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Friday, September 16, 2016

Android Match

Android Match

President of Samsung Electronics America apologizes for Galaxy Note 7 issues

Posted: 16 Sep 2016 04:24 PM PDT

Through the entire exploding Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, Samsung has worked to get the devices out of people's hands. Whether this is through refunds, loaner phones, or the promise of replacements, Samsung has worked hard. And yes, it could have been handled better. Announcing an official recall earlier than they did would have saved people a lot of frustration. But we can't say Samsung didn't take it seriously.

Now Tim Baxter, President and COO of Samsung Electronics America, has put out a video apologizing for the Galaxy Note 7 issues and explaining the situation current situation with the device. He goes on to confirm that replacement devices will be available no later than the 21st.

It's not often that a president of a company comes out and apologizes on video, especially when the company isn't in serious legal trouble. After all, Samsung's mistake wasn't malicious and the recall wasn't a result of public pressure. Hit the source link to watch the video in full.

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Choetech 6 port USB desktop charger with Quick Charge 3.0 review

Posted: 16 Sep 2016 03:39 PM PDT

Desktop chargers can be an invaluable part of your desk setup. Instead of having a power strip full of individual wall warts with cables running from the floor to your desk, a desktop charger can give you multiple USB ports from one outlet in a convenient place.

Choetech 6 port Quick Charge desktop charger 3

The Chetech 6 port USB charger is a compact box with six USB ports on the front. It has four black USB ports with a maximum output of 2.4A and two blue Quick Charge 3.0 ports. To the side of the ports is a blue LED.

Choetech 6 port Quick Charge desktop charger 2

On the back is the cable that goes to the outlet. What I love about this charger is the lack of a power brick, which I've seen on some chargers.

It also comes with a stand that the charger slots into so it can sit vertically. This way it takes up less desk space and looks nicer. It's still small and compact, but I definitely like how it looks when standing vertically.

When it comes to charging, it does the job as it should. The 2.4A ports charge devices as fast as any other charger does. The two Quick Charge 3.0 ports will charge a supported device rapidly. The advertised charge rate is 60% in 38 minutes and that's spot on what I noticed it averaging.

This charger is great for travel, since it's compact and has no power brick. Throw it in a bag without the stand and make sure you'll be able to both charge multiple devices on one outlet (we all know finding enough outlets in hotels is tough) and top off your main device quickly with Quick Charge.

The only complaint I could possibly have is the price. When it comes to desktop chargers, it's definitely not the cheapest at $32.99. It's worth the money as it's on par with other higher end Quick Charge desktop chargers. Also, something to note is that Quick Charge won't work with some Motorola devices like the Moto X Pure and Style. It's odd since every other QC charger works just fine with them, but the Choetech will charge them at 2.4A.

Overall it's a great charger with no serious downsides. It's compact, lightweight, has lots of ports, has Quick Charge 3.0, and is reasonably priced. If you want to buy one, head to Choetech or Amazon.

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Google testing new feature to queue app downloads for when you’re on WiFi

Posted: 16 Sep 2016 02:35 PM PDT

Some people are getting a new prompt when trying to download an app in the Play Store over mobile data. The prompt offers to delay the app download until you're on WiFi. Before, you'd be prompted to connect to WiFi or cancel the download. When you connect to Wi-Fi, the download will automatically begin.

The prompt mentions that the feature is a beta and could be removed at any time. If it's removed, the apps that were queued would download on mobile data. But such a feature would definitely be useful if it was released to the public.

There's no way to know who will get the prompt and who won't, so check out if you can manage to trigger it and let us know!

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Pokémon Go Plus officially available, but it’s hard to find

Posted: 16 Sep 2016 02:35 PM PDT

If you've been waiting for the Pokémon Go Plus accessory, today is the day. You can grab the little wristband at multiple retailers, though finding one will be tough.

The Pokémon Go Plus accessory is a wristband that will buzz when you're near PokéStops and Pokémon. The LED will flash different colors depending on what's going on. Pressing the button will activate the PokéStops and throw Pokéballs, allowing you to do what you'd do with your phone.

Most retailers like Amazon and GameStop are sold out online, though GameStop might have them in stock in person. Check online and go pick one up if you're interested! They retail for $35.

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Google posts a series of cute Duo ads

Posted: 16 Sep 2016 01:39 PM PDT

Yes, we know you all want Google Allo to launch. But Google Duo is a fairly popular app with very positive reviews on the Play Store are very positive.

To promote its video chatting app, Google has released some cute ads featuring duos like peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper, and others. Check them out below!

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Top 10 Android app updates this week: SwiftKey, MX Player

Posted: 16 Sep 2016 01:39 PM PDT

Welcome back to our weekly Top 10 Android App Updates column, where we take a look at the most frequently upgraded apps for the week. We've found that one of the best ways to discover useful apps is to find the ones that are actually being updated by the developers rather than selecting the apps with the most installs. As in the past, we're going to filter out minor updates for the super-popular apps that have over 10 million installs, but we'll make exceptions for apps that have had significant updates. We hope you enjoy this weekly feature and that you discover some apps that end up being useful.

tinyCam Monitor - Version 7.0.0

tinyCam Monitor

What's new in this version:

  • Select audio file to play via camera speaker. See https://youtu.be/84fVGNM28Ng
  • New HTTP engine. Password encryption is obtained automatically.
  • Rotate PTZ controls in Advanced Settings.
  • Quick settings for background mode and web server on Android 7.0.
  • Picture-in-picture for Android TV 7.0. See See http://goo.gl/MzZyoc
  • Protocol Undefined for generic URL


SwiftKey Keyboard - Version

SwiftKey Keyboard

What's new in this version:

  • We've rebuilt SwiftKey's language engine from the ground up, laying the foundation for the next generation of our technology. The power of neural networks offers more human predictions by better understanding the context of what you're saying. (Currently supports English GB & US only).
  • We've added two new languages: Esperanto and Dhivehi – Maldivian
  • Italian SwiftKey users can enjoy updated Italian predictions
  • We now support Android N diverse emoji in the prediction bar


Slacker Radio - Version 7.3.4

Slacker Radio

What's new in this version:

  • Skip function fixed for affected offline users.


Newton Mail - Version 9.0.85

Newton Mail

What's new in this version:

  • CloudMagic is now Newton. And it's not just the name that's changed.
  • Newton supercharges your email with powerful features like Read Receipts, Send Later, Sender Profile, Undo Send & more.


Sync for reddit - Version 12.1.0

Sync for Reddit

What's new in this version:

  • Added support for per-account settings
  • Added multireddit management
  • Added a brand new Theme customization menu to the settings
  • Added lots more mod tools!
  • Added threaded messaging
  • Super speedy table support in comments


MX Player - Version 1.8.7

MX Player

What's new in this version:

  • Added alternative HW+ decoder for Android 5.0 and above which will be used automatically on Android 7, HTC devices and CyanogenMod. For other devices, it can be activated manually on [Settings → Decoder → Alternative HW+ decoder].
  • Supports Android 7.0 multi-window.
  • Added an option for playing without video display on [Playback screen → Menu → Display → Video].


Action Launcher 3 - Version 3.9.4

Action Launcher 3

What's new in this version:

  • Integrate Nexus Launcher's rumored All Apps drawer. Swipe up on the dock to reveal All Apps.
  • Two new Nexus Launcher inspired style folder types.
  • Add tinted dock background.
  • Customize colors of All Apps, folder icons & dock background via Quicktheme.
  • Add caret page indicator.
  • Add Google "pill" & date widgets.
  • Save backups to Google Drive.


Nova Launcher Beta - Version 5.0.0

Nova Launcher Beta

What's new in this version:

  • Swipe to open drawer (a la Pixel Launcher)
  • New Pixel Launcher style searchbar
  • New search view, with tabs for Frequent, Recent ad New/Updated apps
  • New "Timeout" screen lock method
  • New double-tap-swipe gestures
  • Integrated searchbar into drawer (card and immersive)


Pokemon GO - Version 0.37.0

Pokemon GO

What's new in this version:

  • Implemented Buddy Pokémon: Trainers will now be able to choose one of their Pokémon to be their buddy. A Trainer can earn Candy for their Buddy Pokémon by walking a certain distance
  • Made it easier to select smaller Pokémon on the screen
  • Fixed an issue where Eggs would sometimes hatch without displaying the animation.
  • Improved performance reliability when a device switches networks to no longer cause the application to hang or stop updating
  • Pokémon GO Plus support


Whatsapp Beta - Version 2.16.230


What's new in this version:

  • When sharing or forwarding messages, you can now send to multiple chats at once
  • Chats you frequently contact now appear when forwarding or sharing messages
  • While recording videos, slide your finger up or down to zoom in and out
  • A new front-facing flash helps you capture selfies in the dark


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Noti is a free and open-source Pushbullet client for Mac

Posted: 16 Sep 2016 12:29 PM PDT


Pushbullet, despite some unpopular pricing changes, still remains one of my favorite Android applications. I use it every day on multiple devices, but Mac owners haven't been lucky enough to receive an official client. Your only choices until recently have been to use the Chrome extension (which requires Chrome to always run in the background) or a paid third-party client called PushPal.

There's still not an official client for macOS, but Noti was released recently.

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Noti is a free and open-source Pushbullet client for Mac was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Sprint, Boost Mobile offer LG X Power; impressive battery, low cost

Posted: 16 Sep 2016 12:19 PM PDT

With all the advances in smartphones, one would expect there to have been great strides in the realm of battery life. For the most part, however, the situation has stayed the same. Quick charging has become more common and some smartphones have larger batteries, but there haven't been any revolutionary changes. Nonetheless, the larger battery fix is just fine for those who simply want a few extra hours out of their device.

Sprint and Boost Mobile are introducing the LG X Power, a new smartphone that combines impressive battery life with an affordable price. The X Power sports a whopping 4100mAh battery that reportedly offers up to 33 hours of talk time. That battery is paired with a 5.3-inch display, 1.8GHz octa-core MediaTek processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage plus microSD card slot, 8-megapixel rear camera, 5-megapixel front-facing camera and Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

An additional feature of the device is that it offers USB OTG support, allowing you to charge other devices from the X Power itself.

The LG X Power is now available from Boost Mobile for $129.99. Sprint will offer the device beginning Friday, September 23, for $0 down and $9 per month for 24 months.

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Pokémon Go Plus accessory now available for $34.99 at several retailers

Posted: 16 Sep 2016 10:24 AM PDT


Pokémon GO might have moved on from it's popularity boom, but it still maintains millions of active players. If you're one of those, you might be excited to hear that the Pokémon GO Plus accessory is now available. For just $34.99, you get the above wristband with a Pokéball in the shape of a Google Maps marker.

When paired with an Android 4.4+ device that supports Bluetooth 4.0, you can catch Pokémon without even opening your phone.

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Pokémon Go Plus accessory now available for $34.99 at several retailers was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Chrome 55 Dev adds gamepad features and the Download Manager is back [APK Download]

Posted: 16 Sep 2016 09:50 AM PDT


Yesterday I wrote about the massive number of changes that Chrome 54 Beta brought along. Chrome 55 hasn't been in development quite as long, but there's still a few noteworthy changes. Come along with me as I journey into the wonderful world of alpha-quality software!

Users on Android 7.0 might need to use an APK to update, as there is a bug with Chrome Beta & Dev updating from the Play Store.
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Chrome 55 Dev adds gamepad features and the Download Manager is back [APK Download] was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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Plex Media Server beta for NVIDIA SHIELD adds Plex DVR functionalities

Posted: 16 Sep 2016 04:34 AM PDT


The NVIDIA SHIELD is probably the best Android TV hardware out there (it has Borderlands!), and today it's getting even better, with the addition of Plex DVR to the latest Plex Media Server beta, which enables the recording of any over-the-air TV channels through any web browser.

Plex Media Server released on SHIELD earlier this year, so Plex DVR is just the latest feature to come to the service.

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Plex Media Server beta for NVIDIA SHIELD adds Plex DVR functionalities was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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[Bonus Round] Bulb Boy, Titan HD, Monolithic, Orbt, One More Jump, and Circle Affinity

Posted: 15 Sep 2016 05:09 PM PDT

bonusroundWelcome to the latest entry in our Bonus Round series, wherein we tell you all about the new Android games of the day that we couldn't get to during our regular news rounds. Consider this a quick update for the dedicated gamers who can't wait for our bi-weekly roundups, and don't want to wade through a whole day's worth of news just to get their pixelated fix. Today we have a freaky point-and-click adventure, a classic board game, a spatial puzzler, a casual astronomic juggle game, and two challenging platformers.

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[Bonus Round] Bulb Boy, Titan HD, Monolithic, Orbt, One More Jump, and Circle Affinity was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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