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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Android Match

Android Match

Traffic Rider 1.0 APK

Posted: 19 Jan 2016 02:01 PM PST

From the same Soner Kara folks who created one of our favorite games called Traffic Racer, a new game with the title Traffic Rider is now available to download and play on Android.

Traffic Rider is a great racing game that lets you ride your bike in the endless highway roads overtaking the traffic. The gameplay takes the endless racing genre to a whole new level by adding a full career mode, players can upgrade and buy new bikes to beat the missions.

Traffic Rider apk download

Here's a quick look at the features of the game:
- 20 motorbikes to choose from
- First person camera view
- Online Leaderboards and 30+ achievements
- Real motor sounds recorded from real bikes
- Detailed environments with day and night variations
- Career mode with 40+ missions
- Support for 17 languages

The game has great controls, great graphics and overall one of the best mobile games. It's fun with classic gameplay and lots of motorcycles to choose from. Would recommend this game to all bike, all highway riding and arcade enthusiasts.

Traffic Rider is compatible with Android devices running 2.3.3 or higher. While the game is free to download and play, be aware that it also contains in-game purchases to buy items, will require payment with real money. You can check it out on the Google Play Store now or download Traffic Rider apk file from the source link given below to install it directly on your Android phone or tablet.

Traffic Rider apk file download

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Facebook Is Adding Tor Support To The Android App

Posted: 19 Jan 2016 11:44 AM PST


Say what you will about Facebook's commitment to privacy, the company does offer a Tor address for secure, anonymous connections. That's cool, but you need to use a Tor-enabled browser. That will change in the coming days as Facebook rolls out support for Tor in the Android app.

Tor is an encrypted network that can route your traffic through multiple layers to hide its origin. It's useful for bypassing website blocks and preserving your privacy.

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Facebook Is Adding Tor Support To The Android App was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Pocket Casts gets even more awesome with auto backup, time-based filters

Posted: 19 Jan 2016 11:04 AM PST

Pocket Casts for Android is now even more awesome. Photo: Shifty JellyPocket Casts, the best podcast client on Android, today received a mammoth update that adds a bunch of useful new features and improvements. You can now filter your favorite podcasts by date, automatically backup your settings and database (if you're using Marshmallow), and more. Here is the complete list of changes with Pocket Casts version

The post Pocket Casts gets even more awesome with auto backup, time-based filters appeared first on Cult of Android.

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Pay what you want for the Complete 2016 Coder Bundle [Deal]

Posted: 19 Jan 2016 11:04 AM PST

CoderBundleThe world of programming is wide and wild, bristling with enough different languages, platforms and workflows to leave anyone dizzy. These 10 courses, clocking in at over 178 hours of content, offer a travel guide for the prospective coder. The best part might be that you can get it for whatever you're willing to pay,

The post Pay what you want for the Complete 2016 Coder Bundle [Deal] appeared first on Cult of Android.

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HTC to make two Nexus smartphones for 2016

Posted: 19 Jan 2016 09:49 AM PST

Will Google return to HTC in 2016? Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Android.HTC will partner up with Google again this year to deliver not one but two new Nexus smartphones, replacing those currently made by LG and Huawei, according to sources. HTC has previously teamed up with Google to make the Nexus One, the very first Nexus smartphone — and the Nexus 9, Google's most recent tablet.

The post HTC to make two Nexus smartphones for 2016 appeared first on Cult of Android.

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Appfour Releases A PDF And Google Drive Viewer For Android Wear (Magnifying Glass Not Included)

Posted: 19 Jan 2016 09:29 AM PST


Have you ever wanted to view a document on your smartwatch? Don't lie. What, you have? Oh, well, um, now you can, all thanks to developer appfour.

To lay your eyes on 1.3 inches of barely readable fuzziness, open the Documents app on your smartwatch. The app will pull the list of recently used documents from your phone. You can tap on any of them to get a fullscreen view (which ultimately doesn't amount to much) of the paper, slideshow, or spreadsheet.

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Appfour Releases A PDF And Google Drive Viewer For Android Wear (Magnifying Glass Not Included) was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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T-Mobile reveals BlackBerry Priv pricing ahead of launch

Posted: 19 Jan 2016 09:03 AM PST

BlackBerry has had its Priv handset available on its website for a bit of a stretch now, but since the only way to pick one up was to pay the full retail price in one step, it might have left it off many potential customer's option block. T-Mobile might be able to do something about that.

The company has finally revealed the pricing for the Priv, which will launch under the Magenta carrier's umbrella on Tuesday, January 26. It will be available in a couple of different ways, including JUMP! On Demand. With this option you can pay $0 down and then 18 monthly payments of $34 after that. You can then pay off the device — a total of $719.99 — and keep it if you like, or trade in the device and upgrade to something else if you're looking at another handset.

T-Mobile will also offer the Priv through its equipment installment plan, which means you'll pay $0 down and then 24 monthly payments of $34. You'll pay $720 in this scenario, but the device will be yours to do what you will when it's all said and done.

Now that installments are an option, do you plan on picking up a Priv through T-Mobile?

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BlackBerry Priv will be pricey when it hits T-Mobile on January 26

Posted: 19 Jan 2016 08:49 AM PST

BlackBerry Priv is heading to T-Mobile. Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of AndroidBlackBerry's first Android-powered smartphone is coming to T-Mobile on January 26, and it's going to put a big dent in your wallet. If you want to buy Priv off-contract, you'll be paying $719.99 upfront. That's $70 more than a 16GB iPhone 6s on T-Mobile, $20 more than a 32GB Galaxy Note 5, and a full $140

The post BlackBerry Priv will be pricey when it hits T-Mobile on January 26 appeared first on Cult of Android.

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You can now install Android apps using Google Search

Posted: 19 Jan 2016 08:19 AM PST

Installing apps from the Google app. Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of AndroidGoogle is making it possible to install Android apps directly from Google Search. The feature, which is already available for some users, makes it even easier to find Android apps and games. How many times have you searched Google for an app? It's a common practice — especially if you aren't looking for a specific title;

The post You can now install Android apps using Google Search appeared first on Cult of Android.

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HTC unleashes the One M8′s Marshmallow update on Europe

Posted: 19 Jan 2016 08:18 AM PST

As expected, HTC has started pushing out the Android 6.0 update for the HTC One M8 in Europe. The two-stage update is being pushed to both unlocked and carrier-branded versions of the phone. If you happen to own the One M8, you can go to Settings > About > Software Updates > Check Now to see if the Marshmallow update is available for your device. It may take several tries before the update begins since HTC only allows a certain number of concurrent connections to its servers.

The Android 6.0 update for the HTC One M8 includes Google Now on Tap, tweaks and enhancements to HTC Sense, improved battery life with Android's new Doze functionality and the ability to increase the system storage on the phone with the new adaptive storage feature (see video below). Since the update is over 1GB, we recommend connecting to a good WiFi network before beginning the download process.

Let us know how the install process goes and don't forget to let us know what you like most about Android Marshmallow.

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Starbucks App Now Shows What Music Is Playing In Stores And Offers To Save The Entire Spotify Playlist

Posted: 19 Jan 2016 07:14 AM PST


Finding stuff to listen to is difficult work. I mean, it must be. More folks have sat around thinking up yet one more way for help consumers discover music differently than have put their talents toward developing a decent mobile office suite or a way for users to back up app save data without having to void warranties. For those of you who have made Spotify your music-finding solution of choice, Starbucks is offering something aside from a cup of coffee and a breakfast sandwich.

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Starbucks App Now Shows What Music Is Playing In Stores And Offers To Save The Entire Spotify Playlist was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Google may choose HTC to build two Nexus phones

Posted: 19 Jan 2016 06:19 AM PST

HTC's VR and fitness products have been in the press quite a bit over the past few weeks, but now a new rumor has come to light that claims that we may see two exciting smartphones from HTC later this year. The source of this news claims that HTC will be working with Google to develop 5-inch and a 5.5-inch Nexus smartphones sometime in 2016. Since Nexus phones are typically released in the fall, there's really no additional information to share at this time.

In addition to building the T-Mobile G1, HTC was also chosen by Google to build the Nexus One, the very first Nexus device. Over the years, Google has turned to Samsung, LG, Motorola and Huawei to build subsequent Nexus phones, but it looks like things may finally come full circle. Nexus phones typically do not sell well, but the companies that have built the devices for Google often benefit from the partnership and have seen increased sales of their other Android devices. There's no guarantee that building a Nexus device will have any lasting impact on HTC's bottom line, but we certainly don't see a downside to it.

Based on the devices that HTC has released recently, do you think the company is worthy of building Google's 2016 Nexus phones?

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This Choetech Iron Stand Qi wireless charger is cheap and beautiful [coupon code]

Posted: 19 Jan 2016 06:19 AM PST

Wireless charging has two major disadvantages that stand in its was compared to standard wireless charging: (1) Charging speed and (2) The mobile device needs to be positioned just right for the coils in the phone and charger to work together. In most standard puck-style wireless chargers, there's nothing physically helping you position your phone correctly to enable the wireless charging. So, you need to fiddle around with the phone position until the phone notifies you it's charging. This experience kind of ruins all the convenience that comes from using wireless charging. Most people don't like to use difficult to use things, even if it removes cables from the equation.

A few companies have jumped on a superior design for a wireless charger: The stand. I've been using the TYLT VU for over two years and love it. I own three. Today, we review the Choetech Iron Stand Qi wireless charger. The advantage of the stand design is that I never need to hunt for the right phone position on the wireless charger. I set my Nexus 6 down so it's relatively centered on charging stand and it starts charging. It's that easy.

Choetech Iron Stand-11I love the way the Choetech Iron Stand looks. It looks better in person than it does on Amazon. The Iron Stand has an aluminum frame that gives it a great look and sturdy feel. It has rubber feet that hold it in place well on different surfaces. It also has a rubber pad for the mobile device to sit on so it's not sitting directly on aluminum. The charging coils sit in a plastic case behind the stand and are covered by a mirror finish plastic that looks great. The Iron Stand is powered with a 2 Amp adapter and a micro-USB cable that plugs into the right side of the device. 1 Amp is supplied by the wireless charging coils. The stand has bright blue LEDs that light up when the wireless charging is enabled.

The Iron Stand has three coils (as can be viewed in the image to the left) that allows for flexible positioning that works in landscape or portrait mode. Additoinally, the stand makes your phone usable while it's sitting there charging. It holds your phone at an angle so you can watch videos or easily browse email. It's a much more convenient position compared to sitting flat on a desk.

Choetech Iron Stand-5 Choetech Iron Stand-9 Choetech Iron Stand-8 Choetech Iron Stand-7 Choetech Iron Stand-1 Choetech Iron Stand-2 Choetech Iron Stand-3 Choetech Iron Stand-4

We've reviewed only one other stand style wireless charger here on Android and Me, the TYLT VU. I will be comparing the Choetech Iron Stand charger with the TYLT VU. I like the Iron Stand over the TYLT VU in almost every aspect. Here's what I like:

  • The looks. The TYLT VU has lots of fun colors, but none of them look very fancy. They have a more sporty silicone look. The Iron Stand is aluminum, built strong, and looks premium. It would look great and professional on any desk.
  • The charging footprint. I've never had trouble with positioning with the TYLT VU with my Nexus devices, but the Samsung Galaxy S6 doesn't seem to like the TYLT VU in portrait positioning. The Choetech Iron Stand has no issues with the Galaxy S6 or my Nexus 6 in any position. I think this will be the first wireless charger my wife will actually use because it works with her Galaxy S6 every try.
  • The angle. The angle on the Choetech Iron Stand is steeper than the TYLT VU which I think makes it better for use while on the desk. This is probably subjective, The TYLT VU is a tad too shallow for me. When my wife uses the TYLT VU to watch shows on the tablet, I often find her propping up the back with a book or something to increase the angle. I don't think she'd need to do that with the Iron Stand.
  • Micro-USB charging input. The TYLT VU uses a barrel style charging connector to power it. The Iron Stand uses a micro-USB cable. If you're anything like me, you have plenty of micro-USB chargers and cables laying around and it's nice to not have to have another charging cable if I don't need to. The Iron Stand charger using micr0-USB power is convenient.
  • The price. The Choetech Iron Stand is only $35.99 on Amazon (at the time of writing this post) compared to $54 for the cheapest TYLT VU color option. This price feels like a steal for how awesome this wireless charger is. Additionally for a limited time, we have an exclusive Amazon coupon code from Choetech, PYNVNA6E, to take an additional $7 off the Iron Stand bringing the price down to $28.99. This offer is good through Friday, Jan 22.

Choetech Iron Stand-dataHow does the Choetech Iron Stand compare to the TYLT VU with regards to charging speed? Looking at the figure to the right, the charging speeds are basically identical between the two different chargers with my Nexus 6. As a disclaimer, these values are not averages over several different tests, but single tests. So the results may vary on different days or with different devices. With my Nexus 6, the TYLT VU and Iron Stand charged at a rate of about 0.20% per minute when rounded to the nearest hundredth. It's a clear tie.

The Choetech Iron Stand is a beautiful Qi wireless charger at a great price. It can be found for $35.99 on Amazon and comes with an 18 month warranty. As already stated, we have an exclusive Amazon coupon code for a limited time, PYNVNA6E, to take an additional $7 of the Iron Stand bringing the price down to $28.99. This offer is good through Friday, Jan 22. Without being able to comment on durability or longevity of the device like I can with the TYLT VU, the Choetech Iron Stand has reached #1 on my list of reviewed wireless chargers. It looks great, it works great, and the price is great. I highly recommend it.

What's your favorite wireless charger? If you don't have a wireless charging device, what's your favorite charging accessory? Have any questions about the Choetech Iron Stand? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below.

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Pocket Casts Gets Updated To v5.3 With Date-Based Filtering, Marshmallow Data Sync, Improved Voice Controls, And More

Posted: 19 Jan 2016 06:14 AM PST

pocket casts

The developers of Pocket Casts have a history of being at the forefront of Android with an update adding this feature or that. They were early on material design, and just recently added a cool Nearby API implementation. Today, there's one that adds some tasty Marshmallow features, better filtering, and more.

Here's the changelog for Pocket Casts v5.3. Apparently, there is more than can be shown in the Play Store update section, but this is the full one.

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Pocket Casts Gets Updated To v5.3 With Date-Based Filtering, Marshmallow Data Sync, Improved Voice Controls, And More was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Victory for Apple! Court bans sale of older Samsung phones

Posted: 19 Jan 2016 05:49 AM PST

apple-samsung-iphone-galaxy-patent-warApple and Samsung have been locked in a never-ending legal battle seemingly forever, but yesterday a federal court in California agreed to finally ban the U.S. sale of several Samsung smartphones which infringe on patents owned by Apple. The bad news? The phones are now so old that they're not really sold any more. But

The post Victory for Apple! Court bans sale of older Samsung phones appeared first on Cult of Android.

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Apple and Samsung accused of relying on child labor for lithium batteries

Posted: 19 Jan 2016 04:19 AM PST

iPhone-batteryAmnesty International has accused Apple, Samsung, Sony and other smartphone makers of not making basic checks which would have prevented their using batteries made with minerals mined by children. In a report focused on cobalt mined in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, children as young as seven were found working in unsafe conditions. Cobalt

The post Apple and Samsung accused of relying on child labor for lithium batteries appeared first on Cult of Android.

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HTC denies rumors of VR business becoming an independent company

Posted: 18 Jan 2016 10:33 PM PST

Regardless of how HTC shareholders may have felt about the rumor that the company would be spinning off the VR business, HTC has officially quashed the rumor before it had too much time to build up.

HTC's official comment on the matter:

Recent media reports in Taiwan, such as by United Evening News, stating that Cher Wang is planning to spin off HTC's VR operations into an independent entity that will be wholly owned by Wang is incorrect. HTC will continue to develop our VR business to further maximize value for shareholders.Official Press ReleaseHTC

Naturally this doesn't preclude HTC making this move sometime in the future, but for now HTC is going to keep its split personality as a purveyor of VR and mobile hardware under one roof.

The Vive has been proof positive that HTC is capable of creating innovative hardware in new sectors, but with VR profitability likely still years away the Vive alone is not going to turn around the fortunes of HTC. Wearables and Internet of things remain reasonably unsettled markets that HTC has identified as areas of interest, however the clock is ticking.

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Google enabling Play Store installs from within search results

Posted: 18 Jan 2016 08:33 PM PST

Google seems to be hard at work rolling out and testing features to kick off the new year. This one is again centered around search on mobile and seems to be specific to searches made within the Google app.

You are no doubt accustomed to seeing apps appear with an install button within the Google app when searching for them by name, but Google is now allowing users to install the app directly from the Google app via a simple pop up rather than pulling you out to the Play Store. For images of the new functionality hit the source link below.

We haven't seen this on our devices yet, but unlike the search options we saw last week, this one seems like it should unquestionably be rolled out to all users in time.

While Google is busy plugging away on updates to the Google app is there anything else you would like to see changed?

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LG G5 Will Feature A Completely Redesigned Look

Posted: 18 Jan 2016 04:49 PM PST


LG is set to announce the successor to the LG G4 in just a couple of weeks at MWC 2016, but until then, new leaks and device details are good enough.

Android Authority has shared a diagram of the purported LG G5 smartphone and it confirms the G5 will be slightly taller and thinner (149.4 x 73.9 x 8.2mm). Other details include a change to LG's signature rear facing power and volume button layout as its volume keys are now placed on the side, while the power button surrounds the rear camera.

Underneath that same camera is what looks like a fingerprint sensor, and it shares a lot of similarities to the one found on the LG-made Nexus 5X from Google.

Unfortunately, the diagram does not show any signs of the rumoured expansion slot.

[Android Authority]

The post LG G5 Will Feature A Completely Redesigned Look appeared first on Android in Canada Blog.

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OnePlus begins offering free shipping on orders over $100

Posted: 18 Jan 2016 04:18 PM PST

OnePlus is company's that's always fought the norm and done its own thing. But being different also caused some issues for customers, particularly in the ways that OnePlus has sold and delivered its products. But OnePlus is now making the process better by offering free standard shipping with any order over $100 USD. The offer also extends to customers ordering from different countries, though of course currency limits are different depending on the country. Check out the currency exchange chart below for the free shipping threshold in different countries:

  • CAD: 150
  • EUR: 100
  • CZK: 2500
  • DKK: 700
  • HUF: 30000
  • PLN: 400
  • SEK: 850
  • GBP: 60
  • HKD: 800

In addition to offering free standard shipping on orders over the threshold, OnePlus is also giving customers a discount on priority shipping if they meet the same threshold. This is great, considering that some may be in serious need of a new phone and can't afford to wait for the standard shipping times. The change should benefit all OnePlus customers as they go forward in purchasing from the company.

Kudos to you, OnePlus. Keep on keeping on.

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OPPO R7s makes its debut in Australia

Posted: 18 Jan 2016 03:58 PM PST


OPPO Australia has announced this morning that the brand's latest mid-range handset with a premium vibe, the OPPO R7s is now available for Aussies.

The OPPO R7s with its metal unibody design and 5.5-inch 1080p AMOLED display — producing 401 pixels per inch — is essentially offered as the happy medium in OPPO's R7 range, for those after something larger than the 5-inch 1080p panel found on the OPPO R7, but who may find the R7 Plus' 6-inch display too large for their needs. R7s differs from the standard R7 in that it too features on-screen navigation buttons like the largest of the R7 family, the R7 Plus.

The R7s sports most the same specs as its two siblings with ...

The post OPPO R7s makes its debut in Australia appeared first on Android Australia.

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