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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Android Match

Android Match

Android and Me smartwatches and fitness trackers holiday shopping guide – 2015

Posted: 06 Dec 2015 09:59 AM PST

Wearable tech has continued to grow in 2015, but there are still only a few different categories that have penetrated the mainstream. They both belong on your wrist, one kind of makes the other redundant and they both make for excellent gifts.


Smartwatches have changed a lot in the last year. Android Wear has matured and manufacturers have refined their hardware, and the best Android Wear watch you can buy is the new Moto 360.

Available in a variety of sizes, colors and finishes, the new 2nd gen Moto 360 is a tech lover's dream. It's one part elegant wristwatch, one part fitness tracker. It's fast, sleek and its battery lasts all day long. It's a little pricy at $299 for the base model, but it's better the more expensive competitors.

Buy the Motorola Moto 360 2nd gen from Motorola or Google

A close second to the Moto 360 is the $349 Huawei Watch. With a full circle AMOLED display, the Huawei Watch is quite a looker. It also comes in various configurations like to the Moto 360, but the attention to detail on the Moto 360 is a bit better. Still, a smartwatch is a very personal device, and the Huawei Watch might be more of your style.

Buy the Huawei Watch from Google, Huawei or Amazon

The Samsung Gear S2 is nice, but app selection is limited, and Pebble can't keep up with Android Wear anymore.

Fitness trackers

If you know someone who is more interested in the fitness aspect of a smartwatch than the watch itself, consider a standalone fitness tracker.

We've said this before, but the best ways to stay motivated when getting into shape or tracking your fitness is to keep it consistent and build a great support network. That means going to where the most people are can sometimes be the best idea.

This year, the most popular fitness tracker being sold today is also the best, and that's the Fitbit Charge HR. Capable of all kinds of fitness tracking and with a heart rate monitor built in, the Charge HR can be found for around $140. It comes in multiple colors and sizes and works well with Android. It can also pair with other popular fitness apps like My Fitness Pal.

You can spend a lot more to get the more comprehensive Fitbit Surge, or less to buy the Charge without heart rate monitoring, but the Charge HR really hits the sweet spot. Companies like Misfit and Xiaomi provide much cheaper alternatives, but in most cases that price drop comes at a, well, price.

Buy the Fitbit Charge HR from Fitbit or Amazon

The best hybrids

Definitely fitness trackers, and definitely watches, but not quite smartwatches, Withings' Activité series of devices merits a mention due to the way they combine incredible design, impressive functionality and a nice middle-ground price.

Ranging from $150 to $450, the Pop, Steel and Activité look like regular watches, but they connect to your Android device to track your fitness. There's even a sub-dial for measuring your goal activity for the day.

Other than how they look, the best part about the Activité series is they don't need to be charged at all. They can last months on a single battery, taking the hassle out of the annoying charge cycle of other smartwatches and fitness trackers.

Withings' app is nice, and the company carries a whole line of fitness tracking products like a scale that pair nicely with the watch.

Buy Withings products from Withings or Amazon

Wrap up

Next year we hope to see wearables expand beyond smartwatches and fitness trackers, but for now if you want to wear your tech this holiday season, the options listed above are your best bet.

Android Match

Mad Aces 1.0 APK

Posted: 06 Dec 2015 06:08 AM PST

Fans of arcade game had plenty to be happy about in the past few months thanks to several new games getting released for Android. If you have played all the more recent arcade games and you're looking for something new to sink your teeth into, you may want to check out a brand new game that has been made available today on the Google Play Store. The new game is called Mad Aces and it's been developed by BulkyPix.

Mad Aces 1.0 APK

Have you played Flappy Bird or Crossy Road? Mad Aces is a game that combines the best parts of Crossy Road and Flappy Bird into one unholy hellstew of compelling endless gameplay. The game lets you control one of the mad aces to fly across the dangerous space, ramming and dodging spiked bricks, discovering new ridiculous characters!

Mad Aces is a great addictive game with a great graphics, great sound and simple but challenging gameplay. The game features exciting retro-game inspired mechanics you can run through the endless level and strive for the best score. It will test your skills and reaction, even makes you want to throw your phone and smash it to bits!

Here's a quick look at the features of the game, which you can play on Android phone and tablet:
- Easy to learn - hard to master game mechanics
- Ridiculous and expanding character roster
- Distinguished visuals
- Achievements
- ...and even more to come

Mad Aces is already available for free download and play on Android 4.0 or above. You can check it out on the Google Play Store now or download Mad Aces apk file from the source link below, have fun game!

Download Mad Aces 1.0 APK file

via Android Match

Kill Shot Bravo 1.1 APK

Posted: 06 Dec 2015 01:41 AM PST

A new interesting action game has been released a few days ago on the Google Play Store, a game that fans of first person shooter games will surely enjoy. The new game is called Kill Shot Bravo and it's been developed by Hothead Games, who has developed several other free Android games.

Kill Shot Bravo apk

Kill Shot Bravo is a premier first-person shooter game for Android phones and tablets. The game lets you arm yourself with deadly machine guns, assassin sniper weapons, assault rifles and the latest military gear to complete over 200 missions deep inside enemy territory. You trained as a Special Forces soldier, you will navigate secret missions across the globe and eliminating hostile forces that stand in the way of a peaceful world.

The game has been update on the Play store bring new features and some improvements. Here is what's new in Kill Shot Bravo version 1.1:
Enter the jungles to take down the "Los Colmillos" cartel:
• NEW* 70+ missions in Region 5!
• NEW* sniper rifles and assault rifles, plus the "Guillotine" shotgun!
Added more variety to PvP:
• NEW* Modes: Standard, Thermal, Headshot, and Armor Active!
• NEW* Maps: Icefall Ridge and Pagoda Peaks!
Additional language support:
• NEW* languages - Indonesian and Turkish!

Kill Shot Bravo is an extreme gamer type of game features a decent variety in the missions. The game is available for free download and play on Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or above. You can check it out on the Google Play Store now or download Kill Shot Bravo apk APK from the source link below.

Kill Shot Bravo 1.1 APK

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Android and Me smartphones holiday shopping guide – 2015

Posted: 05 Dec 2015 07:31 PM PST

Want to really spoil someone (or, ahem, possibly yourself) this year? There's nothing like opening a brand new smartphone to ring in the holidays.

There has never been a better time to buy an Android phone. We really mean that. The choices in every price bracket are practically endless, with all of them being well worth your attention.

Fortunately for you, some are more worthy of your attention than others. Here are a few of the best smartphones you can buy this holiday season, and where to buy them.

The best of the best

Hands down, the best Android phone you can buy this holiday season is the Huawei Nexus 6P. It's the most expensive in this guide, but for $499, you get well more than what you pay for: 5.7-inch WQHD display, a fantastic 12-megapixel camera, Snapdragon 810v2, 3GB of RAM and all the sensors and software upgrades you could possibly need. If you can afford it, get it.

Buy the Huawei Nexus 6P from Google, Huawei or Amazon

As an alternative, you might consider the HTC One A9. The One A9 has been universally praised for its design, and while it's not top of the line, it doesn't need to be. It functions well and, as an added bonus, the One A9 will get updates just 15 business days after the Nexus 6P. The One A9 is $499.

Buy the HTC One A9 from HTC or Amazon

For a little bit less

If you don't want to spend $500, that's fine. You don't need to in order to get a great Android device. For around $100 less, there are two great choices from two different manufacturers.

For a phone that closely rivals the Nexus 6P for $100 less, check out the Motorola Moto X Pure Edition. It has a 1440p 5.7-inch display, a great 21-megapixel camera, front-facing stereo speakers and water resistance. The Moto X Pure Edition also comes in a ton of different colors and materials, like wood and leather. At $399, it's an excellent alternative to the Nexus 6P, and one of the best Android phones money can buy.

Buy the Motorola Moto X Pure Edition from Motorola or Amazon

Much like the Nexus 6P, the LG Nexus 5X is a fantastic phone for the price. At $379, the Nexus 5P is a smaller, more manageable device than the Moto X Pure Edition, with the same camera and fingerprint reader as the Nexus 6P. It comes in three colors, including a unique mint green that really stands out from the crowd.

Buy the Nexus 5X from Google or Amazon

Amazingly affordable

It's been several years now, and there's still one manufacturer who leads the pack in making excellent smartphones for under $200. That's right, it's Motorola.

The Motorola Moto G 3rd gen kicked the Moto G series up a notch yet again by throwing in excellent specs and making the device Moto Maker compatible. Starting at $180, the latest Moto G balances speed, size, specs and price like no other device on the market. We highly recommend the upgrade to the $220 model, which doubles storage and RAM of the base version, but the $180 model will still get the job done.

Buy the Moto G from Motorola or Amazon

Want an even more affordable smartphone? Motorola comes to the rescue yet again with the Moto E. We know this list seems Motorola heavy, but the fact is that Motorola just does affordable phones the best. They are well spec'd for the money, offer great design and there's no gimmicks to buying one. The Moto E starts at as little as $120. It simply does not get more affordable than that. Access to LTE will bring the device up to $150, but even, then you cannot beat the price.

Buy the Moto E from Motorola or Amazon

Wrap up

We said it once and we'll say it again, there has never been a better time to buy an Android phone. Any of the six phones above would make a fantastic gift this year for anyone on your shopping list.

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Chrome For Android 47 Tweaks The Bookmarks Interface With A Slide-Out Menu, At Least For Some

Posted: 05 Dec 2015 06:09 PM PST

image (6)Chrome's URL bar is so fast that I generally don't even bother with bookmarks anymore, but those who do might have noticed that they look a little different lately. In the latest version of the Chrome stable build for Android, there's a new user-selectable flag that can enable or disable a different interface for the Bookmarks manager. It can be enabled (or disabled, if you prefer) in the Flags settings page: chrome://flags/#enhanced-bookmarks-experiment.

Read More

Chrome For Android 47 Tweaks The Bookmarks Interface With A Slide-Out Menu, At Least For Some was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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