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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Android Match

Android Match

Moto X Pure Edition 32GB model $75 off at Amazon

Posted: 10 Feb 2016 01:08 PM PST

Sales on Motorola products aren't all that rare, but it's always nice to see a great device going for a lower price than normal. The Moto X Pure Edition is currently discounted $75 for the 32GB version, ending up $25 less than the 16GB version retails for, if you're willing to give up Moto Maker customizations.

There are three models available to choose from: all black, all white, and a white with bamboo model that will run you an extra $25. They also include two-day shipping for those with an Amazon Prime account, so you'll get your device quickly. The 16GB model is not discounted, but 16GB isn't enough storage in this day and age.

The Moto X Pure Editon is a fantastic device at an affordable price, and I have used one every day since it launched. Hit the source link to take advantage of this deal and let us know if you did!

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Future Galaxy Note S-Pens May Double As A Stand

Posted: 10 Feb 2016 12:09 PM PST

S-Pen Stand

The Samsung Galaxy Notes are not only some of the most productivity oriented phones out there, but they're also great for media consumption thanks to their large high resolution displays.  In fact, I would say that a good majority of buyers pick the Note series for media consumption rather than productivity.  Regardless of why you buy the Note, media consumption may become a bigger focal point if this latest patent is any hint.

A patent that Samsung had filed for earlier this year has surfaced and it details their plans to utilize the Note's S-Pen as a stand for the Note.  This will be achieved by adding a hinge to the S-Pen.  Half of the pen will then be inserted into phone and locked in place, while the other half will act as the stand to keep your phone propped up.  Pretty neat idea in my opinion!

Of course, we can't say for sure that this will come into fruition with this year's Note 6 but it is possible.  One thing I did find interesting is that the device pictured in the patents bears a lot of resemblance to the Note 2.  Has Samsung really been working on this idea for that long?  Just one of the many things I wonder…


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How to improve your Wi-Fi connection with WiFi Analyzer

Posted: 10 Feb 2016 12:09 PM PST

Photo of WiFi Analyzer app.Your Android device connects to your Wi-Fi network. But if you have neighbors, your device might detect many networks. More networks can mean more problems. Or, specifically, a greater chance for a channel conflict. For the best connection, set nearby Wi-Fi access points to different channels. A Wi-Fi access point sends signals over a limited

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Nexus 5X Discount Ending On February 12!

Posted: 10 Feb 2016 11:50 AM PST

Nexus 5X Sale

If you're planning on grabbing the awesome and reasonably priced Nexus 5X which currently starts at$389, you'll want to act quick, really quick!  Google announced on Twitter that the $50 off promo will be ending on Feburary 12 (just two days from now!).

The device initially launched at $499 for the 16GB model and $549 for the 32GB but those prices were quickly cut to a more reasonable $439 and $499 respectively.  At $439 and $499 there is definitely some good bang for buck but at the current prices of $389 and $449, you'll be hard pressed to find something better!

So what are you waiting for!  Go get it!


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Announcing the People API

Posted: 10 Feb 2016 11:32 AM PST

Posted by Laurence Moroney, Developer Advocate

We're delighted to announce the availability of the People API. With it, you can retrieve data about an authenticated user's connections from their Contacts. Previously, developers had to make multiple calls to the Google+ API for user profiles and the Contacts API for contacts. The new People API uses the newest protocols and technologies and will eventually replace the Contacts API which uses the GData protocol.

For example, if your user has contacts in her private contact list, a call to the API (if she provides consent to do so) will retrieve a list containing the contacts merged with any linked profiles. If the user grants the relevant scopes, the results are returned as a people.connections.list object. Each person object in this list will have a resourceName property, which can be used to get additional data about that person with a call to people.get.

The API is built on HTTP and JSON, so any standard HTTP client can send requests to it and parse the response. However, applications need to be authorized to access the APIs so you will need to create a project on the Google Developers Console in order to get the credentials you need to access the service. All the steps to do so are here. If you're new to the Google APIs and/or the Developers Console, check out this first in a series of videos to help you get up-to-speed.

Once you're connected and authorized, you can then get the user's connections like this (using the Google APIs Client Library for Java):

ListConnectionsResponse response =
List<Person> connections = response.getConnections();

Full documentation on the people.connections.list method is available here.

The list of connections will have details on all the user's social connections if the required scopes have been granted. Contacts will only be returned if the user granted a contacts scope.

Each Person item will have a resource_name associated with it, so additional data for that person will be accessible via a simple call:

Person person = peopleService.people().get("resourceName").execute();

Details on this API call can be found here.

In addition to merging data from multiple sources and APIs into a single cohesive data source, the new People API also exposes additional data that was not possible to get before, such as private addresses, phone numbers, e-mails, and birthdays for a user who has given permission.

We hope that these new features and data along with simplified access to existing data inspires you to create the next generation of cool web and mobile apps that delight your users and those in their circles of influence. To learn more about the People API, check out the official documentation here.

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Save 98% on IT security and ethical hacking certification training

Posted: 10 Feb 2016 11:11 AM PST

4cd72a46477bdb86c015aafc1cf73ab55d774ee3_main_hero_imageThanks to an influx of malicious hackers, security has emerged as the fastest growing segment of Information Technology. Due to the new, brand segmented, and always evolving nature of the business, IT certifications have become the golden tickets to success. This bundle lays out a successful career path for you – starting with training for

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The Sonos Controller App's Apple Music Support Is Now Out Of Beta

Posted: 10 Feb 2016 11:06 AM PST

image (14)We know that there are more than a few Android Police readers who also use Apple hardware, be it mobile or desktop. And for that subset of readers who also subscribe to Apple Music, and use the well-regarded Sonos home music system, there's good news. Sonos' Apple Music support is now out of beta, so you can use the standard Play Store version of the Sonos App to stream Apple music content wherever you like.

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The Sonos Controller App's Apple Music Support Is Now Out Of Beta was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Twitter Announces 'Best Tweets First' Mode, Rolling Out In The Coming Weeks

Posted: 10 Feb 2016 10:45 AM PST


You may have heard about the fury last week over a rumored change to the way Twitter organizes Tweets. The rumor claimed the stream was going to become algorithmic like Facebook, but it appears now that was overblown. Twitter just announced a new feature that allows users to see the "best Tweets" at the top of the timeline, but it's optional and doesn't alter the overall layout.

This feature will be available to users in the coming weeks.

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Twitter Announces 'Best Tweets First' Mode, Rolling Out In The Coming Weeks was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Samsung’s Galaxy S7, S7 edge glimpsed in gold and gray

Posted: 10 Feb 2016 10:31 AM PST

Samsung is planning on showing off its next smartphones on February 21, but because the Internet exists, so we're already seeing what those devices will probably look like long before Samsung gets around to stepping on a stage and making its announcement.

The cycle continues with new glimpses of what we should expect to see later this month. First, from Pisapapeles, showing off what is believed to be a dummy unit for the Galaxy S7. The image isn't the clearest, but it does seem to show off a gold-hued Galaxy S7. We can see a slightly redesigned home button on the front, but the angle of the image doesn't help us discern if that camera hump on the back is reduced at all.

Galaxy S7 Silver Titanium leak

Second, a new image promoted by Evan Blass, aka @evleaks, that shows a render of a gray Galaxy S7 edge. It's the same color, it would seem, that Samsung debuted with the Galaxy Note 5 in South Korea last year, called Silver Titanium. Apparently it must have been a hit, because it appears Samsung is bringing the shade back.

What do you think of the color schemes? Do you plan on picking up a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge?

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Twitter launches algorithmic timeline, disabled by default

Posted: 10 Feb 2016 10:31 AM PST

This past week had the Internet buzzing about reports that Twitter would be ditching its classic chronological timeline and instead opting for a new timeline powered by algorithms that would order tweets based on what the algorithm thinks you're most interested in. Some were cautiously curious about the idea, but most were in a frenzy, shocked that Twitter would change such a core part of its design.

Today, the new algorithmic timeline has arrived, but in a much less aggressive fashion than most assumed. The new timeline feature will indeed place the most important tweets at the top of your feed in reverse chronological order, but only if you've been away from Twitter for a while. Below this selection of tweets, all of the other tweets will still appear in reverse chronological order, per usual. To instantly see the most recent tweets, users need only pull-to-refresh.

Twitter is also disabling the feature by default, meaning that users who are interested in using it will need to go into settings and flip the switch labeled, "Show me the best Tweets first".

Twitter's new feature doesn't sound all too different from its existing "While you were away" feature. This section of tweets appears if you haven't used Twitter in a while, showing you highlights from the people you follow that were sent out since you last used Twitter. In essence, the new algorithmic timeline is essentially the same feature.

At the end of the day, it appears that all of the hubbub was simply blowing the feature out of proportion. If you're interested in hearing Twitter's take on the new feature, just check out the source link down below.

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WhatsApp update adds support for Android’s latest emojis

Posted: 10 Feb 2016 10:11 AM PST

Say hello to Android's new emojis. Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of AndroidA new WhatsApp update brings support for all of the new emoji characters introduced with the latest Android upgrade. Users will now be able to view the latest emojis and send them, which will be super useful to those who have friends on iOS. Full support for the latest emoji characters, which came with Android 6.0.1

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Facer Goes Freemium, Offers Lots Of Exclusive Watchface Designs And A New Online Editor

Posted: 10 Feb 2016 09:27 AM PST


Before there was even a watchface API for Android Wear, Facer was the go-to app to create and customize your watch's design. The app was later updated to conform with Google's watchface API and has since enjoyed a nice spot as one of the best watchmakers for Android Wear. Competition has gone up however, with apps like Pujie Black and WatchMaker getting a share of the watch customization pie.

So Facer is now trying to grab more users and entice everyone to join its platform by lowering the entry barrier — and also seemingly planning an iOS launch for the Apple Watch.

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Facer Goes Freemium, Offers Lots Of Exclusive Watchface Designs And A New Online Editor was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon chip still can’t beat last year’s iPhone

Posted: 10 Feb 2016 09:14 AM PST

There's a lot of magic in that A9 chip. Photo: AppleMany of this year's high-end Androids will come with Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon 820 processor. It's up to twice as fast as the Snapdragon 810 that powered many of last year's flagships — but it still can't beat the iPhone 6s. According to tests carried out on GFXBench, Apple's A9 processor outperforms Qualcomm's best alternative — despite

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Apple dominates global smartphone market but Samsung’s catching up

Posted: 10 Feb 2016 08:36 AM PST

No one sells more smartphones than Apple. Photo: Kārlis Dambrāns/Flickr CCiPhone owners are holding onto their smartphone a little bit longer than Samsung owners, and that appears to be helping the South Korean company catch up with Apple's huge lead in marketshare. Apple is still the world's top manufacturer, but a new survey of smartphone owners found that 33% of iPhone users still have a

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Fresh Meat: 10 new Android apps worth checking out

Posted: 10 Feb 2016 07:40 AM PST

New apps need lovin' too, right? Every day there are thousands of additions to the Google Play store, but many go unnoticed and never receive the attention they deserve. We've shown in the past that this community can discover great apps and propel them to new heights. Our weekly Fresh Meat column highlights new apps with fewer than 100,000 installs. Browse our new Android app picks below and let us know which ones you enjoy.

Public Speaking for Cardboard

Public Speaking for Cardboard

Description: The VirtualSpeech app will help you practice for public speaking events, by providing a photo-realistic environment to train in. Works with Google Cardboard.


Draw My Story

Draw My Story

DescriptionDraw My Story allows you to create unique animated drawings, presentations, game plan or instructional videos similar in style to Draw My Life videos on YouTube.


Adblock Fast

Adblock Fast

Description You can now block ads without rooting your device or switching to another browser! Adblock Fast runs an optimized filtering ruleset to accelerate webpages more but consume less disk space, CPU cycles, and memory than other ad blockers do.




DescriptionExplore, buy and share the best of Nike sneakers, all in one place. From iconic classics to the latest releases, Nike SNKRS is the inside source for what you love most from Nike.




DescriptionSave more money easily! Simple, automated and fun, Qapital will change how you manage your money. Create an account and start saving for the things you want. Your Qapital account is FDIC-insured and uses industry-leading security standards to keep you safe.


Internet Radio – PlayTime

Internet Radio - PlayTime

Description: PlayTime Internet Radio re-invents the online radio experience by offering a whole new way of discovering new music, artists, shows and radio stations! Using this smart internet radio app, you can search for specific songs and live talk shows currently streaming in over 50,000 live internet radio stations worldwide via it's powerful online radio search engine!




DescriptioniStaging provides you with all the tools to design your interiors easily, right from your tablet or smartphone. Take advantage of our patented Immersive Reality® technology for all your home improvement and furniture shopping needs


Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated

DescriptionWith SI's clean, easy-to-read, easier-to-find presentation, locate the stories most important to you quickly in the My SI feed. Just select your favorite teams and writers to get a personalized SI experience.


Toddler Talk

Toddler Talk

DescriptionTap an image and hear the word (eg. ball). Easily make cards with your own images and voice using device's camera/microphone (eg. Dad's car) and/or use the cards supplied. 


Promo Codes

Promo Codes

DescriptionPromo Codes is a service built to offer developers a place to advertise their high quality apps, in exchange for offering users a chance to win it for free! Every 12 hours you'll be show a random app from our high quality, curated selection. If you're lucky, there's a small chance you'll be able to get it for free!


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[Upside Down Face] WhatsApp 2.12.441 Goes Live In The Play Store With AllTheEmojis

Posted: 10 Feb 2016 07:36 AM PST


It's almost Valentine's and what more of a perfect gift could WhatsApp give its users than dozens upon dozens of brand new emojis they can use to express all of their emotions and deep feelings? Those cool drawings had been donning the WhatsApp beta for over two months but they're now ready to deck the emoji panel of every WhatsApp user through an update to the stable Play Store release of the app.

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[Upside Down Face] WhatsApp 2.12.441 Goes Live In The Play Store With AllTheEmojis was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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LG teases ‘always-on’ display for G5

Posted: 10 Feb 2016 06:46 AM PST

It won't be long before we have three new flagships on our hands, coming from LG, Samsung and HTC. The rumor mill has been busy buzzing about all of these new flagships, but today brings in a solid report about the LG G5 that comes straight from the manufacturer itself.

On its Facebook page, LG Mobile has posted a teaser for the LG G5 that talks about its "always-on" display. That sounds a little confusing, but it's very similar to implementations that we've seen in other devices.

The full display won't always stay on, but when you turn the display off, the LG G5 will continue to dimly display a small amount of key information in dim black and white. This information includes the time, date and small icons inedicating your current notifications.

View post on imgur.com

Making an always-on display such as this one, without utterly destroying battery life, is something that almost surely confirms that LG has switched to using OLED display technology. A traditional LCD display has a backlight that lights entire display, even when the pixels are black. This set-up drains power at the same rate regardless of whether the pixels are black or white. With an OLED display, each pixel is individually lit, allowing the display to use minimal power if the majority of the pixels are black.

With LG now dropping official teasers for the device, we'll likely continue to learn more solid information before the device's launch, which shouldn't be too far in the future. Stay tuned.

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Google Is Adding Centralized List And Reminder Settings To Keep For Web And Android

Posted: 10 Feb 2016 06:06 AM PST

thumbkeepIf you load the Google Keep web interface this morning, you'll probably get a helpful blue update box at the top. This box informs you of a new feature in Keep for web and Android—centralized settings. Yes, this is something Keep did not have before, and technically the app still doesn't. We expect an update soon, but it's live online already.


Previously, you could change the list and reminder settings for individual notes by using the overflow menu and going to "List settings." Now these same options are available in the nav menu under the generic settings label.

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Google Is Adding Centralized List And Reminder Settings To Keep For Web And Android was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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The Gmail Sync Bug's Fix Is Rolling Out Over The Next Week, No App Updates Necessary

Posted: 10 Feb 2016 04:59 AM PST


Some android users have been suffering from delayed or inexistent notifications since November. The issue mostly affects Gmail on Nexus devices running Marshmallow (but other apps, devices, and Android builds have also been reported). Two weeks ago, Gmail 5.10 rolled out but the updated app only fixed synchronization for Hotmail accounts, not other types and most importantly, not Gmail accounts. At the time, we knew that the more pervasive sync bug had been identified by the team, but that the fix hadn't been implemented yet.

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The Gmail Sync Bug's Fix Is Rolling Out Over The Next Week, No App Updates Necessary was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Opera Gets A $1.2 Billion Buying Offer From Chinese Consortium Made Of Kunlun And Qihoo 360

Posted: 10 Feb 2016 04:27 AM PST


Opera Software has been synonymous with fast browsers and data compression for years now. But despite improving its applications and releasing new ones like Opera Max, the company has been struggling financially and looking for a buyer since 2015. It seems that the search is about to be over as a Chinese Consortium has offered to buy Opera for $1.2 Billion.

The Consortium is made of Beijing Kunlun Tech (a mobile gaming focused company that acquired Grinder last month) and Qihoo 360 (China's number one internet and mobile security product provider - yes, that means antivirus), and backed by investment funds Golden Brick and Yonglian.

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Opera Gets A $1.2 Billion Buying Offer From Chinese Consortium Made Of Kunlun And Qihoo 360 was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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This is the LG G5’s always-on display in action

Posted: 10 Feb 2016 02:42 AM PST

Awake even when you're not? Photo: Android AuthorityPutting your smartphone's display to sleep as much as possible is the easiest way to save battery life, but LG wants you to keep it on. Leaked press materials confirm its new G5 will ship with an always-on display that will make it easy to see useful information at a glance. The new feature is

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Galaxy S7 edge looks downright beautiful

Posted: 10 Feb 2016 01:42 AM PST

Damn, the Galaxy S7 edge looks great! Photo: Evan BlassSamsung has failed in its mission to keep the Galaxy S7 series a secret ahead of its official unveiling, and the leaks keep coming. The latest press render for the Galaxy S7 edge confirms it will be even prettier than its predecessor. Last year's Samsung Galaxy lineup was by far its most beautiful to date, with high-end designs

The post Galaxy S7 edge looks downright beautiful appeared first on Cult of Android.

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LG G5 Will Feature An “Always On” Display

Posted: 09 Feb 2016 10:28 PM PST


Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S7 smartphone was recently rumoured to sport an Always On display and now it looks the LG G5 will come with one too.

Android Authority has obtained an animated GIF teasing the Always On display functionality built into the phone. From what we can deduce from the GIF, the information shown is similar to what the LG V10 shows, expect here it doesn't require a secondary display.

Nothing was mentioned on its potential customizability or battery life impact since the display is expected to be a newer generation QHD LCD or P-OLED panel.

It's also worth mentioning that this has already been done by the Nokia Lumia 920 a few years ago.

[Android Authority]

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Leaked photos show potential new design for next Moto phone

Posted: 09 Feb 2016 06:32 PM PST

The latest leak on the now Lenovo-ified Moto brand shows off some photos of what could be the next Moto devices, namely the Moto X and Moto G. They're blurry and low quality, but we can see that there's a significant departure from the stylings of previous Motorola phones. Google's roadmap ended with the Moto X Force, so now we may see something new and interesting.

Moto leak 2

Although the devices don't look completely different from the previous generation, there are some major changes. It looks like some of them will be made out of metal, with the classic Moto dimple in the rear looking like the Nexus fingerprint readers. The other device shown is a similar curved phone as the current Moto X and Moto G.

Moto leak 3

While we won't know if these photos are real for a long time, it's an interesting peek into what the brand may be up to. The metal device sure looks good, so let's hope we'll see something similar later this year. What are your thoughts on Moto's departure from its current design language? Leave a comment!

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Play Store v6.2 Adds App Recommendations From Our Itineraries In Gmail [APK Download]

Posted: 09 Feb 2016 06:11 PM PST


There's a new version of the Play Store floating around in the wild, taking us up to v6.2. If you haven't read the title already–which might be possible–you probably want to know what this update includes. There's really only one immediately visible feature, and it's not big, but it's there: the Play Store can now use your Gmail messages to give app recommendations. There are also a couple of minor changes to the navigation drawer and even something we already knew about that will get a teardown mention.

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Play Store v6.2 Adds App Recommendations From Our Itineraries In Gmail [APK Download] was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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