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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Android Match

Android Match

Google provides new Gmail API endpoints for handling filters, forwarding, auto-replies, and more

Posted: 08 Jul 2016 04:20 PM PDT

nexus2cee_gmail.pngGoogle offers the Gmail API to developers as a way to integrate with the email service. What app makers can do with Gmail is limited to the functionality provided in the API. This then limits what we users can do.

Get excited. Google has updated the Gmail API with new endpoints for managing settings. The additions cover filters, forwarding addresses, auto-forwarding, IMAP/POP settings, send-as aliases, signatures, and vacation "out of office" auto-replies.

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Google provides new Gmail API endpoints for handling filters, forwarding, auto-replies, and more was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

Android Match

LG reporting big loss in Q2 2016 for its mobile division

Posted: 08 Jul 2016 04:09 PM PDT

LG is doing well overall, which is expected as the company makes just about anything you could imagine. In fact, its earnings are at a two-year high. But the mobile division is bleeding money, as the business has reported an $82 million loss in Q2 2016.

The LG G5 isn't as popular as LG hoped it would be, selling only 2.2 million units. I guess a modular feature with only a few accessories that requires removal of the battery isn't taking off.

LG predicts that its mobile division will stay in the red in Q3 as well, as it's unlikely that the sales trend will change. LG needs to bring out the big guns and make a truly special and unique device in order to get people to start buying its wares.

Android Match

Samsung rumored to be prepping big update for the Gear S2

Posted: 08 Jul 2016 04:09 PM PDT

The Samsung Gear S2 may be running Tizen rather than Android, but it's still a solid smartwatch option for Android users, especially if you have a Samsung phone. Now a rumor claims that the Gear S2 is apparently about to get significantly better.

Samsung is rumored to be planning a significant update for the Gear S2. It will reportedly allow you to set photos as your watch face as well as recommend watch faces and apps that you can download straight from the watch.

The Gear S2 may also be getting sleep tracking, a UV index in its weather info, the ability to start a timer with S Voice, and a new menu to manage read notifications when none are unread.

There's no exact release date, but it should be launching in the coming weeks. Hopefully the information is accurate, because these are some pretty nice features for Gear S2 owners.

Android Match

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