-contract market*, today introduced a lease-to-own payment plan for customers who want to pay for their phone or other mobile device over time and spread out their payments to make it more affordable. This lease-to-own payment option is provided through SmartPay ™ Leasing Inc. and will be available online for all customers beginning soon at www.zteusa.com.

Lease-to-own is available for unlocked devices such as the recently launched Axon Pro and other mobile devices such as the ZTE Spro 2 Smart Projector.

"We are introducing leasing options because we believe advanced mobile technology should be available to everyone. We also want the experience of purchasing and using a ZTE device to be easy for any consumer," said Lixin Cheng, CEO and chairman of ZTE USA. "How customers want to pay versus the amount they are comfortable paying are equally important – and ZTE can provide the best of both worlds."

Leasing options for credit scores of all types
With SmartPay, you can get an immediate approval to lease ZTE devices. If approved, simply select the ZTE device you want, make your first payment at checkout and make scheduled monthly payments thereafter**.

No long-term contracts
The length of a lease plan is determined when you apply and can range from 6 to 24 months. Once all payments are made, the lease is complete and you own the device. You can also pay off your lease early without any penalties or future fees***.

Upgrade your phone when ready
If you're up-to-date on your monthly payments you can cancel your lease at any time and upgrade your device by simply returning your current device in good working order to SmartPay. Once your phone is received your lease is cancelled and you're free to get the new device you want.

*Strategy Analytics, North America Handset Vendor Market Share, Q2 2015
**$0 to 25% of your lease amount could be due when you complete checkout, a debit card is required.
***BuyOut Fees from 3.5% to 20% may apply depending on the lease-to-own payment plan you qualified for. This option is not available in NJ, MN, WI, and WY. Customers in NJ, MN, WI, and WY are offered a 12 month lease plan which renews annually. Your lease plan may be cancelled at any time. An early termination fee may be applied. You cannot own leased items in NJ, MN, WI, and WY. Instead you can cancel your lease at the end of the term, or you can renew at a lower cost.

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Stand At The Center Of The Party, Ride Shotgun, And Be A Creeper On The Beach In This Promotional Google Play Music 360 Video

Posted: 14 Oct 2015 09:33 AM PDT


YouTube has been able to display 360 degree video since early this year, and they remain just as cool now as they were then. The perspective even make ads—which YouTube can also let you view in 360 degrees—more interesting. Take this new promotional Play Music video, for example.

This 360 degree ad begins with you standing in an empty room that's about to flood with party goers all ready for a good time.

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Stand At The Center Of The Party, Ride Shotgun, And Be A Creeper On The Beach In This Promotional Google Play Music 360 Video was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Google Play Developer Console introduces Universal App Campaigns and User Acquisition performance reporting

Posted: 14 Oct 2015 09:22 AM PDT

Posted by Frederic Mayot, Google Play team

At Google I/O in May, we previewed some new and powerful tools to help you further grow your business and improve decision making based on smarter insights on Google Play. We are happy to announce that, today, these features are live in the Developer Console.

User Acquisition: AdWords Campaigns

With just a few simple steps, universal app campaigns lets you easily set up ad campaigns from within the Google Play Developer Console and promote your app across Google Play, Google Search, YouTube and the Google Display Network. You will now be able to more effectively find and grow your install base with the help of Google's unparalleled reach.

App install ads generated from one universal app campaign

Universal app campaigns automatically pull in images, video, and descriptions from your Google Play store listing to generate ad formats that look great wherever they are placed. From there, our systems automatically optimize your campaigns and experiment with different creatives and bids to maximize app install volume as close as possible to your target cost-per-install.

"With universal app campaigns, we only had to set up one campaign that drove more than 10,000 new installs in one month and install volume is continuing to trend up over time. We're also seeing a 20% lower CPI compared to other channels." РJos̩ Maria Pertusa, CMO of Linio

To get started with your first campaign, select the User Acquisition tab for your app in the Developer Console and choose 'AdWords Campaigns.'

User Acquisition: Performance report

When you're growing an audience for your app, you'll want to understand where your most valuable users are coming from. The new performance report on the User Acquisition tab in the Developer Console lets you see how people are finding your Play Store listing, how many install your app, and how many go on to make purchases.

The performance report also tracks marketing links tagged with UTM tags, so you'll be able to get more granular detail on how well your promotion is doing. Once you've got visitors to your Play Store listing, you'll want to start thinking of ways to increase the number of visitors turning into installers. The new Store Listing Experiments feature can help you run A/B tests to do just that.

How to get started in the Developer Console

To learn how to take advantage of these new features in the Developer Console, watch the DevByte video below in which I explain how to set up your first universal app campaign and how to view the new data offered on the performance tab.

We hope you'll use these user acquisition tools to grow a valuable audience for your app or game. We continue to improve our features for developers based on your feedback – like the recent improvements to beta testing and Store Listing Experiments – in order to help you grow your app or game business globally on Google Play.

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OnePlus will swap your Samsung Galaxy for a OnePlus 2

Posted: 14 Oct 2015 09:07 AM PDT

Here's one way you can avoid the invite system. Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of AndroidStill struggling to get your hands on the OnePlus 2? There is one way you can avoid the dreaded invite system, but it means giving up your brand new Samsung Galaxy. OnePlus is giving up to 50 people the opportunity to swap their existing Samsung smartphone for a OnePlus 2. The good news is, doing

The post OnePlus will swap your Samsung Galaxy for a OnePlus 2 appeared first on Cult of Android.

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Last chance: Get a Galaxy S6 edge on us! [Deal]

Posted: 14 Oct 2015 08:18 AM PDT

images_mediumSmooth curves, wraparound glass, and high-end specifications — the Galaxy S6 Edge has features we desperately need. It's aesthetic perfection and high-class performance in one super-sized smartphone. Since everyone deserves a little luxury, we're giving one sparkling new Galaxy S6 Edge away — no strings attached. But you'll need to enter quickly, because the giveaway closes

The post Last chance: Get a Galaxy S6 edge on us! [Deal] appeared first on Cult of Android.

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iPhone 6s can’t topple the latest Androids in expert camera tests

Posted: 14 Oct 2015 08:18 AM PDT

iPhone no longer offers the best smartphoe camera. Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of AndroidApple's new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus may be packing its best iSight camera yet, but it's not good enough to topple the latest Android devices. In DxOMark's expert camera tests, Apple's latest smartphones achieve a score of 82, which is five points less than the current mobile leader, Sony's Xperia Z5. That's also one

The post iPhone 6s can't topple the latest Androids in expert camera tests appeared first on Cult of Android.

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Google Begins Rolling Out Option To Give Play Music Gift Subscriptions In Select Countries

Posted: 14 Oct 2015 07:54 AM PDT

Screenshot 2015-10-14 at 10.37.37 AM

Yesterday a reference to something called "music gifts" appeared on a Google Play support page. Now a separate page has popped up that fleshes out precisely what this feature is, something Cody came across in a recent Play Music teardown just under a month ago.

The page, titled Gifting & lending digital content details the ability to gift Google Play Music subscriptions if you live in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, the UK, or the US.

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Google Begins Rolling Out Option To Give Play Music Gift Subscriptions In Select Countries was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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T-Mobile relaunches its four lines with 10GB of LTE data per line for $120 a month promotion

Posted: 14 Oct 2015 07:41 AM PDT

In mid-July of this year, T-Mobile launched a limited-time promotion that saw subscribers net 10GB of high-speed LTE data per month for up to four lines, all for $120 per month. That final price tag was available because the magenta carrier made the fourth line free, which it says saw people "flock" over to the Un-carrier, opting for the new plan.

T-Mobile LTE promotion

It was such a hit, T-Mobile has decided to bring it back. The carrier announced today, October 14, that the promotion has returned, and as usual, it will be available only for a limited time. As far as the details go, it's the same promotion that the carrier launched earlier this year. That means a subscriber can buy two lines with 10GB of high-speed data access per month, which will cost $100 per month. Each additional line — which also comes with its own access to 10GB of high-speed data per month — costs $20 more per month, but T-Mobile is making the fourth line on the account free, which means the running total for four lines is only $120. Get four for the price of three.

T-Mobile put a handy chart together as well, comparing its own new plan to that of Sprint's, Verizon's, and AT&T's. While Sprint offers the same amount of lines with 40GB of shared data for the lines at $120 per month, T-Mobile also notes that Sprint has overages, while they do not. AT&T's 40GB of data with 4 lines, according to the chart, costs $360 per month, while Verizon is $380.

T-Mobile LTE promotion2

If you missed switching over to T-Mobile to sign up for this plan, do you intend to this time?

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OnePlus is announcing the OnePlus X on October 29

Posted: 14 Oct 2015 07:41 AM PDT

OnePlus is a company that's made a name for itself by starting from the bottom and turning itself into one of the world's premier smartphone manufacturers. The company has always thought outside the norm and hasn't been afraid to try new things and experiment with its products. Now, the company is gearing up to release a new device that improves upon the already great OnePlus 2.

The OnePlus X has been rumored and teased, but now the company has released a teaser for the October 29 announcement of the device. The image features a lit-up X and the line, "See you October 29." In its tweet and Facebook post, OnePlus is also using the tag line, "Powerfully Beautiful," indicating that the OnePlus X will be a premium handset, focused on performance and design.

We'll be sure to cover the announcement of the OnePlus X, so stay tuned.

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WhatsApp 2.12.312 Starts Showing Rich Previews For Shared URLs

Posted: 14 Oct 2015 05:46 AM PDT


WhatsApp's developers are a little unpredictable. Sometimes, all it takes them is one swift update to add a ton of features, other times, they dabble painfully slowly with dozens upon dozens of beta releases until they get a small feature ready (Google Drive backup anyone?). But credit goes to them for keeping us on our toes and entertained with their small incremental updates, like this new version for example.

WhatsApp 2.12.312, which you can grab from the site's beta uploads page or from APK Mirror, has added a new rich link preview option.

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WhatsApp 2.12.312 Starts Showing Rich Previews For Shared URLs was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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LG G4 To Get Android 6.0 Update In December?

Posted: 13 Oct 2015 05:22 PM PDT


Google released Android 6.0 Marshmallow just last week and while their supported Nexus devices already have it, it takes time for OEMs to develop and test the OS on their own phones. As for LG, it looks like the update for its G4 flagship might be here sooner than expected.

Tech Gadget Central reports the LG G4 is estimated to receive the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update by December of this year. The timeframe is really just based on last year's Android 5.0 Lollipop rollout and it also takes the carrier approval process delay into consideration.

LG's other phones, including the newly-announced LG V10, LG G Flex 2 and LG G3 are also expected to receive the update some time in the future.

[Tech Gadget Central]

LG G4 To Get Android 6.0 Update In December? is a post from: Android in Canada Blog

The post LG G4 To Get Android 6.0 Update In December? appeared first on Android in Canada Blog.

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Reference To "Music Gifts" Appears On Play Store Support Page For Gift Cards - What Could They Be?

Posted: 13 Oct 2015 03:23 PM PDT


A reference to something called "music gifts" has appeared on the Google Play support page for Play gift cards today, and we frankly have no information at this point suggesting what they could be. The support entry, below, doesn't really provide any information, so we're left to speculate.

Screenshot 2015-10-13 at 3.03.19 PM

Could this be an upcoming way to gift albums or songs to people on Play Music? Or perhaps a way to gift Play Music All Access subscriptions themselves (that seems more likely to me)?

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Reference To "Music Gifts" Appears On Play Store Support Page For Gift Cards - What Could They Be? was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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