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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Android Match

Android Match

Reddit Is Developing An Official Android App With A Complete Feature Set, Day/Night Themes, And More

Posted: 28 Jan 2016 02:45 PM PST


In an announcement, Reddit's CEO said that they are launching an official Android beta, which for the time being is a closed beta. Of course, these kinds of things have their way of finding their way into the public eye. The current development version, similar in appearance to the screenshot an administrator posted back in September, boasts the full spectrum of capabilities that Redditors currently have to go to third-party offerings to get.

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Reddit Is Developing An Official Android App With A Complete Feature Set, Day/Night Themes, And More was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Sharing your Snapchat username just got snappier

Posted: 28 Jan 2016 02:36 PM PST

snap-ghost-yellowTucked away in a recent Snapchat update for Android and iOS, users of the app will notice a new option that allows for the quick and easy sharing of a URL that links directly to their user profile. The link, which can then be copied or shared anywhere a link can be tapped or clicked, takes

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Super-fast charger promises power in 5 minutes

Posted: 28 Jan 2016 02:36 PM PST

ASAP DashA new portable power supply says it can store enough juice for three full phone charges in just 15 minutes. The ASAP Dash is looking for $30,000 on crowdfunding site Indiegogo. And if it works as well as it says it does, it could be a must-have gadget for people who find themselves consistently low

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NVIDIA SHIELD winter sale will save you 50-75% off some great games

Posted: 28 Jan 2016 02:03 PM PST

NVIDIA has proven repeatedly that it wants to be the driving force in Android gaming, and between the SHIELD Tablet and the SHIELD Android TV, it definitely has the hardware to back it up. The other piece of the puzzle is, of course, the games, and NVIDIA is constantly working to both secure exclusives and curate excellent games for both its own GeForce Now service as well as Android. Today, NVIDIA has organized a winter sale that includes a number of excellent titles in both stores.

These GeForce Now titles are 75% off:

These Android titles are all 50% off:

It's not specifically part of this sale, but in case you missed it, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance for NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV is still 50% off as part of its introductory sale, but like the rest of these offers, that deal will come to an end this Sunday, January 31st.

The GeForce Now titles are exclusive to SHIELD devices and, with the exception of OlliOlli, that is true for the Android titles as well. If you own any of the SHIELD devices, this is a great chance to load up your games library on the cheap!

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Top 10 new Android games this week: Tigerball, Crashlands

Posted: 28 Jan 2016 02:03 PM PST

Welcome back to Android Gaming Weekly, our weekly recap of new game releases. We still plan to cover upcoming releases and games we're playing, but this column is dedicated to new games that you can start playing right now. Check out our top picks and let us know in the comments section if you have any suggestions for next week's post.

Flick Quarterback

DescriptionBE THE QUARTERBACK. Call the shots, pass to receivers, dodge blitzing defenders, score touchdowns and throw amazing trick shots. You are the MVP.


Cartoon Wars 3

Description:  Come see why over 80 million users worldwide have played this legendary series! Prepare yourself to be drawn into the action. Strategically assemble your army and destroy the opposing tower. Use your Arrow Launcher to defend your castle from incoming enemy units.


Super Awesome RPG

DescriptionSuper Awesome RPG is an anime-themed CCG-style combat system designed especially for playing on the go. It offers a twist on the RPG genre with a CCG-style gameplay wherein actions come from what equipment your heroes wear, and executing attacks is done through a tactical scratch-card like mechanic.


World Chef

DescriptionWelcome to a game so mouth-watering you should probably play with a bib on. This is World Chef, a place where the kitchen never closes and the waiters always have big smiles on their faces.


Blade: Sword of Elysion

Description: Blade: Sword of Elysion is an infinite epic action RPG. Slash through dungeons and annihilate all evil forces. Evade and raid other heroes in a bloodstained, action-packed arena. Engage in fierce PvP battles and show no mercy!



Description: Bounce your way to glory in this endless arcade! Featuring : Super realistic physics, Silky smooth swipe control, Fast paced or relaxing depending on how you play, and 100 handcrafted levels set in 20 worlds.


Punch Club

DescriptionPunch Club is a boxing tycoon management game with multiple branching story lines. Your goal is clear, but how you get there depends on whether you want to legitimately climb the rankings, or take the more ridiculous, shady route.



Description Craft, battle, and quest your way through Crashlands, an outlandish, story-driven Crafting RPG overflowing with sass! Learn recipes from the local sentient life, make new friends, uncover ancient secrets and deadly bosses, tame everything and build yourself a home-away-from-home as you learn to thrive on planet Woanope.


Panzer Waltz

Description: Set in a world at war with experimentation gone awry, humanity must fight against what they had created! Discover the story behind the madness as you set off to defend your fellow compatriots. Their future is in your hands!



Description: Downwell is a curious game about a young boy venturing down a well in search of untold treasures with only his Gunboots to protect him. Make your way further and further down into the darkness filled with nasty creatures and mysterious secrets to collect the spectacular red gems scattered about the rocks.


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Facebook says that Live Video is coming to Android soon

Posted: 28 Jan 2016 02:03 PM PST

Social networks are constantly changing and evolving to keep up with the the demands of today's fast-moving society. One social media trend that's taken off over the past year is live video streaming. Meerkat and Periscope spent a few months duking it out to see who could expand more quickly, with Periscope ultimately taking the top spot in live video streaming.

But Periscope isn't getting exclusivity on the live video streaming market. Facebook is entering into the live video streaming market with its aptly-titled Live Video. The company began testing the feature in December and today announced that it was rolling the feature out to all iPhone users within the US. Global expansion will follow in the coming weeks.

Facebook Live Video

Android users will have to wait a bit longer, as Facebook has said no more than that Live Video for Android is coming "soon". With that vague of a timeframe, it's safe to assume that the wait will be closer to weeks and months rather than days.

Utilizing Live Video is simple. You can simply tap on "Update Status" and then tap on the Live Video icon. Before streaming begins, you can write a quick description of what you'll be streaming as well as choosing the audience that you want to share with. Once you end the live stream, the video will be saved to your timeline and can be watched and replayed by you and your friends.

Here's a question for you: how many of you actually use live video streaming? Will you be trying Facebook's Live Video?

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Lenovo CEO: “more innovative, more attractive” Moto device coming in July

Posted: 28 Jan 2016 01:44 PM PST

Tomorrow will mark the two-year anniversary of Lenovo's announcement that it would purchase Motorola Mobility. Since the two companies became one, Motorola has continued to function much the same as before. But change may be in the works. Just weeks ago, Lenovo announced that the Motorola brand would be phased out. Future devices created by the Motorola branch of Lenovo will be sold under the Lenovo name and the Moto brand which has been popularized with phones such as the Moto X and Moto G.

The first of those new Moto phones may not be too far in the future. In a recent interview, Lenovo CEO Yuanqing Yang said that the company would be launching a "more innovative, [and] more attractive" Moto device in July. This device will launch in the US and will be an attempt to strengthen the foothold that Motorola has in the country.


Lenovo's own mobile brand doesn't yet have a presence in the US, so at present, the company is leveraging the Moto brand as a means to pave the way for the launch of Lenovo's personal brand within the US. Within developing countries, however, Lenovo has plans to snatch up some of the newly available market share. In particular, Yang mentioned the markets of India, Africa and the Middle East.

As a whole, Lenovo sees the mobile market as a means to help guide customers towards Lenovo's PCs. Even with global PC sales declining, Lenovo is of the opinion that consumers will soon begin to shift back to more capable PCs. If the company can secure customers in the mobile market, it has a much higher likelihood of persuading those customers to purchase Lenovo PCs over competitor brands.

Whether or not Lenovo's prediction will come to pass remains to be seen, but we look forward to seeing what the company brings to the table in the mobile market.

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[Leak] Waze 4.0 Brings Complete UI Overhaul, Lots Of New Animations

Posted: 28 Jan 2016 01:40 PM PST

unnamed (1)

Waze 4.0 is on the way to Android soon, and with it comes a complete overhaul of the entire app's interface. Everything, and I mean everything, has been touched by this update. The app is still clearly recognizable as Waze, but definitely a much slicker, more animated Waze. I wouldn't call it "material" by any means, but it's certainly a lot more modern than what Waze is shipping right now. Take a look at these two GIFs for examples of just what I mean - even the traffic flow animation is now snazzier.

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[Leak] Waze 4.0 Brings Complete UI Overhaul, Lots Of New Animations was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Chrome Stable Updated To v48 With Actionable Notifications, Status Bar Color Without Merged Tabs, And More [APK Download]

Posted: 28 Jan 2016 01:40 PM PST


Google is rolling out a new build of Chrome today, and it's the stable version. Since it's been through both dev and beta channels already, we've got a pretty good idea what's new this time. Among the most important on the user-facing side, there's better support for colored status bars and enhanced websites notifications.

Based on what we've found in v48 before, we've got the aforementioned colored status bar attribute and actionable website notifications.

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Chrome Stable Updated To v48 With Actionable Notifications, Status Bar Color Without Merged Tabs, And More [APK Download] was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Google Docs, Sheets, And Slides For Android Now Support More Formats, Right-To-Left Languages, And Creating Filters [APK Download]

Posted: 28 Jan 2016 01:25 PM PST


As it turns out, commenting wasn't all Google had in mind for Docs, Sheets, and Slides yesterday. The company is pushing out updates to the Android apps that add support for more document types. In Docs, you can import .txt, .rtf, and .html. You can then export as .docx, .rtf, .pdf, .txt, or .html. In Sheets, you can open .csv or .tsv and export as .xlsx, .pdf, .html, .csv, and .tsv.

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Google Docs, Sheets, And Slides For Android Now Support More Formats, Right-To-Left Languages, And Creating Filters [APK Download] was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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AliExpress Revamps Homepage And Graduates To A Red Material Design

Posted: 28 Jan 2016 11:25 AM PST


AliExpress may have a bad rep in some circles for the quality of the products that gets sold on it, but the reality is that it doesn't get enough credit for continuing to slowly improve its service and, most importantly, for not having most of its vendors tied to Paypal. In countries where Paypal isn't available, AliExpress is one of the best, if not the only, ways to buy stuff online.

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AliExpress Revamps Homepage And Graduates To A Red Material Design was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Apparent Samsung slide reveals Galaxy S7 design and specs

Posted: 28 Jan 2016 11:15 AM PST

Is this the Galaxy S7? Photo: PhoneArenaThe keynote slide you see above, leaked by an apparent Samsung employee, may reveal the Galaxy S7's design and specifications just weeks ahead of its official debut. It confirms whispers we've already heard, but is it genuine? According to this image, the Galaxy S7 will be powered by a Snapdragon 820 processor or Samsung's new Exynos

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Newsstand v3.5 Receives Further Visual Tweaks And Pushes Top News To... Well, The Top [APK Download]

Posted: 28 Jan 2016 10:40 AM PST


Just last week, users of Play Newsstand woke up to a newly redesigned article layout. An update to the apk began rolling out late yesterday that continue the visual adjustments, this time making changes to the content of the news feeds and categories. The highlights section has also been reordered to place leading stories right at the top so they're more accessible. As usual, you can grab the apk from a link at the bottom.

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Newsstand v3.5 Receives Further Visual Tweaks And Pushes Top News To... Well, The Top [APK Download] was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Save 28% on the AIR ionic car purifier and charger [Deal]

Posted: 28 Jan 2016 10:30 AM PST

def2c791c9d1b1077fff4352f272d29956331ffd_main_hero_imageThings happen. Your car air gets dirty, your phone runs low on battery. But now you've got the stone to kill both those birds. The AIR quickly purifies the air in your car by removing smoke, toxic fumes, dust, pollen, pet dander, and even unfortunate mystery smells. To boot, it has two USB plug-ins to

The post Save 28% on the AIR ionic car purifier and charger [Deal] appeared first on Cult of Android.

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Specs leak for the HTC One M10; this year’s smartphone to beat?

Posted: 28 Jan 2016 10:13 AM PST

HTC has had a rough time over the past couple of years. The company has struggled financially for quite some time, but it looked to be on the road to recovery after launching the oft-praised HTC One M7. The company followed that success up with the One M8, another hit. But last year's HTC One M9 was a miss for the company, failing to move forward in any substantial way.

This year, HTC looks to be coming out swinging with the upcoming HTC One M10. The device will reportedly be one of HTC's most advanced devices to date, and a new specs leak from VentureBeat appears to confirm that.

HTC is reportedly packing the One M10 with a 5.1-inch QHD (2560×1440) AMOLED display, making it the first HTC global flagship to feature a QHD display. In terms of horsepower, the One M10 will reportedly utilize Qualcomm's powerful new Snapdragon 820 process paired with an Adreno 530 GPU and 4GB of RAM. In terms of storage, the prototype device in question had 23GB of usable storage, indicating a storage capacity of at least 32GB.

The One M10 also reportedly features a fingerprint scanner built into a physical home button. Unfortunately, we still can't be too sure about the design, as the leaker declined to comment on the design, aside from mentioning that the device no longer features front-facing BoomSound speakers, which will be a disappointment to many HTC fans. The leaker also mentioned that the design may be subject to change, so take potential design leaks with a grain of salt.

While HTC has swung back and forth with its camera technology, the company looks to be returning to its homegrown UltraPixel technology for the One M10. UltraPixels, of course, are intended to improve low-light performance, though their effectiveness has been somewhat debated. The device will reportedly feature a 12-UltraPixel rear camera with laser autofocus. Additionally, both the front and rear cameras on the One M10 will utilize optical image stabilization, helping to avoid shaking in video and low-light.

As it currently stands, HTC looks to have a very strong device on its hands. We can't predict the future, but from how it sounds, it seems that HTC could have a winner, potentially turning the company around if it's marketed correctly.

HTC reportedly won't be announcing the One M10 at Mobile World Congress. Instead, the company is planning to wait and announce the device at its own event later in the spring. Until then, we'll continue to keep you up to date on the latest HTC One M10 rumors.

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Story-Driven Management Sim 'Punch Club' Hits The Play Store, Presumably Knocks It Out

Posted: 28 Jan 2016 09:54 AM PST


What's the next best thing to fighting in a game? Managing the fighting, of course. Some might even say it's better that way as the experience can be deeper and more varied than a button-mashing fighter. Punch Club puts you in the role of a young boxer as you level up, participate in fights, and search for the man who killed your father.

In Punch Club, you get to choose between various skills and fighting styles, but you'll also have to handle the basic stuff like going to work and eating.

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Story-Driven Management Sim 'Punch Club' Hits The Play Store, Presumably Knocks It Out was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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T-Mobile adds four new services to Binge On, continues to defend it

Posted: 28 Jan 2016 09:43 AM PST

T-Mobile is known for making controversial moves, but one that's been garnering quite a bit of attention is Binge On. Binge On is T-Mobile's program that allows customers to stream video from select sources without chewing into data allotments.

Today, T-Mobile announced that it's adding four new service to Binge On. These video services include Amazon Video, Fox News, Univision NOW and WWE Network. Streaming video from these services will no longer impact data allotments.

Binge One has ruffled some feathers, however. One issue is that T-Mobile works to prevent network clogs by lowering the streaming quality of video services, even if they aren't a part of Binge One. For example, Google found that T-Mobile was lowering the quality of YouTube streaming, even though YouTube isn't a part of Binge On. To help avoid the negative impact, T-Mobile has introduced simple short codes to allow users to toggle whether Binge On is active or not. As such, users can enter a short code into their dialer to toggle the service on and off.

Here's a list of the new short codes to change settings:

  • #BNG# (#264#) and hit send to check your Binge On settings
  • #BOF# (#263#) to toggle Binge On off
  • #BON# (#266#) to toggle Binge On on

The larger issue at hand is the threat that Binge On poses to net neutrality. T-Mobile has raised eyebrows on net neutrality before with services like Music Freedom, but Binge On continues the company's trend. The company has drawn flack for its controversial moves against net neutrality, but as of right now, it doesn't appear as though it's planning to make any changes to its game plan.

Check out the source link below for more information on Binge On.

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OnePlus X now available invite-free, accessories on sale to celebrate

Posted: 28 Jan 2016 09:43 AM PST

OnePlus is finally getting better at this whole making products available for customers to purchase when they want thing. It took them about 4 months after the release of the OnePlus 2 before it was available for general purchase, and now the OnePlus X joins it only about 3 months after its launch.

This comes less than a week after OnePlus pulled the lowest cost option OnePlus 2 in the US and Europe, which has created considerably more separation between the two options with the OnePlus X starting at $249/£199 versus $389/£289 for the lone OnePlus 2 configuration.

It's worth noting that the OnePlus X isn't terribly well suited to US customers given the lack of Bands 12 and 17, making it mostly a 3G-only affair for AT&T and T-Mobile customers.

You can also enjoy 20% off a number of cases for your OnePlus X, and you'll want to take advantage of that offer with your smartphone purchase since orders over $100 from OnePlus now ship free.

Do we have any OnePlus X owners out there or any of you looking to pick it up now that you don't need to plot out your purchase on your calendar?

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Pandora Introduces 'Browse' Section Filled With Music You Might Like, Coming Soon To Android

Posted: 28 Jan 2016 09:24 AM PST


Millions of people already consider Pandora the best way to discover new music. You create a station starting with an artist you like, and the site follows that up with songs sharing similar characteristics. You indicate whether you like or don't like a song, and the station gets smarter from there.

The downside to this approach is that you take what you get, and to a certain extent, you're limited by what you know.

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Pandora Introduces 'Browse' Section Filled With Music You Might Like, Coming Soon To Android was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Samsung obliterates Apple again in smartphone shipments

Posted: 28 Jan 2016 08:59 AM PST

Samsung will still be concerned about growth. Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of AndroidSmartphone shipments surpassed a record 1.43 billion units in 2015, according to the latest figures from IDC, and 22.7 percent of them carried the Samsung logo. Despite falling Galaxy sales, the South Korean company still shifted 93.3 million more devices than Apple. Of that 1.43 billion smartphones shipped, 324.8 million were Samsung devices, 231.5 million were iPhones,

The post Samsung obliterates Apple again in smartphone shipments appeared first on Cult of Android.

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Yahoo Updates Mobile Apps And Website With More Social Elements

Posted: 28 Jan 2016 08:39 AM PST

Yahoo app and homepage

Yahoo, whatever you think of the site, remains one of the largest sources of news and communication in the world. Today the company has announced updates to its homepage alongside its Android and iOS apps that further brings these two aspects together.

Now when you're browsing Yahoo, you will see the comments appear directly inline. When you click an article, you already expect to see other people's opinions listed underneath. Going forward, you will also see them appear underneath stories on the homepage in a carousel that you can swipe through.

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Yahoo Updates Mobile Apps And Website With More Social Elements was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Google Is Killing My Tracks, App Will Stop Working On April 30th

Posted: 28 Jan 2016 07:09 AM PST


Google is constantly evaluating its products so it can break your heart by killing the services you love. How dare they? The most recent product to fall victim to a tyrannical "management decision" is My Tracks. Google will shut down the service on April 30th, and the latest app update makes sure you know it.

My Tracks is a GPS tracking app aimed at runners, hikers, and other outdoorsy folks. It tracks your location, speed, elevation, and distance.

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Google Is Killing My Tracks, App Will Stop Working On April 30th was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Fresh Meat: 10 new Android apps worth checking out

Posted: 28 Jan 2016 06:43 AM PST

New apps need lovin' too, right? Every day there are thousands of additions to the Google Play store, but many go unnoticed and never receive the attention they deserve. We've shown in the past that this community can discover great apps and propel them to new heights. Our weekly Fresh Meat column highlights new apps with fewer than 100,000 installs. Browse our new Android app picks below and let us know which ones you enjoy.

Mimicker Alarm

Mimicker Alarm

Description: Mimicker Alarm, a Microsoft Garage Project, is a free morning alarm clock app that helps you wake up from sleep and stay up by playing a simple game, called a "Mimic".




DescriptionExplore, discover and experience up-and-coming artists playing in local venues in your city over the coming week. Our ambition is to transform the way people connect with their city; to improve the accessibility of the local music scene.




Description Kickstarter is home to a community of people working to bring creative projects to life. Together, they've pledged over $2 billion to support everything from art, to games, innovative technologies, Oscar-winning documentaries, and much, much more.


Wallz 100k+ Amazing Wallpapers


DescriptionWallz is a great wallpaper app, with thousands (over 100,000 wallpapers) of high definition wallpapers to be downloaded for your android phone.


Goosebumps VR

Goosebumps VR

DescriptionUse your mobile device to help R.L. Stine escape the Praying Mantis! With both Virtual Reality and 360 Video modes you'll be left screaming with terror as the giant bug chases you through the streets!




DescriptionAdler Notes is free, full-featured and easy to use notepad app for Android. You can use it as a digital notebook or diary. Our app is also perfect for recording lectures, business meetings and interviews.


Chrooma Keyboard

Chrooma Keyboard

DescriptionA lightweight, fast keyboard that adapts itself to the app you are using, giving you a pleasant chromatic feeling. Swipe typing. Resizable Keyboard. Supports STANDARD (English, Italian, Spanish, etc… ) and INDIC languages (more than 60 languages).




DescriptionMovesum is a brand new step-counting concept that helps you find the motivation to exercise. The beautifully designed app provides you with a simple and effective way to set movement goals, stay committed, and connect your activity with the way you eat.




DescriptionMetamorphabet is a playful, interactive alphabet for all ages. Poke, prod, drag, and spin each of the 26 letters of the alphabet to reveal surprising and luminous transformations.




DescriptionNeed a roommate? Roomi makes it easy to find and connect with compatible roommates in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego (and more cities coming soon!).


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OnePlus X goes invite free forever

Posted: 28 Jan 2016 03:59 AM PST

Go get your OnePlus X now! Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of AndroidThe new OnePlus X is now available without an invite — and not just for a limited time. OnePlus has today announced it is scrapping its invite system for its latest smartphone, just 92 days after it made its official debut. "We are excited to announce the OnePlus X is now completely invite free as

The post OnePlus X goes invite free forever appeared first on Cult of Android.

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Samsung Will Unveil Only Two Flagships At MWC

Posted: 27 Jan 2016 10:14 PM PST


Here's yet another Galaxy S7 leak to hold you off until the next one pops up.

Evan Blass (popularly known as evleaks), has recently shared a tweet consisting of just two model names of the upcoming Galaxy S7 series. Earlier rumours stated Samsung would unveil a total of four smartphones during its event at Mobile World Congress but if this leak from Evan is to be believed, it means that the S7 Edge Plus and S7 Plus might just have been canceled.

Evan also tweeted out another image, teasing a potential press render of the phone.

The Galaxy S7 is set to come with a 5.1-inch display, Snapdragon 820 SoC with 4GB of RAM, 3000 mAh battery, microSD card slot and even IP67 water/dust resistance.


The post Samsung Will Unveil Only Two Flagships At MWC appeared first on Android in Canada Blog.

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