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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Android Match

Android Match

Head of Android talks about the N preview

Posted: 09 Mar 2016 02:31 PM PST

Head of Android Hiroshi Lockheimer put up a post on Medium talking about the new Android N preview, and there are some interesting tidbits. He speaks about how far Android has come for developers, and where Android N will be improving.

The biggest improvement is obvious, and that's getting the preview out so early. It's also said that Google plans to release the final version of Android N to OEMs this summer, so both developers and OEMs can get their software and hardware ready for the new version of Android faster. There's also the new Android Beta Program, which allows you to get the preview builds as OTAs on your supported device easier.

Last but not least, he teased the new name of Android N. Though he claims it is unnamed, he says "We're nut tellin' you yet." Could this be another brand name? Android 7.0 Nutella sounds pretty appealing to us. 

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Samsung releases small but urgent update for Galaxy S7 edge

Posted: 09 Mar 2016 01:32 PM PST

The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is set to launch in just two days alongside its less curved counterpart, but some people have already received their devices early. However, it seems that the device wasn't completely ready for prime time, as Samsung has released a small update labeled as urgent.

The update is a mere 3.32MB in size and relates to the edge screen, which is why the standard Galaxy S7 didn't receive this update. We don't know what it fixes, but it might fix a firmware bug, or just add some important feature that was promised during the announcement.

Head over to Settings > About > Software updates to make sure you download this update. If Samsung calls it urgent, you might as well install it now.

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Android N Developer Preview allows you to change screen zoom levels

Posted: 09 Mar 2016 01:11 PM PST

Many people have rooted to change the DPI settings and get more to fit on their displays. Some phones are guilty of having everything too big on the screen, wasting precious screen real estate. But with the Android N Developer Preview that just launched, you're  able to change the zoom level of the display through settings.

This new feature has been confirmed by the preview feature list and explained by a member of the Android framework team on Reddit. Depending on your device, you'll be able to change zoom between 0.85x and 1.5x, though smaller displays will be limited to lower levels of zoom.

With this feature, you'll be able to fit more on your screen without the complications or security downsides of root. And for folks that can't see as well, the extra zoom may very well help. Since it was confirmed by a member of the Android framework team, it's likely we'll see it in the final version as well. Will this feature finally get you to drop rooting? Let us know in the comments!

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ASUS ZenWatch 2 receiving Marshmallow update

Posted: 09 Mar 2016 01:11 PM PST

Marshmallow seems to be rolling out to a bunch of Android Wear devices lately. We first saw it come to the first gen Moto 360, then the announcement for the Huawei Watch (enabling its internal speaker), and now ASUS has joined in on the fun.

People have reported that the ASUS ZenWatch 2 is now receiving the Marshmallow update, at least to some extent. Not only will you get a bunch of fixes and improved performance, the update also adds Doze Mode and and new wrist gestures. It made a significant difference on the Moto 360, and should be just as good on the ZenWatch 2.

Head over to Settings > About > Software updates and check to see if you can pull it. If you can't, it's likely going to be a slow rollout and you'll have to wait for a while until it reaches everyone.

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HTC One A9 receiving update in Europe adding Quick Charge 3.0 and display color temp adjustment

Posted: 09 Mar 2016 01:11 PM PST

The HTC One A9 is now receiving an update in Europe that brings a feature promised back at launch: Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0. It's not often we see missing features added via an update, but it's nice that owners of the One A9 are getting more for their money.

The update also brings display color temperature adjustment, the latest security patches, and overall bug fixes. It's a 440MB download and will bring you up to software version 1.56.401.70. Head to Settings > About > Software updates to check if you can pull it, and let us know how you like it! Hopefully other regions will soon get this update as well.

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First Preview of Android N: Developer APIs & Tools

Posted: 09 Mar 2016 12:10 PM PST

Posted by Dave Burke, VP of Engineering

Today we're happy to announce a Developer Preview of the N release of Android! We're doing something a little different this year by releasing the preview early… really early. By releasing a "work in progress" build earlier in development, we have more time to incorporate developer feedback. Also, the earlier preview allows us to hand off the final N release to device makers this summer, so they can get their hands on the latest version of Android earlier than ever. We're looking forward to getting your feedback as you get your apps ready for N.

Here are a few APIs and features we want to highlight which are available as a part of the Android N Developer Preview today, with more to come as we continue developing the release:

Multi-window - A new manifest attribute called android:resizableActivity is available for apps targeting N and beyond. If this attribute is set to true, your activity can be launched in split-screen modes on phones and tablets. You can also specify your activity's minimum allowable dimensions, preventing users from making the activity window smaller than that size. Lifecycle changes for multi-window are similar to switching from landscape to portrait mode: your activity can handle the configuration change itself, or it can allow the system to stop the activity and recreate it with the new dimensions. In addition, activities can also go into picture-in-picture mode on devices like TVs, and is a great feature for apps that play video; be sure to set android:supportsPictureInPicture to true to take advantage of this.

Direct reply notifications: The RemoteInput notification API, which was originally added for Android Wear, now works in N for phones and tablets. Using the RemoteInput API enables users to reply to incoming message notifications quickly and conveniently, without leaving the notification shade. Learn more here.

Bundled notifications - With N, you can use the Notification.Builder.setGroup() method to group notifications from the same app together - for example individual messages from a messaging app. Grouped notifications can be expanded into individual notifications by using a two-finger gesture or tapping the new expansion button. Learn more here.

Efficiency - We launched Doze in Marshmallow to save battery when your device is stationary. In N, Doze additionally saves battery whenever the screen turns off. If you've already adapted your app for Doze, e.g. by using the GCM high priority message for urgent notifications, then you're set; if not, here's how to get started. Also, we're continuing to invest in Project Svelte, an effort to reduce the memory needs of Android so that it can run on a much broader range of devices, in N by making background work more efficient. If you use JobScheduler for background work, you're already on the right track. If not, N is a good time to make that switch. And to help you out, we're making JobScheduler even more capable, so now you can use JobScheduler to react to things like changes to content providers.

Improved Java 8 language support - We're excited to bring Java 8 language features to Android. With Android's Jack compiler, you can now use many popular Java 8 language features, including lambdas and more, on Android versions as far back as Gingerbread. The new features help reduce boilerplate code. For example, lambdas can replace anonymous inner classes when providing event listeners. Some Java 8 language features --like default and static methods, streams, and functional interfaces -- are also now available on N and above. With Jack, we're looking forward to tracking the Java language more closely while maintaining backward compatibility.

Get started

The N Developer Preview includes an updated SDK with system images for testing on the official Android emulator and on Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus Player, Nexus 9, and Pixel C devices (and to help test out these features on a tablet, developers can get a $150 discount on Pixel C).

This initial preview release is for developers only and not intended for daily use or consumer use. We plan to update the N Developer Preview system images often during the Developer Preview program. As we get closer to a final product, we'll be inviting consumers to try it out as well.

We are also making it easier for you to try out N on your development devices with the new Android Beta Program. Starting later today, you'll be able to update your Android devices to the Developer Preview of N and receive ongoing updates via OTA. Check back later today to learn more!

Click here for more details on getting started with the N Developer Preview and let us know what you think -- the sooner we hear from you, the more of your feedback we can integrate.

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Google swipes iPad’s killer work features for Android N preview

Posted: 09 Mar 2016 11:50 AM PST

Split-screen finally comes to stock Android. Screenshot: GoogleGoogle I/O doesn't kick off for another two months, but Google won't wait that long to drop its next-generation Android N upgrade. Its first developer preview is out today for Nexus devices, and it comes packing a number of features swiped from iPad Pro and iOS, including split-screen multitasking, picture-in-picture mode, and bundled app notifications. If you thought

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Tim Cook’s old high school swaps MacBooks for Chromebooks

Posted: 09 Mar 2016 11:50 AM PST

Take that, Apple! Photo: GoogleIt turns out that Tim Cook's old high school in Robertsdale, Alabama, isn't quite as fond of the MacBook is he is. Robertsdale High, from which Apple's CEO graduated in 1978, has swapped the company's notebooks it was giving to every student for significantly more affordable Chromebooks built by Lenovo. MacBooks have been given to Robertsdale

The post Tim Cook's old high school swaps MacBooks for Chromebooks appeared first on Cult of Android.

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Pay what you want for the 2016 Learn to Code bundle [Deal]

Posted: 09 Mar 2016 11:50 AM PST

medium_2906_PWYWLearntoCode2016_MFDid you promise yourself you would finally learn to code in 2016? Have you done nothing about it so far? It's not too late to get started. With the 2016 Learn to Code bundle, you can get over 92 hours of training that'll teach you HTML5, Ruby, PHP, MySQL, and more. And thanks to Cult

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HTC reportedly snags 3-year Nexus deal from Google

Posted: 09 Mar 2016 11:50 AM PST

Is HTC back in bed with Google? Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Android.Google's next three iterations of the Nexus could all come from HTC. According to a new report, the Taiwanese company — which made Google's last Nexus tablet and the very first Nexus phone — has secured a three-year deal that will see its name plastered on Google smartphones beyond 2018. Recent rumors claimed HTC would be tasked with building

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Android N Developer Preview available for download now

Posted: 09 Mar 2016 11:48 AM PST

Surprise! There had been some rumblings about this previously, but we'd be lying if we said we were expecting to see a public preview of Android N available for download today, but that is exactly what Google has delivered.

If you are the proud owner of a Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus Player, Nexus 9 or Pixel C, you will be able to join the new Android Beta Program later today and you will receive the latest developer previews directly to your device by OTA.

This is an awesome change for both sides as developers get an earlier look at the new OS, which should in turn get Google feedback at an early enough stage to make a real difference in Android N before Google needs to get it to OEMs.

While you are waiting for the Android Beta Program page to go live you can hit up the Android N Developer Preview page to read up on the details and check out this Medium post by Android and Chrome OS head Hiroshi Lockheimer for more on Google's thoughts regarding this new philosophy.

Here's a few of the highlight features for the Android N preview:

  • Multi-window 
    Pixel C users in particular are going to be rejoicing over this one, it is a sorely needed feature to take advantage of the larger tablet screen.
  • Direct reply notifications
    Very much as it sounds this will allow you to quickly reply directly from the notification shade.
  • Efficiency
    This is an evolution of Doze mode that helps battery life as soon as the device is turned off rather than requiring that the device be lying still.

We'll definitely be downloading the preview ASAP, but let us know how things go if you join in the fun too.

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Fresh Meat: 10 new Android apps worth checking out

Posted: 09 Mar 2016 11:48 AM PST

New apps need lovin' too, right? Every day there are thousands of additions to the Google Play store, but many go unnoticed and never receive the attention they deserve. We've shown in the past that this community can discover great apps and propel them to new heights. Our weekly Fresh Meat column highlights new apps with fewer than 100,000 installs. Browse our new Android app picks below and let us know which ones you enjoy.

Xcerpt for Twitter

Xcerpt for Twitter

Description: Do you want to make the articles you share on Twitter more eye-catching – and more likely to be read? Do you wish you could share a passage from a web page AND comment on it in 140 characters?




DescriptionClink is a savings and investing application which facilitates your savings by making you save every time you dine out. When you register for Clink you are basically filling out all the required information to open an investment account. 


TimeSet: Places to GO


DescriptionTimeSet is a world of unlimited images posted in time and all over the world. The app lets you upload photos at a particular time and place and see what has taken place in the past and present.




DescriptionEasily discover and securely manage all of your (and your family's) important documents. We even find your documents automatically in online services (Such as: Dropbox, Gmail and more) and put them in the right place for you! Cool, right?!


Sniff – Pet Social Network


DescriptionSniff is a social network dedicated for pet owners, pet lovers and brands, providing a fun, personalized and interactive experience within the pet community. The application enables users to socialize experiences of their pets' lives with other pet owners by exchanging posts, pictures and videos through an appealing approach.


Sidewire — Live News Analysis


DescriptionSidewire cuts through the noise to help you easily find the most important political news and what insiders are saying about it. Instead of relying on social networks and piles of content to understand the day's political news, quickly read trending news and valuable insights from the community of insiders working in the news cycle.




DescriptionTapete' is the German word for wallpaper. Tapete enables you to create wallpapers according to your wishes – making yourself a graphic artist. In a few steps unique wallpapers will arise out of geometric shapes and colors.


VideoMeeting+ Better Meetings

VideoMeeting - Better Meetings

Description: Add freedom and flexibility to your video meeting by turning your phone into a second video camera! This free video chat app, designed for Skype and Hangouts, will enable you to display visuals like whiteboards and demonstrations more effectively, and give video conference participants up-close views of documents and other materials.


DC All Access

DC All Access

DescriptionDC ALL ACCESS is your daily DC. Anytime. Anywhere. Get official news, real time social updates, daily rewards, deals an upcoming exclusive DC emoji keyboard and much more!




DescriptionMSQRD now in beta. Update with new masks will be soon! Record video selfie animations, change the way you look and send it to friends via your favorite messengers and social networks.


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New OTA update rolling out to Nexus 5X; bug fixes, security patches and more

Posted: 09 Mar 2016 11:48 AM PST

Yesterday brought forth a bit of a stir when new factory images were posted on the Google Developers site. The reason? These factory images were specific to the Nexus 5X, piquing the interest of many owners who weren't expecting an update. Google has come forward with official word on the new factory images, letting customers know that they were the precursor to a new OTA update that's rolling out as of today.

This new update is based on customer feedback and addresses many of the issues that users were encountering. As such it will include "a number of bug fixes that will improve overall stability, connectivity, and performance on the Nexus 5X." Additionally, the monthly security update for March will be bundled along with this, knocking out the need for two small updates during the month.

Check out the source link for more discussion on the Nexus 5X Reddit page.

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Google introduces Destinations to simplify trip planning

Posted: 09 Mar 2016 11:48 AM PST

Google is a company that's constantly working to make things easier, simpler and more intuitive for its customers. Today, Google is taking the wraps off of its latest creation, Destinations on Google. Destinations is a new feature of Google Search that aims to simplify trip planning, allowing you to take advantage of a simple, straightforward planning process right from within Google Search, saving you the hassle of switching between tabs to compare different info.

Destinations is simple enough to utilize: just add the word "destination" to your search for a travel spot. By using that keyword, Google will instantly combine the information gathered from Google Search, Google Flights and Hotel Search to provide you with a comprehensive way to plan your trip.

You can also search for activities at your destination, and Google will provide the best results that tie into when and where you're looking to go. To aid in the when question, Google is offering a flexible dates filter, which allows you to look at prices and activities over a range of dates, without choosing the exact dates that you'll be at your destination. You can also tap on the Explore Tab within destinations, which will inform you of the usual weather and the level of business during your selected date range.

Once you've decided on a destination, you can tap on Plan a Trip, which will show the highs and lows of trip planning over the next six months. As you slide left and right over the date range, Google will show you an estimated price for your trip and will instantly update the price to match real-time fares and rates, all based off of the data that the company handles through Google Flights and Hotel Search. Users can further customize the results through a number of variables, such as flights with or without stops, hotel class, and more.

To cap it all off, Destinations can help you find the best things to do while you're on your trip. Simply type in your destination's name plus the word travel and it'll bring up the best suggestions based on past itineraries by users. It'll also take into account the time of year that you'll be traveling and keep that in mind when providing you with results.

Destinations is a fantastic new tool from Google that's going to make travel planning far easier for many. For more info and .GIFs of all the features in action, just follow the source link below.

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T-Mobile offering BOGO deal on Galaxy S7, S7 edge

Posted: 09 Mar 2016 08:59 AM PST

With this year's crop of flagship Android devices arriving, it's time for carriers to start rolling out the deals on these new devices. T-Mobile is kicking things off with a superb deal on Samsung's newest flagships, the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge. T-Mobile customers who buy one Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge can get another one for free, after a rebate card is applied.

Full retail price for the Galaxy S7 is set at $669.99, which converts to $28/month for 24 months. The Galaxy S7 edge is slightly pricier at $779.99 FRP, which comes to $30/month over 24 months. With this deal, you could purchase two Galaxy S7s and only have to pay $28/month for one of the devices.

This deal can also be combined with other T-Mobile deals. These include switching costs covered, fourth line free data promotions and even a special bundle for the Galaxy S7, which includes a Gear VR, six free games and a free year of Netflix. Most of these deals are limited time and will end fairly soon, but if you act quickly, you could score some great deals.

Follow the source link for more details from T-Mo itself.

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'Universal Copy' Can Copy Text Fields In Apps That Don't Let You Copy And Paste Natively

Posted: 09 Mar 2016 08:45 AM PST


It's the little things that can turn into big things that mess up a person's mood. Let's say you're trying to copy and paste an offer that popped up in Google Play Music, but you can't because the app doesn't let you. Retyping all of that information instead qualifies as annoying.

A new app called Universal Copy offers somewhat of a workaround. The app uses Android's built-in Accessibility settings to give you the ability to copy text in apps that otherwise don't let you.

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'Universal Copy' Can Copy Text Fields In Apps That Don't Let You Copy And Paste Natively was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Samsung Pay coming to your Verizon Galaxy S7 on March 11

Posted: 09 Mar 2016 08:01 AM PST

Samsung Pay on Galaxy S7. Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of AndroidIf you've bought a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge from Verizon, you may have noticed that it's missing one big feature: Samsung Pay. Fortunately, this isn't part of a plan to block the mobile payments service on Verizon handsets, and it will be available later this week. It's not totally clear why the Samsung Pay

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Rumour: HTC Has Signed A 3-Year Deal With Google To Manufacture The Nexus

Posted: 09 Mar 2016 06:14 AM PST

Nexus One

The Nexus devices remain the gold standard among Android enthusiasts and purists.  Several different manufacturers have taken on the challenge of manufacturing these devices in partnership with Google ,and all have done a bang up job, but my personal favourite Nexus is still the original, the Nexus One made by HTC.  Well a trip down memory lane may be in store for me this next year, or should I say years.

A rumour has surfaced claiming that HTC and Google have reached an agreement that would make HTC the exclusive manufacturer of the Nexus' for the next three years!  Current rumours do have HTC as the manufacturer for two Nexus phones this year but this long term deal is new news.

Now we're going to keep this filed under the rumour category until we hear something a little more concrete but if this is true, this is great news for HTC.  The Taiwanese company that really helped kick start the Android revolution has fallen and fallen and fallen but a partnership with Google to manufacture the Nexus' could definitely put them back on the map.  I feel like these partnerships have done great things for LG over the last several years and it has helped Huawei show the North American market that their flagship devices can hang with anyone.

Anyone else stoked about a new HTC Nexus?


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Kodi Media Center Is Getting A New Look In Version 17, Available Now In Nightly Builds

Posted: 09 Mar 2016 05:48 AM PST


Looking to turn your Android device into a media center? If you plan on streaming everything over the Internet, there's Plex. If not, there's Kodi, the open source project formerly known as XBMC.

Kodi has looked the same since before its name change, sporting a theme it's had back when Android only dreamed of making its way into millions of households. There were other looks to pick from, but it's the default that sticks in our heads as the Kodi experience.

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Kodi Media Center Is Getting A New Look In Version 17, Available Now In Nightly Builds was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Not all Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge devices will ship with the same camera sensor

Posted: 09 Mar 2016 03:17 AM PST

It feels like its 2015 again. The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge appear to share more in common with last year's Galaxy S6 than just their looks. Just like last year's models, Samsung is its own ISOCELL and Sony imagine sensors in its flagship devices without telling its customers which camera sensor they are actually getting. Before things get out of hand, we'd like to remind you that manufacturers swap internal components in their phones on a regular basis. We've seen devices which use different cameras, batteries and even displays. This may be common practice, but it usually does not start with the first manufacturing runs of a flagship device.

Since the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge are just now making their way into the hands of consumers, we still don't know if there is a difference in image quality produced by the two different sensors. The Sony sensor used in the Galaxy S6 produced richer color tones than its ISOCELL counterpart, but exposure and sharpness were pretty much indistinguishable.

If you already have a Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 edge, you can download AIDA64 app from Google Play to see which camera sensor Samsung decided to use in your phone. With the limited amount of information that we have, it appears that the Sony IMX260 sensor is typically paired with the Snapdragon 820 version of the phone while the ISOCELL S5K2K1 sensor is being used in the Exynos variant. But some Galaxy S7 owners have also reported that those combinations are not always the case.

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Rumor: HTC to build Google’s Nexus phones for three years

Posted: 09 Mar 2016 02:41 AM PST

It's been rumored for a while that HTC and Google are working on two Nexus phones for 2016, but a new rumor has surfaced which claims that we will be seeing even more HTC-built Nexus devices in the future. According to the report, HTC and Google have worked out a deal which puts HTC in line to build Nexus phones for three years. If we assume the deal start with the two 2016 Nexus phones, we should see additional HTC-build devices with a Nexus logo on the back in 2017 and 2018.

HTC and Google had a very close relationship when Android was introduced. HTC build the first prototype hardware for Android (Google Sooner), the first commercial Android phone (T-Mobile G1) , the first Android developer phone(Android Dev Phone 1) and the original Nexus One. This partnership helped HTC solidify its position as the top Android smartphone manufacturer. Google eventually turned to Samsung to build two Nexus devices and LG was selected to build three. While Nexus phones have never been popular among regular consumers, the manufacturers who have built the phones have benefited greatly through their close partnership with Google.

There's no guarantee that securing a three-year Nexus deal will have an impact on HTC's flailing smartphone business, but it definitely won't hurt.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 pre-orders fall below Galaxy S6 numbers

Posted: 09 Mar 2016 12:44 AM PST

No, this is not a doom and gloom article about the Samsung Galaxy S7. While industry sources in South Korea are reporting that pre-order numbers for the Samsung Galaxy S7 have not been as strong as they were for the Galaxy S6 last year, that does not mean that Samsung is doomed. The report claims that the South Korean consumers are generally less keen to pre-order smartphones than they were a year ago since the price of the phone through their service providers isn't made available until later. Waiting until the phone actually goes on sale allows potential Galaxy S7 buyers to find the best deal on the phone – especially if they are planning on switching from one service provider to another.

One major factor that was not mentioned is the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. It's unclear if the larger phone was included in the pre-order estimates for 2016. If pre-orders for the two models are counted separately, that could be the main reason why the numbers for the Galaxy S7 are lower than last year. Consumers appear to be more interested in picking up the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, which would lead to fewer pre-orders of the standard S7.

So far, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge appear to be the must-have Android smartphone of 2016. We'll have to wait a month or two to see if the phone will outsell last year's Galaxy S6, but we doubt anyone at Samsung is worried that LG, Sony, Huawei or Xiaomi will be taking its place as the most popular Android smartphone manufacturer in 2016.

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Here’s What Marshmallow On A Sony Will Look Like

Posted: 08 Mar 2016 09:08 PM PST

Sony has begun rolling out Marshmallow to several of their flagship devices around the world.  Although we still don't have a time line as to when those update will hit Canadians, we do have a nice little promo to share with you.

The above video showcases Sony's take on Android 6.0 Marshmallow.  As expected, Sony has included several of Marshmallows built in features but they also had a couple of other changes to share such as the new camera interface.

I was a little hopeful that Sony would strip down their skin even more (not that it's a super heavy skin) with their Concept for Android project well underway.  It looks like Vanilla Android will continue to be reserved for the Nexus' and Motorola's (assuming Lenovo doesn't switch that up).


The post Here's What Marshmallow On A Sony Will Look Like appeared first on Android in Canada Blog.

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Simple Banking App Gets Support For Nexus Imprint, Adds Transfer Memos, And More

Posted: 08 Mar 2016 06:31 PM PST

Simple-ThumbBanking apps are traditionally terrible and slow to adopt new features. That has never been the case with Simple, and the developers are reminding us of that with an update that (among other things) adds support for Nexus Imprint.

Here's the full changelog for Simple v2.5.6.

  • Good news, adventurers! Now you can use the app to give us a heads up about your international travel plans. That way, we can (when possible) raise your daily spending limit and clear card use in specific countries.
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Simple Banking App Gets Support For Nexus Imprint, Adds Transfer Memos, And More was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Posted: 08 Mar 2016 06:24 PM PST

MSQRD is a recently launched smartphone application from Masquerade Technologies which allows you to record and customize your photos and selfie video animations with a wide variety of unique looking features and send it to friends via your favorite messengers and social networks. The app is now available on Android and already to download on the Google Play Store. As always, you can download MSQRD apk here to install it directly on your Android device.

MSQRD APK download

The aim of the app lets you create a terrifying videos that will forever haunt both your dreams and everyone else's. You take your short video and after recording, you will be sent to a menu where they will be given near endless options to add something silly to your selfie videos. MSQRD is an incredibly fun app that offers life filters for selfie photos and videos. From putting animal faces on yourself, to giving yourself a morbid makeover to wanting to look like a random celebrity.

The MSQRD app can give anyone's selfie a creative, but overall hilarious, look. There are a wide selection of masks to choose from, ranging from cutesy stuff like bunny ears cat ears, cartoon eyes to animal masks featuring gorilla, polar bear and tiger faces, if you're feeling animalistic. There is also a selection of celebrity filters that allows you to take on the appearance of Harry Potter, Snoop Dogg, Leonardo DiCaprio, The Joker and Donald Trump to name a few.

See also:
Photo Selfie App
- Retrica
- Camera 360 Ultimate
Video Selfie App
- Dubsmash

Download MSQRD APK

File Name: msqrd-1.0.3.apk
App Name: MSQRD
Version: 1.0.3
File Size: 28 MB
Updated: March 6, 2016

MSQRD 1.0.3 APK download

The MSQRD APK file uploaded above is the original file extracted from Google Play Store in no way has been modified or altered. You can download this file without any hesitation.
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